19 July 2006

An ad for candied goodness teesee rolls,...

Here is one of my favorite cartoons by me, as it reminds me of all which I adored about cartoons as a kid. When I was a child, it seemed that my pop hated all cartoons except when I read captain marvel, or Popeye. Sometimes, I bought these just because I knew he liked to read them, and he seemed ancient to me then, so, I did what I could to let him have some thing which he didnt seem to be dismayed at in my life. He saw, as an immigrant, the classic intonations of both those now almost forgotten works, and he despised the then kids afternnon time repeated lsd era show batman, seeing it as filled with rancid sugar like a visual count chocula.

But this four page work is a example of the art I adored as a kid, and I have used crayons again to replicate both the bright colors now gone in a drearier comic land, and to have a connection back to the sorts of drawings i would have done then. It is based on a post shazam ad campaign done by Beck, for tootsie rolls, and I have tried to reinvigorate the work with that exact feel of candy selling in the cold war age. As a teacher told me, the mixture of crayons and highlighters, I think, makes a gem like shine of color, which the scanners seem to never pick up, and too, I find that these scans never seem to replicate the darkness I have tried to put there.I noticed on the pervious picture that the black space where the word balloon fell off as I scanned it, in my hand looks like onyx black, yet, in a scan , I can see the paste marks left behind...

Captain Magnus is my Cartman, or better perhaps, Butters, as I have grown to adore this bulky demi god, vendetta keeper for the poor and the weak. It is one of my favorite cartoons I have ever completed, and there aint a titty anywhere in sight...except on him on page three...I see him as a contining of Marvel and his Amerixa--a word I got from out of date, hopelessly lost pinkos, which I have taken as my own now--, so missing now.



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