13 June 2007


How not to get ahead in comics without even trying.

I sent my work into someone looking for, uh, comix which dealt with curvy women. Its called something Japanese - Caliente. Just to bring goofy art damnation another ethic group as now little more prevaricators of cartoons while we iz at it. Well, hell, I can ace this, I figured. I sent it in, and was asked by this low level Charles foster Kane of newsprint, if I had anything Other than superheroes or heroines. Sure, I said, I have ten scripts on my computer and more on disks. But I taint gonna waste them on comic books. SLAM!!!! Suddenly I received the usual responce to things I say not even meaning to bother people, the letter in all caps. Look, I said, I am sorry, but I have scripts written Chere about everything from Mars to the Etruscans city of gold, Laurentium, which predates Eldorado by three thousand years, and Italian cops hunting down crooked cops dressed as Chaucer. But I aint making comic books out of them.

We , he said, Dont make comic books, we make graphic novels, and could see all of that you mentioned as done in graphic form.

Well, I dont. Actually, I like the term comic book better than graphic novel, sweetheart, I wasn't looking down on comics, which I have loved, I was looking down on people who think Palestine, or my etruscans can easily be made to fit in funny books. I know the difference between them, omic books and literature, and thus like that difference and dont have to mush them together.

What do you have on Mars,...?, he emailed me back. Ah, Comix.

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