20 January 2008


I remember when the cowboys, steelers and raiders were the titans of the earth, and before homo erotic brady boy and eli's coming were boring us all to pieces. As Tacitus, the most over lauded and misunderstood Roman Fascist who ever lived, said when a spanish boxer was taking a perverse roman triumph through the big town after winning the title of champeen , Dear Me, he said, The Father OF ALL GODS CANNOT BE PLEASED BY THIS HEMORPHRODITE SAP PREENING AS A ROMAN. That TACTIUS --ancient spelling by the way, mister coppola, he was quite a lover of the roman strap more than some would recall or think, which, after all, might be the secret to his continued Romantic success. Not being a secret anti semite, I have never much liked mistah senatah. That all was for the Hispanic girl woman, Jeniffer De whatever , at Slave Labor Graphics whose blog I stumbled upon again, and who seemed to find it strange that Vincente Fox thinks he is better than anyone. Dont we all. I only read her column since I thought she was cute, and then dropped it. It was off putting how she wanted all that respect and shit.

But, I have returned to pile of differing papers and different vestures as I have pretty much connected a bunch of drawings to one basic idea, that being mister stupendous, and have freed it from the unconscious attempt to somehow win over fan girls, comic sailer's, and twerps who name monsters Carl. And that, Mister savage is the idea of the word 'Fascist' as coined by il duce, not your silly and self righteous and hand cleaning way described.