15 January 2008


I have gone back to attacking pages for the completion of Mister Stupendous, with a verve I haven't felt in a few years. Seeing the crap which these comix idiots leave behind them, has nerved me to return to every ideal, every trick, every shtick, every game, I have ever used or utilized and the pages are back to being a replication of gem colorings learned from Castelfranco years ago.

[The returned cd from rat land has regiven me my busty kerry marie clips, a play called the rats of venice and much of my humorous crayon work from before... ITS LIKE SOME ROMAN GOD HAD TAKEN PITY ON ME AND THEN SENT ME GOING IN AN OPPOSITE DIRECTION.]

Also, this above was supposed to be a cover for a left wing zineish magazine, the kind of progressive crap which is one step above mimeographed. This explains the space I left at the top. Even then, I started to think about maybe actually listening to what I was asked for. But, though the editors thought it was funny, and telling, another woman, who didnt see that coming, as still, like fifth grade the fat lesbian boards with too much self righteousness are my enemy. editor nixed it, saying that this was again 2004, and the flag burning might 'alienate'
some of the pople who bought the magazine , as then, even Momma Hillary was playing hawk, as she would do as amazingly at the end as in the begining of her campaign. Would I re do it and come up with a nother visual clue that Herman was laughing through chaos, which was for an issue about the heinously smarmy --I think they didnt like that I didnt like the daily weekend update crap-- equally self righteous fake newsshows more in vouge then than now...I responeded For thirty bucks,...?.... fuck you, and I made it a cover to Rag. ]

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