14 May 2008


Instead of watching crazed eyed Livia and her Inca--bloody And self rightious-- processional through hoopleland, I refreshed my tiredness by watching the last Rocky movie, only days after having watched somebody up there likes me. I thought Sylvester Stallone , the original 1977 body image and sad doofus god image I swiped for Mister Stupendous, was again playing out an italic creed of that story every wop worth his salt would know, beginnings looking like endings, and the triumphalism of heady days headed towards a decline, which just the staving off of completely becomes a greatest triumph of all.

I couldn't take watching some cnn praetorian fingering a blue screen as the mad woman spins and dances in her red shoes towards the edge of the roman wall which the ghost of Augustus wont let her take as her own. Does anybody really believe that Bilbo will allow his mommie to perhaps get that majority of Americans to lift her fat ass on their shoulders, and make her their champion.....nigger, please, I am not illiterate enough to be a democratic voter. I doubt it. And, more to the point, why are and were there so many undedicated cardinalis...sorry, I mean democratic minded delegates, if this was supposed to be hers as late as January...? Why didn't they, he , them, and all the incompetent liars, just get get all the uber-delegates sewed up last year, and make this year a referendum on her, as votes were cast in the kremilin and the Vatican and other fictional places....?

Oh, sorry to be Machiavellian again, did I step into the truth and get it on my shoe...? I couldn't take the idea of Mama Dyke and her half full gymnasium triumphal parade as her white assed loudening bigot faggots and unmarried woman waved t shirts of a man running for preator but shown as a monkey, acting like they were drunks at a nearby stillers game. Go back to 1948 your own self, Muther, I was watching the end of one of those great heroic images--not only of Rocky, but Stallone himself who made an italo-american masterwork amid the verdi gangsters, martians and the sharks-- of the lost brick republic.

The fact that they did take down the statue of Rocky at the bullshit mausoleum with delusions of grandeurs shows why Philth-adephia will always be a city of fat losers who live in Poland like decay.