12 May 2008


Speaking of Calzones, I like Kim Kardashian. I think she is a sweetheart and pretty and is a curvy, Mediterranean, antidote to those white trash , sex in the city like hags and their ugly, scrawny daughters who send naked pictures of their sexless barely legal bodies to the new substitute teacher in English class. But I was watching that show, and she was upsetting herself and frantically trying to buy back a bunch of calenders from from local big city news places. Waitaminute...sweetheart, I have several several movie files of you downloaded from Mexican websites for free saved to disk. I think I found her originally at EST TETAS EST GRANDE.BLOGSPOT.COM. I mean, reallly, ...some peekaboo playboy style pin ups aren't exactly akin to sucking more dick on film than Alexander the great could. ..Now, my only question is where the hell do I surreptitiously buy one of those, uh,"destroyed"YEAH , OKAY, right, calenders.

Its back to scouring the Mexican internet, for big Tony, and back to my boys in Warez .....! By the way, Kim, send the calender bill to Emmit, I hear he made a bundle at USC, while poor dumb Maurice Clarette was being destroyed by the bald yentas at espn for asking to go pro.

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