06 September 2008


I have had to replace drafts here, as I have seemingly gone through another computer, and find myself now without any scans or the ability to scan new pictures of my work, nor do I have a word processor, either. Actually, I was using a combination of Jarte, which I must find again, and this very blogger box as a possible word processor, though am now on an old laptop which gets too hot for my liking, and have rewritten posts made in the heat of political anger and excised them for posts about something truly interesting, namely,... me.

I thought maybe I should have stopped going to web sites run by my buddies in Warez, like West bank Hunnies, Bootleg Kardashian videos You CANT see in America, My first Sex Illegal Immigrant Worker, Queens of Spades, BBW IN WESSON OIL, Big Asian Broads and my personal favorite Grandma's Anal adventures. But I haven't really been there in a while, and this old e machines hunk of junk started to deteriorate and dissemble infront of me just as the last one did, and when I tried to sue for peace by the restore disks, I got nothing but a flashing dash in the corner. A new windows disk cost 270 bucks, for what,..? A plastic short box without a disk, who needs it. But this lap top feels like I am writing on a a toaster....

I saw where Battleship Mac Kane , whose straight talk now is one parroted line, over and over, isnt she great folks,-- is now making a point that he is "Saving" small American flags used as a prop in the conventions. Wow, thats beyond Reagan Bullshit...Gesu H. Christ, somebody is starting to buy their won bs huh, John. He is going to SAVE small plastic flags, as if he just flew in from Iwo Jima. Gee, Jonny, wow...Well, its easier to do that than to save the country, huh, Cato....? My Mother, god bless that old bag, she said to me all this time, and again, like pop, she is something of a Mussolini fascist, but, this is the race of Machiavelli we are talking about, and unlike Jews, my famiglia has never been willing to lie to themselves. She hated mac Kane, from the first time he seethed his albino way into all our hearts, and she called him a fraud and an ape and low life and a hustler. And now, we have gone from the streight talk bullshit to a different brand of bullshit, much more acceptable to the snake charmers who still cant quite get themselves up for this election, without say, a rope. Wow. When you are playing the " I am the Honorable man' card so badly and so incessantly that it makes me, Roman boy, start to chafe, well, God bless Hesparia ...I mean, America.


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