15 October 2008


My financial planner, Milton Goniff, has told me to take my nest egg, as the great Albert Brooks would call it, and place my money, almost 1,000 American duchets, into the essentials, which are depression proof. Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, canned corn, bread, salt--I have heard people are centurionsly having to horde salt--and of course, skyrockets. He is a associate at the firm or Merrill Lynch Perice Fenner and Ziggy, and knows his way around a spreadsheet. I mean, he should, he keeps like five of them all going at once.

Alas, Our beloved Awgustws has reeled in horror at Madam Pollozzo's Ode that the congress at least throw some cakes and some candies at the Plebes as they do the bidding of their masters, a democratic strain she inherited to act as a pretender that she is doing Pro Bono Publico work while handing the keys to the bronze doors to bankers for later smelting. But, showing the type of befuddled arrogance which he has eagerly shown since, like Old Caesar, finding hisself unable to conquer Rome in any thing other than a coup, Aguie has rescinded this idea, finally having become a fiscal conservative. Certainly only after the snow job of last week when his banker buddies divide up the empire. Please, all this election and government needs to be complete is for Tom Brady to be sacked, fumble, and somehow the Raiders get a penalty assessed against them for lover boy's incompetence...well, that was before they left his helmet on throughout the whole game and all....oh, wait, that pretty much exemplifies the Obama campaign to a T. The heinous house, kotex patrol, praetorianne, pious cunt Maureen Dowdy, I was alerted by my Ma, wrote about how similar to Rome America was, but this was only something which was jogged in her memory I am sure due to the Italian American parades which her buddies in congress, specially the liberal nigger lovers all attend, --even though they pretends a love of indigenous types. So, bad news, Peasants, the bauble of Caesar, your assemblymen of queens cant find it in their imperial heart to toss even the most cheap imperial candies at you from their Benito like, faux Roman, ...OR IS IT GREEK, BALCONIES ,... and now perhaps a second sacking of the Capitoline is needed, who knows...Well, as The Italians could have told you, though I am sure not bumbling Berlisconi, Empire is a bitch....

I am starting to feel a bit bad for Sarah Pallin, especially since no one deserves to be looked down upon by a human growth named Tina Fey. She, much like the comical book queers who disturb me, has spent a life being probably dismissed and demeaned, and so, gets even with everyone, you see, but by screeching at walls, like telling women to vote for a woman who coined the term bimbo eruption and who was openly trying to steal an election from a black man, but just to smirk and watch things go boom reallll good, thats all. As I said, I don't trust anyone who smirks at her own jokes. So, she smirks and screeches, with a gin soaked voice , meaneing and belittling like a HAL 9000 of broken dreams and made up boyfriends in school, and having to recall being disliked and made fun of by the types of low rent scummy fucks who ended up having to become wards of whatever state would allow them. Tina fey is , to me, is the type of girl who did her clothes shopping at the army-bavy surplus store. Tina Fey is the sort of girl who though she seemed smart, even the other parents hated. Tina Fey is the kind of kindergarten teacher who would take a kids crayons and bust them all in half to teach them frugality. Tina Fey appears to me like the type of girls I saw only briefly in a hellish stint in a slave ship called public school, who came to the prom with a biracial retarded kid. Tina Fey reminds me of glasses wearing dyky broads in school who used to run intro the woods with the unmarried typing teacher, smoke and sing along to Pat Benitar and over romantic Foreigner songs. I wanna know what love is.....Tina Fey is the kind of woman you read about being killed by an in law on thanksgiving. Tina Fey is the kind of gal who the priests warned me of, and whom they hated, who would be most likely to be married in the woods on Halloween.


Sometimes, in my attic apartment, I have to allow for some expending of energies. I will place into my 90's era boom box, some of my Techno pop stuff, real fag shit, remixes of Wham and such, ...d0nt leave me hanging on like a yoyooooooooo....and I fag out, or have a fag spasm, in which I wear a Lycra tiger print body suit---whraaaaaaarrrrrrroooorrrrrrrr---and I prance around in ways which make Peter Allen look like Burt Lancaster or Mitchem. But, I was dong just that, fagging out like a Kansas City Faggot, leaping about to 'What is Love, baby dont hurt me,..' when I realized I had missed most of Columbus Day.

I guess I am supposed to forget about Columbus the way I am also too forget about the fact that Injuns, loved by the Art Bell crowd as somehow close to the earth, used to cut out the hearts of women so that the sun would rise. Why, these people understanding of the universe is almost semitic like....I felt bad because every Columbus day , as the air gets thick with the lamentations of the jews of the newest world, I recall it was about this time, in October's, when a Tuscan City called Larentium, and another too, and another called Veii, were raised to the ground by Roman troops. Out of 30,ooo Italic Sabine, Tyberain, Latina, in the honest historical sense, and Tuscan, the Romans saved 860 as they were young girls to be raped and make the roman seed more capable of taking the mezzagiorno sun. I recall, too, the city of Sagentium, and the famed Cumae, when spoke of at all, is called a great tactile maneuver, though Livy famously records that buzzards has feasted on some much human carrion that three day hellish siege, that they started to barf. But as a Roman, what did he know. And I THINK, THIS VERY YEAR ACTUALLY, I did battle with a wop nigger Korell West ,house wop professor of Calimari and Terimisue, who got on his high horse explaining my essay about the prescient Manzoni was unallowed in his precious book which dwelt with dago poetry only, you know, like Kafka. And I think, why bother...who cares, the Sofia Copollas of the world and the Awgustws of our land have taken possession of their baubles, and what I am supposed to do about it....? And still, IT WASN'T THE ROMANS WHO STONED WOMEN AND CUT THE DICKS OFF OF FAGS, AS THAT WAS MORE ALONG THE LINES OF THOSE GOOD RACES LIKE GREEKS AND INCAS, WHOSE BLOOD IS HIDDEN AS MUCH AS ONE NEVER RECALLS THAT THE SAINTED RED SOX HAD AN ALL WHITE TEAM AS LATE AS 1968. Why the indigenous were leaving fags to die mercilessly as late as the one named Castro.

But, next year, lets finally take Columbus's name off of the day, since it bothers red skin drunkards who seem to cry more than Sabine girls ever did, and call it Turnus day since you love indigenous people so much, and he was king of the Etruscans....and in a way Aeneas cut his heart out so his imperial sun would rise and Virgil would never be forgiven for that moment of Italic adoring weakness, God knows, ....Si, si, lets call it Turnus day, ohh, you house niggers wouldn't even have the balls to say such a thing.

[But, I was wondering, as an edit here, why did Pollozzi, amid all the fag tribunes of San Fransisco, as Mike Savage reported, be at parades of Italian American heritage, at Columbus day festi, when they , the rest of the year, cry incessantly for the Jews of mezzo-American empires, as they do....But then, I thought about it. The Italians aren't just being jewedly pandered to, as Israel is when later secretly un-allowed to bomb Iran--which is ancient Persian for Aryan by the way-- by its godfathers, at all.

The Italians, bless them, are better people than the red skinned garbage and the priests of our collage of cardinals know that, sense that, feel that, to quote Pete Townsend. Our princes and such seem to know this. They, the Italian, dont weep over garbage, they survived their Hannibal's . In fact in the divine WAR WITH HANNIBAL , which I suggest to every wop and nigger out there was a primer in pride which no Erkle would even attempt, speaking if house niggers as I was...In that massive book, , as he kills himself, Hannibal says , "The Romans I knew are Gone....", for they have then thrown in with the awful dowdy Greek fag king Phillip, who in fact had instigated the Punic wars all along as a way to weakening Rome, and to obliterate Carthage, the Greeks always hated mellottos, as he knew would happen. And now, he was a senator. Hannibal Barca killed himself, for he knew the race who wouldn't give him an inch , and whose little girls no less threw stones at him tinted with poison to smash into his legionnaires faces ,--no Palestinians they--, was gone. But they survived their Hannibal's, the Italians did, a lot that mattered, and the mama Pollozzis know that , and you didn't, and you don't,... they didn't lose, didn't get land 'swiped', didn't cry , didn't bitch, didn't moan, but did that most Roman of things, fought back, possibly to the last man, which is a inclination they have which has always made them more suspicious of and less coddled than the races of Gandhis, , Kings, Malcolms, and of Tutu Pitches. And, ultimately and romantically, there is honor in that, and even fag assembly men and old lady yenta wops who are giving away chalices with both hands to conniving bald headed Borgia's, at the end of the day, one has to respect that, whether you coward victims like that or not.]

a note: why does Works Word Processor, the only word application I now have, automatically seem to change all plurals to possessives...? ...just wondering.

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