01 October 2008


I don't usually post this late at night, in fact, am not on the internets at all, as there is only so much bullshit I both spew and absorb in a day. But, I , Roman boy, have juts seen our vaunted senate at work, and have watched the watchers as they prosaically tap danced for their vulgar dinners.

I just watched Larry the Shnorrer and others, as the vaunted Senate, so powerful, so dignified, went and sold america by the pound. I watched, as this lovely crew, threw such pettiness as partisanship aside, and even old man and Erkle came together in a political bliss, one might even say, oligarchical bliss, and both danced on silver strings like Cagney, except without the life or joy. I smelled something in the air when our town crier, often literally, such strength, such Badass Roman ism, more eastern Mediterranean maybe, the ubiquitous Caphius shmendrik who coquettishly laughs like the always smiling contestant in the miss long island contest was now less, what is the word...against this, and suddenly spoke of the 'senate' having to go back and due the will of the people. Oh, you rat fink, go take that shit to the woman folk who are duty bound to watch you slurp every powerful man willing to come on your stupid little show, Shlomo. I have been called anti semitic, but, if you think after the Sopranii, and their greedy little lifetimes movies, and women being placed in woodchipper's for the delight of the klan nations, ..., that I am letting a senate breaking and closing freaking for Rushahshsshsoahauna off easy, fuck off.

Some one asked me once, not being mean, why did I love the Romans so much, and they were not being mean or vindictive as some have been. TV critics with greasy hair and greasier minds, fat cunts who just love Sardinian rats, seem to swallow hard when having to sit through Roman stories, as much as any are told, or heavens to betsy, Romeo and Juliet, which Ebert , no less, called , uh, contrived. By the god, Willie...contrived...? See, thats an interesting use of the word, 'cause, it is in actuality a true story as true as any thing is. I answered, actually, Who else is there...? I then was Utilizing the same Roman curtness which rings in the above line and others like, Who benefits, What is truth etc, etc, including, I guess, etc.

It was so overt, so phony and so lovely to my Roman eye, the bloodshed and the corruption and not a Tiberius among the pimps. Not a Cato, not a Pompey, nobody but white old men and yenta cunts. I loved it. Oh, after thirty five years of hagiography of pimps, and of illiterate middle weights who beat woman, and Gandolofini and credit card shilling rat fink Philippians and gumbas and maraschino capos and pizza makers and such, to see that Sicilians creed come true tonight. As My mother warned me, A thief can only steal less than the doge has, and when the thief is the doge, well, he will never see the prison he built, where the pimps and the pickpockets stay locked away.

I watched something that laughably calls itself a 'senate' tonight, yentas and jewish and dago grandmas speaking of how the people are too stupid to know a gang of larcenists when they see it. Oh, it was warming to my Tyber heart to see, after a decade of Soprano bullshit, that the old line was true, the only difference between Greeks and Sicilians, who the Greeks then conquered, and who the Greeks even then put down as pirates, actually they were poor and starving, was nothing more than the size of their crimes. But, ce la vie and god rest the soul of the American republic, as now, the empire calls , as this whole act is so fascistic, more than socialistic, I cant wait to see what it brings. The yentas and the wops, the matrons and the farm boys, the Jesus freaks, the ginnies , and the dykes and the faggots and the commies and the bathroom cruisers and the little boy lovers and the money grubbers, all joined hands and sang in the words of the old negroid spiritual, 'Always be closing ' AND THEN THEY JUMPED OFF THE MILVIAN BRIDGE WITH A DOLLAR SIGN BURNING IN THE NIGHT. They had to, as they had made it a toll road. Oh, wait, that inst a spiritual, I am thinking of...its Mamet, which is better still.

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