01 December 2008


But Good news Peasants, ...

As things unravel even more, our THOUGHTFULLY bought and paid for press finds opportunities to act like its a travel channel, even more blending the line between sports and politics and blood sport tv, by continuously talking about Erkel's Triumph. The number going to see the great nigger queen become a roman priest--hardly--grow even as his cabinet choices are to right of Richard Nixon. BET YOU DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING, did you Kozzie, or you white trash geniuses. And, so what if the Constitution--hehehe, Im kidding, there is no such thing...--so what if there is a a conscript father written law that a person may not leave the senate and take a job in any cabinet if they voted for a pay raise for that position. The least Hillata expects to steal in this farce is few shekels as a apparatchik, dead old, Caesar fearing, white men. And....? So...? But, it is there and it is law, still, Oh, you try stopping Hillary, It cant be done. Certainly not without a cross, garlic and Bill's tacit approval. 'Wink, Wink, doll, call me at ''This'' number'.... So what if the new treasury Secretary was a bag man for Lex Luthor...?...I mean, Anderson is busy renting out the hall and its Lupricalia, Gaius, have another Pruiscutto, or another pig leg, tap a keg, and did you know that the Romans loved beer more than wine, despite what you may think, and that we still use their recipe for it, as the German drunks loved that Italian spirits were everywhere, in more ways than one. And so what if it was Robert Gates and not Jew boy rat hated Gonzales that signed off on water boarding...? So what...? Does it matter..? Arabs are evil now, Anderson Clark Kent Poopy told me so. Does it mean a damn thing, why of course not. The twelve year old is now Praetor, and is waiting for angels to save a now newly made as noble, Christianized, boring, self righteous, and doomed Rome, and lets all watch what happens, wont you, sure...? See, the Romans, having a lot of Sabine Oak and Tuscan barley around, were the first to use these things in the making of wine and beer....

Now, our Prince Erkle smiles to the point of buffoonery,and ''Old snake hips'' daps his way, uh huh, Don Cornelius ways, down dee new Tyber sho nuf, as his Geffen rewrites come by whirring fax, filled with notes to squeeze any humanity out of this grandest of tent pole attractions. But, one thing that the Jewish Senates of Hollywood, neither their Aryan girlfriends and sometimes Italian wives, no less, as I was told by a snide producer who loved tha Sopranos so did his ''wop wife'', how lovely, or Erkle and his own hidden plebeian himself understands is what made Bill Clinton beloved by me. The cult of the goddess. The idiots like Harvey Weinstein , whose life and whose import, --no life without such a thing for someone like him-- fell apart seemingly right after he fucked over some schmo, some bar fly cretin, the overnight Tarantino wanna be, and has been repaid by Fate by having the real Tarantino and his spic bag man make a supposed ''grind house'' movie. Oh, with an act of constant business and constant motormouth activity which is grating and which is harming, I think, maybe the closest thing to a genius film has right now, Quintin was to make another cooooool movie experiment in hipness. Now, there would be made, by this poor man mired in ''what is cool'', a death race 3000 movie, with a Romero knock off preamble, which coast Harveeeey 300 million bananas, ie, dollars. See, wop I am, I would have said to the great Quinton, that's a great idea, --menza menza actually--, but I , a born mogul, would have tossed him a manila envelope with a million bucks in small bills and said, Knock yourself out, Quintin. I think it would have given him a perfect starting point.

But, Adrift by goddesses he doesn't know exist, and would only vulgarianly refer to as ''Lady luck'' if at all, for having brought Overnight boy up to allow him to fall, Apollonias would crush the smarmy Yiddish Haveeey, now made to pay for fucking over the poor schnook no buddy, who had no power and whom Harvey, the gelotto eating Shnooer king, screwed though he had had the power all on his side. The deal, Harvey, is the clsoet thing to medieatreans like we, that is scaroscant. Jesus, what kind of jew are you, reformed...? He didn't understand that the goddesses, Talia, Ceres, Menvra, Uni, Etruscan all, which now it is being shown in Tuscan graves, like spaghetti and Trinities, even, predate and preclude the white great moments of history as taught by Larry Sumner's to illiterate girl- women, and the Goddesses in Ovid, will always win. Tarantino's death race movie, though to me brilliant in spots, didn't, as they say, Click , and was considered less than that ''make up'' travesty by Rodriquez, and cost Harvey 3oo million for something which would have actually had more warmth had it cost 6oo, ooo dollars, as I would have thought. Then, Geffen, our new Virgil, tried to make a studio that actually was more insufferable than Pixar to no avail. We need Virgil on the deck of the ship, we get a puppet to man who made Kung Fu Panda. Even prince of wop hood minstrel shows, De Nero, after demeaning the Italian government for not giving him an award named for Garibaldi, you know for all the glory he slathered on wops while walked around by his own Jewish handler, you know, Roman honorifics for all the cutthroats he played in new Plautus Land, and being the voice of a wop shark doing a now played out gumba act, suddenly found himself as a pirate in a Neil Gaiman crappy movie, he another of the threadbare conic book geniuses who cant quite get to the folding money, and finds his Leopard print Sicilian life, deos DiNero, reputation and career in the toilet. Even Scorsese went from being un-Oscared, like Tarantino, Orson Welles, Richard Burton, Rossellini, Peter O'Toole, Alfred Hitchcock, to now having won a need and desired and good housekeeping seal of white peoples approvals gilt Oscar, like the guys who made Forrest Gump, The English Patient, Crash, or my personal favorite bad oscar best picture, The greatest show on earth.

Next: Batman, Rest in pieces...or How the middlebrow plies his trade.

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