13 June 2009

Cha Cha's Vendetta , Book Two…or,
Will Wop for food.

The white woman
to whom I sometimes refer here is in actuality a Italian woman in the bay area who was a producer with whom my sister got me a reading. She liked my stuff, in fact, thought my cover letter was better than the novel-play, ''Roman Mythology'', which I had then written, and was upset that ''my Italians'' didn't ring true to her, though most of it was all stuff I had heard around here at the time of the millennial change. They seemed too literate, she added, without fear of apostasy to San Fran liberals group think gospel, as there has always been a suspicion from or between the phony white liberals and the fascist Italians. It was, I was alerted, all not Scorsese enough, since another Italian name gas been adverbial somehow, as it was a connection to Scorsese which she hurled in everyone's face as an imprimatur, or better as the good housekeeping seal of approval. And too, I was advised my sometimes crushing familia bonds of a desperation to advance towards an American dream were wrong, as her family and the awfil left church, all tried to keep her down, you see, and they dint want her to go to college , but get married, be a good woman , etc, etc...I wondered if she had known a few generations before her dear friend Martin and his vestal mustache jokes, that many Italian girls first here were seen as open season rape victims, which even Puzo had to note, as amazingly the feminist parliamentarians hadn't reached the over fed whites women yet then, and thus , like it was with civil rights, all the people who died and fought for niggers womens or anyone else rights from the twenties, certainly anyone before before Woodstock, were all somehow steppin fetchits and all did nothing before ''official time'.

I decided then to rewrite nothing, ever, for anyone, as she had requested, I saw it as a dishonor. Well, dearie, I shot back, my father wanted me to be a Jesuit lawyer, which I turned away from, as I did almost all I was ever offered, even a pretty dame or two I can think of, as fuck, any woman who memorized the alphabet can be a lawyer, sorry, --here I augured the coming Sotomayor perfectly, down to her perpetual grinning Jonathan Yardley alluded to, and now taken as a given, stupidity. But to be ever so sensitivo and unharsh, the white puppetmasters, white women with too much gum when they smile, like cobras, will say of her she is "unspectacular", as that sounds nicer than say, Stypud, or really what they mean is at least, not as smart-white -like us. ''Still, as I was a boy,'' I actually answered this whitest woman back on paper in a letter no less, "they offered me much, and saw great potentilta in Big Tony '',...I told this dumb white woman wop, '' I don’t know how the priests reacted to a girl like You...." No response yet, and that was 2000, or thereabouts. I recall it was the same day I saw a show on pbs as even then becoming yentaesque Susan Sarandon was desperately trying to say that a found and almost Roman statue of an Azteck as a triumphant solder had to be somehow ethereal and was only metaphor...They were saonts, not like the facsist wops, they couldnt have had blood sport, not a whole race of Saint Barronis...it couldnt be ...this mezzoland indigenous American Caesar with folds of garment and sword...?, No, couldn't have been really holding his enemies head in his hands...oh, he just cuddnt ....

I record here that I received a first bit of notes about the first drafts of the first half of TYOLS. The editor thought parts of it were very well written, at least I have climbed from Kirby's Inferno back to that, and as I said, Touching, especially the way I have seemed to turn Bill Clinton into something ''between Doctor Moriarty and Mickey Spillane'' --oh, The Third man, Nigger, please, I thought. But a higher editor, a white woman -of course, as they are my mortal enemy, especially if they are too fat to fuck--which is saying something from non closet faggot, titty loving, me--was aghast at my ''obvious attacks on her beloved Rachel Maddow, as my testosterone and 'fear of lesbians' was showing.'' Please, dearies, back off with the homophobia shit, dolls, as again, I have had my share of Italian perverts, refuges from Boccacchio, if not The Reich, as they taught me everything from penmanship to Cicero. And, plus, it is madrasa boy queen Dido, have thee noticed....?, who, though he is willing to put that whiter than not nose of his in everything from Car companies to bonus packages, always finds himself, though commander and chief , so very Prometheusly chained and bound and has his liver being pecked at out by a old buzzard who looks like a bald neo con wearing glasses, grumblingly, when it comes to '' don't ask don't tell'', at which the Truman ite reversal of which, seems beyond him. You know, he being commander and chief and all, but then, isn’t that a laugh itself …? Will this become the second presidency DICKIE BIG FOOTS AS PRO COUNCIL, AND NOW EVEN OUT OF OFFICE...? As I say, please, I don't mind being a failure, but don't treat me like an idiot or a corralled nigger of the bizarro Stan Savran’s on cable. I LIKE Rachel Maddow, as I have said here, and find her witty and pretty and beguiling. I DO think marrying a perky, smart, cute Lesbian is always the way to go in marriage, and is the kind of fake closet marriage I can get behind....

But, as Chacha's revenge continues , I saw where, speaking of the dear Rachel, her newest competition is going to be not anyone similar to Minerva, whom I am sure despite the o Fortuna gags she is a priestess of, as is Billbo, but instead , Joy freaking Bayhar ova heehhhhh. Good God....! She seems to have jumped unfurled, un fully formed, giggling and snarky, honking and gesticulating, off the head of CNN, as perhaps a more feminine variation of Anderson The autumn wind is a Raider. Or is it less feminine, I am, not sure…Joy Bayher as political analyst...? The mind reels. What is next, ''The CBS Evening News with Pat Cooper...?'' Although, now that I think of it, that might be an improvement over chirping Katydid and her talking shoulder pads. It could be good....Pat could come on, "and tonight in dee middle east...Madone, dese arabs is Menza mutt…idiots...and then we go to Taheran where--What!????? Iran got da bomb, now sheesh dere will be much in dah way of Bomb-bing, Goo bye people , its Ovah, ferrget it, its done.THE WHOLE THING IS --Pfffffffftttttt--OVAH" Now that news, Id watch. Jesus, thinking people will go to Joy Mamaluch for political thoughts…to Mama Bachala,--oh, my pop says I am related to Gneas Agricola, so, I can look down on the rest of you meatballs as well or better than a Cable TV Jew can—to go from Doctor Maddow, Oxford scholar cutie pie, the Betty Rubble of political discourso, to Mama Bayhar, is to put it in my vernacular, like thinking people will go from listening to dissertations from Umberto Eco to Paulie Walnuts. Oh, hunnie, my daddy liked me, as opposed to you and Bamaluch, --''am I pretty Daddy? Daddy, Daddy, where is you, Daddy....?''Cunts --and so, I was taught, deep down, you're all Paulie walnuts, to one degree or another. Get ready for the diminution dear, not only despite you eagerly repeat what you are told to say, but in fact because of it, and the liberal con artists, Hidden racists all, as my pop warned me as a boy, always like thinking, as my worth his salt fadder warned, always want to think they are better than the puppets they Dogenily, Sicilian side show, sting theorize, and wield. Don’t believe me,...Well, Is Burris out of the all white senate yet...? If there is one thing Dodd hates to be around, God Knows, its corruption, and MSNBC will dutifully go after the unprotected nigger as corrupt and show how open minded they are, hope you are noting, Dido, how shameless they can be...Too Niccolo again...?

...well, it seems a gift of mine. As too, I was told I am a natural story teller, at which I am better, like with the stories of the neighborhood Beatrice in leggings unposted here, than I am at political discourse, etc. Yes, Yes,...! I have always thought my biggest problem was not thinking enough about myself and now have proof. I remember ruminating on that late at night, if words like ''Touching and storyteller'' were in fact white women sarcastic digs, but then I thought, good God, quit being such a lesbian....and went to sleep.



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