06 June 2009

Helping to bake large stone wheels of Calabrase bread involved basically me , seated on the couch, watching the soup, and a cute big lipped girl doing a variation of that show called the dish, and eventually me hollering when I smelled something burning, for someone to take it out. While seated there waiting for these giant wagon heels of thick dense Italian bread to bake, I watched a repeat of a show on msnbc, which I must stop watching as distressingly I am having the same reaction to it I usually have to the Christers, boys of the blood, hated by priests Lutheran lunatics on the Jesus freak station, but then, my italic blood doesn't take to savior comics that well, whether Jesus, Superboy, or Barrackie.

But THIS TIME , IT WAS MORE EGREGIOUS THAN USUAL, AS FIRST THE FACT THAT THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE HIT OVER NINE PERCENT WAS SEEN BY THIS WHITEY STATION AS A LIGHT AT THE END OF A TUNNEL, AND WAS ACTUALLY BEING TRUMPETED AS GOOD NEWS...oh, I see, its anything for fearless leeder time...a light at the end of a tunnel, which, actually may not only be a train, but Amtrack itself breaking down, on top of everything. A octoroon of American racial pimp academics was on, a scholar of Black studies, uh huh, and was sporting a lovely henna rinse and frosted lipstick, by the way. She is a standard barer for almost Negro Barrack here, and like many an American nigger came out in droves, Jonnie Acornseeds, one the coast was clear, and the white women had surrendered, and said it
was alright to do so. But, this time, even this caliber of less than affirmative action spawn, given diplomas in bullshit things as not to cause a disruption in ABC'S into December night time twelfth night games of football season, bright to you by Dr. Pepper, said something almost alarmingly self righteously, dim wittingly awful, ugly and vicious . Even for her. She compared and defamed the anti abortion types, really nothing new, but, once again, as since Old Kaiser calling his followers the right, thus making his opponents the left, or the wrong, or in Latin the sinister the lefties find themselves having to defend a side where the other side is pro life, sottovociely making them, what then...? But she called them as if members of the Klan. Oh yes that all uncompromising word, The Klan, apostrophic evil, a way to demean some ones enemies thoroughly, at least to your White masters and the faggots , and for some reason me, the only ones watching this shit, ... but then, that's just what Praetor Debbie thinks, anyway...as we are the only ones watching this pravda shit. But, funny, I recall the nuns all being virulently anti abortion, and they weren't Klan members as when I was a kid, Catholics were hardly that, and some of these old women, lesbians since Bocacchio, escaped Dachau and Poland, and taught me never to ferget when Hitler was just fine with the two faced Americana slobs of empire. Ever. Anyone who can compare people who show a modicum of human compassion for the creaturas, As called in the Italian, funny they don't even use the dry Latin Fetus, which Da Vinci revealed to the world in his ultrasound pen and ink scribbles, to midnight riders who lynched men, well, there is a place waiting for you on Zuckers folly for you. And, too the joke is on her, as funny she seems to not be so averse to the Klan as to allow once such Sicilian robed men to sit in the senate in her specious party, as long as they are Democrats, but, as my father warned me of these whitest trash, They are all Democrats, boy.

I wonder if this easy breezy mulatto cover girl, being an African scholar, knows what Cumae is. Or was. Do they ever read Livy in such bullshit classes, or is it more of a nigger madrasa thing, although, Livy, unlike the saints of Darwin and the old hags who started Planned parent hood, and because he was Roman, God knows of a Jewish family , and Paduan and half breed long before the clerks of now, was no eugenicist. Oh, I wish I wuz in dee land o cotton, old times dere are not forgotten, look away look away, look awayyyyyy Dixieland.....

,...And a true Jesuit education, even in tatters and in boxes and kept hidden in dusty old attic boxes, like lead painted but beautiful Naples area carved and painted Neapolitan Christmas decoration which seem truer and realer than the plastic shit of a less saturnalia more Germanic solstice of now, has its attributes. As, too, only days after schnookie was shown in a book by an nsnbc apparatchik fag as purposefully and rather meanly trying to scalp Bill Clinton, it seems on GE commercialized Hannity no less, there is some results in now, showing a softening and a downturn in Dido's perpetual love me, love me, tell me yew love me, polls. Hmnnnn. Oh, I warn you all, especially pale women who now have overdone the love of schnook to somehow make people forget the distaste they had for him when their matron wept as a political trick, my man Bill will end this game, and will emerge victorious, no matter what.

The Harry Lime of American policies, the lovable rogue, the black coated, smiling, smirking man of the dark, Harry-Bill, he shall win this time. In beautiful cinematography and a zither playfully twanging behind, under the constant NPR playing of Stevie wonder to show how with it these fat women all are, on shades of black and white, as opposed to Somalia Joe, and his Tohoscope cartoon cinema scope, Harry will flee the police, corrupt all, and race from the creeps and the acorn pocked ss uniformed darkies in gold braid and boots, Nazi poor men fascists , and will race through the sewer of a dying empire, hair sweated and yet still curled and flying, and mad, black,trenchcoat as tunic flying about like a satanic vestment, and this time, he will emerge to flit away. And even if he is defrocked by Prickish, boorish, school marmish Barracko, at the end, as usual, America in the form of a cute brunette , will merely walk away from the Cottoning Prig of a President , and its equally chancing, devoted, romantic, bloated and corrupt and conniving heart with say with Harry, so, fu ck Saul of Tarsus, and Fuck the bloody Christers, and Fuck our Islam loving, as opposed to Arab, praetor Joe, and his bother some icky Imams, too,...see, Father Rome, never had a communists leader neither, folks,....

The heart of america will always be with fraudulent , sweet ol Bill, will always be with rancid, smiling, deceitful, Leonardo adoring, Borgia explaining Harry, while Banal Bammy is left there, alone and false victorious, winding his perpetual , incessant and now starting to actually get on people's nerves, coo coo clocks. Also, this is why Al Kida's Ford and Suburu , Bamster, or any Arabs, will never win...this is land of Billy the kid, Peckenpah, Jesse James, Elmore Leonard, Fonzy, Doctor Sivana, lex Luthor , ...Harry Lime, Bill Clinton, a myriad of scar faces, Eddie G's, Bonnie and Clyde, Cagney,...Like Italia, we here also wrote operettas about crimnials, with no less than Aaron Copeland doing the baton work and writing ballets about criminals long before Copolla ever thought and is now being demeaned for romanticizing hoodlums. Oh, see, if one is going to be evil, at least enjoy it...don't be evil and lecture us all like women, or Sunday school teachers, as that advice is something Roman you Arabs don't quite get.


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