08 July 2009

Ancient Romance.

My Ma called me and asked me , ''Che Raquela...?'' and handed me a remote.

I wasn't sure what she meant , then it dawned on me. I had figured she, the lyrically titled sex dea now named Raquela, was forced out, as a thin lipped black bravado menvra haired octeroon had been appareled and shoved in the Klan meeting that channel often replicates. She, this Sally, not Beatrice, was seated at a desk not as hipster red white and blue as the previous occupant, and I was sure , at a station where Donald Holinger called Queen Schnozzle a God, that appallingly placing smarmy, Plautusian , satirical, quotes around faithful tireless'' advocate'', whatever it was, gets one fired. I tried to avoid that station,as I do the daily show, as crestfallen people at first can be so depressing, and then, they just get mean and angry, and stupid people getting angry is quite dull. But I saw Queen of Olbermen screeching away, wanting to get Glenn Beck arrested as a enemy of the state, and have fox news boarded up. Well, we haven't decremented that far down yet. He worked there though, did Olberman, as his love of baseball announcing was much more a pull than his rhapsodized love of Clinton, or the republic, and gleefully went to work there well after the Monica thing, but the Pope Peter can never be a sinner or a penitent, where we get penitentiary, can he..? Olbermen learn their ethics under Harry Shearer, it seems.

Screaming, yelling, baseball Olberman, joined at this station by another epsn loudmouth--boooyah, indeed uall--, and Olbie and the lout Scottish fag, hagiographer of Renegade jimmy, were laughing vociferously about Pallin, the latest of carcasses burnt on Nigger queens perpetual fire. I thought, though I have been assailed as an anti Semite, I admire the ancient brilliance of Jews, actually, and I cant wait until the house of mirth and all these smiling knivers really do get theirs, and to put it in my own vernacular, cant wait for the temple of ZERO, OR EVEN PLAUTUS, TO COME TREMBLING DOWN, as that finally, to quote Alice Kramden, that would actually be fuinny. But, Menvra has excellent timing, as she loves a great pratfall, and turns out, since that book came out on June first, you know about the ''renegade'' who finds his hands tied for fags, and who amusingly kept Bushes war and ficsa together in tact,--hello suckers--where they made sure that Bill Was demeaned for a nigger queen, there has been a reversal of fortune. Machiavellian Billy was all so vicious and so unsaintly compared to the god by the poi, but it was the dandy saint who, as I pick up bits and pieces, TOOK OUT THE HAND SANITIZER, WHILE IN FULL VIEW OF THE COLLECTED FAGGING HACKS OF HIS ATTEMPT TO JEW DOWN EVERY FAG IN AMERICA--OH YES HE DID, KIDS, AS OUR FIRST WOMAN LADY PRESIDENT FEARS CATCHING AIDS FROM DIRTY FAGS, AS WAS ALLUDED A MONETARY LAPSE OF SLIPPED TRUTH ON SOME FAG SHOW ON NPR,--STILL, Shnookie, or Hayden, has lost thirteen points and now is at a crippling minus eight. Six point drop since Fridays job Numbers. Nuance is just a pause before the slapstick, and Machiavelli's Virgil was Terence. You can kiss it goodbye, Keith ...you shouldn't have read Boys of Summer, as much, or at least as like me, read it once, in 1992, but should read or even re read, Agricola. As in it , when Domitian is destroyed, Tacitus takes great pleasure is the fact the praetorians as of that moment, are now destroying all the men who breathlessly applauded him, too.

I think of ''Ancient Romance'', which is tarped in disks of brother word processor files, wpt, I guess, and contains boxes of broken pieces of Tuscan minarets of which, like fished from a Tuscan sea wreck, I can bring to the surface's of a murky electron sea of pictographs and squiggles. In Roman times, witches were expected, almost like lesbians, to be good looking, as god bless the Italians, why if someone was a witch and had all of demonic powers at her disposal would she allow herself to continue to be demeaned with fat jokes. I thought of Ancient Romance as a necessary treasure to extract form the bay of Naples at which somehow I live my life as an anisette tinted antidote to this horrid new Poland of Pittsburgh. In it, there is a romantic story about how and aging Tuscan Priest saves a woman named Patrica, seen above from the roman later trials of witchcraft, as is usual, the way they damned the Tuscan was to call them all wicked , when not raping them. But in roman trials which not surprisingly like the whiter versions, as here on the Tyber, both witch and warlock--this was Rome, godfathers of all, --where both were placed in a pit, chained and and covered with that most Italian of affectations, cement. Again, bless them, the Romans show a strange decency amid the bronze aged fools,and that instead of just stoning women who surlily had affairs with invaders of dear Judea, thus dirtying that most white of Semitic races---uechhhh--they killed both witch and warlock, meaning fallen woman and whore monger too, certainly more decent again than the more beloved Jews, vikings, or even the Redskins of empires of bloody Mexico, the Mezzagoirno of a swamp called america.


I think that is what so bothers me about house niggers braying on msnbc....times are tight, I know your a house nigger, but QUIT LAUGHING!!!! Someone please tell the'' ugliest people on television'' without a doubt, NBC, the most unattractive, and downright ugly and thus most liberal of people screeching at the walls,--Tacitus no less believes there is such a connection between ugly woman and weak men and liberalism, ''talking women'' he called them, with vestal mustaches, --ouch--, as in ''Agricola'' he believes all anti war protesters be bought for by enemies or just cowards who fear wars they may have to fight in--read the whole book next time, Francis , don't just watch the movie,-- that ugly spoilers smiling too much does have a Da Vinci quality, which can be disconcerting to the folks back home. Oh, you know, the rubes and the fools and the red necks and the bigots, who he sees as America, and the dunderheads who, if I recall right, I never heard Charles Nelson Olberman ever say explicitly NOT to ever eat those baloney sangwiches he was once shilling , before he became a defender of the republicanism. Small R. Or is big R....? Unseemly is the word,... I have seen them pull nigger Jim back a bit, as it was a bit distaste filled, like hostess zingers, to see the man who had nothing to say about Neda seeming to become so very Marc Antony for the carcass of this spic pinko hack, and of course, someone in the praetorium will lose their jobs for not saving Bammy from his own incompetent lack of ...what is the word, Clinton shrewdness. But, quick, A letter from the perpetual Roman front in my noggin, the Roman front, a missive from the palatine, yall, see,... Hillary, Mama Roma, has lardy and fat ankled, already sent it out, through places unwilling to squash it, right wing and fag newspapers, like say Fox and now suddenly angry demeaned faggots who feel like comic hacks, --I bet Bammy is just a riot amid the Roman Rubble, what with all granny taught him about ''That race'', --that Hillary was shocked and appalled at snookers weakness with Iran....hmnnn, thank you. Its a gift I have from the Jesuits. Like Herpes, it don't go no where! Or crabs. It inst Sarah Pallin who Mama Roma is now on a fill blown palatine hill whisper campaign against, which I am sure , like your beloved nightly Jewish clerk with Bammy amusingly seeming to now protect his true patron CHANEY, NO FUCKING LESS, YOU wont see anything coming. Maybe you should all quit laughing into that slip of paper, which is a strange and off putting affectation, as why, on Gods earth would someone try to suppress laughter on a comedy show, especially when it is amply shown on what passes for news...? I think america could use the epic of sadness as a antidote to all of this. Then, I will start laughing, full throat, I can promise that. Some one, please tell screeching Olbie and the rest of the thought police at MBC, the dead peakcock, that Clinton Didnt WANT to get away with just Censure, cause that comes from the Romans word for NOTHING . its Latin for for Nothing, and he couldnt allow hisslef to he called a noo--thing by a crowd of jews like Liberman and Goody Fienstien who amazingly for their race, cant seem to count to sixty, damnnit....Strange, I know. But alas, as opposed to pig men still waiting for Pollozzo, sister Gertrude, to now somehow be freed to do what they promised and deliver on checks Bammy cant cash, well, See, I speak fluent Byzantine...


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