31 October 2009



I saw on Drudge where some apparatchik creep said that Bamako is the most ''powerful'' writer since Julius Caesar. ''Oy Vei Gahvalllltttt...!'' Hmnnn, what would Caesar do...? I wonder if Caesar would make a war suggestion predicated in the Yetta haranguing of white women on msnbc, Such Antonys,  who had disdained the 40 thousand troops-- as that would be war mongering, while jewing down to 15, ooo allows him to clutch his Peace Prize. Yes, mister Fitzgerald , they are all accountants.

There is a great line, of course which says everything,  said by an Etruscan about the then burgeoning Rome, That '' in Rome a pacifist  is a general who takes prisoners''. This is why the history of Italy must be demeaned and hidden , as I was actually supposed to be able to , like a woman or nigger, believe that Sir Bamalot was culturally able, even as a hateful half blood pimp,  going to be a pacifist. Puleese. And what is never mentioned is that Rome was  an obvious Italian reaction to combating to the Greeks  and Hungarians who had taken away whole parts of the Tuscan empire with their over fed consent consent, so , as I said,  I have seen this before.   Ah, but it'd be Caesar , not Bammie who said one becomes that which they destroy. I love how in shitty America, only sending 15,ooo centurions into a death pit, maybe as a suicide mission, allows you to consequentially lecturer us , saint that Greg Morris thinks he be. How satanical...as if counting men like souls you have rapped for that final assault in the empyrean...but even he wouldn't be so Madoff about it all.  Yeaccch.  BLOND WIGS FOR EVERYBODY! What bullshit, yeah, Caesar, more like Cleopatra, dears. Well, Caesar wore red and fought at the front, as opposed to President Wayland Flowers, and though an engineer, Caesar didn't see his men as merest numbers on a page, as if spare parts. THERE IS A COLDNESS AND A CALLOUSNESS ENTERING AMERICAN LIFE as never before, and Even though I am no fan of the bribing, burning, republic destroying, derangement full, dreaming of mother fucking,  egomaniac...wait a minute,  I see the resemblance now, ...oh wait, Caesar had guts...., shit Negroes, Thats no Caesar, Its Halloween.

4. But I thought, as I had collected and figured the cast I wished to show, Danny Aiello as the pontiff, Bill Clinton's smiling face as C. Claudian Claudianus, Megan Fox as a lookalike to Gracie, Patty Farinelli as Turan, Quentin Tarantino as Kemeter,--''That's Pofioct'', My buddy Bernie Sanders says , as he is still hiding out here, and he is eating a pickle,''And I dun no what the hell yur talking about!''-- and , of course, the always willing to play trash as much as anything, rather Roman seeming gentlemanly Magneto, Ian McKellen as Erba, saint poet,...that somehow after Virgil, Homer, Dante, Boccachio, Terence, Ariosto, Galileo, oh, do read this mother fucker’s shit on ''the moon'', it’s like a love letter, and leave it to the Italians to make a scientist who writes like a poet,a real dago 'Fuck You' you to the dry scientific atheists, or Torquatto Tasso,....I think How sad that line strikes me as. Oh, shit Niggers I don’t mention these names to show off like a broad, I know you hate all these names, if you even recognize them, ...damnit, all the works I had read, even Chaucer, Bede, Aquinas, Ovid, fucking Ovid, who is more human and humane than fucking Ovid...?... What are you, Bloomie, a woman like Goody Dowd, you simpering cunt...?, ...good God, what a horrible thing to say or espouse. Shakespeare...?, that tracing hump, now as some inventor of humanity in works of literature,... what a heinous thing to say. So, this means that what all those names, that Dante and Beatrice, the rites of Bacchus in Virgil where the one non gay boy shepard falls in love with the pretty Sardinian girl at a harvest , the gracious ladies of Boccacce, Alatlante the original pin ball wizard , Aeneas looking down at burning troy with the first Roman’s hatred for conniving in battle, Gilgamesh, Catallus and Claudia, The boy who cried wolf, Isis, Scheherazade , Sinbad, Aladdin, The shining roman knight who rode his Charger into the fire, into the fire, not like the queer Christ, the Knights walking towards Canterbury, --see I don’t hate all English literature--Roman Arthur, Miles Glorosus, the fool, the old man, the wayward wife, Plautus, Hector, ...they were all what...? Inhuman...? …, apes, perchance...Of course, a line as this, that Shakespeare somehow invented ‘’humanity’’ on stories he collected from Italian newspapers, by the way, should never bother the household niggers at the ncaapp, as well, did so the idea that Mortimer Adler loved the afore mentioned Dante, which can’t be so allowed here in nigger woild, sur, thus calling him a racccccisssst. Gee, has another honors student fallen to a bloody nigger mob in chi town, ey…? It is .funny how they never seem to get the affirmative action niggers, or when they do, does it make a sound on the news, like Pompeian’s, that You niggers maybe deserved it and had it coming...? Oh cans of worms are spilling everywhere. And shit Negroes, Why Malcolm the tenth, pimp saint himself , did love Shakespeare so, sur....yyyyyeeeeeeeeach.

Herb Edleman.

What an awful thing to say, I thought, and found that I didn’t post 'The song of Kemeter', where CCC has his old teacher-trainer of soldiering and poetry ,-- in Oldest Rome, like West point,  they were intertwined, bitch,-- the pontiff and his pretty scribe at a dinner for his fiftieth birthday. In a kind of revere after having just committed his wife, a schemer harpie shew to a Mad house, he  recounts the love affair , a true Etruscan tale , between satanic kemeter--though Orcus was more what think of as Satan and kemeter was more like a Loki, --oh do add him to the list--and the pretty brunette goddess made from a swan Turan, soon to be recalled for a blond Venus who smelled like fish, but who the Clintons of the world as signora Fortuna would not so ever easily forget. Tinia Jove never supplanted inherent, and dare I say indigenous, Janus neither, just as Christ and Mary have never truly supplanted Romulo as Hercules, or Minerva, either.

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