03 November 2009



5. So, I was going through the channels, as I had put it on 209 to  catch the sweetie-pie  Rachel, and instead saw the start of ''The Paulie Walnuts show'', starring the dead eyed Joy Bayher, who only admitted she was not Jewish but was in fact, Italian,  when she thought the coast was clear. She had a round table with Bey Buchanan and The Garofolo, like how some people call him The Batman. Theirs was a meeting of the minds,eh...?, and La Garofolo was talking about something called emotional intelligence. Uh huh. As the nuns woudl say that means she was a c student. But then aren't all you women. As if seeing surgery by accident, I quickly pressed in msnbc. But,  I clicked off again, as I could not tolerate , as it were,  to use the word correctly, and not in the self important, matronly, way of hidden agendas, the dear Rachel talking to Olbermench, as if he hadn’t enough time in his own show to read his script praising a nigger, word for word, given by a nigger reading his script, word for word, and so on...I was going through the channels, ... and I saw a show about Pompey, the city not the man.

This again was on The Hitler channel, which seems to have it in for the wops , though like faggot Singer, weren’t the Nazis just so sharply dressed men. Still,  they seem more than willing to demean almost niggered wops at all times, to always show their untermench masters and in-laws, that Rome and this time, Pompeii,  got what they deserved,  as they were corrupt as opposed to us, who so nobly , who have a president without papers starting fights with Fox news, where he dutifully ran to , gliding to sit with hated  officer Krupkie, someone tell that to this orifice dripping loathing baseball boy, where he distinctly went when Hillary was biting the living shit out him in blue state American Turnpikes, like Cleveland and Sheboygan and Walla Walla and Erie, and etc etc, but that was so long ago. And by the time this nigger is done with us, we will all be like Oscar Madison,  and feel like we are in an Allstate commercial. But, tired of NBC telling me how unlike Fox they have no agenda, tell me about it, dear, I had a hunch,…

pow girl meets rex raider 1999.

The sottovoce message was that these people deserved to die,  and be actually literally petrified, as they liked sex. An over fed women acted as though the Roman didn’t understand her variation of Love, or Love at all. Oh, and a nice touch, the image of sexual perversion--all straight, though,  to be so historically inaccurate, but then Caesars raging homosexuality is always a sore point for the alter boys  on the bus,-- was of a black gladiator, shades of the SEC, kissing a dark haired older roman milf, as that is a construct, like Julian Cougars, which appeared in Petronius,  long before the Internet. But, only did they understand it, Love, or your love essentially,  dear, unlike the Jews and the red skins, and other noble savages who I am sure you adore, they didn’t stone fat girls like you for it. Catullus loves a girl he calls Lesbia, who hates men and though pretty, lesbians meant pretty once--outside of msnbc, not any more, --and she takes a kind of pride in torturing the wimpy roman man to distraction, laughing at him with her penthouse pet bed mates. God, who cant relate to that...? You know that is what they used to say about niggers, that they were sex addled and incapable of Love,  and now are resorted to only saying about Italians. But then, once said about Italians, as my pop warned me, begging me not to care, do you have to bother saying it about who you really mean it--i.e. the Romans were ''cheap'' somehow,  as they gave out freed bread, and thus were like you know who. Fine , who cares,  I actually started to think, say what you want, that will be the day, unlike niggers,  I don’t wish to be so tolerated and humanized by white women like doctor Bloom. The overfed woman constipates her agenda and prattles on, that unlike us, --don't include me in your ''us'', hun,-- the Romans saw the penetration-er  as having more power than the pentration -ee , fruggerferaiger, ..and de toe booooooone is connected to da foot bone, hasssah! So, then, you mean the Romans would pitch but they wouldn’t catch, dear...? Nice try dear, but that is instrumentally Greek, meaning the Hitler channel cant say it, or wont.  But, Niccolla was right and there is no worse sanctimony than that of the wicked. You know like how Olberman, once given the green light on what he thinks he thinks,  will tell us that yes, being forced to buy insurance is something of triumph to this white house , but then, what isnt...?

The Cycle Epics

Fuck this show, I thought, as who could go to Pompeii, with persevered skeletal women covering their children from the oncoming infernal sulfur, and yet be untouched by that enough to Blue nosedly point out a burnt out whorehouse, -- are you all women, now ?!--with the snickering of a perpetual student, i.e. a scholar, which is what all scholars are the Jesuits warned me, just perpetual children, as a house of ill repute is pointed out, as if this Anatolian--Roman for prude-- could know, which is so unknown here in Showtime’s America. Well, the Greeks tried to damn the Romans and Etruscan and even uptight Sicilian women as prostitutes too, meaning they had too much power than Semitics ever like. On the other channel, making a moment of Irony at least for me, as I am another perpetual child but, let us say, tinted with Jesuit instigation.--hooo boyyy-- Our vicious, screaming Guillotine, blond Hulga fascist , The graceless one, to paraphrase the witty ''noblest Savage'', was in great form as someone here in such decent un- whore mongering America, again in Florida, that house of bourbon nightmare, had taken a girl , a little girl , raped and bludgeoned her and threw her dead beaten carcass on a garbage pile. That in America is called a grace note worthy of Marin Scorsese or the New York daily news. But, unlike venial Romans, we don’t paint pictures of prostitutes on walls, which will turn out to be translated and called innovations, by Sandro Botticelli, as we, in America, hate him too. Graceless is in high dungeon, whirling a bloody carcass of a child over her head. That's entertainment!  And in the Obamanation, more niggers with out attitude but good grades, parish the thought, are killed in a strange kind of Livia campaign, and torture Castillos, which the allergic to evil Manzoni couldn't dwell on or wearisomely describe, as everything falls together in my own vendetta campaign, torture houses are  found in the land so averse to torture of its Nemesises, ses, seesees, ...now that the Cherokee are all dead as Tuscan doornails, of nigger rapists are found with mummified victims, and of course, little girls seem raped and missing each day, while girls who go to dances are raped for hours by melotto Poltroons, while cold hearted, unhearted, vicious, mean girl cunts, girls gleefully tape the occurrence with their perpetual, Dick Tracy wrist picture taking ,  hopefully cancer causing,  cell phones. I say Pompey forever, as Roman copulation is infinitely more human, as Shakespeare even knew, than this out of aplenty, vicious, American righteousness. Shit, Niggers, if any country needed a volcano to split open...

Lotsa Luck.

6. Oh, despite what Ebert thinks that somehow Richard the third was the first to talk to the audience, no, Plautus , as shown by Zero Mostel, the only Bialystok, in the Masterwork, A funny thing happened on the way to Reforum,--oh, wait, that is us now--and Plautus and Terence, and even Ovid used narrators, even Virgil did, who then spoke to the mezzanine, literally the middle pews, which is where we get 'playing to tenth row'. So  meaning that was what the master of the play was supposed to do, highlighting the Dante’s angels laughing effects of the stooges on the wooden boards of the theater, who didn’t know, like Puck, dare I say what was going on, or even happening to them. They, millenniums before JACIMOSPADA...OH NO!,HE DDDDNNN, they the wops, had their characters speak to the audience,  which made the dower Greeks upset. Sorry. But then, we aren’t Rome, more is the pity as I say, as free bread would look good to many of you, as Golden Dancer, he flies from triumph to triumph, and it was in Rome in which they had a Cato and not so many Roman goats like Anthony Veener or gap toothed twits like Grayson, who threw Molotov’s, so sure of their own pudgy decency they are, with pea soup stained shirts and Lunchy dispositions, and legislation smeared with mustard and imperialism. But then, as I said, we are all Herby Edelmans or Beatrice Arthurs, in a Nancy Grace world, aren’t we all. But then, I saw what was happening when lunchy,  pea soup stained, automat  Socialist, Grayson,  Catonic virtue hero to bed wetter Olbermench, finally found dare I say decorum and apologized about what he said, --to a banker. And down goes Lieberman! But then, what if at the center of the earth and on the dark side of the moon, there isn't a heroic poem, as Tennessee said, but what if now it seems there is not a joke book, but instead, only a copy of ''Watchmen''...? ...Such is Life in new Judea, and the days of Ore continue,...