19 July 2011


Again, I don’t mean to go Jesuit pre law here, but I have felt bad seeing Casey Anthony be demonized by that Sulla in a freight wig, Nancy Graceless. Listen honey, far be it from me to cast aspersions on a universal mind who studied law under Carl Banks, but, see, you start fucking with the jury system, and then, you’re really in for it, because trials by people like you, cunt, is what fucked Rome up. As, next thing you know, people you don’t hate, start getting away with murder, literally, as why is Casey Anthony a Tarpea now, how about that woman who drives her crack head husband to a Dwayne Reed , speaking of sin city, where he blew away 7 people, looking for Oxy Contin, what was that, cute cause it was like Breaking Bad…? She knew he was going to go Peckinpah, by the way, accruing to cbs news. Why didn’t that resister with Batwoman...? And the little Jewish kid, slaughtered in way they don’t let veal in our sanctimonious hell hole, what didn’t that affect our queen of Justice...? Is that a cry for justice, or just an applause sign…?

It can’t be our right wing hag has made Cay- lee, be the stand in for all those other foetuses, what with gay marriage having gone so well, lets see what else we can put through, like tax cuts, when all the sanctimonious are left handed. It makes me sick, but then I recall the grand tempo of Kunsler and Studs, and was told as a boy, to never forget this is the land of Sacco and Vanzetti, whose words thankfully, unlike Martin Luther Queens, to quote jfk, haven’t yet needed to be so sanitized as they could come of Rush Limbaugh‘s blow hole.

It all has me ver klmept, ver shvitzed and bollixed. If I was feeling honourable, I’d be using Latin like you do, but instead its seems a Yiddish sort of time. Be careful, I warn, as Italian soothsayer, I can sense the not so much the screens of evil, as the evil of fatigue. As when The Dreaded Garafolo makes a point that only Fags are anti fag, it is alas a old time gambit that MACHIAVELLI HIMSELF felt beneath him, it is after all, a way to underscore the inherent despicable qualities of those people ‘over there‘, where’re dimwit Garafolo knew it or not. Those fags you see cant be trusted, --though I preen how much I love them--still, as they try to play both sides against the middle something the Bill Mayer crowd would never do--just do not call me a democrat,-- ‘cause I’m not. The idea that only fags are anti fag, is after all a way to get them coming and going, whether this idiot KNOWS it or not. This was sued by Savonarola, he without imaginations, against Sicilians and Jews by a family that Niccolo thought of as garbage, the Medici. But, speaking of double dealers, and we are filthy now with them, do Keep an eye on Daeeeerrrr Nancy though, Sulla , like Brutus, they always fuck things up, and we always find the most noble everyone’s are always on the pad, all along. I just bet this hag has foetuses in bell jars under her porch at Yapthewnta co. I say, enough with masks, Roman up, take a punch, don’t Scorsese out and have Juvinal’s flotsam give you back handed compliments. On CBS radio news fifty percent would rather see president Nixon now, as trusted him more now that the fools of empire we have now. See, Sanctimony is tiring. Roman Bill was a pig, but at least he won his stand offs, which is more than I can say for our negro Homicide bomber in chief.

And I hard that that other hag who made Harry Potter, oy, wants to be seen as a ‘English Virgil‘, his euphemisms all over that dreck. Poor mans suffered enough. Honey, do leave poor Publius alone, Hun, and go count your money. Its how you keep score. And the closest thing you have a laurel*. But, too, was thinking, though I was demerit-ed by some trash for not understanding film by hating Martin Scorsese, --he must be loved you see, at least by me, no Italian , Roger, May Raise Kane, you know, …again, Too Jesuit…? Still, I recall how , as with JRR RAWRINGS, it is never enough , as she is suddenly is Virgil now, which, when Johnny is Juvenal, how low can we sink….? But as I recall, he, Martin, campaigned for the Medallica d Oro, the golden medal in Rome, he dreamed of this, did he, of with that Irish sour mash fraudulent idiot De Nero, of going to Rome, and being lauded, by Berlisconi, it didn’t matter he is something of a fascist, not when a Triumph is involved,…He wished to be crowned as a Roman by Silvio BERLUSCONI, WEATHER GIRL DIDDLER EMERITUS, OF ALL PEOPLE, AND YET, HE DREAMED OF BEING AND CLOMPING DOWN THE STREET OF VENUS, AS SUR MARTINO, IN THAT CITY WHERE THE KNIGHT WAS CREATED. He dreamed of it, he yearned for it, and alas, poleneta fearing Silvio took back his invitation as I recall, at last to Martin, as in Rome, Sicilians are a bigger anathema than they are here. All the trash in the world aren’t worth one triumphal Roman day, I recalled, as a billion dollar puppet show that hag feels is commiserate with a the Aeneid, which even the bbc calls the greatest book of the cannon of the west, as people on Charley Rose try to convince you that , again Harry Potter is better than it looks. And like all things English, not played up as it is for Virgil and or Alex Hailey , but an undercurrent none the less, there is whispers of plagiarism as there must be for a land whose works were all burned by Vikings, and unlike Italians, didn’t merely rewrite it all as best they could. They dream still, as I thought, of a moment of green laurel, and yet, are no closer it than I am with my Etruscan cribbed cartoons, and in fact, David Denby not withstanding, are perhaps farther away from it than even Roman Antony is, right now.

A Note; Should anyone not believe me, that Virgil and Romanticism was forefront of JRR Rawrings mind in completion of this epic, a codex, a catalog of Roman names seem to appear in a dramatis personae as shown by, of course, admiring Roger Ebert. In names once NEW, "Bellatrix Lestrange, Rubeus Hagrid, Professor Aldus Dumbledore, Ollivander, Lucius Malfoy, Sirius Black, Severus Snape, Remus Lupin and even Prof. Minerva McGonagall, who is called upon to summon her powers and shield Hogwarts School from the powers of Voldemort." The heroes all named more for metamorphosis than Beowulf, and the villains name only ringing with French, which at least isn't Anne Radcliffe, so I give her that. But again, my dislike of this is Roman retreaded too, in that, really, A boy must hold off the evil incarnate, named Sirius in Virgil and Ovid, I ecall as that was which I stole in 1977 to make the deamon Sinis, enemy of Mister Stupendous, a man who just seems a boy. Really, I think, where are the men at...? Maybe this is what has Harold Bloom so ver klempt, where indeed are the men at...? Dont give me the golden child Tesas--that name showing she wasn't the first to find a wealth of stuff in the Tuscan countrysides like did st. Paul, as I must say, again, where are the men at...? Bill and CC's dream of boy Ascension is prepackaged by boy staying boy, in real time. Also, In seeing Ralph Fiennes playing the innominato here, before slathered with the cgi, he looked actually more real and more stunning and more vital than the orcus he was made to become, but then, what do I know, all my castles are made of paper and exists on Ariosto's floating rocks. As Once the nice man editor of Harry Potter, they are always looking for the next something from Big Tony, and are always disappointed, once took a look at my work, and was impressed, though told me it wasnt for Pishers, the birth of Turan from the Adriatic took care of that, and too, Ke-Meter was especially hard to peg. Things must be in fantasy, he advised me, must be written in black and white, he kindly said, and in kemeter, well, ...was he a demon, a witchcraft-er, a god, a Lucifer, and why did he fall in love with Turan brunette goddess of Love. Ah, the kingdom of Naples strikes back!, I said back, not to be mean. And in another bolt of fantasia, it seems CNN is --oppsy, whats with the whoops!, reporting that Casey Anthony IN FACT NEVER GOOGLED FOR CHLOROFORM from her or any computer, this fevered idiocy coming from perpetually on the rag Nancy Grace, showing ,as i have surmised, we have fallen from the days of barristers becoming poets like Publius Maro, to say nothing of Yvonne Craig.



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