06 December 2011


As I set this all up to finally quit being a coward, and merely stand there with a mano scripto in hand, reading aloud, like the mad man on the Roman street Doge Coppolla and his polish starlets compared me to, I had to say I think It was seeing Ursula K Le Quinn and Sarah Ruden, a couple of gals, actually doing battle with the monolith of the Aeneid that was an effect on me. Out of AR, having had 600 pages of stuff from which to choose, and taking only the original libretto of the pre Roman bible and adding a slight story of the narrator, I took out The Aeneo, Gracie’s womanly take on the Virgilian epic. Rather nice, was written in mixture of Sabine and Valley girl, concerned her girlish love of Turnus, her detest of Snow White –Virgil words-- for Helen,--all as if one of the saturnalia verses that he had wished to save. I do hope my Italian folktales from then and now have at least taught all you something about crocodile Liberals and woman’s tears, you red skins, niggers, fagots and the rest of the filth.

And I thought, if these girls can do this, what in hell am I, a masculine creature of a masculine God, doing…? Playing with ones dick all day can’t be a vocation, no matter how hard I tried. But, I had noticed a sneering, white trash, distain for Virgil, even Dante, in our globe theatre here, of Iron Poor men and house hold Jews with their distained for the word Empire, I noted a real aspect of “who did I think I was “ to anything I wrote in to these now unraveling nook pimps. In looking for the Garry Wills review to find the book, and who wrote it, he secure enough in his liberalism to like John Wayne and Virgil, without heaving to spout his mesmerized dogma at us, including the racket—scues me --Bracket shows of march madness, and found of course some white trash woman I think wrote a book about Genocide, and somehow connected it back to Virgil, if not the Romans. here birthed, of course, at of course, showing she admirers niggers as almost Human, Carthage. But not at Veii, gods knows, or with the Samnites, who might have been the first true genetic cleansing in history, unless some counted the Canaanites, which do they ever…? See, as Italians killing each other is not only requested, but also ordered up at casa D’Scosese, like a good plate of marinara.

The scene which caused the black scholar woman to like my work wasn’t so much Kemeter and Turan, though she as a black woman liked the ear I had shown of the brunette as goddess which after all, the always penny wise Walt demanded, after seeing the first prints of Snow White, that there would be plenty of time for blond whores later, this HAD to make money, you see, ...but that I spoke of the killing of the Samentine by Sulla’s race , when their hearts were actually torn out buy suspicious soldiers, not so much to gain the iron rich blood, but sure that they couldn’t as then ghosts reputing the earth, come to haunt the Romans millennia before crazy horse. Really, the book where the dearth of Turnus is not foreplay massacre, to the marriage bed, and what about Canaan, after all, I would have to ask the white woman who in her diatribe of genocide shows the sympathy and empathy for statistics, all we are allowed anymore, anywhow....? It is amusing when it doesn't count. Oh, in daily show land no one recalls Cumae here. Yes well, Hun, it doesn’t surprise me that the ballad of Turnus wasn’t anti war enough for you is it ever, Virgil wasn’t the first or only wop who wasn’t Enough of enough for this Viking reciting blank verse crowd.

And, in finding the essay from the affable Garry Wills, who don’t, like so many in that wing of American property party, bloviate so endlessly like a Spanish priest a particularly heinous sort to the Irish, Italian, and polish Jesuits, as alas, I recall as a boy when Spain as still closer to England and white redemption than even Italy was so, ….I found that the Vergil essay was unlike the giveaway stuff, under a pay wall lock and key, lest anyone think Virgil and Rome for that matter don’t hold the same magical elixir and aroma, the secrete word, as they did for old Willie. In the essay available, which I print out for bored relatives, I find that a book about the western cannon, dead giveaway right there, was written by joyous middlebrows who thought Homer superior to Virgil, a wrestling match Virgil didn’t even want to be in as it was Apollonius and the saturnine who were his guides, not dared Homer, all as his Characters don’t have an internal Life. Ouch! Wow, I cannot stand homer and that mad me feel bad for that Turkish fag. Yow! As to show why this is that Homer, shallow intellect he is, makes no distinction between Penelope and Helen, whore of troy, and this in woman’s land, is good. But Virgil as I SAID, a true Italian, as even Mantua is closer to Africa than it is to Edinburg, calls Helen Snow White and heifer in his hated codex, showing again, they don’t make fags like they sued to, even from when I was just a lad.

And, I must say, having a fraud like O’bama thrust at you, clearing your mommies boys out, with spics and women and gook and black mayors to open the path to the nest of spiders—I’m sorry, his latest’s begging of suspicious Jews for Money, coming the same day of mass arrests, shows me perhaps you didn’t read Virgil as Closely as I had. In reading up on Sarah Ruden’s Aeneid, which my feminism take of Virgil precedes not that any of that matters some smiling self important English lit fag smirks that Rome would be the die from which would be cast, --my own lovely puns here- a myriad of dictatorships. Well, not so adherent to old Rome, as they were suspicious enough of kings to ay nothing of messiahs, to make sure that the dictator was never perpetual, and lasted only a year, an interregnum of which Numa was the most famous thinking of eventual revenge for his mother from Inauguration day onwards until the knife in the ark. Hmnnn sounds familiar no…? Anyway, this English lit fag makes a point of this, but in fact, the most famous of later wanna be Romans, on this lists starting with Byzantium to Tehran, Hitler’s, was not so admired of Rome as is me, Bill C. , Henry James and Gore. No, Hitler like a good Aryan, couldn’t bring up Rome, as it was a power word filled with danger, as is the word Newt now the white house astutely realises, and in fact Rome has its discordant monuments, but one of its most famous monsters, Caesar, again, the name of a royal Family in Sabine lands, sorry, but so, as an epileptic , he would have been drowned like a cat as little boy, as he would have been seen as that most heinous of things to the dried and sun drenched dates the Greek legacy tried to be, --he was weak. And, therefore, no society of fagots can ever take anything as weak as they fear they might be. When I was a boy, I knew of nuns, cloistered, medieval, and fervent and smart who would have called Rachel Maddox and her incessant laughter as being merely silly. This showing those Greeks you love had a serrated agenda, just like your pompous over fed and sly faggots now do.

Never forget, like Machiavelli , also at first adored by foreigners, Virgil was adored by the Greeks and the symposium at Naples, as again hatred of Virgil, like that of Catholics, and Dan Quayle shows there is a reason that MSNBC seems more often than not to do the grunt work Karl Rove merely points the way to. That Greek elitism love of Virgil as best of Romans, Ended when he spoke of "Greeks bearing gifts", as not every Italian is like Scorsese and wants or needs hagiography from Ecco like fallen critics. In fact, if anything, the dismissal of him by Gene Siskle, calling his act a 'mob shtick' and calling his Wharton crap master piece theater bullshit more probably rings in his hairy ears. And too, the trashing of Virgil Began from Augustus back at the reading when Virgil by accident said the name Antony when he meant Turnus, and Romans knowing this even mister do not call me King Augustus could burn it as he really wished to. But to be fair, at least Augustus stopped Brutus from becoming king, more than I can say for the Democratic Party. They now, who, in destroy mode, hope to be able to hurl fagots out, but as Chrissie tells us on Charlie Rose, even the test pattern Birney couldn’t be bothered to show up an actually praise the carcass of a hated Caesar, again showing the different between Romans and Jews, and it’s a mother thing again. And, atop everything else, I found in my spam folder an ad for an austere unnoticed Coppolla movie named for a candy bar, while Scorsese doubles down with a trip to the moon hagiography, as showing Ariosto, also drawn by Dore, left be. I thought, as Rodger again shows, as Gore said, that he bought shares in Scorsese Inc. years ago and now like GE with O’bama must lay it on thick, I thought of telling his polish starlets to again please remove my name from their meagre lists compiled by writing contests and others things, but instead, found myself letting it go.

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