01 March 2012


February 25, 2012

1. A white woman asked me by electric letter, how could it be that I admired both Newt Gingrish can Bill Clinton at the same time. Ah, this is  the age of hardball, or at least spit ball, and we must always sectoring ourselves into various groupings and teams, as to allow the master to serve you all the better. Who doesn't like raid bread everyone! WELL, it could be that I like both Roman Boys, Newt and Bill, in the same way I can dislike both Sanctorum and fagged Dan Savage. Sorry, the Franciscans  did a number on me, worse than femme fat bloated men sucking me we wee to use Paillin eloquence, and where do I go to gate a cash settlement because the Jesuits  made  me tread Titus Livy in 1975....? All I know is that even Praetorian for life and overfed white girls and incompetent Donna  Brazille, and Andy Pooh Copper had to last night after that sorry performance by Romney and his pulling guards, had to say that Newt again did a good job, as they didn't have to lie,  this time, thinking him finished....but...

And to show how low we have stumbled, during a debate even CNN queers and praetorians for life like Gergan could give to Gingrish he had the best line of the night, in saying he was "cheerful", a perfectly pointed Gore Vidalia word, showing his Jesuit mind at play while the Monsignor was, as Glenn Beck said "honestly explaining his lack of ethics". And of course, this could not be let go or even admired by our always on call Jewish Sejanus and his equal the always spittoon making Mathews, who are never so happy as when they can ridicule for fun and profit. This show of wit botched them up, both intensely, as what doesn't’ the smearing stooges, though Obamalaa concerns them, as he seems capable of losing to the rich white republicans that both despise , fear, me too to,  and wish to be , as the opera is the same as when Livy wrote it. This as much too much, and I have tired of this circus, as I even a Roman can, as the hard sell of Jews and Irishmen is beyond even me, and after a while, even I must say enough already, as the Machiavellian question asserts itself, or maybe it was Groucho, who are you trying to convince me or yourself….? The days of Bill and Newt talking about Marcus Aurelius while musing scotch are gone, and we are in a day of foreordaining, with television Jews as our long island Hee Haw, never quite sure if the joke is on them, or not. Ah the true believers are all out as Machiavelli would note, looking for the holes in the hull, if need be. Well, I am still waiting for Bill to say half as many nice things about this Yids beloved nigger queen as he does unprompted about Newt.

But Newt is our Clinton's Turnus, and he wishes to not share him with no Romneyamuck or else, nor any Roman hating Stymie. Its a Barbie age, kids, and the Jews are lining up and waiting for the yard crumbs, but do recall, as our careful Juvenal was quick to explain the night Hillary big footed on, and she scantly sneered at as a wild yenta dreaming of Scipio, which Jewry jonnie had never even heard of, No George Lucas willing to strip mine Italy for fun and prophet he, as he is always willing to tell a whooping cough audience, you know, you can laugh at him, you know...

2. And yet, Billy, and this is WHY I ADORE HIM, AND NEWTON, AGAIN IN LOVE WITH GALILEO'S ARIOSTO MOON , AND WHY INTERESTINGLY I HATE BOTH SANCTORUM AND DANNY SAVAGE, MICHEAL SAVAGE LATELY ISN'T SO HIGH ON MY LIST EITHER, IS THAT AGAIN, I WAS TAUGHT BY WOMAN NUNS TOO, BE SUSPICIOUS OF FAGS WAY BACK WHEN THE PRIESTS TOLD ME I WAS TAUGHT TO NEVER THINK LIKE A  WOMAN, IT IS TO A NUN, NO LESS,  A GRATING VICE OF STUPIDITY AND LAZINESS. I WAS WARNED OF THE GIGGLING MEN LONG BEFORE OUR JEWISH SEJANUS. Ah, but all of creation is but the movement of wheel and ball, as roman lawyers said millenniums before the jdl anti defamation league cartoon named Einstein, --I prefer the later brilliant Einstein who would be lost in America,  who was alas more then willing to set fire to the sky if It meant destroying Germans, ah but when it was the gooks who got cooked, like Fermi suddenly eh wasn't so down with it all, proving he maybe have flunked ethics, as he did Math before he could saddle up and make it up as he went along.

I was taught way back when to never write, think, act like a woman, and this as by men who well, did something's like a woman after all, just not that pastiche was Aquinas important, and so, I have wrote my own Creation, my Selected Discourses, of those Italian peoples  these Jews who cast the mob wives never want  anyone to think of. The same middlebrows who just love Spartacus cant abide noble and yet vice riddled--Bill is that you...?, like Wade in Dallas we miss you, buddy!, Cattiline, and smear him as that loveliest word Demagogue, as his being a senator makes them itch and wayward and makes them shifty. Like how he didn't like the sopranos now I hear that Scorsese   isn't a big fan of Mob Wives, ah, but its far too late for you, Mister Penut, as Human action has meaning, although I have an inkling he hates these cable TV minstrel  shows because it means no one will actually pay to see his meager arts anymore as he has to reduce himself to puppet show television, anyway. How long did It take our Pittsburgh Savonarola, to drag us into the piss stained Urania of love, from the moon to the diarrhea guns is perfect, and into the seas of biology fluids where he and Danny boy and the closeted and the flamming live their meager, horrid lives...Oh the Franciscans fucked me good without even so much as a pulling at my underroos, they made me, as they do, one of them, Georgetown or not, it didn't matter a damn.

3. But I had to note, there are small victories, more important and decent than this nigger and his perpetual triumphal parades, that only a goon and a madman or an Arab can take when you are literally underwater, and with the ides of march coming quickly, this year with perchance five dollar gas amid the cherry blossoms. Ah, but who was calling this 1980, way back last June….? Like how, in just watching Rachel, while I was eating a delayed carnival dinner of thick flour pasta smoothed in a sauce made with paprika and fat back --its better than it sounds--I saw Rachel dear, exasperatedly say, Would that the Democrats be as Machiavellian, and thereby winners, or at least combatants as they preen and are said to be, and though I wasn’t going to mention it still, do watch and see what the assembly of queens does should there be four dollar a gallon gas this year, I have a hunch Pollozzi will be first to retire to the vineyard, still, I found that minute of truth within the mechanized ridicule just fucking great.


4. What is sad about the detruncating of Newt's War, was that one, it proved Machiavelli was again correct that politics is a rancid banquet, but which  a food he could only eat, in that a perverted calculus is at the  heart of everything and usually, it is almost always wrong. The world is run by d students if we are lucky if not by drop outs, as was after all Caesar, who was I believe admitted to the university of Both Naples and Rhodes, and took off for his army calling both times, saying to Brutus once, universities only teach tragedy and tragedy is for losers. Irony abounds.

What was sad in this was that again The Roman aphorism was again the correct one, and that the voice of God is the view of the people, and the people were smelling a rat in Romney, and his step men, and the filth flocked to anyone else, they went to Newt as champion as they had in Cattiline, both dismayed and poo pooed by the bald Sejanuses of the war theaters, to make Rastus Nigger Jim, actually take a fucking stand. We all knew you had to be president, Dido, to in your second term re up the Bush tax cuts again, and wont that come as a shock to Rachel, despite the wife beater like persuasion that he wont do that--again--still, even the red necks  and the filth, whose suffering these last five years have been treated as little more than Political shoe pebble by Princes of Foxes, still, the filth wanted to see you go up against Newt. At least take a stand, at least tell us what you are capitulatin from every so often, as you tap dancing,  coon botching coward dying a thousand times--the Caesarians were the Jesuits book of true virtues-- and explain as you never have and Romney cant why you want to be Prince, of course, besides the boyhood dreams of an abandoned child, who like Kaiser, an Etrsucans name by the way, who yet again, wishes to replace  his mother with the world.

5. The people wanted that scene and they had to be trashed as was Newt by slimy little translator men who look the part of Pilate in a Scorsese movie, with dead stupid eyes, whose admonition, unlike Newt and Bill are not longed for, as like their hero and their captain of the guard the dreaded David Foster Brooks, they think themselves grand from the get go. Where imperceptibly local gas is already risen to 3.87 cents a gallon, issuing again, maybe he was right and Tragedians is for eventual losers. The people deserved someone able to at least make Onama Sweat for it, at least make a fucking argument beyond hope and glory, and his cans of marshmallow fluff now tinted with blood, or worse now, GM is alive and Ben Lauding is dead, and that says nothing more eloquent, whether giggling plebeian lesbians, or dutiful Jews know they say it when they lie the most like that, is that, Lefties fuck's, whatever you thought we said before, nigger's, womanish, faggots and the rest, we certainly didn't mean a word of it. I do avoid house Jews who vocationally smear Obamalaa when the ratings go down because people think you are in the tank, on the pad, or the golden child nigger has just signed a authorization bill saying he can put Americans in jail without Miranda and incarcerated indefinitely, Fuck you Magna Carta, as he would say as he doesn't know who Justinian even was.

So, on this show was a pervious Rabbi from the Liberman school of political nudging, Russ,- Mister Speaker I vote yea on impeachment of Clinton-- Fiennnngollllld, who said that there was a president who crushed public financing of at least the Presidency, and when Jonnie poo asked who that was, thinking it must have been Bush, when Finegold, who would the next day become the chairman of CREEP 2, said it was Obamalaa, well, that cassocked him, the human pout, and he emitted a rare and delicious solemn from Sejanus of motza balls, as Glory be, he had nothing to say,....My my, his wit left him on command, his eclectic leashes and fence went into command Prompt, and he shut up, did our lil Yeshiva Juvenal, as he proves  his worth, if not Roman salt,  to his masters coming not by his committee wits, but by imbuing us the silence Dante said was the basis of all poetry, not to mention mere boilerplate, as this is the land that likes calling Virgil Propaganda amid the hagiography of leftist racists Klansmen pols who are thankfully dead and still, Jonnie shall always genuflect, on command.

Newt may have lost, but then where was this Caesarian love of victory at all costs when you shoved the Janus priest doomed Mac Kane down all throats, where was your clever emasculation when everyone knew he was loser, that even before he was making faces behind the first legitimate black man nominee's back, like a befuddled old fool. Ah, but this election has to be, as they say Close, and that bulge of filth coming out for Newt in South Carolina, a state Obamalaa won by the way as opposed  to Ohio and Pennsylvania now officially Toss ups--Xerxes is here--was too much for our Praetorian hacks to bear, but again the Nicene part of this whole mess as that the longer it goes on the worse it is for Obamalaa. What with him not having read the Romans back in that Jew admired first grade, as house Jonnie admires, as he has skipped Machiavelli as distasteful too, one can sense, and after all, Obamalaa his new beloved in our Roman good year, --believe me the dispassionate disappointment shall come later as it always does top our imperial mommas boy--I guess that boy Obamalaa came by his Caesarian  naturally, a need to leverage the earth now that pop was MIA. And it took these GE nothings until now, to realize that the republican nomination fight has had a deleterious effect upon Obamalaa, in ways the smiling Greek queer never saw coming. Did I ever explain my Bill/Newt axis to you...?

6. This nasty Ciceronian destruction of Newt so as to make the flub machine an easy tomato can of imperial boxing was smelt out, and isn't, heavens to Betsy!, the boon to him that middlebrows who think in 72 picas type would have figured.  As he is supposed to be accruing to glory, but when looking they see that when his numbers go down in all the states Newt has campaigned in, that sword is cruel bitch, like a Roman cutlass and can chop a tree or man or a Tuscan  sword in half as Lucian said, and also that all these Praetorians on parade are losing needed audience to auction shows, and to shows about Pawn shops, is fittingly enough in our foreclosed empire of the sun. And there is Roman Bill in the Cowboy hat, suing a thing called staccato to double down on what was his enemies greatest and first non capitulation, the pipeline, as I warned, the Jesuits said, when you do nothing but capitulation when you MAYBE don't, well, its an insult to your counting upon masters. I made another fifty doing art design for some guerrilla filmmaker, who said I did better work for him than he could pay for more from some, and sent out some duckets. This including ten bucks to Newt, as that means more to Signora Fortuna than a crack whore Howard Stern plagiarizing clown issuing a pledge like at a friar club roast, as another of his incessant pr stunts, and I don't think you know, just like Cattiline, what you did when you destroyed Newt, you left us with nothing but gonnifs like Pollozzi literally spilling rancid beef. Let there be four dollar a gallon gas, a pebble in the shoe of a white house amazingly arrogant for  a man under water for three years, but, still, let there be high gas prices then, and you'll see why the Sicilian admiration of a witch like Pollozzi isn't worth a damn. Toto est Conditia.

Someday Rachel, I, the Roman Auger, will tell you where we get the word 'capitulate' and what it really means, although even a girl at Oxford, --yecchhh there's a two bagger, should  have some inkling. As with like everything I bring up, I always get a glimmer of recognition from the Ezra bullied Olbie wan circus, that in fact, like Kemeter and Turan and clay birdies, people deep down seem to recall something ever so faint of a recollection that I am bringing in, like whispers of elegant 7up commercials, or Beanie And Cecil, all is something they kind of recall. And that is enough for now, as I fade out of dullsville, man, too hep fer this Square dream, daddio...


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