05 February 2013

I, while lolly gagging about waiting for this super bowl, saw that I have about fifty images of Mister Stupendous drawn on newsprint paper, a paper I told to as disparate souls as Warren Ellis, Jennifer De Guzman, not to drop names, it was drive by graffiti more than anything, and others in the comic verses, that the dismissal of which was the end of the funny book, and I didn't use any of them in the finished piece. They were mostly doubles and overdrafts and left overs, but were mostly stolen from the work of Carlos Pacheco, Wally Wood, Oliver Copiel and Romita, et al. I haven't drawn or really written anything since election day, not doing much of anything, much like Bammo himself, but think my next assignment will be to use these pages and make the prequel to Mister Stupendous, a satire of comics in whole, where the major icons of Fee Cee and Anvil find themselves en mired in corruption, a base world and vulgarity called by me, Kingdom Gone. It was be about the destruction  of Captain Magnus I, by the cabal called comics, as the night Knight and not Uberman is the one who is getting to be so powerful as to be scary, with the coming of Mister Stupendous, like the Virgil golden child, foretold and imminent. I share I think with the great Alan Moore a love of the vulgar, the vapid, the pulpy and the ridiculous, but what's saved me from being another of his dower and dishwater imitators is that deep down unlike him, if I may, as we are both brothers of the Roman snake God Kemeter, I do redeem myself by still holding out hope for a costumed Horatius to appear on the bridge. That, and I wouldn't have trusted DC comics in the first place.

Though I have four reams of Xerox quality 24 lbs paper, two as a Christmas gift, still, I upend a ream of newsprint and wish to make this booklet, only say 48 pages or so, a mere bag of shells to me, a libretto, an overture. It showing the fallen world of 1978, or a world about to fall, as the golden child MS comes to life. In this booklet, Miss Kitty will show a fatiguing quality to her purring evil, Brooklyn born Sly Schwartz based on Jeannette Kahn will witness the killing of Moscone and rethink her star spangled bathing suit life, Rat man will become even more a prick and Rocket man will be convening more Fascist as the day is long, with Anvil supporter comics gonniff Jerome, Gerry the Fairy Liebber shall be trying to find a Hercules of his own, with Norse God Tor, a goy named Larry Macguillicutty  has begun to take his comic book godhood too seriously and starts to think himself Christ like if Christ was you know a German and a Nazi. Yes, if. And of course, a tired old Wellsian falstaff figure, Androclese Krane, tiers out and almost with his dying breath shall create Mister Stupendous, as I recall hearing how devastated  he was when meeting with George Lucas, Welles was horrified to be asked if he would play Obi Wan, at scale.

I thought about posting something every day that I had been banished from the face book kingdom, but then rethought it as... who cares...the credo of my life. Once you are an Empire, when you are surrounded by only those who are incubated of being censored, well then your real problems start.I wonder now god head of the lightbulb empire, does Pharaoh Jimmie recall when house clown Jonny gave the whooppers dispensation telling them yah know yur allwoed to lauff at him, ye know...? hehehehe.  I haven’t seen anything as fraudulent as Bagman O., since well Roethlisberger, and I warned about that one, as Realise he has presided not only over not only a super bowl loss, but then lost to Tebow, that's Tee ee bowww, and last year lost three straight games with last minute interceptions, doing his Romo imitation. So this middle wont hold, and it will collapse, as the Master said the least thing you can do is be devoted to your lies. It seems that when questions are hassled on dear Rachel's show that could have been asked by Cato, i.e., can the president kill a man for any reason, does he have to be given the constitutional right to surrender unto Caesar, or can once he is targeted as an amenity of the state, does that mean all debts are off, Pontius...? God bless America.here come the company jews to explain life on the westest bank. What is a affront to the state, ..?, like a criminal, say rolling his eyes at the triumph, or worse not showing up when Caesar is in full bloom, ...?, he does have all the names of those Democrats who didn't show up, all seventeen million of you, and if he doesn’t you know Ed Schultz can tell him where to get it.The fact that he keeps talking about his 'election apparatus' should have been your first warning. All Politics is intra DIVISONAL--oh I have a million of em. But to be fair as he makes you sell you’re soul for GE's armamentarium to show quid pro quo at its best, he is making legal all the things that Sanctorum said he'd do about contraception, your only Sacramental in this dire age, as GORE VIDAL no less said, as the white man principia and its nigger doorman is hopeful of not totally losing the Catholics. Sometimes it takes run off and cum stains to know it. Ah, but the unasked question is the one that is most important, the fags of Saint Antony taught me, and if I was GE i'd worry less about the perpetual circus of consumerism socialism--who called Fascist! years ago...?,  and worry more about the fact that your economy is shrinking. I AM GLAD THAT IN THIS GOLDEN AGE IS OVER, as I make a better Gore than I do a Truuuman, Id rather be at the warm Tyber than In cold blood, I make a better CC than I do a Jack, I make a better Virgil than I do a Juvenal, after all,--  Teeee bowwww teee eee bow! 

I wish to make this next comic thing, as if still speaking of lost Eden as I perpetually am, I wish to make a comic on such paper as if a Jack Davis aping boy, with sheets of collected images of the great Jim Lee, and am only missing the second sheets and the rough hewn typing paper called apex no longer seemingly available, but then I don't draw as well as I sued to anyway, and am only swiping this all for the fun of it. As I did take unbridge at the White woman who tried to tell me that my placing in the Amazon contest didn't mean anything, and I begged to differ, as it her Alexandria not mine, I am proud to say that in the past few days even without the pricking at faced book to get an audience, which is all as Plautus said, or maybe that was Obama, still, in the past few days cine about January 25th on this graph , 764 views of my page were seen at blogger, and I take a real pride in that. As I became tired of things when lectured to about an essay about CC Beck by Kirby lovers slathered in self consumption about Comics, who had room, they always do, for an essay by some snerd who just now saw the connections between Superman and Jesus. Some of us who aren't cunts, I said back, see the Hercules all Jews have always loved, like Jerry, as they turned of away eventually from Batoned gods. The original title of the libretto prelude, in 1980, The Counterfeit Gods. I like Kingdom Gone better. 


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