06 March 2013


Showing the swerve of things, which is called serendipity, as I am trying to gain more Pub, more word, more notice, more eyeballs, more promotion for the coming addendum to my published work, Angela the publisher from the house I used, emailed me and asked for a series of facts about the book which could be belted in bulletins from their website. Of course, I took advantage of this faster than Bamboo takes advantage of the left –the latest two appointees to our traveling medicine show are from Wal-Mart and the Fracking industry,…really someone should tell Rastsus the Machiavellian line about the fatiguing qualities of evil, although I have inkling by now, even the study of The Prince couldn’t help.

So here are the facts I put together to push the product.

Ancient Romance is a continuation of a schoolboy era play written by me in 1980, called King Italus, so admired by the Jesuits of the school I attended then that it was published in a scholastic magazine as my first published work when I was fifteen years old.

Cornelius Sabsonius the narrator of the book of ancient tales and his own political life was based on great English actor Ian McKellen, as the tired old croaking and still lilting voice of the sophisticate fugitive and yet brooding and enflamed man.

All of Laurentium's history is based upon 454 lines of broken text found rapping a mummy in a Tuscan grave outside of Brindisium Italy. There was has been accounts of pre history records of men who would call themselves king of eagles, or Aquila, and Kaiser Quota is based upon one that the Caesars all took as a forbearer all the way into Claudius.

Gracie, the little girl-future vestal  left behind by the imprisonment of the Sabsonius family is based  upon a effete, cool and graceful haughty girl who had yellow eyes like a Tuscan, who I met in art school.

Work on ancient Romance began in earnest when on December 22 2000, when Al Gore was cast aside by the senate, as it appeared a scene like was what would happen in my then first drafted book.

Portia, a minor starlet caricature in the books, was fleshed out, and made three dimensional and central when she became based on Italian-American pin up starlet Wendy Fiore, who seemed to mirror her perfectly.

KEMETER the God of chaos and thievery, who falls head over heels with Tuan, also based on Wendy Fiore, and is played by Portia in the play versions, the demon was blond in paintings, as blond hair to the early Italians was seen as a signal of diabolic intent.

Somewhere in the bowels of NPR exists a tape of a show I had barged into, where a presumably fat overfed woman started railing at me when I announced to her with Antonine certainty, am I ever wrong about anything but women…?, that Romans took vestal virgins who had been found guilty of impiety and the men with whom they had relations and placed those in pits into which were added gallons of cement. For some reason this bothered this self appointed Amazon NPR radical who shops at barneys and she became hysterical, as her ilk is due and want, and started railing at me for reasons I wasn’t sure, perhaps in the saying that unlike the Jews who let johns free from capehiian dungeons, the Romans, no slouches, placed the men in the hole with the women.

---The last one I left off, not in self censorship but it as too unwieldy I thought for her needs though I am justly proud of that night as it more than any Italian polish starlets San Raphael house of debt and two red cameras, made me aware of my, as Paolo Milano said, Moral Imperative. It bothered this hag when I said all of this, why I am unsure, but went on and told this pig, that the Romans, They stopped this gruesomeness when it was found that ugly fat woman to get even with men who had dissed or worst of all not noticed them, or by other vestals who were jealous of a particularly pretty girl, or a mother superior, who had been rebuffed by a novice, which was hard to believe in sagffic Convents ever, but still,…the Romans stopped the practice when they realised they were left with the shrews the hags the wallflowers and the dykes, and then a decree was made, like a slave, seven years was the farthest one could be a  vestal, from 13 to 20, and then were free to go if they so wished. This seemed to be a slur to the self appointed hag types who feel a duty to lecture rape victims the same week that another democrat in the well  seemed to be afraid that a woman with a gun would take the life of someone who had only tried to rape them, ah you must be a stealer fan-we call sympathy for rapists pulling a Roethlisberger, and funny who both were unnoticed by the self crowned Alexander of lesbians, Rachel dearie, who like a good praetorian only sees what she is targeted to, say just like Drones!

I wasn’t going to post anything again, until found I have been this morning exiled from the kingdom of facebook for 30 days, for even the mere linking to The Lion in December, a few days back, so circumspect have our bribe takers and givers have become*. I find if I keep the original page open I can get in some swipes before it all catches up.  I was taught by Jesuits, though, and could always tell anyone that hate speech a favorite go to of fat pig men like those who infest cable television, and will who will racialism for food is just a con, and that it is away to seem like you are making an argument when you are saying nothing. Ah, here come the books by Hillary staffers, but too late, you signed your deal, or at least Bill Did, as he will hold his nose and get his hated fussbudget reelected to make sure you never sniff the mantle dear, the reason behind everything. And too, they all have Caphius eyed Krugman disease, in seeing him on Charlie Rose, there is no flip flop, no swerves no upturn he will not take, no double speak and no back out he will not use, as he calls anyone who isn’t as deceitful and vicious and needy as him evil and stupid and beneath him. This, as Machiavelli said, is the sign someone is being bribed. But, too, probably lying to himself. But then this is Jewish ethics, unlike pesky Romans sorts, where again he will announce no matter what he said before or will say again, this is what I firmly believe now, shaved corners rounded edges and all, until it no longer suits me, or am paid by someone else. Its this way a proponent of Caesar public works can take a paycheck from Enron, as a nigger gosta get paid.

And there was tiresome Jonnie again, really I notice in my Google analytics,  like they all do that the use of the even word Obama is poison to the people, and they wish to get on to 2014 as quickly as possible. But despite what anyone thinks, mister limpid screaming rah rah for the Dow Jones shows that Fox is as devoted to Obamie than anyone, his worst numbers now coming from a beleaguered GE as he tap dances backwards and in heels. His act is old and tired, and his masters got the drones and tax cuts he was meant to birth and now it’s all like sunset blvd, and an aging diva screaming at the wall. I really have avoided him, but saw for a second he came with all Jewish feign compassion and liberal care, which in his pouty delivery can seem as Paternalistic as anything, and spoke of how he thought the Voting rights act should be extended. Nigger, Please-- when I said that...I was being a bitch! And he spoke of the insidiousness of southern Racism, like in Passoilini, I often wonder about the presumed decency of our giggling Miss Milan here, as opposed to the southerners that the principia uses as much as anything to be their cops and soldiers, was systemic as opposed to northern, where the Jews are and racism is more like Nana warning against the shavatzas, but—not to go Romans, and Juvenal like, but somehow to our Champion of whooping idiots, it isn’t systemic when America is a sea of red precincts with small blue dots of Ghetto tenements, Negroes warehoused in blocks of granite which could have been put up Julius Caesar. And he asked that Sandra Day O’Conner whose brusque admiration of Scalia did seem to be off putting to Rachel, that that same Scalia be brought to his new Soupy Sales show. There would be Scalia to be castigated for not signing over power of attorney to Jonnie and his veracious white in-laws, and it would be something I could pay for, as Aquinas meets Cinderfella, despite his cards written by his Jewish frat house, the bizarro Jerry, hanging on for dear life.

And My old Ma, seeing Hugo Chavez died she seemed resigned, and made a sign of the cross, Poor man, she said, as if wistful, and waved it all off. Ma, I said, he was a communist-- I thought you despised the communists…Boy--, she said with the always at hand dis-missives that the elders have always had with me, as they have always seen me as something of a dreamy eyed idiot, This man’s army was being abused by the doges in power there, to the point they were eating dogs and the beatings they took,!, this man wanted to be treated with respect by the Herods of Commercia, --her name for America, unlike good black folk she don’t wave the flag now that GE SAID its Go time!!-- that they install down there—[my mothers speaks with an accent but I feel no need to make her seem like Tarzan, as was done to Clemmente, by such good writers of Jewish compassion as Myrin Cope, who after all taught you all you need to know about diminishing everyone and rallying around the rapist]—did you think we were all Faciste, because we liked marching around in uniforms and saluting la Bandera, we were starving then, and passvanate connected to America with Grossi, that big Five errand boy, were feeding their dogs steak, she said, Go to Jesus, she said, of the fat man who had smartly, like a Texas democrat never railing against guns, never trashed the mother church and thus could get the admiration of Ma, and all those people down there for whom America could make populists with deals with banana companies at the drop of a hat.

Ah, but in the same way a woman once told me even my admiration of Machiavelli –this was this after Zoetrope, I think yes, yes it was, that that was anti Semitic, as somehow Machiavelli had been stripped of his italic patriotic aspects, too, the idea that men become Communists or  Fascists because they are starving as Cicero Warned, and not is something that ties like a Palestinian scarf, an affection put on between homecoming games, well such can only be described as hate speech. A lovely Jewish woman in publishing I have been dealing with, said to me, Tony, you don’t really hate Jews like you pretend do you. I smiled and sent back an email saying to her that I hate Jews as much as the HBO creeps who put the sopranos on hate Italians. Oh NO! SHE PLAYFULLY EMAILED BACK,-- NOT THAT BAD! Then, she sent me a smiley face I still cant make, and unlike Martin Scorsese, David Brooks, and now Cover Girl herself Melissa Harris, didn’t think so much of her lies that censoring me seemed an important thing to do. Also, I said, I like giving it to the Jews as so they recall that the Mediterranean isn’t that big. She proceeded to tell me she walked out of a house where they were watching some history show about who wonderful the dark ages were, as I told her and she was shocked, --why are they always shocked!??--, that eventually the Jews in those camps would be as corrupt as the Romans that were killed and raped in 432 ad were. Evil is a word we use for those who will not take our bribes, and guess who in hell said that.

 *I no longer feel compelled to save my posts in any folder called ‘golden age’ or anything else, and saw this morning the dream girl Wendy had another of her sensual without genealogical exam pin up pages. I hit face book on this page of glimmering lil boxes, by accident and saw I could indeed post again, after yesterday when I could not. Perhaps a 24 bug. Perhaps they know the jig is up. So, I shall share this post, why not, she is my dream girl, as Hesperia Strikes back, a Sophia emerges among the man handed blonds.

And I see that the numbers are falling through the floor for Bammo, as I THOUGHT, they didn’t need him past the ides of march, drones and tax cuts made articles of faith, and I knew all along, like a good Jewy Wop who had codified the laws of farce and politics as both sides of the family Obama were living in trees, that he has become, true to farce as art, ‘box office poison‘. I tried to warn, but don’t care that much. Something familiar, something peculiar…

On Groove’s comic book website I saw the post of the dreaded  Jack Kirby’s 2001, in all its ugly metallic coffee pot vulgarity and it made me think, as I love Groove’s seventies addled site and the reminisces it brings in me, that this seemed like The sentinel as done by Jerry Lewis, but then took that back as I love Jerry Lewis who as much as anyone carted modern film making. I saw the monolith as the most heinous part how it vomited action liens as would have been done by say Russ Myer instead of Kubrick, as fair is fair even from me, who dislikes him. I said then there a first mention after years of viewing his When the Cowboys were great posts, that I had been stealing the monolith as an image since I was a boy.


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