11 June 2013


Yesterday, I renounced me Facebook account,which is kind of sad as Liked beieng able to see the goings on of Aaron, Cyn, Danielle, Valerie, Idrina, David the communist, and seeing the bulletins from devoted to types like Ian, Neal Adams, and others who I had come to know and be befriended by along the way. I negotiated seeing the works of others, as no uptight art goon me, I have never seethed at the works of others as have some. But eventually the day was begun by sitting down and seeing pretty girls and art school buddies posts be relegated to only seen going to recent posts, as Rachel Maddow big footed the page with a thousandths breathless bulletins all saying pretty much, Don't worry, choir, things aren't as bad as you think. I liked Rachel Maddow before anyone of you but alas she became less Steven Sondheim and too much Jerry Herman, if you get my drift. Right behind her was Alex Wagner, and when I noticed the usual 1000 responses to each post, well, dwindled down to a measly 300 or so a post. I have studied Roman farce under Fascist queens scine 1970, and I can tell when the door slamming has become , as Machiavelli warned, less delightful and more insufferable. Again, not enough Sondheim and too much Jerry Herman. I told the t shirt billionaire that eh had gotten his wish, and I took off, not to be beleaguered or censored again, and to send his undulated ads to hand money to Al Franken and Pocahontas Warren to some other shlub, as I try to be more Rocky Marciano than Ali. I don't loosen ropes, but sometimes, I come to the point of asking why bother. And today, Al, Al Franken, in the yeshiva class our Assembly of Queens have become, still though controlled by a south that dreams of raising again, or at all, or not, he showed up calling the emorphis Arabs out there as The Bad Guys, with a black and white self love and devotion hidden behind bad Plautus appropriation by such deleterious chosen as he since Masada, and which no Searchers has ever dealt in, but no matter, the cocktail party shant be un- frolicked as if he said the word Fag, as I'm sure he calls them something in Yiddish. He and all and which I have tired of , having known my share of Jews and Italian who hate Scorsese and sopranos almost as much as I do. But New Sicily beckons and the new york Slime actually spikes stories about Antinee Wiener, sounds like my address at an old Earthling account, and I was taken aback by this.,..this guy,,,the human Shawng, the celluloid Dickie, the magic eight ball, the human tampon, the refugee from guys and dolls, Inspector Levitt, has suddenly become our passavante ....? Have I ever mentioned my favorite line about Sicily and Dante, and why they were doomed...? I must have. So this blog is also not barred up, but closed while fags, hags spics, tricks, coloreds, dykes, creeps, dweebs, slobs, bobs, queers, jeers, coons and spooks, dirt and filth,now on cue all waving the flag and calling people bad guys, he hasn't had this much fun since Monica...

, --sorry I AM GETTING MORE ADMIRATION FOR CC EATON THAN IS GOOD, for the Summer while I try to check out the gracious ladies. And Turkey burns this year, the Arabs having burned out their kindling at Benghazi. It seems they just heard their poet laureate, a befuddled old man, plagiarized almost whole passages of his Laural book from Norman Mailer. Norman Mailer....? You know, the prize too good for Italo Calvino. Join me if you'd like for shorter works, and new pictures, hey the scanner works...!, at http://acriradiopictures.tumblr.com.


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