29 July 2013


addendum to Kodacrome.


No, no movie post to shill today, but a note…I knew that that rambling incoherent eulogy for Travon, we barely you yew man, was going to rub the fat cats who sue Erkle as a Roman Turtle the wrong way. They like his blackness to be a given and thus an excuse more than anything, and they don’t like it when he dares arose his hand to the patriarchy who so kindly let him in.


Ah, now he wants the stop and frisk guy to be the head of homeland scrutiny, we live here in a homeland on this new west bank, with only the chosen of Pluto as the chosen race sorts who can escape the grime. After your, as I nailed it, spasm of white girl self righteousness, and your blond attempts at niggeralia being resuscitated, with no fan fare, as the lip gloss melottos are paid to hosanna THE POWERFUL, and lecture YOU, another white man is ole blocked into the preatorium, by always accommodating apple polishing Dido, willing to be tragic queen again so as to allow the Turkish brutes to have their place. A Rudy GIULIANI appointee no less, not at as usual, any of it matters, but may I say as a   LOVER OF HATED AND DISMISSED Rome, like ole Uncle Bill, I am enjoying the mesa clay crumble. Now, as everything I thought would happen did, if only my genius could hit a number or learn to work a Movie Pro software, but still—I am enjoying the fall, the nip in the imperial air, as have known since the sons of Italy was decried for stating a discoursing word against the sopranos-- a fucking TV comedy that these people didn’t have the prerequisite Americanism to dislike, I have known there was nothing in thou place did I care a whit about, so enjoy Nigger Erkle and his growing band of merry white men, gals, as I get the money shot for which I was paying admission. I have to ask if the niggers who have been so tragic and singing goat songs since Travon got his guts strewn on the sidewalk, will Reverend Pig meat or any of the Greek cohorts say a word about partner of his labours white fellow made part of the Obama Spartacus assault on the haughty golden dome of the old senators,--- why of course not, they are financing it, just like the last time. I suggest a closer rereading of someone Roman about your hero Sporty Spurious Spartacus, you’ll have the time, as you’ll say nothing but hosannas about Ray Kelly, if you say anything, like how mad cops shooting Asian girls and terrorizing  Spanish maids was as close to a hero, even superhero, as you niggers get. Now not to be a bitch but would it be unseemly if after we hear what a boon to humanity another white man is, if Erkle was to raise a fist and say-- For Travon…? Him brining up Ho Che Mien made me think of Augustus calling himself a defender of the republic and all the senators laughing, until they realized he was serious. Oops.  


Anthony “Hitler’s nightmare” Weiner is made flesh, and nothing but, crawls up from the Levittown ooze, props to lovely Alex for noting that The romantic ideal of Weiner seemed like he grew up in Brighton Breach memoirs, and they run for mayor, shisksappeal abounds, and other things, as 4 out of five it seems are in dalliance with poverty, which make me feel just grand as we all see dad’s Regium receded in the mist as the barge tackles us to Sicily, if we are lucky. Call it Sopranos revenge, as they were the ones who you nickel and dimed not paying your virulent syphilitic gnomes the money you’d dutifully paid the fat faced Greek broad who you could see wince when hang dog David Shwimmer touched her. After the last few years I have had, being lectured by white girl’s whose love of jigbaoos and saintly street trash thinks that means they can trash everyone else with impunity, especially of it plays on Saturday, or Sunday night, I am pleased. So I’m sure again GE light bearers with forty watt intellects and lesser lanterns to revel the truth will dutifully call Ray Kelley an upstanding man, a man outstanding in his field and another republican that Barry had to turn to because he places integrity over politics, which after a while make you wonder why all the sex crazed perverts and filth seem to be Jews in the party of the plebs. As I said to the white woman horrified by my work, in  Roman Mythology, if the sopranos is true about Sicilians, then this is true about Romanism, and why that would bother a good white woman like you tells me much. A scene where Brutus kills his brother’s white trash girlfriend was most egregious, and I DIDN’T EVEN USE A WOOD CHIPPER. The Prussian aspects of Rome have always been something for the trash to adhere and aspire to, much more then the Fish and eggs and T and blond demons of the Etruscans and the Sabine gals. This time, in Clementine, the brunette, wasn’t sued as the example of what a cad was big daddy, whose gumaddis were always dark haired when I looked up, was levying his good honking bleach strength hennas wife at home to grumble amid the furs.


I got what I deserved as I say in this addendum to Kodacrome. My brother wanted to go to the local Office max and buy me Movie cut pro, but I thought the price unbelievable and expensive and thought I could again Jew out and use shareware, which has caused again a strange search engine not before heard of to appear on my computer. I am a camera, NSA, despite going to duck duck goose, I shade nothing really as will tell off Christi himself like a Roman governor if I had the change. Ecco Homo…more than you know Pontius. As my tooth pusses and bleeds, I have felt sick now for a whole year, as have some bug that will not go away here in Obama’s Messina, half breeds aren’t all they crack themselves up to be. Now that the tomb of Lorenzo, sorry Travon, has been ransacked by a watchtower for Ray Kelley, I think that I have been proven right again, not that that is any great shakes to me. I love Money much more than respect. But, as I was starting to tire of New Christine, as she, the cutest girl in television in eons, Julia Louis Dreyfus was becoming more skitzy than I liked, more neoteric as Television city likes its brunettes, who again since Lorelei has to somehow get her child into a private school, like many a Jewfish writer, away from the slave ships of shvatzas, here, so full of Episcopalians that no nigger mandated mixing order, like where Gore Vidal Went, would matter. In this show, like in previous CBS old lady sit coms, a show called Becker kept razzing on Neil Diamond, --who hates Neil Diamond….? Julia flaking off her cuteness still apparent though, was with her more Jewishy Seinfeld replacement, the ghost who hovers over that quartets every move now, a great actor of dead pan named Hamlish I think, and they kept hitting Teri Hatcher as an example of brunette sickness in what became Hitler’s replacement, the Reich were the bane stereotypes are alive and running in New York wards. I thought this was a bit much, and saw how ascertains spitting downwards and shooting the wounded always backfires, as Teri’s very name brought up Julia when still cute in the sauna, feeling Sidra’s Tits, when less Jewry Jerry was open and amenable to a Beatrice or two—hehe- among the blond whores that Pop told me looked at me if at all as a course of animal husbandry. He didn’t touch them, he told me as boy, they seemd waiting for him to beat them and run to their horrid mothers and so he was stoic as usual, and told me to avoid the American dishwater whores.


With seven minutes of Tony Movie magic to pawn off, --no one may speak ill of the résumé!--I entered several contests again, I have before this done well at these , always in the top two hundred, out of thousands of Amazon entrances, any more would make me doubt myself, and as was told by one, my clips done in Sony handy cam DSCXR34 was far too –lets say republican for the élites you find in the ivory tower of indy filmmaking. Don’t I have an apple, I was asked…? I might have A APPLE, can your software core A apple…? I have yet to hear back. But with low grade fever watched a night of Day for Night, and downloaded Simon and Garfunkel, and Late in the evening, as felt bad that this America was gone, crippled by a negro toreador who was out to pen as many white bulls as possible, and ride them like a dude, as we are lectured to constantly by professors who hate America as their nigger king goes to the trouble to bring up Ho che Minn, the day the hated and hateful house re-upped his Cesarean powers, as reads our most mundane emails, old midnight Elijah made me sure of my Machiavellian sonar,  always looking for that turncoat he has been sure is out there since mother left him on Harvard’s porch and said raise the boy to be anything except a credit to his race.




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