06 September 2013


When I was a kid, the first comic strip I ever did, back around 1974, before even Mister Stupendous, was a batman parody In which an early hero of mine The Centurion, a Roman hero in garments all red and gold, remade as Captain Magnus, and repowered, was at first a Billy Dale sort, a Shadow rip off, but in golden amour, who had batman trappings, a car, a cave, etc. I think when this film is completely done id like to do that now. I went and bought Goushe paints, though haven't sued them since art school, as I like their look, watercolour without being too much so, and not being complete piss. I gather pages of MS unused and may sue them as a roadmap to complete a book, and done in paint, something horrifying the comics geeks at the arts school and soon enough to be put to good sue by Alex Ross who  engendered hatred among the kirbybots for his obvious talent. I bout the gosuhe paint to make placards and posters to packed on a wall, a fake wall, I wish to make before which King Italius will stand upright and forlorn. Things fall out of control now, but the who was speaking of the Romans decrying an assembly of kings,  that built a steam heater to itself so as old men, and only men thank God, could delegate and bullshit about sending other men’s sons to die in the alps in senatorial comforts. The Romans as usual to good fox news grouchoes like Stossel became revolting and almost burned the senate down. I had an inkling that Bammy was an affirmative action putz who like his cadre of white women hated old Mother Rome, and its heroes and villains were mute to his grandmother bent ear. Too bad, human action has meaning, boys, and that wasn’t said by a Vanderbilt. I warned but who listens to me…? Still it  as nice to see that I made to 50,000 views, having only bought 2000 for twelve bucks, almost before I mistakenly got rid of wop like me part iv, and that was with Copolla house vintners making sure they sued their greasy laws to make
sure that it couldn’t be seen in the land of the free and the home of the bribes, America. Ah, Sicilian ethics, much less Romantic, are merest echoes to the narcissusi of now. The Romans have tired, their Etruscan God and his lovers of work, Sethlands has called off his happy men who willingly roll the stone up the slopes of the night, to nail the creation to its craggy edges. Superman, my posted clip about seeing Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster on Saturday night live with Howard Cosell when I was a kid, zoomed up from 17 to 1000 views over night before I even primed the pump with a buying of 5000 views for nine dollars. I used to think such a thing  was cheating, but now to always fight back with the guerillas and the Coppolas casks, I think , a good lover of napoleon would be taught, all is fair in love and self promotion. In wlm-Superman, I show a sense of sadness that the boys who made superman had gotten away with nothing behind the golden door, an American tragedy in ways I cant abide Kirby and his Shyster bots who put ot all on a bit too thick. Stan Lee on Nikki Finke is shown to have lost a suit to Disney--, shocking in new Sicily -Judea take your pick, - and this pleases the Kirby bots who like liberals sued to do watch all until they feel outnumbered or the lifting isn’t as easy anymore, like now. Like White trash who must tell us incessantly they are NOT racists, I feel the same about counter jumping Jake the Snake, again this just the recollection of dc comics gentlemen who must have been jalousied of the Raphael who could not draw superman, as I could aping Curt Swan as a kid, but again what do I know. Where was Kirby for twenty years after Captain Marv—sorry, eh never stole that as he wished, Thank God, to Marvel…? And why do they make it seem that all Stan LEE EVER DID WAS STEAL HIS WORK, WHEN HE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH STAN GREATEST COERCION OF COMICS TO HIS WILL,-- SPIDERMAN….? Vince Colletas are everywhere to the penitents of the hack. Where was the Long Island Leonardo then…? Where was his genius at…? A question like Jesus and the rendering to an emperor raping twelve year old Italian girls, that the world may never hear spoken.








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