04 October 2013

I am amid the making of the temple of Farce, the theatre of Turan , a 3-d diorama as I did in art school often, a cardboard recitation of the self same theatre that appears in Ancient Romance. I was told by a lovely Jewish woman that I understood the idea of synergy better than many more professional writers who saw their careers go up in smoke when they played out there melancholy creed and found dwindling recites and low box office causing them to realise they weren’t as powered as they thought. And yet I plan almost nothing out, seeing theatrics and varies cycles in things, on the fly and ad hoc, something like how our gummint works, with all apologises to Pogo who would be seen as a subversive now. Ah, But again, the age of the patrician never much lasts, and Obammy don’t seem to have the neck mussels to be a Vespasian’s jangling his ways into new Rome, no matter how many adverbs a petulant and bitchy Madam Lugosi sues to get even fir having to be Caesars cup holders in a war that Napoleon mute Bam didn’t have the ass to cache. A favourite of priests Napoleon quoted Caesar in saying the famed line about Vienna which in the original Latin said, when one goes to war one must decide to go to war, and Barry was a but to Survey says and timpani’….!s as usual not to look like he had again tired blood. I cagouled say as Roman Anthony that the reason that his various hurtling off cliffs never seems to work, no matter how many Irishman between toasts to the universe and singing aves deer for dead Kennedy’s seems to realise that Americans had been suffering for five years, him tap dancing to various bund rally’s, leaving nothing but a passvanate hoard who as Lorenzo could have told you is now starting to eat itself up as money gets closer to the Jewish empyrean known as Count Blank fiend, and LEGS DIAMOND, WHO ON CUE, APPEAR Farce stage left to demand to know why their bag man has a sudden spine, sort of akin to a Beckett, who will always not be so overwhelmed by baron von Munchausen disease that he wont say No mas and go to his neural corner hoping to win on points. Every time Baron Barry stresses to make things look worse he just shows himself as the captain of the Swiss guard he always was, shows why Caesar sued German officers as a way to undercut the opposition, and looks as effete and out of touch, as he has always been. No mater I am amid the puppetry of Cattiline, done in paper and marker, as who else would…? GE poles ask Barry to at least make it look good as the party of Wiener and Spinsters and black socks try to make it sound like they are champions of women and the wretched. Ah yes but not to be Nicollo about everything but you are getting what you deserve, in that the tea party was a lever that the democrats sued as much as anything to tourniquet Bleeding Caesar as he lied and saved him a senate which wasnot of much use as such assembly of queens eventually never are. You fed that monster, used it as sister Batrille and others sued Rape allegations --this the party of Byzantine Bill, --I save the moniker Roman for those who deserve it--if you hate someone hate them, Cicero, ouch--to win unelectable men seats, a dangerous thing for any party to find itself, as Sejanus said in a moment of acridity no matter the perks, having to be hatchet man for a hated man. So, that virus spreads, like passion, it is chancing, there aren’t many gambits one can really partake in when dawdling and slowpoke Gonzalez- ing at 42 percent in the polls. As Arabesque Barry stands on the bridge like a haemorrhaging Horatus, I must realize by now issuing the Romans to describe this crowd of Irishmen, blacks and Jews who hate each other almost as much as they hate themselves is a fools errand. The self appointed separations hateful of the people who their service too, even though fraudulent, does get on their nerves, made a point that calling it the affordable care act gets a better reception than calling it Obamacare. This will dissipate once again you catch up to me, if not Barry is already there, for such is a grievous fault to Barry the Queen, it is , to go back to the lords of farce and Terrence and Machiavelli, it denotes that the Erkle the God has become box office poison, and to a narcissus there is no worse sleight. He was not doing all of this for his health or yours you know. The palms are turning brown. Hens Cattiline -the Roman who has never barked, the name as anathema, in MGM musicals like The Robe. Instead of catching the GE minions and drone queens on television get a second wind as all the scandals and farces of the summer have taken their tolls, --human action has meaning--like with Rothlesberger the paid and the bribe takers blaming others has become dull and see through, I had enough. Instead of breathless Mahoney, Rachel Maddox and her still trashing Newt, usually its Nixon, --I haven’t read the new histories yet Flavius--she who studied Political science under Chester Gould, I rather watched Turner Classics and the multi part history of film, and Stage Couch and early John Wayne, and the great John Ford, who a human growth like Taranetino calls a racist, to be allowed by the censorious white gals to make his blood operas about others than Italian, we have moved up, an Mongo can then use Nigger as an adverb, showing who needs Rodger after all when I have the Sergio Leone collection on blue ray. And then, the 75th anniversary print of the divine Citizen Kane, like the equally divine Aeneid an insult to the middlebrows. I wish show like this were on a lot, like Batman before he became a  mean fag and F troop, although those are I take it in the vault where uncle Walt keeps his song of the south, the cashed check he paid Einaudi publications in Turin for TopoMiquelo, all the private stock of his surveillance of the various bathrooms at the happiest place in the world, and where they keep Amos and Andy, but not a dago serving dogs, and the sopranos are still on,--at 3 am. Cornelius Tacitus, not Lord Acton, said all republics are doomed because eventually the people shall vote themselves the servants who promise the most, and they shall bankrupt the nation, if not make a police state handy and needful. Lucian said all empires get to the point where they still the cutlass in their own guts, prodded by men who sell swords. Such is anathema now, if not insult. To a empire of fat women, what isn’t an insult at east in their own petrified minds…?


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