05 April 2014



In looking for much in the way of nineties comics to literately trace and then redo as my own, so something I never thought Id do, still, I have gone to various sites, where work by the John Romitas sorts are shown, and saw something I never heard of called Squadron Supreme,. As I said, being sane, I left comics behind eons ago only to pick them up again later, as missed much in the way of the late marvel age, when it was going to go belly up, as we all would have been better off, like barbie, Kirby, Batman and other things that when I was a kid we were all too cool for, correctimundo on that, and somehow through his guile and his inherent thievery Stan lee saved his shitty universe, which I always equated with a kind of book read mostly by juvenile delinquents.

I saw on one of these crappy websites where comics fans gather electrically lest they see the sun like vampires and melt, some comics hack was railing against this thing I had never heard of, and of precise, the amazon with in it, as in Kirby Land Brunettes are all lesbians when shown at all, as shown by a movie where the horrid blonds vie to get back at the husband who strung them all along. Anyway, this cretin said that he of course hate this fictional amazon, they angry up the blood,a Wonder Woman isn’t near to any of his favorites, you know with so many boys in tights. It still surprised me that they don’t think that shines through these comic hacks, but then I am at a advantage having been reared by Jesuit as it were, and seen up close the effeminate twerp who calls everybody else a fag and then pops a wheelie in gym class.

And the Jesuit, feeling cornered, lashes out at the sun chariot as it drops from the sky...Despite what the human eyebrow and good white women Oreo retards and Kmart fagots thought, Pope Cheech was always still an Italian abroad, the wost kind from the southern hemisphere and thus closer to Satan, as I was taught as late as 1975 by queers who kind of believed it, or anything that pre dated ordered Christ. BUT, having studied ethics under Bill Maher, old dilapidated, inches away from the bottle and a relapse looking days of wine and roses Glenn Beck demands a apology or a boycott of Noah, dun by a Atheist ...you know, ''aattthsisttttt'' the mind who burn Christmas trees behind the synagog like Savonarola. But it haddant been a great year for the Jews in tinsel town, the mouse no longer roars, and the west end is falling apart, with one white girls fantasy after another, and reverting to Muppet. Of sure always attuned to the duck dynasty loving in laws of the chosen, a death of a salesman like trailer will go out saying that some Hebe named Broffloffsky or such, has list his own right to his own myths, the pushier goys have come to town. And as usual, this Jewish caveat, which I have seen up close, Tony, we cant make a movie here the Romans are the villains this bad...wait-- what...?, cums down to a usual, Deluise like, NOT IN THE FACE!

As the spring comes through gamely, but each other day is a cold spell which you will deal with at last until Obama is hurled over the side by left behind democrats tiring of his knives in their fronts, I note that the white clowns now bristle under the weight of their acceptable words and those that are proscribed against their enmities. Our crosswise between Juvenal and Captain Video, television at its worst, not best, but then I remember and allow myself to, recall Bob and Emily and beanie and Cecil, unlike the perpetual Ambered youth of pickled white women, are becoming quite the anarchist now against the devotion to the church of non Italian-ism, as held by the self same women , Patricia’s, daughters of the ancient revolution her story prefresosrs without profit, the fat women with thick ankles, who are as much as anything a bulwark against the NCAA paying anyone but the provosts and the coaches of gladiatorial schools. 


But, in one week, two Italian not worth their salt as I might be, showed Grinning Obama, who is quite the victor when he gives in, the reason after all for dying a thousand times, as Barry at his Nadir, was shown the grace notes of power as have been known by the Patrica for three  thousand years. First the Pope, made sure in twenty minuets time to undercut Barry as he limps towards Capri, now finally redeemed in time and space as the blue skyier has never been before, and then, our hag, the buffanna, the witch herself, Nancy Pollozzzi, who took an ideally short time to make sure that she too undercut the prince of tidal pools. Both showed the tap dancing coon at his worst, and made sure that they didn’t get too much of his losers cooties by being caught dead too lower to his radioactive waste called a career. I was alerted to a film winning an Oscar, by an Italian no less, even with the Jews and bloated Negros now piling up on dear sad giant out of Calvino, Bill, take that for beating Antony of Wieners, not to mention DE Lesbiana, showing that the empire shall strike back, as is happening now, by the imperial hour. 

Still, not having watched a stitch of the Oscars, i was told perhaps this would appeal to me, but as I am more Cartman than not and try to be pleasant as I say to well meaners, Dont ever call me a fan of family Guy! Still I looked up on criterion, where I think I have been able to buy any movie they might have I want, mostly Orson wrapped in probate court—i'd watch an uncut or first cut of The other side of the Wind before wasting a second of my life on any silvery linings or Jersey submarines. Of course this film, as the Italians have known the score on who owns such laurels since Catullus, gives the audience what it wants, as was said by Plautus, again, a level of Ennui has here taken hold of an aging filmmaker-writer-cartoonist, in the Fellini tradition, already I’m not laughing as Dorey said if Chaplin wanted to make Hitler a cartoon, Chaplin as always shameless and saw in a monster of your own accessory creation, pop was right, images of his tramp self, which was much, and Rome again is backdrop. At least now it is losuey with Romans as opposed to usual white women , although when one thinks of it, is there anything worse than a Roman now...? I mean even Englishmen cant be that awful, as I find I like my Romans dead with a little bit of salt. I was told to watch this, and it is only twenty bucks, perhaps Ma would like it, but on criterion all the words are hit like a checklist, that they allow be spoken as opposed to unspoken by the good white folks, which is often shown only in silence, as when man who cried to the rafters he isn’t in the crips isnt, because you can never be too careful when dealing with the-- you knows, and isn’t it funny when teething medieval Richard dell arte pantomimist Sherman, is on the sidelines, noting what I did about sanctimony years ago, damning as steadfast as he could as he heard echoes of paydeemahn. ITS NOT FORT NOTHING, MY FATHER WARNED ME, that the open city of stoic almost static poor empathizing filmmakers like De Sica and Rossini was recycled by Zero look alike Federico and his bloated cartoonist Roman antics, and love of cartooning blonds and the angelic Claudia's always along too, opposites attract, you know as all women can tell you, or at least they hope, as my father told me, sick of Fellini and his American approved largess and Roman stereotypes, the kind all Italic artists live for now, if Fellini hadn’t existed the American army would have created him. Now, forty years later there is some whispers that in fact, Fellini may have been more a bag man to American insinuates than any other filmmaker, showing a strain of Cicero corruption that Jewish and white girl film studenti like thinking inst in their Roman mausoleums of power. 


All the words where here, for this film, as they have been since Dore Duvall was being lauded for 'life of Justinian' by fat ugly white hags in shmatas that stunk of evening in Paris. A journalist is in Rome, ...I figured as much, as that is the birthplace of the name of such decedent criminal, like paparazzi and Senator, and he arches to 65, against still in my birth year 1965, such was ancient ans old, not so much now, but one always hopes, ...he takes stock of his life, yes yes, Journalism in Rome isn’t the same as it was when a treasure trove for Willie and GiGi, as now is barely noted unless going after popes for their USX type of bankruptcy as credo...He, the old coot, is said to have wit, always trickery as the Englishman said, wit died in Italy after Ariosto, whereas humor con-tied as lisped to Paris where wit is all that they have...He sues the panorama of Rome to see the beauty, sensually this is called 'pathetic' beauty, but of course

it is absurd, their give a inch to the people who created the Clown and as I have said before, the equally painted faced Senator. Why Absurd...that you left any...? What is absurd about a Roman landscape that white had no hand in it until Italian could be called white and thus still kept out of a Harvard I was warned by priests was as close to the septic tank of Tolkien and Lewis Oxford that this nation could come...? What makes Rome any more absurd than a nation, an empire of Denny’s and dare I say, Richard Shermans ho dee dooing all over the block...I would make a bet, a Or car Wilde sphere I stole for a play called Belladonna that I could sweep through Rome and find a myriad of women, latter day Deas, Sophias, who would make Jennifer Laurence look like a boy. Some smart ass asked Mark Madden I heard by accident as he was again railing against Joe Patrno, as usually, which is his life mission, a nudnick asked this creep whose hockey team now shows the effects of making Sydney bitchy whiny flopping Sydney master, and the guy asked with dead plan meanness who Mark thought was hotter, Jennifer Lawrence or Zack Effron. And the blow hard was knocked back a bit, as they all are sure they are hiding all that they gunnysack realllll good, but again they don’t. Still, why is it that Rome is so absurd to them, as they continue the left addendum complements of Macrobius who either praised to the sky the Aeneid, or stashed it complete, with the tastes of the Roman Bourgeoisie, also Id be careful with the dissemination of Rome capability when I see little Hannibal the Great come out and give his tap dance lessons like Sam Drucker, as even in a kind of feigned Glory he always comes off as incompetence and not that hot or relatively anything, as he starts to metamorphosis into a bag of Wise potato chips before our eyes, bringing the bag from here to there. All the words of middlebrow are here, profane followed by sacred , this is a must when dealing with the city of ghosts of trampling white men, that is a comedia even a woman can understand, as Rome is the city that codified the middle class, the medio casum, and is the city that invented the Suburb, to which the rich and affluent Romans fled to avoid the plebs, who were the fairest born their actually as said in Juvenal, the poor filth for whom welfare was first the weapon of their masters and then of the mob, something that fox news and all its Jews and blond have been warned about, or at least the gist when dealing with dry lidless wonder Kelly, does she ever blink, jeasus she tryin to Hyppotize me!, castling why the wholesale fearful demarcation of Bill seen above, as what stats as greed ends up as fear, as after awhile the clowns and retainers reason they didn’t steal or at least save as many gold coins with Octavian faces on them as they thought that they had, and the eons they still have are beholden on by a by a thread, and not necessary a Golden one at that. All the nuts are here, decadence, sumptuous, sexual, Fellini, Lost, panorama, the whole magilla, and of course, to make it all watchable to white eyes, the actor must be more Frenchy than anything, a slight Shitkel of Jewish, look like a bureaucrat, and be an effeminate of the sort one says in a senate, take your pick by now, realized against as other by beard hicks on a discovery channel which shows the Romans only as Arabs at Saturnalia, though their hope to keep that train moving and coming round the bend of hicks making kazoos, has been if not derailed, at easy over heated and stick in that mud. 


What bothers me is that each Easter since I was A Boy, Easter, as based on Lupercalia as much as anything, as it is about life after all and not Death like the Jewish passover, it is open season on Rome, Egypt, almost every great Mediterranean civilization that bumped into into the Jews and who didn’t go down as well as any Canaanite did. Each Easter, Passion plays are as much a barbarian display of Roman hate as anything, the whole Mediterranean looked down upon as blue eyed Tab hunter Christ doenst know to lawyer up. He did not get a trial as we think, yes, forget the Latin that Jews spread as if magical invocations, but I know Christ had a better trial  than the twelve year old who Tiberius cut the throat of and hurtled into the Tyber so badly that they river had to be dredged, as the wells all sprang red. Usually you have to go to the old testament for such a scene, but here it is in Cornelius, who somehow survived, you’d think his gossip would have been right yup Christie alleys, but alas, showed Crystaline to whom Jew Baby Jesus was rendering unto, after all. But now suddenly as Greg Gutfeld and others lead the Jews up from liberalism and unto John Bircher land, as long as the check clears, the credo of Fox news and its minions, that Jewish hatred of so many like them falls mute as now, one Vicksburg and one Hobbit and one game of thrones after the next is done with their seal of approval as opposed to mark of Cain, and somehow all the vicious of vikings lovers before is made silent, all the whips held by horned rimmed barbarians watering at Cisapline or at Dachau is forgotten adorn forgiven as they Tolkien up and allow their German in-laws to believe in all the myths that Adolph, another wayward catholic so loved. Despite the Hitler channel and their assorted Jews love supinely of Vikings and barbarians, recall the Roman parodies do, as I can know this empire ran out of gas when viscous Irish fagoting lispers looked into the camera dumbfound as they ran out of bullshit too early in the show. 


It did get out that 93 cents out of every dollar in this ''recovery'' of Barrys went to the top one percent, as it was meant to, as this glad abiding nigger played doorman at the golden gate, emphasis on the Gold, Huck, as half breeds always have. That is a number that has gotten into the well water, another thing we have Tacitus to thank for, see above, and the filthy and wretched who avoid middlebrow Omama now like a Plague parasitism, know it, and bread and circus isn’t such a bad idea agree all, as you’ll all find out. This is why in bits and pieces I recreate Captain Magnus, am up to four pages by now, down to buying old Mads and madhouses and nuts and Panics and comic collections, --yes, some by accident but enjoyed them none the less,--to get that feeling of fastness and quickens I have been told I have back into dreary comic epics, which take ten years to tell by men who ran out of shit years ago. I make these comic as I have, as luxuriate in what is called by some on comics journalism, ha!, comic fascism, yes, I do as these people find nothing wrong with one gumba after the next, no hashtaegs are made for anyone who does the gumba bit, the mafia is exempt from censorship again out of any mire society of evils, so I make these strips of mine down to the roman red and the Roman ideals that white women so hate, as in a nation of tax cuts and drones, after all, I know Jesuit orientated, your Trojan horse doesnt have a leg left to stand on and is having to resort to the paid, not the best placed to be, as May Day approaches.

What bothers me , like it did the distinguished Gentleman from dc comic, ... a Jewish cartoonist makes Thor...?, is your Jews new found love of dark ages and the vikings therein. Oh, tres Hitler in so many scenes no...? While Ramses and Pompey are reduced to villain and or top forty hit. On the Simpsons showing the family participating in a Passion Play...!—egad, that less politically correct, the white women shall decide what is alright on a case by case basis, manege when dealing with liberals the first thing one must do its pout yur envelope in the sack dere!--than Columbus day, and for similar reasons, the good niggers yids and injuns hate to think of Julius Caesar in any form, lest anyone catch on to what is going on. In this, cleverly as youd expect, the bullies in the cartoon played Roman centurions, but alas this wasn’t the first or the last time that the Jewish Mob had thick necked imperial knuckleheads to its bloodletting for them, and now to show I was on to something we have the gospel according to Bill Oreilly, he who dreams of enmeshment in every Salo ho formata, who used many Roman footnotes in this, or his ghost writer did, until he was told many of them were satirists in whole, and that explains the waverer in mid gospel telling. But why the Romans Are important more important than any dark ages bull shit you Jews can sign off on to make sure there is penance at the Thanksgiving table with your shicksa wives, is that late in the month a man named Nate Silver merely said that there was a good chance that the Democritusi, with envelopes, latrens up to always recheck for that one great bribe, would lose the senate. Alas helpful and never discouraging Pontio , no Judas himself, Paulie Walnuts Krugmnan , having studied ethics under Myron Cope found this not rah rah enough, and the crowd went wild. Now everything is slight everything is a slur, everyone is up for the Roman army Treason Trial, an early play of mine, that had women asking who cares about the Romans anymore-- our drones fly with wings of angels. I saw a lesbian group, they speak right before the big turns of Obama, they do, the thick sanctimony comes right before a big swerve of his, no employer mandate for GE you say...?, well we are shocked, and there goes Bo jagels to dance baby dance, ....maybe you should. Abortion, they said with the highfaluting of Nero knivers slicing as they heard of Vespasian assault on the gates, that Abortion was gifted from God. Which one, dear...Plutus, Aryan or Yahweh...you know like passover, --BLAMMO, CUNTS! And then, to show my auger-in stick is still divining rained water, a selfie put out by Legend-cleansed Rodriquez Big Popper, with the thin lipped wonder turned out to be a mere Samsung television commercial, the betrayer Obama administration in a nutshell. Obama is very Upset, selling out the Praetorium is still his job, and he is an Apple man. Why, I admire my own Roman esp, is over this as that very day, on Google plus, I added to the epsn posting of this counterfeiter moment, I asked is you is or is you fake....who day who day think they can f wid Roman Antony...?


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