13 November 2014


With what seemed to be a running tear through the sometimes angry, I wonder why, receptions I got to WLM from various shit hold low rent, really finally my brother asks are you sick of the romance of the vulgar and DIY attributes, yet…?, hovels and film festivals actually little more than a you tube with a shot of adrenaline actually, which again blithers the good white folks. There was an anger at two images seen through the film. One was Orson Welles, which when dealing with people pretending themselves with the festooning of Indy film-making says much, and 2, the repairing imagery of the sight of Beatrice like Wendy, as modern Bicce Portinaro.

Why the images of Orson bothers them I am not sure, as by then Rodger is dead, so, I am not sure if its the same world anymore, and also, the imagery sued of Wendy on and off as that Venus figure of the Italianate starlet-nymph maid the ruins seemed a personal assault to them, which I cant really figure, as how many gay wads can there be lest after all, all of whom had to become more vicious, more closeted everything’s, and more vicarious the more simps and femmies went to bridal showers. Ah, the schisms between fags I have known of since 1975, the flighty effeminate draggy diva vs. the Hadrian, the killers fruit, the batman lovers of boys who grumbles and fumes in the dark , if not mostly to themselves. Again, this is not stuff you get from Rachel Maddow and her apple gibed spy leis of the sainted perverts who have eschewed the bathhouses for now the foyers and the life’s of Reilly, now they wish to show. Ah, I recall gay world when like Dante’s inferno it was lorded over by demons dismissed by father Virgil’s, and each doorway was but a grave calling out to them as it does for fags and would for Liberace as it did not no others ever, as death to a pervert is something that truly gives them wings. Still, it was these quick images of Wendy that some found bothersome, and though was able to use Jesuit knowledge of the geared wells of law, I sued all in public domain as I said, whether Copula understood what that meant or not, and yes in fact, cutting room floor footage and bikini pin ups sent it by studios and or Wendy at Belsize, is something that can be used as such, all publicity stills are in the anti Jewish Roman reels of the public domain, whether they like it or not, as the Sicilians even could tell the Jews and their in laws of now, you cant steal everything, the virus physics of cinema and space wont allowed it.

Now, why did quick shots of Wendy as brunette movie goddess once allowed and no longer, to awoken Virgil, why would this bothersome to the hacks who run these things, as I have tired of being lectured, as said as much, long atom and still wish to have that sacred moment called 'my say' and so, put up with much. I am not completely sure, but was asked to get rid of both Orson and Wendy, I hope shed be proud of that, as they are on that’s same list I have been censored to, including imagery I have been told to alleviate from my work, sometimes by well wishing Jews who didn’t know , yet suspect of my Jesuitical inclination to argument anything, he can take yurin and beat hisssin sort of thing,  that the gay priests engendered in me, and resurface, as must say again, the closest thing I get to ethics, I never see  a check on the table asking me to do this, and wont let nobodies tell me anything, as I was a master of blue skying at which they are merest nimrods. I beg off again, not out of ethics, as to be allowed in even lower rent Slam dance, who is filled with hidden feeds by the way, and others who tell me for an extra 35 dollars I can be in their finals --Ah ha, the truth emerges, Its all a con my sharper brother saw even before Jesuit and thus Romanized me, I beg off. I aint cutting this again, as made that shitake, and went back to what I was doing, as the hour long mockumentary they wanted was to be funnier, of course, to make was to be laughed at and funny, sort of I guess softening the blow, or devastating the purpose. But see, have known of ITALO CALVINO since a Gore Vidal retrospective of him in the New York review of books a relative was reading when I was a boy, oh precious I was, and fell in love with both, when in fact, It was the age of Rabbits running, and the only magic realism awakened was that of a more barrio sort. But it was beyond anything as mundane as getting her approval to include her, what starlet worth her salt resisters such things, and I didn’t like some need to see her completely as a naked commodity, I mean not for this, as her peek-a-boo aides was perfect for the fifties era like Italian bombshell who had been like Louis Prima, Chuck Jones and mad magazine and Brando and ipc cartoons a loveliest bit of vitality in the Reich that Americana was soon enough becoming. It was something else, I should have guessed which bothers them about her, and merely leaves such attitude me, as you aint getting even what little acquiescence I had been doing, and feel all the better for it. They scent that this was about me now, and any flame wars since done for fun and profit, are gone and as you’d expect in imperial high school eventually the devoted and the vicious disappear, or even ask to be friends in that misshapen word, but again reciprocate to almost all, as I frankly never much did, but now, like Obama in ways, cant be even broached enough to pretend to care, but then am not entangled in politics, at least not thus far removed from Van Nays blvd. Here is the film as it is admitted, I responded, I dont edit like a  woman, I actually said, hello...hellooo...?and don’t passé ask me to moor and parrot your Plautus like believes at the ovation, and then tell me that you good white woman are dispensing truth as I have always smelled out that con and just played into it enough to try to get ahead, not that ever helps, when again, this far from the folding money. Wendy is Italian and pretty and sexy, and to the land weaned on ray Romano jokes and Copula shit , that is something that is an insult to them that the brothers then ahead been warning me of and that even I thought couldn't be as bad as they thought. Then they all died off.


The air turns cold and I have been devoted to making these pages of Rag for another Christmas release, like SUPERMAN 1, more for me than any audience I have long ago known went to the music of the spheres and was purposed by the bread and circus crowd and remaining femeis they hated and told me to be wary of. I wish to get some thoughts down and then go back, making sometimes five pages of mad inspired Wally Wood Mort Drucker comics in a day, how, you may ask, because some of the pages are seven and more years old, never colored the first time, as I had made AR by placing together myths collected and parsed but not bought by black female scholars, with a thirty page wrap around story. I can do five pages a night, as I sued what seem to be disassociated images from different universes of comics, and yet it all is mine and it all come together like a Bruno dream of the cosmos alas it all moves in a stage harmony. After all I was told a repose-fully sarcastic 'merry Christmas', u guess defeating the purpose, by a polish starlet at zoetrope, for mention of Saturnalia, and by a academic hack, too, so I know I can get under all sorts of skins, all of which didn’t matter to the unbigoted good hacks of the left, as long as again as I was warned you do what you are told and stay in the tenements that you are given to avoid the rains terms between elections. AH BUT, sometimes the rain storm is the election, dovetails inna hail storm, as LBJ said, and there is no where for the lefts to run. So, I wish to post this here, perhaps last post of the year, here and get back to the pen and ink work I try valiantly to place my style in, no color to do half of the work for me. I do steal images out of seventies marvel essentials and must admit if that is all it took, I could have done that long ago, if that's all it took.

2. A channel is given by Dish to recalled the gone CNN, not that I miss Tinkerbelle Anderson and his fifty shades if silver charm. It is Glenn Beck, good lord, who I sort of saw through when he said, breaking the magic spells and thus to be trashed by demons demanding the vitality of alleging to lies, that he’d vote for Barry Obama over Newt as Newt liked ,something the drunken master now must preened is beneath a crawler up from the gutters, as all Augustine admired saints always were, and now is to limit your fun. Here he is, crying as usual on cue, but the fire breather of before, who I could and did at least if not admire come to the defense of sometimes as was seen on face book, was reclined by a televangelist of some sort, as n old Santayana dismissed Carl Banks, now wait, that’s the duck man, Carl Sandburg to a young Gore Vidal as some sort of evangelist, and he either cries and or is motionless as a triumvirate of what I take are Italians white enough to pass, do pass judgment on all and then wrap things up by saying they cant have judgment passed on them echoed by God, that’s same God who lurks in the lawless and the poll houses of the rich patricians wishing to somehow liberate themselves of Taxes , depute the commandment tow render unto Caesar from Junior, although Burkas appear no where in the Koran and when building a Religious incorporation always be aware the closeted and mostly of them, always wish to win between purges. He creed here, as God announces to hymn what shall be done, his will between the gun show commercials and the ad for food crispers to make it through the apocalypse that his brand of born again Jews always point at and always are little more than a killing fields with them hidden safely away in the baseboards, which is sacred, as it is out in the sun is where you can do your best commerce’s.

I watched this as was doing incrementally pages of Pogo, or Pogum as I called him here, sometimes as I said, its best not to do too much cleverness despite what corporal thinks, tells the story, as all the chapters are dine by accident I note, someone else telling a story semimetal to the Tony verse then a switcheroo as the next story comes, and while in the okraphinokke, with hearing that Mars has exploded, Pogum expositions the lovely brunette Franz Etta like creature of loveliness now in New York to find her real parents who gave her to dogpatch, to be the brunette all blonds need to play off of, as she tired of that, right before the gummite came in and whipped out the hillbillies with legionnaires disease as this is 1973 or so. So doing this, drawing , literally tracing from the divine scrolls of alt lappet, [Walt Kelley] really I have never gotten as many good reviews as when I eschewed Alexander Calder and Silverstine and Raphael and just ripped off Mads, I rated this free Glenn Beck show as he was speaking there at a strange temple of books like something in, of all places, AR, where suddenly the writings of the Etruscans had been banded by the Romans, an entire alphabet made  verboten, and a citadel of a million books burnt in pages of Livy unheard-of by white women itching about a football team name, as I noticed now a similarity between Glenn and Keith witch explains my horror ta everything now, as Gore Vidal he dead show nuiffa and we are all alone now. I never really disliked Glenn, and still think he is much more a compelling talker than the two morons next to him who, like kardashian stepsisters add nothing but their proffers and brings the show to a grinding halt. Sometime it’s good to be selfish, why after all, we are given to it, as somehow Darwin Vies with Yahweh, and yet when one thinks about it, both seem to be subsuming the same run and shoot that never seemed to go anywhere.

Don’t dislike Glenn as after all, once came to his defense in face book when I noted during the whole Passion of the Christ fandango that Glenn, an Italianate heart under all that blond hair, and stubble, asked of a rabbi issuing his cnn show for his own infomercial, that why can one not say that the Jews killed Christ, of course this is meant as always is and can be fir anyone else, that the powers at the time, sorry what we call collaborators with Rome, as they did everywhere like you do now in say Britain Arabia and or Israel, no less, and why can we say, he asked, that the Romans killed Christ when the whole thing is a gradation of power as if Tyberius, ah yes the burgermistier to whom Jewry Jesus was rendering to, or for, as was it that known in Rome about every Jewish zealot pit to death by Hanna for not seeming able to both take Roman roads and not bitch about it, as again someone else was excepted to kill Ishmael s spawn and not them…..? I added much to that, but still Italianate Glenn asked why one could say it not of Jews, who were the local gods for Rome in all things religious , literally of the chin link in Latin, as if Caesar gave a dam about any Jewish queens as he was at thet self same time putting twelve year olds to death if they didn’t become pregnant as he , like unkie Gus wished to excavate a race of Caesars, the better than the average Roman, but kept finding lame epileptics, again showing the cons and the joke of Darwin vs. God. And Glenn headlined he was ill, we all have our troubles Mack, and how he was vested by Gabriel or something, nor the silence, which no Christer can abide, and told him that he was to build an arc and said what’s a cubit, or something akin to this, and it was all rather dull, and didn’t have the polish of a Manzoni as frankly the conversion scene of Manzoni losses it charm and dignity when you have to say every seven minuets well be right back after this word from a safe company. Also it is off putting even to Jesuit me, as I am nor Christian, as am Italian after all, and more than he could admit, I didn’t quite take well to the idea that as he prays at the end of each show, as like Andy Griffith without the sweetness, that tonight’s Vespers are brought to you by the fine folks at Fan Duel.

Glenn was speaking to a Jesus Freak named Raffi, and right there my antennae went up. Juts like Jugdish, I wont be lectured by brown people thinking they are Arians, as I said, the now verboten swastika was theirs, the hammer and sickle Roman, sorry, and he did the usual act of the apostles by trashing all which came before Christ as Gladiatorial Rome, you wish, Greek lake of virtue, i.e., fags, and abraded was gone, god knows what that meant, as Baghdad like Naples is never gone. Glenn listened on, like this white haired nut brown hack was some sort of witch doctor, which after all what Christian isn’t a witch doctor, allowing for advancement in only the armamentarium sciences, which Romans accepts were never forgotten by any of them, as even the knights of the roundtable dressed as Roman, an affection Negros are unwilled anymore amid the pink shoes. Although this year….Still, Glenn listened to Curry Virgil here, as he did his saved by the light, or is it blinded, and Glenn spoke of building his own studios to tell our stories he said, when If I might be so bold, maybe God was just saying 'enough already'. The devil hangs behind Christ in the cross, a saying I'm sure Glenn doesn’t hear at the bible thumping snake charming Sunday go ta meeting bun tent revivals as he becomes too foot washing than an Italian should be, as he expresses such attitides, with a pixie like wop keeps shinning in with off putting out of place comic, allegedly, asides through everything, that he will be I guess the closest thing to a gentile Spielberg. But he learned humility. Whose stories will he tell,...?, certainly not mine, not that i'd allow that, as they wont take a quick image of a busty gal in a swim suit out of a two hour film as I know that that implies and entails and demands. But whose stories really, shall you tell….? Then he want on to speak about some Slav named Tesla, and a duel between he and the fraud known as Edison, an American hack phony, but still I may have mentioned Maiccuci, were it me. He wishes to tell ‘our stories’, but I don’t know who 'we' are, as he doesn’t understand, and calls it American Dream labs, as opposed to dream works, but then, as I have come to know, the Latin incantations of wizards is affectation, and the Latin spells of barristers is pure business, as have heard there is still some displeasure at this in Spielberg land, as after all, such enterprises frankly always mean, get the Jews out of domineering positions of the Victor’s tales.

Call it dream works. American Viking, my first company if you’d like, place a talking light bulb,  actually close to a mean cartoon of Rachel I did as a dancing light bulb, something tells me he like Pixar isn’t  as initially Romantically sarcastic as I am, hell, who cares , BUT I KNOW this much, that Christianity took the martial spirit out of Rome, causing them to slope from  their genetic love of war, and thus self defense, as it made them almost like Jews awaiting a god and or a poppa empire that never came, as the first imams collected little coins with Caesars face on them, that  none ever thought was an apositcy, as they were warned about the divinity of money by their founder. Rome would be done then, a snow and a frost would attack the coliseum literal we know and blame global freezing now for it, better than recall that grandpa liked genocide even then, as those pages were buried as apostasy in ways unbecoming a Roman by a Constantine who densely as opposed to Israel and Americans to Beck didn’t have a pact with God. I was never sure which one. it don’t lose your italic stubbornness kids, as both incognito and open Romanism is axed out, by the white chicks, and who knew Valhalla was full of Negros, just not Greeks, Hitler’s own words, by the way, or  as it the New York times…?, anyway,  recall this, that a blood sport that thinks it is an art is neither and that Roman angels shall get in their last comedic laugh. 

3. Why I know Glenn is brawling up the wrong tree was seen later in the day though. It has come out that a league a cesspool of mistreatment's and lowers, woman batters and toilet rapists, sees Ritchie Incognito as the in-savable man, the monster who must be destroyed. As saw on Pouring the interruption sadly, that even Jewish Koreheisre thinks this over kill, as fun is fun, but of course, company man stalwart bribe talking and NBA bag man Mud bone, is in his usual Rancid high horse post, against Ritchie Incognito as a criminal abet surrounded by them who are destined for lower rungs. The sleazy moralizing of a leghorn cartoon man, now even a dog dish of placement in the big house is without parallel, and yet even here this bald headed sack man, this black bag operator, and this scribe for b-ball was more insufferable then usual. Korenheiser with a Levittown heart, found this borderline felonious, an act of collusion that should have Ritchie racing to a Jewish wizard, sorry Latin barrister forthwith, but it was fine with mud bone, as the punishment must be severer when the crime is nebulous. That is from Tacitus, which I am sure even then cow college Parthia Jesuits didn’t make he and Jewey Greenburg read as they studied ball score giving amid low tenet brethren who like some then were actually making justifications of dirty wars in ways my more esteemed and Georgetown mined, like Bill,  brethren didn’t, but instead of a papacy, the suckers got aids, if not bullet in the head that a now loved pope used to finger them for the junta when, alike Negros on ESPN, they still hated fags, before redirection came in the form of a memo from corporate. The nice thing about not being paid to speak, I can say anything, place line about Roman graffiti here, but too I AM NOT PAID TO SHUT UP NEITHER.

This act of amazing viciousness, he must learn his lesion, black Torquemada insists, though somehow the brother G from the U who beat beloved Jonnie to a pulp, much more beloved than any mere brunette chocked on steps, is somehow absolved, again showing in empire, thou are never sure where you stand, but all have an inkling. This strange meanness and strange misplaced venom took Jewey Korenheiser by surprise, why the world may never know, as the inner inclinations of even beady eyed he was to say enough is enough, but of course when bribery is your persuasion, one's horse is never high enough, so as no one can see the bags in your pockets. This house nigger was amazing though about how one can go from being proud of Ray, or even in the stands and bleachers they are the alter boys of ESPN and then take and make and fake a moral outrage. But, the barrister hearted Kornehiesre said to the black ghetto torturer unseen since TO dared call an all timer better than a booed Philly also ran, again schooled in ways I am not as know the Jews and naggers were fascists in days when Rome still a Tuscan swamp, what of ray rice amid heinous men being allowed back in, and thus gut who said the wrong thing, wrong relative as he to slimy Gödel brought up, just by his name and countenance an Italic sensibility they like to preened they don’t have, as all is crumbling about their ears, … and what of Cooper who sued that self same word Nigger, oh horrors, when the whites decide they shant demean any more, how noble and insufferable the massas become,  and must now use words like porch monkey and welfare queen, all more Roman than they know…? No matter to black judge, as again the Negroes are hated and hateful as they become dogs at the prosecution table, when least equated and cant be counted on even as thieves, as are too damn good and noble for the rest of us.

But, Mud bone was recalcitrant, as after all, viciousness is just how the bribed have to pretend they care,  and flippant as how Ritchie’s whole life had to be destroyed in ways the beaters of pregnant woman and the molesters of pizza waitresses are not, as in bloated buffoonish scrubish Jonnie boy Martin , this Northwestern  nigger was too allowed in, this scrum bucket, this golf pencil artists, this scribbler, saw himself as the unworthy hack allowed in lest all the Negroes of a university be on the football squad. The word didn’t matter, the thoughts didn’t matter, god knows rape allegations falling like Orson's snow didn’t matter as it never does to a company man. I then having shuddered at this, and turned it quickly to Foxy Kimberley the leggy brunette news and advice giver as she holds and attracts bees to a show as fish faced blond cows cannot, but Aisles is always stuck in his Plautus like believes and that is that. I turned this off quick, as found the growling and or sermonizing negro a folly, and a money shot of why America is falling apart. I don’t care if Ritchie Incognito jumps off a bridge, too big to be thrown off one by another American mother of the year, but don’t get sanctimonious with me, alter boys and oafs and even Keith, as eventually the people see threw your act and turn up a canine wet nose at it, no amount of whipping can make a dog eat poison, that from the less folksy less decent and less put your teeth on edge acts of Negroes singsong bout mammies in dee lazzzzy summertime, sho nuf, Italian warnings of storms ahead. Go yuck it up with Roisliebregeher Muddy, go laugh it up with that monster, and cheer on like that nigger Buddha does, a rapist.See, that beloved German hack, he once called Richard Seymour a nigger on the field of ketchup dreams, causing him to be openly hated by black wrs who leave and even Ward, was not above getting unto his benzo drunken, wouldn’t help him up, but it always amusing when the sanctimonious shut up. You see, an Italian coach named Greg Chaino, was hectored mercilessly for blowing up a victory formation of the dreaded good and decent, you know never over paying a negro Giant team. And he was pestered out of the League , but a similar thing was done by platitude memorizing Negros Stealer ‘coach’ who now says he didn’t hear who gave this order to the man to fly in like a dervish, and this unmentioned. See all was unnoticed by Mudbome at all, as god knows that coach is so above a stunt. Buts something tells me all are beneath a Roman contempt. Frankly Ritchie, if you can hear this, fuck Mudbone and his thumbs, fuck him and his toilet rapists and his child molesters and clean and orderly blood sport that hides the blood as Nero warned happens anyway, it just a crash of silvers, destroyers and his saint Julian who liked killing doggies for fun, but you are somehow better than the Italic gladiators, I am not so sure. To hell with them Ritchie, and get out while the getting is good.

But then, who said the senate was gone when the snow still flew of a winder cursed for its commerce binding slush’s, as again, vetoes come and go, or don’t, but the polar express makes ready for another shot from Santa town. Who said the senate was gone as if a crew of Visigoths had come to town, pun intended, as a week has gone by where smarmily slimy bag men have had to apologia for trashing the people as stupid and vapid as they didn’t buy the dog food sold, but Cicero could have told you all that, a moralist if ever there was one, who was finished when pro bono working for the mothers of power, as the people aren’t as dumb as you’d hoped. Can anyone here play this Roman game, do they now it’s a game or even Roman I ask. As Mudbone and the others don’t know, trash and forgiven filth, noble savages all, kept as decent and honorable as long as unlike Italians never get too far from the tenements, once the specter of power is gone, power is gone, the overt trappings of power Machiavelli said, is power and nothing else matters, as it isn’t electricity you are dealing with, and political science like ecumenism is so much bullshit. They must by now know that all impunity means, as Machiavelli said, etc etc,-- and that the joke now is that a once feared nothing office girl named Valerie Jered is calling freshly losing senators doing her whipping act, demanded devotion, and saying they must all return to the Capitoline, and get ready for fights too often called for and then called for reign as Barry just did what the highest bidder wanted, a joke of gummnit largess going back to Vespacian. They are it is reportedly hanging up, as like the Steelers, just admit you were beat already, as finally he is receded to having to distance the praetorium from  fat faced Jews laughing at the stupid unclever Goys. Dont pulla Copula kids, whatever you do. No Roman cantos made them ever think of the true ridiculousness of it all, and so they are married to it all in the end, Barry waiting to hear ghosts. Muddy waters ruin not at all, and ESPN boys are stuck with the ‘Boys, ha!,  a chi town where the bears are unfed or unsatisfied by having to eat a cheaper Cut, and a Rose by any other name is bricked just as gold. Hehe. But you still have Wendy, who I refuse to take out of the film, as stand on my own Jesuit training about what is fair use and not, as astride if the Cowboys as best revenge on him and all the boys in the backroom, I avoid the duchy of Godell, and think along with the Sabine helmet, in destrotinf Ritchie so openly  he is just by now tempting fate. I wanted my say, even a catcall, even when I was a complete careerist and passed on Jews whiled to do 80 percent of a play, but not say the scene in Saturnalia where Virgil, the ring a ding ding angel tells Marcus the sagging boy man that he is nothing, after all, a Roman lesson, unlike the tree , that no cheater wished to hear  amid the cheap and tinny carols and electric guttered jingle bells. Oh are you gonna get it. Remember everyone,  I am a master at this, and saw the senate as gone when Orson Welles was still being shown on Sun-dance, a last if ten festivals to report to me, and showed Orson Welles making Julius Caesar, which all had us wishing in the snow, someone would have just made Orson Welles’  Julius Caesar, and left it at that.


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