02 February 2015


I KNEW something as up when we heard that the worsted and most insufferable team of broadcasters at NBC was going to read  a repaired statement praising the efforts of Gödel as first among equals, this from the two needle nose and can you top this Michaels, who, exacerbated were so over the top for a catch made by Beckman jr they got other teams than the Cowboys to go for his knees. Elf himself Costas, once our Torquemada of cheaters, as long as black and or spics,  was almost cavaliered and snide jokes about deflated balls, which by now have lost a Plautus’s like comedy quality as have been co opted buy the man. A game in which no call against the patriots could be made, there was no tripping on that play and Lockett was merely disorientated, and get out of Gronk’s way, they punch horses don’t they…? if you don’t want to be hurled to the ground, ended with the same elation that has netted the NFL since Dez. Roman circus does not take well to Jewish effrontery, as Josephus, or Marcus who was cut down by the extractive God, Octavian, no not killed just removed from power, a fate worse than death to that ilk, as fat bloated pushy stereotype with cash, the cantina dream, Krafty, laid it on as thick as a thief now daring to call himself the equal to Lombardi, with house niggers ho dee doing all the live long day. To paraphrase Gore and Opera, I AM NOT A FOOTBALL FAN, I ROOT FOR THE COWBOYS. And God help me, thar is decency in Jerry Jones, as a born chiseler, he keeps his shamanism to business and plays the game like a doge would, wanting something decent in his life whereas Bill Payley Automat shnoorer made good Karfty is always Glenngerreying us and always be closing. But the hard sell has its discontents, as no one maybe at park avenue wanted to see this, but a deal is a deal, and Gödel owes his Yiddish bag of shit, while others like Jones and Biscotti didn’t and got theirs. The best moments of the night were good girl pin up Katy who did a yoemans job in a hard spot, causing even oft fired dash offed espn loo on Yahoo radio like The Sabe, to call it actually good, as she took the brunt of anger from the boys in the band seeing their goy hero Brady as under attack, look their getting Buddy, lets get em gurls. But deflation is delegation, a mere rules violation we are told by Jewish bag men who make a Roman game akin to how they do their taxes, the line told to me by monsignors who saw the born agains then amassing for new attempts to bring disease to the masses, but always away from Perptuas daisies and the stables, gods knew, as they did in Rome , you didn’t know Glenn…? And I still think the anno Horrbilius for Gödel and Krafty isn’t over, sad that TV magic queers like Greenbergh and the oaf in the morning try to put Brady on their backs, as the rest of a defrauded America, like the Ethnic senator in quiz show wants no part of the applauding of a wasp who cheats so blatantly, as when Greek and Poles and Italians never had anyone so circumspect as to say ‘the R word’ for their children allowed to become retarded cause of a lack of sanitation or doctors here in the golden door. As a Jesuit tried boy myself, Machiavelli forever, I can admire and applaud the thief the chilsler the liar, like Jones, but to BELLICHEAT, the question I have is why was Ritchie Incognito, again I must, why was he exiled for interpersonal texting between he and a nigger of whom you may not not like, god help us, as America is the place where we allow sanctimonious pleas among the cheaters and the looters, but only when the meter is running, personal between him and another man, one we now know who is such a house nigger he battered on not burglars but shoplifters, Omabamation you have won!, and no one had to pay a percent for tempering with the very balls that should be at least somewhat fair. Don’t tell me you’re Chuck Noll, I’m not on the payroll. I KNOW  you're not he nor Landry nor Lombardi,  but then the sniper is our hero, despite what Caesar said, as that war is passe and far to Roman for the collectivizing Jews and boston Charlies  to demand as they passed weeping for American enimes long ago, ans so, you're own your own. And I have an inkling you know that too. And what as I write this at twelve o’clock, is trending on Google…, Remember the Cheatriots. All that is Roman forever.


PS. You dirt bags Cheateriots, got caught, be men and say as much, and Don Barzini the Jewish consiglieri to lunkhead Godel, who couldn't even pull off a Superbowl this year, got paid back, as a deal is a deal. Now we have a lovely Racial aspect to this, the high yellow boy quarterback had to be the hero, the paper bag Superbowl, talk of another cheating scandal in the works over headsets, that will be next, and Godel and Bill Paley having a lovers spat in the Royal box, on tape, burn this please, cluing a rift between Damon and Pythias which made an owner not even mention the commissioner in thanks, something even Al Davis did, we wiseguys understand decorum as the Irish Boston thugs do not, showing who wears the dildo in that relationship. Men are caught in prostitution stings at the clandestine games, fired immediately, as wops and Niggers always are, and best yet, Dr. Shrinker, the most surly and now ungracious sociopath the NFL has ever seen, no Lucifer charm for him, keeps a star on the field without a concussion protocol as heard on Wamo radio, again the racial aspect is juts beginning to balloon, our man wobbly, Edileviess or whatever, Julian, was telling Sea hacks he had a concussion and please don't tackle me, but then caught passes, maybe with a real concussion. See the black guys calling in as I listened thought that Eldelman was Jewish, hoooohoooooo! The Roman helmet forever! But the snows come in often and cold at horrid Bostonians, and the sanctimony is as frozen as a Matt Damon performance, and parades are suspended for now, how perfect, as it inst nice to fool with Mater Natura. This year wont end, and I'm having a ball. No time fir losers. 

Next. Saturnalia diary part 3.



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