03 March 2015



1. As a response to the Irroman defects of a cheating heart allowed to win a blood sport games, I took it upon myself to ward away the evil eye, which is out and about when the shameless think they can trouble the earth, and have answered every ad and every comic inquiry I can. In three weeks or so I have done a satire of batman for a no body, as Warren Ellis calls anyone not sentenced to have wrote for Marvel and the ivory towers thereof, heh, which I asked and received permission to take these pages and fold them into Rag. In my version, Batface  meets up not with Syphilitic Homey Joker, the Neil Simon new york a perfect backdrop as I dew it, my no holds barred joker was Cesar Romero with aids, unlike Nolen don’t do half measures, and got a lovely response. But, instead, redone in Rag, the dark fascist is put of commission by Jewish law firm, partner consigenliere of Dore, named Hoihman. Told the pages were almost Marvel quality, but took that as compliment anyway. Sent out work to po boxes no longer paid to keep up, ah it’s a golden age, as I warned, and am doing pages of a comic called ‘witch’ for a writer whose work is the sort of EC horror that the schoolmarms will beat out of us. I still wish to get a feel for the loosely disreputable parts of comics, maybe a lie anyway as William Gains, tried to put a couple of wops out of business for a  magazine called Get Lost I read, as somehow he had the patent on satire. A lot of work to avoid the awful age of censors we are in.

Feelings of queasiness and jitters that is brought on by too much of that cough shit and thus take the pledge to get off this shit before I get waylaid by it. Some notes came back with friendliness, one seeing the affects of Backshi in my work …did I ever tell my Backshi story…?, and some was kind, but still announced to me the bitterness I hold for Ellis is best unsaid. No, I said, thankful to the decorum not usual among our valued consumers, no, I did post a picture of a cross over event satire called Planet of Fiction, as I said much like Vundergirl as the butters in the Imaginationland South Park, which don’t hold it against them like I do Toy Story, and the dear Ellis, Alan Moore on Monday night, though having his minions sneer at me, soon enough, swooped it as his own, no Promtheias, or Veronicas, god knows, for that matter coming from that’s schoolboy’s Goth combine, where the walls are papered with a Victorian pattern which is actually just canceled checks for twenty dollars at a time. This is that mistake you have been making since Roman dice games on Roman streets and the loudmouth therin allowed to be played by Jews too human and humane to pull off that Teiveay fiddler made a goof shit...you think in the age of  Bellicheat and Barry that all is a criminal conspiracy, and all are devoted to your con and your grift, and eventually you find out, we are not. Your criminality and any devotion to it on my part, is not a given, is strictly as they say for satirical elements, purely coincidental.

2. A weekend of nostalgia, a cognition I pointed to while others were paid to tell us of how golden the age Obama was catering was, at least for the drone makers, was given over to recalling Saturday Night Live. It meant much to me as a kid, again falling into the New York state of mind, that the Pollock’s here hated and which I knew people who wished to return to that colossus by the golem, sorry golden door. To this day Jewish writers speak to me  of how they big footed the island, followed by Sicilian  bag men to do their muscle work, and in fact, other less pushy ethnics left New York to the shameless crowd to this day, some speak if the scam between Italians caused therein, as more decent Italians, even more decent Italian mobsters like Manderino, a father friend, took off and left the islanders to their strange walled streets lofts of American pitilessness and made Boston even worse.

In this frame of mind, a show came on about Saturday night Live, strange to see Giuliani so lauded, as avenging stood on rubble like Camillus, and true to his creed whilst good war mongers like Hillary and Generalissimo John, strange for hawks, were hiding in the clefs, a smart move as patricians and their nigger bag boys would soon enough give into Claudine paranoids, and start watching them closely, lest a eye roil go unlocked by basically nothing much to do but capitulate negro Jim going down the Poteomic in a raft. There is nothing that is sacred to a thief, this is Roman 101 used as a credo to Bill Clinton by me, but a warning now that negro Miss Grundy has sued his liability to shape shift and stand pat and give in as a way to do a bad Jay Pharaoh imitation that has bored us all to tears with its monotonic of Old MAN River cadence. The numbers of the daily show back up with the nasal black man lecturing us incessantly and eye rolls being his closet thing to acceptable eloquence is not doing well, but then Daddy Warbuks Jonnies numbers are from hunger too, as maybe you aren’t the Roman standard you pretend as much as you are a line of drying clothes at Levittown anyway.


So much has he bored us to tears, the only sin Bill Clinton knew from Roman writings one cannot commit and still hold that stage, which is paramount, that in fact, the ratings have cratered to the whooping shows, and Jewey Jonny, like a Lebowitz would, was eying the exits, lest the doomed visage of the black phantom bring his own stock down, get it…he’s from a wall street family making sure that the Jews and their money is never a hateful target, therefore and with misunderstanding and wrong translations, he calls himself Juvenal, and so Stuart Little diced to take off and exit stage left evvvvven, before Obama did too much damming to his brand, which in a land of Mercenaries and Mercantile we have all become. He left the week Saturday Night Live was trying desperately to preened it created satire, The Jews hold on Italic stauer as it makes them feel less like Fox news carrier pigeons, to I don’t think fellow chosen first Juvenilalia Lorne didn’t take  note and take a cruel easement of that big footing on his anniversary week, which again would have been better in the actual fall, as it would have brought up images of Autumn in new York as opposed to frozen balls in Boston. I said even sports radio hacks and queers are becoming sick of human polish joke Hondo the tight end smiling and jumping and rubbing our noses in his victory and now even they tired of his lardy triumph, and even they speak of cheating as Boston’s best attribute. But what do I know, as I knew that I was in for it when lectured to by the polish starlets who made the Godfather, for my pesky recollections of Virgil and reconnection to a Roman empire, whose fall nimrods like Becky think America is free of and cant happen, as despite Washington never saw a burning cross atop any Virginia brigade, although the divine image beginning Catholicism, like so much, was never so sublime and important that it couldn’t be sued by the witch hunting red necks democrats here, say like the words senator,  satire or anything else the Jewish in laws can sue to their weed eating foot washing snake handling advancing.

There is Roman , and then, there is everything else, Tacitus said, as to be Roman is be above the petty lies that Jews, Greek and all the rest of the filthy must marinade in lest they have to make an argument. This is why all are evil, mad, silly, stupid, anything so as they don’t have  to stand up for anything and like Olbermann not realize that the word for the day, like soup, has changed, as making an argument is harder than mere ridicule, and too, under union rules one must be paid time and half for it, which GE we know, since Welch, doesn’t like to do.

The funniest part of this show to me, was when the divine Name JUVENAL was uttered by aging SNL alumnus whose spy spoofs ran their tried blood to a weak end. Juvenal is again  sued by the feather weights, the chalet drinking ex laugh-in joke writer all Jews are when not investment bakers, sorry, but as Ovid said in the land of Blank, there is no such thing as slur, mending a writer who wrote for the principia, Augustus and roman, as opposed to niggers of God didn’t fear books, still, mapped in vulgar terms, they learned that as the best propaganda from Uncle Jules, and so, since Ovid knew that plays were being written with auspices of Augustus of a most venial sort, a type of bread and circuses Gödel and Isis still doesn’t understand, well then any prince of restoration by Octavian was, lest say hollow and useless. See its this sort of thing they hated at zoetrope as they jute wanted to sell their two master works, like Marvel in a new format and don’t forget the godfather video game coming out soon. Again, a laughable attempt to connect this shit to something decent and noble and sarcastic and whole and Roman, its seemed out of place for the show where a unbroken string of humorless polls come into to speak a unbroken string of sock it to me’s, to the point like so much it not only means nothing, but like sad Brian, he pied comic so often you knew he was going to like Hal , Blow a gasket on this side of Jupiter and start singing daisy, as the walkers who are our priests dismantled the shaky supercomputer. Satire as a thing, thus italic thing, was mentioned as a point in snl’s favor, but I wasn’t so sure, a s again, Juvenal was something of a Pariah back when as he said things that to this day, like Cattiline the bought and paid for on the pad house Negros and women of war bucks entertainment division to be unappreciative, as again they tell us of their perpetual hip ness and their wit and their bile and viciousness. Of course all but the maddest dogs know never to bite the hand from which the kibble and klieg lights spill. I do note that the professional co eds and professors of NBC liberal television are quite vicious and vengeful, you know, before and between forced apologies given at gun point.

The sorest part of the horrid white boys nostalgia over snl was the fracas over Eddie Murphy refusing to do an imitation of Bill Cosby, as if we have learned nothing else, Jessica, like we are all Incognitos here, your lives belong to the Thumb holders in the seats until of course they ride out on the horse they rode in on. An awful white bread sissy piece of Taibbi, oh I’m sorry, did I compare the wrong person to shit, in a  maelstrom of scansion about this satirical show, made a point that Eddie no longer had the energy and virility he had showed as a nineteen year old boy, whose persona took full advance of the fiery conversion scene that the once vital Richard had. It was amazing to read this Taibbi, in that the Patrimony was on full display, didn’t even barley hide a stench of paternalism ,as  if this boy man, hgmmnmn, Eddie was excepted to be the same angrily hungry needful and vulgar comic, as when a boy, as they wont be going through any sanctimony as they did with Pryor again, as I can recall how usurped the new saintly white bigheads you know were when he deignedion his own to stop saying Nigger. Soon enough they’d all put on this act to the point like blazing saddles, the great lps of Richard would be actually demeaned and discontinued by some outlets lets the genius of Richard be so apparent in a land where they like their nigger geniuses to be piano players,  showin’ smiles as they count on the fours. That Eddie had a monument of reflection that white trash at war inc TV doesn’t alike among its chargers and its wards of the state, you know, behind bars, this was to be demeaned and decried as a nigger being far too uppity for his own good and thus being over as a comedian, I don’t know what, he is fifty and didn’t get the accolades of little Jonny Lebowitz who made fucking sure that each night that Occupy,  too close to the family business, that mafia with fountain pens instead of Berattas, occupy was strafed as much if not more than the dangerous Goys he always seen between giggling at the tea party, as again, the last thing they wanted this coon in charge to ever do was commit the Clinton acts of politics. As the deal in all its Roman-ism and romance qualities is beyond someone who must be lauded and whose patriotism is above reproached you know now that his nation American screeds as these shape shifters will be whatever you want him to be, Mommy, he floats through live, showing the pretrial boyishness Cicero demeaned and which all our bball ghetto Negros are excepted to live in, with white woman consent.

That was to  Eddie, who I admired as a kid four years younger, that he would grow up and didn’t want to demean a man who perhaps had meant something to him, even after the acrimonious Bill had trashed him for raw, a personal animosity which the good white boys and their lesbians seem to have for everyone, anyone who stands in the way of the envelope,  and everything couldn’t get him to opine on now that Bill has been incognito-ed, and is a persona non grata,  as you love to invent and make as somehow the same rag sheet Rolling stone, who makes up rape allegations never found its way to Tallahassee and the point shaver rapist that boo boos want somehow to go first. A wop named Mariotta, open and  dutifully pronounced Mariatta by lunkhead old bigots in espn lest the wop get too uppity is being right now demeaned by executives of the year for life, for a lack of fortitude, a Incognito lacking quality of running threw walls packed there by a coach I believe already out,  so you couldn’t sue him as the excuse for everything Larry, and so there is no winning obviously asshole, as the attack at dawn types are always there, no matter how much Taibbi they make you slog though. In the land of the sopranos, again to paraphrase  Ovid, there is no such thing as slur, a line I have sued as if a magical mantra, which says it all, as in fact as Keith now knows, though like Sejhanus was sure of his benefices as a presto of the works, you are never quite sure what the slur of the day is, or aint, say the secret wiod and a vulture flops down and trolls you like a boy in high school you have been suspended, all of life as detention in our boys club, something I too couldn’t never quite get to the full out exile I was hoping for, ever, always sadly brought back, until them points when unable to take much more I exiled myself in a Napoleonic credo way that the boys in the band never seem willing to pull its trigger, as it were.

These are the days of miracle and wonder, and doom bots in war that our Darius says inst there to allow him to feel good about himself after capitulations gathering like leaves after the rains, the rains and snows that he brought with him, a gloom that wont go away, as the unlucky boys keeps pestering us too often watch him dance. Jonnie Lebowitz, our Juvenal from a banking family who never found an occupy co ed he wouldn’t make seem as evil as a Tea bagger, the undercurrent of who is on jihads and not is all ways a hall mark of your low rent, wait that’s not right, double booking Jewish house boys, leaves and says its dealing with Conservatives as what tired him out. Again with yeshiva magic he makes a straw man so that he is just so perfect in his billed sanctimony, notice when people had to pay to get into his slop, that rose water seemed to smell like GC Murphy’s toilet water and no body bought it, the highest point of all Jewish endeavor, are they buying it, Phil…?, ah a Jewish credo that they never recall, why buy the cow if you can get the self righteousness for free…? It is only the republicans who would sure be against his USDA acceptable middle of road don’t touch my shit I have my bar mitzvah check in a box at home, I dropped a dime, no body move act, and don’t mention the various democrats Like Shales who didn’t like him for the same reasons, without publican cover because because he is more akin of a hit job artist preening he is, don’t they always, Juvenal, a new man like Cattiline amid the imperial Poohs that gather like a Greek’s idly enough chorus, whose own blood sports and personas non gratas, like injuns, we may never recall. He is a hack, sadly, and always made sure that THE RIGHT people were demeaned, not necessarily the right, but now , like they all do, goes after Rudy for daring to notice that again, the only excuse for Barry acting as he does could be a lack of patriotism, when I know, its what he has been paid to do. Good John boy cant abide being told he is somehow against America, he loves it all as did Jack Kirby when he insinuated into the black haired heroes and goddesses of the Jewey Italic ghetto coined comics the sandy haired and blond  super soldier,  he dreamed of knowing that that was the land that Dan Dicarlo was leading towards. As a boy my father told me to avoid a now called lower rent studio Hanna Barbara, as he noted what good white wops they were, how they entreated the idea of the blond good goddess better than even their re-generator  Disney, who had big footed them into the slum of Saturday mourning, which was better than he did to the Fleischer brothers, whose ideas were destroyed once dreary Nolan was allowed to deviate Superman and tell us the s on his chest stood for Hope. Somehow that Roman standing in rubble is nothing compared to someone who willing to hurl one preacher after grandmother after anyone, open divorce proceedings, as your papers are meaningless to the creep who keeps his anti American or maybe not, hmnnn, theses under lock and key, after weddings for Pakistanis is strafed by the always vicious queer and his non war, which if said enough times the Virgin Mary in the mirror stops bleeding.

This housiest niggers has defrayed America on that left, there is no left as again another white boy falls from the Trojan ass, a befuddled old man groping a wife in plain sight to the lack of always upset chorus, for which GE has paid peanuts just enough, to get. Rudy is trashed, although I wonder what Barry was doing that day, I could be a bitch and say he was dancing with Palestinians, but then with Rhambo and Hitler as anti Hillary Jews on his side, I’m sure his common cause with Arabs was left even then in his shriveled little oilman heart. I feel vindicated as Rudy is so trashed, as this smarmy coon was still then voting present, bounding up on wings of white power. Like limbo inhabitants of Dante’s underworld, never having taken a side, never having taken a step they float through nonexistence, under banners of white marked not, and hardly in garments of cesarean red. He is above reproach is our GE employee of the decade, making you feel good as we spend more time on the vice of gladiators

showing again Cato had , again, always the prefect point.

I wish that Barry could find it in his spreadsheet, sorry heart, to say of ISIS WHAT HE SAID OF HIS OWN PARTY BEFORE A DEMOCRATIC ELECTION, NOT EVEN A WHOLE NATIONAL ELECTION, that the democrats, Polloks and wops in Pittsburgh and German town held too closely ‘their God and their guns’ to their breasts. Even bullshit democrats don't like to say they, that much.  And to think Hillary was such a bad candidate, not auguring well, that she lost to this guy, with an assist from Fast Eddie, burner of black flesh and yet still eyeing us down on drone television, to think this nothing grabbed that Greek Column before he realized it was made of salt. Not being paid on anyone’s pad as a loss leader as soon enough Johnnie and his black haired gaggle will be off the books, I say I can say anything, and did read that Loran is spitting nickels navigating to have shared time with the bogus boy from East Orange, that place he trashes on command, but which I wished to return to as, like Naples and in ways he would never understand as my brother said, that’s were I belong as that where the pretty girls and have been since Cornelius and Giovanni went there to avoid the woman that Dickens said, looks whose talking all seemed to be witches. As he strikes me as the sort of American ethnic who was always schussing man hands blonds. As Dez is next in the camber to be shot dare we notice that Isis under Obama went from junior varsity, again with the jock smack from the iron poor blood Erkle, to barbarian invasions, which cant be his fault. Hes just the spook by the door, as I' m sure by now that whatever Isis is, they certainly couldn’t have afforded Barry at his number even two years ago, so I'm not sure he is implicated as Rudy does, but again with me, lover of Cattiline, that isn’t a pivot in his favor, as I had an inkling this snigger is about like so many getting paid and that’s it. To call him a Moslem, is seen by smirking bag-men, an insult to him, when dare I say it is an insult to Islam, as I’m not sure I’m going to be lectured to about what religion is by our Aquinas of the drone attacks quadrupling, in flights. Like my poet and my auteur, the American Virgil, Gore Vidal said when he was trashed by the Jew York Times for saying mean things about the evil Reagun, my Nixon he called him when realizing too late what poisonous the big Reago was there to pick up the shards, the Barry Onama memorial Library burnt down,…both checkbooks were burned beyond recognition. Again you won’t get shit like this from any Juvenal’s now. And as he said, when demeaned by the always chip shouldered ny times, I refuse to put on fake decorum for whatever latest mediocrity our founders fear of Caesar gives us to rise to that mausoleum called a white house, I refuse in good conscious, father Gore said, to ever stop calling him anything more reverential than the Goddamn President.



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