10 November 2015




I saw how again niggeralia seems to take twists and turns and surgically without a layer of white chicks and ninnies in Guy Marx masks. Its games day, so get up. I think I would have been better off instead of painstakingly arguing as a Jesuit might, as arguments like free speech are so 2oth century, so openly grousing, as was told, their slurs are national debate, your slurs are mere entertainments, against the sopranos and Scorsese as I had, instead of putting out any arguments and such I could have just paid ten niggers to show up at HBO and sue the bullhorns that Reverend Spike AL doenst need anymore what with him beings net to the phantom Zone to yell and Holla into that yawing gulf on the other side of Mooch and Micheal and Rich Eisen, where all the eyeballs are. Of course the Jews at HBO might have been so fearful of this they relent, but then, as I figured, its always amazing when someone matters and when someone doesn't, as its never schooling when those doges in power decide you arent worth bothering with. Like how suddenly Clair MacCaskil is sighted and on Rachel no less, as during all that Ferguson shit she had it seemed gone to the mattresses with equally off the grid Democrats like bags of skin like senators you havent seen and are presumed either dead or chalked as reelected since Obama showed up. If there's one thing ive made apparent in all this, is the Roman credo, why tempt fate...?

It is funny when the sanctimonious get their voices like the dogs that bark that you are, as recall when I said I wanted no part of Greg Hardy as a cowboy, as recalled how he treated that pretty brunette and found that akin to how a starving man in the alps say, would see or view the Nero luaus in Rome, with a dollop of anger. I was no fan of Greg , thinking fuck up Jones was reaping a whirlwind, bit what do I know, except it seems I know almost how every joke ends. I didn't want Greg on any AMERICA's TEAM, GOD KNOWS, BUT THAT WAS WHEN SOME MORNING QUEEN NAMED THE ZABE WAS CALLING THE WHITE GIRL WHO HE BRUISED UP A MONEY GRUBBING WHORE. Now, as Greg is a Cowboy, he was never a fan. Of course now out of the baseboards come our national scolds, like Mamey Christine Brennan, not my diminution at all, and others who want Greg out for life. The Cowboys lost again, showing again what happens when you brake the magic seal, or are an incompetent owner, and I had to hear a team where a wide out got aways with calling a man not a teammate in coliseum like hazing God forbid, worth ones salt is a warning in an empire of ninnies, porch monkey is a Roman insult, what aint...?, but a black man meraley doing his job and nigger and was kept on, as like something out of Agatha Christie, all the coons at German town were let go, but a bald cretin who thinks working men, not boys, and only a third as many love collegggge tempo in the snow. This is a team that took umbrige at seeing Hardy, and he became persona non grata when leering at that white 'Woman' who Brady is married to in a satire of a decline an fall, as that was too much for the Jew and the negro to bear on I love you today ill hate you later afternoon yak talk shows on Keith-less and thus boring gay wad television ESPN. Ah look, there the Turk again, as the one thing you cant be in an imperium circus is boring. The pictures of the brunette surfaced they did, as the undercurrent of house everything's at ESPN trashing Hardy for leering at that transvestite 'Mrs Brady', seemed a bit much for all the good sportswriters now telling us they were liberal all along, as Micheal Sam got what he deserved.

I wanted to maybe hurl a letter in a bottle to lovely darkie thinker Kartina Richardson, who I respect as an intellect as soon as I saw her post a picture of herself in a pair of overalls with no shirt underneath as she was adorably cogent. An adorable thinker. I couldn't recall her website or if it was even still up, as got a few likes from the lovely dragon lady, until I think I asked one Columbus day renamed as indigenous peoples day, did that include the Etrscuans...?, cause I noticed it never does.


Still, thought Romansplaining was cute and great fun, and thought Id post it to her notice, so she doesn't just read niggers all the time who are willing to carefully back down when told. So looked her up on Google, again, as knew she wrote for salon until at least she said something too far afield from where the scarf wearing matrons like to get, ummmmmummmmph, and I think she was a bit too Juvenal than they'd like when getting money from a war consortium so make sure no one mentions drones, or the ninety cent solution for the rich men who made Barry their imperial bag man. We are headed for that Shatner moment, as Barry feels the dogs bark and he at the end of the parade. I saw a page which held something I never saw before, never heard of and why it came up wasn't sure, about some write a novel in thirty days contest , which started a week ago. Shit niggers, I can write a novel in ten days, five if you want it to sound like it as written by a white woman,as the bane of all Jesuits, the simple declarative sentence is the way most women and idiots like to lie. I could do that I thought, and will try to get something done ,as I certainly am not bothering with the cowboys anymore. I think I could write this Capote book Id been thinking about, the take of a gigolo of old women who finds a lovely woman he is attracted to, The Suckers List, as think I could do that saucily and easily and well.

Then I thought it over and think I did enough and sent out enough, a week behind i don't think i could, but saw this Arrhenius like white woman, are we ever free of their perfection...?, who dictated about this and of course spitting downwards is American as cheery pie and this cunt dint like the idea of anyone not vetted by the war profiteers or slave labors lost box phone makers as not having final cut, or anyone having a say who her masters hadn't blue penciled first. What did it matter to this cunt if some one took an opportunity to go to an open audition, which was once the life blood of the Roman and London's west ends, as when things gentrify and fossilize into both christian and lesbianism sanctimony, yes I saw the connection of blue noses first, making me beloved by doomed priests, the republic is dead. Sorry, and I thought write your novels kids, girls, niggers and all out there, and post your shit, as in my Roman way of thinking Catullus said the only way to criticize a book,... is with another book,. Leave the boilerplate and propagandists to women and holy cross spittoon drunkards, as I have never been on any pad and don't get my wit sent to me by fax as am never told who to damn today as am proud of my Jesuit creed in feeling badly for Richie and Florida housewive Casey and wish to see Brady break his scrawny neck, and hope Krafty goes belly up. I don't attack at dawn, as know, as a good Italian, there is no work security in that, and that in fact, the Turk, named for the Roman god of death Orcus, the villian in AR, who liked to kill, as Turks maliciously did, is always at the door. He was, as the Turks were coming to Italy, hence Dantes greyhound, they were afraid of wolves, supposedly not natural to Anatolia, and thus made into perpetual fairy tale villains for wanting to eat their kenneledd little pigs, from where we ironically get the word senator, which seem romantically correct again seen jowly fat women electioneering on the runs of GE theater. Wolves, the symbol of Roman defiance forever, which teemed in Italy, as therefore...But am too late to do anything like this now, too behind, and let it be, as right now didn't feel a need to prove anything more.

You see, I love Trump as a Roman snare no different from how the Godel blood sport has turned into a death march worthy of David Lean, or Blimpish Alec Guinness, as large men fall on shields all over the place. That last election another Goldman-sacks set up, was such an egregious insult to the Roman Gods, as clever and contrived as it was, dog killers everywhere, that you'd pay, as I guessed you would. America is, I was told as a boy by a priest, a Rome on the cheap, and the influx of Jews and Gypsies, ah the unnoticed of Dachau, has just given you a layer of filthy conniving and grift no Sicilian even could get behind, as taking ones medicine as I did tragically and figuratively is what frightens you Niggers and Jews most of all. I love Trump and the Cowboys still, as they are incarnate immaculate empires striking back, welcome to the apostolic of the republic leavened and honed by the people who loved farce and satire most of all, and thus  take that Archer, you lost yur mission statement and so dont bother watching anymore, who does,...Trump, Archer unapologetic, is a Roman anathema to George Will Versus Irish heckled up bag man Oreilly, as some pig man who has been lecturing us since Keith as a good republican was after all a attache to Colin Powell, house nigger saint, and was there when the war plans were made, which he has never seemingly answered for. I am Roman enough to never be lectured by a war criminal, as again aint on the pad and don't have GE executives telling us they did other radical sheikhs that I have to put Medved on. I resent the niggers and their sanctimony, as the Italians were the first people Cripp-pled in God land, and so see your championships as less than Roman, clever as Hannibal was called, and don't trust it at all. Like Clock Boy, your scions of sanctimony are layaway effemeral, carbonated, temporary, as you as John Thomson said get your only exercise by jumping to conclusions. When you pompous hags and such get too close to the weeds then supinely the niggers with bullhorns disappear as they are starting now, as the house and closet everything's of ESPN, will bug out the moment that anyone talks of paying a dime to college kids with that revisoir of cash that football makes for the lecturing halls, where the speech codes are played on thick, as men boys are sent back into blood sport games with concussions protocols as laughable as boxing doctors were once. The harder the fall. Hmnnnnn, there's a compare and contrast for a pussy nation, that without sport would be stuck with more niggers with nothing to do.As m father told me, the Italian were doomed once they stopped sending their boys to the boxing g ring to be thugs like Graziano and la motta, who he dispensed.

I knew that the Roman gods would get their due, again why there is no such thing as Roman Passover, blood as I was told as a boy, is the first thing that catches their eye. In the NFL stars fall everywhere, and the hard sell of Negros with the American dream of checking accounts find their jobs are up for grabs on blowhard stations who sold out to a prison demographic, as they always are. But I saw a human pustule named Mark Madden , why on earth am I watching this blowhard, as Gore called Rush ah but Rush actually read the list of greivences at Mizzou, ...wait didnt I use that line like a year ago...?, again I AM THE AUGER, causing both senators and nigger street raiders to go as they often do, Poof. I saw the look on Mac Caskles face, when our girl Rachel went too far a field as we are want to do and she was caught there after a good year and half of being incommunicado, or is Incognito, I am not sure. Watch for that story to be dropped lest any gladiator ask for the payment that Romans gave, as somehow no body thought to do this, or even ask questions as was done for Pitino when Jimbo presided over all the rapes and felonies. Im tired, and have to prepare for Saturnalia and might just let this all go for a while, as won two tickets to The Phantom menace or whatever that Roman plagiarism that Lucas no longer does, and will ask that kinky haired gal if shed like to go with me, as my brother tells me, at 60, no way is he sitting through that robot Flash Gorden shit, as his EC comics are long gone,and so is wally wood. But Madden went after Greg Hardy, again they will get even for him for leering at that transvestite, after all, you niggers work for owners and masters, as my life on the Tiber is infinitely more honorable than you life on the Mississippi and it is the Tiber, ask Bill, where we get sold down the river, menacing how Tuscans sold their criminality and slaves to Rome, stupidly beginning their populations of soldiers as they sadly as in AR, were busily aborting children who were half everything by matrons and such. But Madden also with the glaring omission of Leather face zippy the pin head Roethlisberger, kept speaking of the decline of Rome, a go to by the trash and the Germanic filth, admiring the Romans just long enough to believe in the noble savagery shown in Tacitus. As to show my love of Roman mythology is full, it is clear it is iron clad, at the next Steeler game, why Rothelisberger again in a tight game, well, he broke his foot, or whatever phantom pain caused him to go off the fields on a shield or a go cart or whatever, you see the seven times Rothlsberger has been carried out of a game, the very next week the team scheduled next was the Ravens, look it up, as he is a victim of circumstance. I find it funny that fat ankles Christine and other ESPN weather-girls didn't seem to be bothered by him or that Jameis is in the league, as he winced in pain as the Raiders, bless them after the tuck rules of empire they seem to be revivifying, reanimating, like a fungus. I love them so. Watching this lunkhead falter and fumble and crumble as the latest time in history a clown dies, and now the MacCaulksy fat women who hectored men about the definition of RAPE, AS IF TRASHING THEM AS RAPISTS, YOU CANT AS REPUBLICAN MENTION RAPE, IT LIKE ABORTION IS THEIR IMPERIAL SACRAMENT, and as for Billy not mentioning rape such is merely Nolo Condrendre. Hey, I wasn't the one who compared the national organization of women to a Roman dick joke, that was your champion, or at least his wife. As Jews and women in sashes sulk of the world, the pigs of Ovid, eye polls showing Hillary as standard bearer would be an implosion, and they are stuck, as Rosthelseiberger goes off the field again in a mash unit of an NFL where no one wears a Roman helmet and so designed as they were, concussions are everywhere. Now that's Roman.


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