01 January 2016




1. As I find it interesting that everything Trump said is gone over with a fine tooth comb, which is back in the silver Foxes hair when bloated, eating, babbling Bush boy says something like there isn't enough skin in the game in an idiot brother's war that has taken 5000 American lives, but then war is, as Cato said, great business.Ah, but our country and its Jewish gonnifs lesbian war lovers, drunken Irish alderman and scum bags bag men and trash don't understand one peculiar thing, that even though patrician pigs wish for power take their last names off the banners, still when one says Lucretia or Cosimo even in dreaful America, everyone knows who you are talking about anyway. The Italian , the last acceptable niggers in your last acceptable minstrel show laugh and laugh as aids victim Jesuit in the skies think what fool these dimwits be. 

But as I hear them on Yahoo radio still going after Greg Hardy with that sanctimony, petitions are being darned, trees sized over the wolf whistle, as his beating of the brunette meant nothing, I wonder can I call when the Stealers face the Bucks, can I call that Rape bowl...?, cause I know the gals, fags, Jews and niggers of ESPN wont. Ah rapists in pink shoes, that says it all, still I think seeing the calls go against the patriots last week, that Tom Brady, a horrid centaur, went too far when he reduxed the pose of Truman Capote in Other voices, other rooms. As I have a feeling the Jews and oafs and Negros of epsn, what they fear more than not being paid is something so openly gay. But that's just me. The auger. I did a lot of work this year to prove my bonifides, and had to deal with twerps with attitude, so think ill take Saturnalia off. As if kismet, once told to not show rag to anyone else but those reading it now opportunities appeared, as theyd have to. Okay by me in America. 


2. So will take Saturnalia off, as unlike Barry gave a word to these people nice enough to read it when no one seemingly wanted it, and after all, why am I working hard for...? In one year my resume went from a half a page, has ballooned to four so I HAVE DONE ENOUGH. But they are phishing Barry to act like a man or a Praetor or alive, and that something he doesn't like to much do, as our Janus is either lecturing us all, or releasing the drones with a Napoleonic glee, and we are tired, as this farce lasted far too long.

But GRAND MOMENT IN THE ROMAN HOLIDAY this is, was seeing that the Roman parody, satire is beyond it, The hunger games, fell flat as lead balloon as Keith Moon would say, which warmed my heart, as might happen with black centurions switching sides, God, really that is so Me, no really as posted did a comic much like this was smart enough to make the weary evocation in space a Roman, we may have had our full of dark haired colored rebels in full. You wanted a minstrel show, I dont call niggers with portfolio demanding that slur, so now you have one, effeminate killers, fat woman, coloreds who don't care about life, who will leave a child abandoned, Barry knows all about that,a s they don't feel love as well as the white folks do, you know the eons whose now acclimated Jew accepted bombing of hospitals ever gets much pub, now the minstrel show as metastasized and the blood isn't Scorsese squibs anymore, and it inst detergent either, but real. Ah the only sacraments the Romans had. Happy Saturnalia kids. Call it sympathy for empire. At least yours.

3. Of course the moment that was asked by a publishing company to submit Rag comic to no one else outside of self published sold editions, got a cavalcade of opportunities from previous sent dispatches, right on time. Many sent out in Spring, and by rote sending me packets for further query. more profession than used to. But no Barry am i, and a word is all a Roman has, so will take Saturnalia off, as Mad said when i was a kid, why kill yourself...? The resume, all this is about, is over four pages now, so that's enough.

But Barry is coming out tonight to reassure the nation, if not his investors, and its war profiteers that indeed he will Destroy and decimate Isis, and Id take that religiously you Arabs, I mean look what He did to the democrats. Still, after days and days of paddling he will now having paid the greyhound it fee go back to GE EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR status and make sure we know the naturals commitment shall never wavier belch blah belch,...as he sweeps up his last spotlight, may I say as Jews intents are heard from the assembly of queens were on television while the tourniquets were still wet, that in days I think America gets what it deserves, sorry, may I...?, I know all the Jews once who screeched of imperialism when I was a boy have become purple sashed gonniff doges now, so, as was reading Noam Chomsky as a priest Laden kid, as now, after forty years you white trash and barely copped in law blond addled Jews finally got the minstrel show you deserves, effeminate men with bored stupid sloping eyes, fat woman with the looks of witches, ah but no Italian woman worth hers lat, save the Romano jokes would leave a child to kill for any God, as after all she must have seen when push came to shove that Paris foot soldier went from martyr to on the lam as every Italian worth anything would know he would. But then I never much stressed that jewey poem on that golden door neither...

Again in the age of Barry nothing is a straight question, much less answer, and thus, thought I won a pair of tickets to see star wars the The Public Realation Firm awakens, tickets won from a comic book website I went to. Now, as geek Christmas apparatchiks dress in white armor as new elves, I find m-by email that I must go to a stub hub like fandango, from what I gather, place in a gibberish code, and then get two free tickets or 'free' after paying what amounts to a twelve dollar fee or some such thing to this website for unmentionables, blah blah balcch...

4. Its more trouble than its worth as I don't even much like Star wars, as feel an authorial sympathy for George Lucas here, and like his grave robbers equally stolen Star trek, it will juts be something like what I did in 1978 but without the oomph, as did a star trek parody in which the Italians, so unseen in our happy federation so full of Roman words, named Romulus, get it, went after Captain Kirk the Germanic star fleet Odysseus and mad mismanaged him before even Elliot Gould did. I have to I guess do all this because I take it the tickets can only be sued at the local imax, I cant image the migraine Id get, but asked a pretty girl with ringlet hair, again the unseen tyros at the magic kingdom if she go, and I take it at least it would be athwart a bargain, again, the best one in the duchy can hope for.

So bored was I that sat there in a holiday fog and watched the latest show used by Turner to save the three camera sit com using the aspect ratios perfected by Plautus and Dezi Arnez, a trifle called Two Broke Girls. Its by umbrella television, though I have never been enamored of avnate guard television as say a gal named Kartina Richardson seemed, as long ago had my full of weeds and broken bads played by socialists, with kidney shaped pools looking down on the suburbs they pedaled to create. Of course, the only reasons to watch were Garrett Morris who I have loved since a kid on Cooley high, a consummate pro actor, but mostly I was stayed here and stuck by the slight of the voluptuous dark haired gal who bouncily and curvily sauntered into the diner set just as I was about to switch off having my full of a leggy Blond, who the worst sort of woman, thinks she funny. Ecccchhhhh. And she beguiled me this curvy Aneglica, and yet bitchy figure, this belladonna, and even the girl playing Blond ditz as an archetype was better than she had to be, showing when dealing with chopped liver, the presentation is everything and casting was done well.

But in a nice tern, this time the voluptuous one was the girl playing spree wise hard ass brunette, which right there may have saved the show as the too, the busty chick, was likable and funny and the only real reason to watch this. This show could have been horrible as recall some ninny and some lesbian decrying it when it came on, again unwatched by me, for some kind of dynamic about Blond ditz and world weary brunette and archetypes, which as I said, telling some admiration for an editor when I could do that once, an archetype is a stereotype with two years of college , again showing my ability to get to the heart of the matter, as was taught to.

But with an uncompleted tree in the corner alas was bored and too early skipped on Cowboys, I sat there eating corned beef mindlessly with immaculate Italian breads I schleped to make on thanksgiving, I watched the pretty stacked one, this time as said a inspired choice, making it the cute brunette, and guess I was incited enough by her to keep watch what was basically dreck.

Again the Roman rules no Bush or Clinton can defeat no matter what they think they think, in Roman Comedy, a pretty girl who effects the shlubs of audience is worth a shit load of writing. There is a word for it, and I believe it, that there is a healing effect girls of a certain look have on men, this is deeper than any mere lust, though a striking look and a bust is needed, as this girl has, and I as hooked as she somehow got through the goal keepers and drawbridges of our suburban inferno. Like I said, when sharper than now, as find I do not care, I said to some half read comic hack, this sort who got them to get rid of superman's red trunks and yellow belts, cause you know that like the bat signal on batman chest was you know, stupid..., and who kept talking about the layers of hell hed send people to, you know, for making bad cartoons, yuck, its going in the wrong direction to be layers, to one of those comic hacks who thought one can just put out a shingle in crappy America and just start trashing people. I, as was told, am gifted. 


where have i seen this before... 

I sat there in this tinsled haze, as found an equal drawing towards the girl I have began to talk to at the Dwayne Reed, again seeing that similar voluptuary hearings, as found myself charmed, in incantato as my Ma would say, by the sight of a pretty girl.

No less than Petronius, number six I think on Bill Clinton's Roman heavy list of favorite books, That should have been a warning to you all, with Arminius and other Roamers who spoke of this “thunderbolt” said that Gay men and smart men, smart enough to eschew Romanticizes, as the Jesuits taught me, who didn't give a woman that much power, as they'd use it against you. My weakness for a well turned ankle, especially of the sort I speak, the striking ones Jews with Christmas trees don't like to recall, the ones that the great detective played by the openly too Jewish Belzer spoke of in a cop show too good for television soon to take the Romans Sicilians, AND MAKE THEM GREEK TRAGEDY, along with meth heads, recalled, that sort of divine angelica who has been replaced by the closeted everything's for whom Capote end is an unheard cautionary tale.

I didn't get this way reading the mere Bible or Koran, but books burned in America as recently as the seventies, really I hope you Arabs, cousins of historical me, don't buy that shit from the white devils...They were immune to this, horror that they'd admit that, as they, he , were born suspicious and clear eyed and snaked heart-ed, things one could say as the Romans didn't hate fags like Arabs and Jews have done fr millennia, and I think It might be true, as declared how the priests when I was a boy weren't crazy about my ability to fall into rapturous, and that's an other Italian idea grafted on to Christianity most done by Christ himself, as they told me my natural inclination towards a well formed chest and a well turned ankle was something that would just get in the way of my otherwise smart brains, as woman, they told me, make you stupid, Duh.

So I sat there and watched this, done amazingly by no less than Whitney Cummings, is that your porn star named dear...?, who is to me, a poor mans Tina Fey. Ouch. Still, perhaps with an internal instructed instinct, better than say knowing how to write comedy, she a brunette of sorts I guess, had an inculcation too, to make the blond this time flat and leggy and again not what one would think, and that she knew there is a tiredness to the Tolkien mentality that when one sees a china doll like bambolina as Ma says, like Italian girl Liv Tyler, you know , by rote, one is in for Tragedy or as close as the pompous and the Anglican can come. Tragedy tomorrow. I say in the Roman holiday, Comedy tonight.

Going through the drug store which I once joked I did all my Christmas shopping in, and then suddenly you all did become poor and had to, I was looking for Christmas ornaments of an allegedly higher quality than dollar store, but not much more. I saw the star wars set up that had been here a while and it seemed mend nothing was going very fast, and sensed the war between Disney and Warner, or Pizney and Varenys in the Tony verse, and saw more batman and Superman had gone and were marked down to two for one price while star wars was already on the shelves, fifty percent off. Wow, I said to my brother, who couldn't care less, Oh, look the star wars shit is slashed already dicounted,  as he rolled his eyes, as he as a real EC space wally wood devote before I was born and didn't need it translated through Lucas film. 


Then, a pretty and I mean pretty, Jane Russel type of vavoomy girl who worked there, walked past quickly as was working but overheard me and my brother, and said, breezily, Dude, pick it up if you want, she knew I was cartoonist by coming here to buy cheap supplies. We cant, she said, Give that shit away this time. I am still stunned when a pretty girl talks to me, but my brother sharp eyed asked the mulatto girl succinctly where the pop sickles were, the only reason he at all came. SADLY I ASKED HER WERE ALL THE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS WERE AND SHE SWEETLY AID, I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC, and her being in jeans as tight as their Italianate inventors meant them to be swayed a bit and I found myself temporarily stunned. I also saw that all the ornaments on discount were evil and plastic which I couldn't bring myself to use the coupon I had saved on, anyway. 

5. Late at night, I forgot the season and the fact that the oldies stations are all doing Xmas music since about Halloween. I turned it to listen to some disco party hullabaloo dance rock and roll show , and instead heard the great song by Stevie Wonder Motown hymn, which encapsulates Christmas to those of us of that age. Then suddenly, I heard bobobobeebooopbe saxophone shit,real wop shit and then a needle on a forty five screech. The DJ who had been here in Pittsburgh since a Joey Pinto like stunt, which cued people to call the cops, thinking that someone had taken over the local radio hit station, and kept playing mister Spock playing pure energy then came on and said that this song was again, out of any rotation, and no longer played. I knew again It was the wopppy bepp a beep a Guido the Christmas donkey or some such less than Louis Prima like wop thing, and that it was gone, taken out as has been the sopranos from cable television, as they try now to re imagine America to get Trump, into being as something it never was. 407 to 19 was the vote by the open hated to and

Camilius to keep the gates shut and to close the splendorous grass of Prariea. But, the funny thing was that night it append I THINK ON SUNDACNE, was Goodfellas, no less, that very night, an irony less poetic knowing how one station shows the lovable gumbas on a loop here in freedoms land, as the black ship of state lives in abject fear of Bushie tanking dread awful Livia Clinton down with him into the sinkhole which takes, Rome, Britain, Macedonia and the st. Louis Browns. The Christmas dunkey song, so full of poverty and similes sand misery was taken off, literally sampled off, and don't try to be nice now.

I found the perfect analogy, the Lie is the Odell Beckam Jr. catch. See, me with my Venus and Hercules and Roman plays and roman Saturnalia ghosts, I hate the house nigger most of all. -AA. I POSTED THIS PURPOSELY AT Larry the cable Niggers PAGE, TO GET A TIME STAMP BECAUSE I HAD AN INKLING THAT SIGNORA FOR TUNA , SURE I SEE  LIKE KAT AND MOLLY QUERIM ON ESPN, BUT IT SHALL ALWAYS BE WENDY, IS AS USUAL A BITCH AND SHE IS SMASHING PLATES AS WE SPEAK.

Even Barry is pretending he is humble, its a Herculean act, and admitting mistakes as he was blindsided by his response to Paris and San Bernidino attacks, as he didn't think this late anything he did was going to ever matter. How in God name did his reaction to anything except calling America slave holders and racists ever start to matter. It goes to show you. But, I thought too that the Cowboys would win the Saturday night Saturnalia days games, and they almost did, bless them, as they haven't been the hags and creeps and cretins who have given up forty four points up regularly to middling teams on national television, but then I am a romantic. I certainly didn't watch Hillary who cleverly and snidely and bitchily placed the democrat debate on against the still ratings juggernaut Cowboys, right there a kiss of death from Madam Defarge, and Mother Gertrude unlike her Cowboy ingredient Roman husband didn't understand she should piggy back on the Cowboys as he did, saving his derailment of mea culpas for one Cowboy game after the next, and look it up, he was great at usurping the Cowboys as like all Romans he loves a parade. 


Oh Sweet Old Bill, I cant stay mad at you, we are brethren of the wolf, Roman boys,and he with more candy and nuts and ifs and butts than I ever had, as he has been a smiler with a knife, a cad with a sprite, a Roman poet thief in the perpetual vigil, and twilight, always ready to like Harry Lime in the radio play scat and dash as a tenet in the old Ruins at Pompey, always on the take always on the make, his meter always running amid the matrimony and the schoolgirl , the cutie-pies and the wives he has caught and released along the way. I did see the drarey Tarantino has his version of Stagecoach, the film that Orson used as a doctorate in film making, it isn't, as I said in art school to dis-missives, that hard, and I felt sad as the year of fifty and the year of Madmen did bother me virulently as was ready to go ballistic at the drop of a hat, but am settling down now. I felt badly as this being pretested as a return of his to who else, Sergio Leone, and the 70 MM aspect I said at Zoetrope that I wanted to make a woman's actually sweetly made Herod script into a Roman film in and was called a bigot for if not admonitory at least understanding for Herod, we don't all get paid by Fox, as that blotted the Jews at the vineyard so, as they tried to say I had somehow cheated and didn't read the script about Herod in my demeaned reviews, when I provided I had, I was just clever anyway.I knew that sanctimony always hides something, but while FF was making one opera and or sandance Harlem shuffle about gangsters after the other I was firmly ensconced in the places that both Calvino and C.S. knew that the pixies keep their nests.

Only could FF and his Polish starlets make being clever, according to him, a disqualifying aspect, but then i always sided with Big guy over Dr. Bob, as first you make slurs verboten, big talk from the gangster maker, and then you go after ideas, once seen as sacrosanct before the boys room became Yale university. Ah, I was never so clever to think I could get away with my own Stagecoach, nor go out of my way to call John Ford given an afi award before Orson Welles, as he demanded it, a bigot, THE woman room charge is the answer to all questions by men clever enough to make parts played by Franco Nero into Jews and blacks, as we now must. If any Italian good looking actors out there thought they could play cowboys and spies and heroes ever, well, youll be a gumba and nothing but until after yore dead.

I warn Hillary here, though, hardly do I care or wish to help that bitch, but Roman prince thief Bill will skip through the knight, soory, night, and leave her left for dead, or knowing him, as I have seen him and his ilk before, will Roman up and say to her that just killing somehow doesn't always answer the call, too Sicilian for that crime family she has morphed the Roman duke into. Im sure he has spent a few nights as I have, in the thows of the Rome of yellowed pages, as these days I helped my mother make a sugarless cookie called a Scallia, yes you heard me, a boiled bread on oil which takes on whatever holiday favor from honey to cinnamon to meat sauce and to youd like to have. A kind of an Apulian bagel, but hard, a Bialystok, if not, which are wonderful with soup or broth. She is old now, at ninety, she tells me, and so I helped her as best I could, when I placed in more flour than she wanted she asked, Well, what can I do...?, and waved it off. She began talking about the horrid Germans and white trash, and half Gummadis, as she despised then and still does now, and she has taken to watching 2 broke girls as I have, saying of jewey busty Katherine, again daughter of the Tuscan sun Katherine, she brings a busty sweetness and even dare I say tenderness to the show, a Rizzo from that awful play who made it, only because a gal like Whitney was there to keep some yenta from casting it from notes provided by television city mayors, as Jerry said, important this week. Ma watched as a Neapolitan would, mostly for the slapstick, the new Lavern and Shirley making cupcakes together made her sweety unironically, Tacitus city, laugh, was a bit of chef of the future television eschewed by the middlebrows when Watley became a sociopath only for the jokes. They liked lecturing me at Copula vineyard about the 'correct' spelling of things like Tacitus and Tiber and Italy, thinking mine were typos, when they were gleaned from the Chaucer Aeneid, also on the Clinton bibliography, so are you in for it. She said, quensta esta una belladonna bella formata, she tells in Italian, and went on to say in words I cant write even phenotcially, I, she, was shocked so lovely a woman was even on television. My brother who is sharper than I, and yet still susceptible to the charms of someone like Katherine, its always a Katharine, daughter of the sun, he stopped yelling at my mother as they always do when were cooking, to stand and watch the her on the screen, as she gamely and playfully danced across the settee with a grace only a fleshy sensual sniper can have, and he stood there and acceded to her and even laughed at her and the blond who, like my mother, he cant abide. I was aaaaaaaashamed to be caught catching two broke girls as I was, but then I have been like Bill been reading Virgil since ten, so if I want to watch the dancing girls, I will watch the dancing girls.

I was shocked too that someone who looks like her was on, like Wendy and Molly and the other Beatrice's who barely get seen amid the shit movies about the dreaded victim Dumbo Trumbo. Without the Beatrice gene, the niggers and the yids are far to willing to fall head over shells for blonds cunts of various weights and measures, and so it is only the Italian who have a soft spot for the busty dark lippy hippy chicks like she, well, we and the occasional Machiavellian bloated pig from a placed called Hope, who clobbers and sours and screens and schemes in the plebeian nights. With the Cowboys haltered and beaten into submission Clinton doing the work of Etruscan Kemeter is the last team I have to root for. But the Cowboys lost, sadly, I think Rodger will be reaping that reward, and so, the Cowboys gone, I think perhaps at Chappiqua or is it Milan on the Hudson, or is it Syracuse, the first one, they should leave Bill to watch Kat, as he must be on late night tbs, and perhaps go to plan B. Hillary wishes to think the Romans of now has taken to the perpetual triumphs of her ilk and Barry and the sort who like to shower the people with homilies, ah but its still Machiavelli's beloved republic, as he said republic is a circus and empire a dower church, was after all tortured for his book about the Roman republic amid the doges, and that the consolidation of power was always doomed. I make another warning, and circus and Vulgar is word sued to demean women that get their husbands to look at them, which they fear so, and she thinks, like Megan and the little foxes that we are all patricians made of shit, and Dante could have told them, in Italays new and old, well, its a Collodian mosaic still, and the republic strikes back!

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