11 March 2016


Throwing away nothing, I thought of using an Aunt Frizi satire I did of a pretty ex starlet  with two children she cared for suddenly made a gumshoes secretary in  a prequel of my comic world, and brought into a Mike Hammer world, a cute idea I never completed, like so much. 

I re did some of this added some ideas, the middle aged Odin Valentine, as an Orson, the Hollywood millue, the killing of an Arthur Lake like Dagwood beginning it all, and such, as was invited to insert some pulp noir comics into a collection. However, was told It couldn't be my Rag, as that was copy-written, by me, and that was that, I had too make something up. While doing this got a sense of things , and kept at it, until reasoned though as told I had to return to Facebook, they hadn't gotten back to me yet, as others who hadn't asked me to go to Facebook surely have, so I dropped it. 

There are things I cant do, and I find out and out grave robing is one, as there are things I cant get myself to do. I left a message on Facebook for these hacks, like the lesbians, so upset by a Roman hero, their circumspection is a ruse. Still from this have a script for a noir festival invited to, and can only sue the name Captain Marble, with aplomb, as the hero crated by Odin Valentine, as though he exists as a parody in Get Lost I think, satire magazine, I did as a ten year old think myself quite the wit in ovo for coming up with that name as a first go to for what became Captain Magnus, so think its mine even if not. But, found I cant do another line, right now, a long cold lonesome winter, the months unnamed by the early Italics, spent with Max and Caroline showing the world out there, and was invited to place a comic, again not Rag or hero of any kind , to a collection looking for scifi and fantasy, which am not in the mood for. But thinking about doing a Franzetta like comic, a Heavy metal Serpieri Druuna of my own, so, went too a site I knew had images of these Seventies comics and like sexual and heroic images by various ethnic men. This alleged cartoonist decries these old days, the Sixties no less, as some sort of dark age, oh what klansmen we all were before voting for Queen  Dido, eventually you know after not, and this is sanctimony that obviously has gotten  under everyone's  skin. He went on and on, each railed against as Racist, ah the tar of later Dimsdales, racist all the new tsarists that the fat co eds preach about before and after but not during drunken game days, or the kind of shows Hitler would have approved of. I liked Cracked as a kid, found it a lighter,  less pompous, less hypocrites Mad, and so looked up image of the great Bill Ward, who of course along with Oh Wicked Wanda,  adored by me as a young cartoonist as a high point of the art, oh how they were trashed by this middle aged truant now on the road to Damascus, or is it Valhalla, or what could be the difference, once the Jews are paid not to bitch about our Thors. He ripped these cartoons apart  for racism, in a pretty black girl being drawn by Ward as he drew woman, as its racist, especially when you don't draw them blond. Yechh, I thought, but again saw the flaw in their middle brow middle spread argument.As a great cartoonist at Cracked, Rodriquez, a shake lined master who also worked at Lampoon as did Ward and Olcheck , so much for quotes around Art, what me funny...?, he did a back cover great moments in history in which a Italian cartoon crafts a wheel with purple fake feet on it to smash grapes at a higher rate, and thus Guido Calvaanti or some name like that invents the assembly line in 1846. Cute and almost true. But the magnanimous Whistler didn't deign or wish or even act to place his contract need to tel us what is racist, before showing it all again, which makes me wonder what does that make you...? Again, another Cracked had as a boy was an issue devoted to crime in which a Capone like gangster painted by Sevrin is walking along wearing an armory as the janitor looks on, again a cute image. But, again, the albuminous arbiter of all which si so decent and noble is silent here as he was at the stomping grapes joke, which shoos again, sanctimony always falls apart as I as a boy was warned by smarter unmarried queers, than around now, as eventually there is something or someone that the clerks of decency do not want to make their arguments for, and don't even think to do and are thus trapped. I couldn't abide this hack and his parapet of self righteousness as again it always falls apart when you need the Italian too laughingly be the last minstrel  show and or Western or blood comedy that you have left. He wishes to put down the age of Aquarius because the cows and fruits now are I SEE WILLING to allow Khan to go from virile and dignified Spanish speaking actor to English schoolboy, same as making the Joker a meth head, showing the American creed.

I must make note that Johnnie Manzel was cut today by a half breed high yellow house negro who , as they are want, always , like playdo on four color comics, take up the antipathy of the white trash  who own them. You did your praetorian jobs, oafs , Jews, white boys, fags and niggers, and I cant wait till September when this coon high yellow as he is runs into the buzz saw called the Rooney Curia. Smerch, or whoever runs the NCAA had a hard on for Johnnie since a dollar sign made as that brought questions of why higher education while lecturing us about cartoons it finds unacceptable, dont pay its gladiators like the Romans had. Johnny was supposed to be a Cowboy, yo spit in fates eye,  and the deceitful little hacker heart of Drama adoring Jerrah knew as much, he was prepping for his close up,  before his ever so thoughtful son  put in a name of another Lineman, and how well did that work out when you had a second great wall of Dallas with no one behind it. Gee, Jerrah, would you have gone 0-7 with magic Johnnie on the bench last year, but then I dont slur circus as a pejorative, as do house coons on sports television when they are not yucking it up with veracious rapists, whose true crimes are never notified by Broad city, seventies penthouse pet, cutie pie Sarah Spain in her luckies tinted voice, as again she recalls in me all which I fear lost as we have a praetor who openly cant show up at a state funeral but will give rites for any pimp not shot in Chiraq. Now see we Romans boys we know the score of draughts as Bill C, shit Negroes, not only go to a funeral and play Cardinal well, for an extra fiddy hell give the Eulogy. Its the Antony is us. The age of clerks might be over, as the SSTrump steams along, with his enemies devastated, when he crashed past the memorial Imperial Robert C Bird bridge and viaduct,  and he sped on as again an Italian could have told you, sanctimony is the worst sin a circus can commit. Oh wicked Wanda must be somewhere else, and think of not doing another job after so many fell through. This is the golden age...? We are the mods we are the mods we are we are we are the mods....


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