06 March 2016



As I have intimated before, took the advise of boyhood hero Neal Adams on Facebook, and collected a myriad of pencil outlines of bodies in motion and building block marionettes of pencil, to get things done quickly as easily instead of drawing everything from scratch, as I sued to do to be, you know, ethical. I cut and paste these images here and there, and get a six pager out in a matter of days. It works, as I would think, and so issue these genetic body types to make whatever script I am given, and can pound it out forthwith and with ease. But this does mean I am not as able or as capable of a flight of whismey where or there, and have even taken egads...! to tracing, no literally tracing images, which when gotten down I must go over again and make look like my own work, as I must have some flourish that makes the grunt work of comics look like I did it and not someone else. As if it looks like one by someone else, what would be the point...??

In this vein, I bought a shit load of image comics from eBay, for like ten bucks, a parcel of forty and though much of the art is atrocious, still I like the general millue of it all, and did take occasional images I then access and re-size ti look more like they are my work. In this bought a complete run of Supreme, pre the grand Kemeterian, its like a Satanist with a sense of humor, Alan Moore, and can see how a lovely Asian comics gal saw in my own mister stupendous a glimmer of this. Though now decried and demeaned, not when I was in art school I never kept to the always ear to the ground valued costumers who think of what is cool more than Pilate thought what is truth. And, a lot more than these scuzzy creeps should, I saw a loveliness in these overt vulgar pages that have I HAVE USED to make up ground in the need and wants now for a resume to show my workman ethics. In these supreme books, the only character who seems at all human and humane, is the brunette Lady inverse of the character as was told I too did something to the usual woman hero in my pow girls and vundergals, however now, in our school marms World, the essayists are dead and the housewives who remain like strangely antiseptic nuns in covens, sorry convents, witchcraft was sued as a big reason why Brother Martin got rid of nuns and grappled them with wives for priests, like you are art to do now with queers, and therefore we are raggedly hectored by cunts on cable television who shriek at their own jokes about the evils of a Wonder-woman, once on the covers of Time and Ms, back before Barry the nigger queen and the radical Sikhs war dancers doth made investors of us all. I cant utensil the true carbon paper arts of copying these lovely images and eye ball it as they are quite nice, near mint, and though I am sure they'll be worth nothing, still refuse to cut them up as I have the more newsprint qulaiteis of nineties marvels, they seem too very nice to cut into colorful bits.

I have turned away from the circus atmosphere of the political race, as again I dont use that as a pejorative, as if everything in a land which lays it on thick about how compassionate and decent they are between hospital strikes which never bother the decent as much as a joke told in private. I don't use Circus as a insult, not as much as the middlebrows and the out and out Clytemnestra like bribed do, as a good Franciscan student, I was made to read the black saint of the black pope, again not racial, as everything isn't about white trash max comfort seasons of foundations telling the nigger were to shuffle and not, not always being too close to Rhamoulous and or the loop. I recall Mach the knife saying that the political as perfected and as minstrel by the beloved Romans as much as anyone, that in fact, the politician according to him, was closer o the Roman farce than would ever be to Greek tragedy, and that anyone who thought the political wanst askance, vulgar venial and pratfalled, that anyone who thought the political was a church, or that it owed more to the Greek tragedy than the Roman comedy was reaching for his own destruction. Or hers, as the case may be. Hmnn, the bloated drunkard idiot sons of scions families made it in whereas the mean sad smart calculating ones all levers and cogs, seem to be at wits end, and do not understand this bromide, which like all Italian things seems like a lie, but is true.

This is why I have gone all in with Kat and Beth and their new defazio and feeney acclimation as against the droning of various Jews and blinds hemorrhoids on the body politic, angered openly, made stupid by their needs like I was warned of my admiration of a well turned ankle, still amazingly tine deaf as their champions they seem irritated that that the people still have a voice. There is danger in jewey Daly news rag merchant Mortie and Karl Rove reining so openly on the side as Rachael Maddow and GE theater, as it now a mess of sicidal mission, kamikazes instead of Roman turtles, to show as I have known since Bob gates didn't have to clear his desk after the niggeralaia confetti swept away, that it appears sadly you're all on the same side. As I have said as Barry and his shamelessness has poisoned your bloodstream with effete germs, at least pretend it matters. I make a sign to ward away the devil, at least the Jewish one, speaking Greek tragedy , have my own in Kemeter and don't need this Jew baby shit, as they are so openly deamneing and dismissing the will of the people, that eventually they can only be as Machiavelli said, racing towards the end of the crevasse, when all the rats re downed in pools of Neroian bloody fountains, which when that happens and the Tyber ran red, always a sign, you know, when the clerks cant even keep the leaves out of the aqueducts, that the slate shall be wiped clean, so have you fun now girls. I did hear that the Beagle bros, the sons of Katie Murdoch, have been godparented in, they paratropped into a glass temple, that the usual con of fox news has grown weary and stale, and no Doc Simon to clean it up and make it clear, and so, it appears that the last starw was putting a blond entombed in pancake and lip gloss an understudy who has made herself the Merm, was more than America could bear, and that in fact that giggling gawking hag, certs ad commercial Virginia slims ad before cigarettes became verboten as so much did once the fags were all dead, was more than Americans even deserved.

It was said on the great Charlie Rose that the Penguin left, Billoh, is very much not enamored of our ice queen Frozen minded blond cunt news queen, showing again as Network makes its appearance on TCM again, that Paddy Chievsky again the Plautus aspect that satire is just a reality that gets its own jokes, and is self aware in ways that great script once seen as prescient, abot where news was heading now in a few years seems almost quaint, as all satire must. I found it amazingly venial and awful when Rachel Maddow as mouthing the same words about the despised Trump as Bush was, as Frank Rich was saying the same taking points as equal Napoleon the pig Rove was, ah whats bilge and cries alone ...and that somehow this smiling smirking laughing cow holy cross roller Matthews was out there swimmingly unapologetic ally unable to continue his usual bar crawling and political sludge as Hillary lost bad and it w according to him, a tough night. Why is it tough for you, what do you care, ah but I guess like as at Northwestern, the least thing they taught the niggers and lace curtain Irish at the middle American dumping grounds was the clear Jesuitical eye I was honed to have.

There is no over arching propensity this time as there was in 2008, when jokes about the deary Paylin weer seen as something I could sue to gain notice, and then when brought that eye to the equally porcine, maybe worse, Hillary in her decades like fight against mental heath, well that was far too much and any chance at making IN THIS GOLDEN AGE went up in the smoke of legal weed, rice and dove shit from various gay marriages, with mingling in the stratosphere with soot from men unnoticed dying in wars this ninny always accepts at half a loaf, unnoticed burning men as you shoved queer weddings up our ass, which have leveled off as the further we all gt from the days of neupauls it seems the less and less faggots wish to come out and be so married, which shows it was never going too have the staying power of Trimlchios bathes as I sort of guessed all along, but then I was eared by that caliber of men since 1972.


 I was sumerially told I had somehow tricked them, having an opinion that they didn't want or accept. As the eye I gave to the Barry vs Hillary fandango as they thought I could like activists and stupid woman and stash who were on NBC that I would be a good little wop, and attack on their command and more importantly, shut up when told. Well, as I told them, not at these prices dear, as their Bacchic Bullshit meneorgaoh machine wasn't going to make or break me. So, with that I pay no attestation outside of a Cattilinian admirers love of cahoots and Roman garffistst adoration of Trumpie fucking the elites over, with the occasional thumbs up that I hear like Augustus before Marcus Agrippa, fatso Rodger Ails having to be brought from Lunch to beg for his job before the brothers who aren't as devoted to the whole propaganda mill idea as is their father, who to be fair awloed the Simpson and such to have their say, showing that the queer devotion of twerps at like the GE theater and the racial one step above mimeograph machine northwest devotees are always gong to be out of the real money anyway. One thing about me as as I said, I can get an audience, that most Roman of ideals, and am surroundd by Greek and Jews alwas at lent, all out to destroy the populist Trump, with cripple steely Dan leading the way, still unaware that eventually they will get their Easter of fears and ins, being seen as touchy against the will of their in laws and goys. A touching scene I was told I wrote, by a Jewish fellow who liked me much, like many a woman from afar but wanted no part of my dick as it were, in this case my collected warbling as lets say sweaty and needy, in the play In The Gardens of Caesar , when, oh I love when the Jews get theirs, Constantine s minister of war, a Jew named Gaius, is placed on the list by the horrid bishops now thinking they have sway, and so he is told to become christian or die, and at the end, befuddled and broken, the Jewish Roman, this the first time one could not be both, cant give into the God that Romans thought for years was a Jewish conniving Jewish retelling of Mythrias as he was, as there whole bible was plagiarized from the myths of older Arabs. The Jewish circus owner wanted no part of it, but said it was a lovely piece, how Rome for the fisrt time backed a theocracy, bishops who emptied themselves from war and taxes as Jews always so, but worse this time, had won over Constantine, ender of Rome, and now without a city, the Arabs are so good about imperialism when not theirs, and now, the Christer maker ender of Rome finds himself like Mohamed in the pages of Dante's Comedy, the only divine book the Italans will ever have, and no Turks will ever demeaned he be unshorn in it, as an eagle cant have two heads, unless Polish. I wont touch that.

Along with the broke girls, which I have even gotten my brother to watch, as sharpie, as he hates most of that laugh track television city shit, as sees in Kat the reflected ethnic girl he sued to know and have around often, as they spake to a reality that Tina Fey likes to believe she has somehow tunneled her way up from. I also have taken to watching the terrific show, Better Call Saul, with the brilliant and funny and tragic, Bob Odenkirk, again the law of Machiavellian farce is always attest-able, which is about a low life and a criminal, as cable television finally finds the kind of criminal heart I can understand. A lawyer. After a decade of gumbas and meth dealers, now finally in a lawyer you have found the essence of the heart of crime.

I have seen and known these sort of shady men all my life and again, not to cast aspericans , but merely a kind of ennui, I did write a play about such a lawyer a dreg a scumbag a mustachioed hack, a barbershop barrister who eventually becomes enamored of and devoted to and kidnaps a Wendy like bombshell in the malebolgia of Los Angeles. How did I, I was asked on a phone interveiw from there, so perfectly get and understand the noir elements of La so perfectly, never having been there. Ah the madness of art. I have never been to Tuscany either, but had enough of a sense of the place through my veins and pulses that despite whatever is said at the temple of middlebrow, I was admired for by Italian who had enough of Jews and their in laws somehow white washing their age of darkness's. As tell the Bozos of amazon, save your devotionals and kind words for Scorsese, no he rally needs than now, as his less than Orson pin of genius is more Galen now, into the sewer he made and he cant fish it out. The Tuscan mother of a woman now gone, told her Roman named daughter to tell me she would pray fro me at her vespairs for my having saved the senescence of the Italians, corrupt and thus civilized and parasitic and venial before both sets of Barry's in laws ever were, from the Jewish money men needing a minstrel show as it has for forty years now that the Jews of Hollywood pertained they didn't look down on the shavatzas, wait, or is it, its zitsoons, no that's right , children of Ham, and she thanked me for giving the Patrica a glimmer of decency, and not that lathe overoptimism they give Niggers and Jews and other good noble savagery, as these stockist I collected were full of pimps, theive, saints, goddesses, witches, tyrants, etc, just something other than wop boxers and fat girls with hair removal problems so thrillingly coming to the tomuge of Jewish writer and bankers brother Satirists who have married blond.

On a free HBO weekend, watched the story of the great Nichols and May, a dreadful movie about the older English at some Hilton Calcutta, remember everyone, you dont have a society or a nation or the-ruins of empire or even human beings there until Judy Dench comes by like say the great Vanessa Redgrave, to the Trevi looking for Dick. Again, found Saul because will watch anything as put these cartoons together besides the circus as you demean it, ah but eventually even Pig man Frank Rich Readies that the Democrats and their good and wholesome and connected and on the pad and woeful cons,w ell, no onen is showing up, as Plautus could advise you, the only sin a political movmnet or a circus can commit. On here though saw Drumbo , again though think Bryan Cranston is an awfully decent man and a good actor, cant really watch this actor and take him seriously, as am always sure no matter what he doing, the great society, meth baking, being a member of the Hollywood ten, he is only doing it for the jokes.

So have taken to catching up with Breaking Bad, but it isn't Saul, as is as serous as a toothache, like Hillary is, learning nothing from her Sallust Saul like husband, and so, cant really get into itl but am lost anyway, but was nice to see wiseguy handler Jonathan Banks back on television as a perfect Rat. I am lost, but not in a way I cant stand, like Matrix lost, as these are human beings I notice here, even in Breaking Bad, I like Terrence get the human gist, but like Saul more, thats all. Its not like the Matrix which makes me sad and then as Raging as Lurr from Omicron Persei 8 becomes at Single Female Lawyer, which also left me cold. No I merely sit an and watch Saul play with a lightswtch because it is human and thus is not foreign to me, as Black Roman said, see what Constantine wrought above, as racism makes scense when you are two penect of the world and do not own it. I try and watch Matrix now as have said, and then I am filled with rage and anger that it makes no sense to me.

I am true to the Roman Gods as an inoculation from the gathering of Jews and blonds and white boys. Oh chubby lunchy Coasta what my father called a company Wop is patriotically everywhere on deck, without a Virgil on the crew. All are at wits end and shamelessly afraid of losing their hold on the niggers and the red necks they think bequeathed to them, as cant really watch Rachel anymore as she is made to be paper shuffler to lair liar pants on fire anchorman brought low Brian, showing again, sorry dears , but like I intoned, its a mans world bitch!, as all the pretty maids all in a row have not made it to the next prateoship as I think through the heavy rains I , well, argued. What I couldn't abide about Drumbo was its own seriousness again, Whatley seems to gravitate towards this despite or because of his every-mans gaiety and guyness, again he is a likable and fine actor, its just him slwering about Meth makes me rcall a comic book guys I spoke to in 2012, who said first of a new batman series that was about to have the massacre it seemed to be headed towards, dude, youre a vigilante in a cape. It shouldn't be this boring to be a criminal. The Jewey writer, Dalton, was a hack, but joylessly so, again Cranson a perfect player of the part, why I dont know, he seems to have a Dick van Dyke affability to his long jawed limberness, and what was not made a point of was Sparticus as much as I would have thought.

A doppelganger for Kirk Douglas was enlisted to come and show a strange devotion to Dalton,  as was latest commedia dell arte fat man Goodman that he would commit some sort of assault to always stand firm in Napoleon's army, though he seemed to be a precocious to Russ Meyer without the warmth. I know I was susposseta to feel sorry for the fade to genius, the Pirandello of the lot, instead, was shocked to see he was married to someone who could be approximated by the great and loved by me Diane Lane, Hanna's granddaughter, who to me is the essence of a cool brunette, if one is available in our hedda hopper as much as anything world. I felt badly more for her, and these children as much as anything, as his only true devotion as would be to a radical commie Jew with shiska wife and swimming pool, as was to glory and money, and even Loius CK seems human in comparison to him, which is saying something about how good an actor Cranston is, as despite himself, no wait thats not fair , or again to be fair, because of him, he showed a level of deceit which went all the way into the fibers of his Le Roy Neiman mustash, and handlebar as I have shown here always the essence of a con man.

The director was mentioned once, the great Stanley Kubrick, WHO WAS MAKING A FUSS, silly little Jew, about a throw away thing like historical accuracy, whereas as showing a lever level of Jewish arts, Drumbo was shaving corners like Bill Clinton in a whorehouse, and with as much a fake eye on the final bill.

But, with a small aside to Kubrick a filming master, Kirk admits to Drumbo that the director this time, on paths of gory unknown to hackish Dalton, was in fact right. The Romasn deserve batter than this sludge it was said that Jesuit trained Hitchcock said, before  the Romans were amazingly because of Mel Gibson made into Nazis by Jews for Jesus, and other trash the grand old party sees now going away. The sign now of being a establishment candidate is so toxic, so vile so venial so radio active that even house everything white woman translation horrid cunt bag woman Nicole Wallace calls the Barry interregnum that she helped to installation as being cancerous with smile of course, which was like a televised fart , as is there anything more true than that. A fart I mean, as it makes its own appearance in Dante, in a vile, horrible, furnace Inferno, as the great master thought again he like Tacitus and ME a lover of dancing girls ethics, Dante could think of no more poetic an image than that hell is filled with demons who fart at will.

I did watch Drumbo it until one am, my mother in her bed down here, asking me why the light was still on. Though not porno, and I couldn't explain it, and told her I was watching that zaftig brunette she thinks has to be Italian, Kat Dannings, and the blond she cant abide, queta ragazza con le capilli silka she said, with a shudder, she cant stand her, and makes a face of constant at wits endlessness as she cant abide the bionda, but thinks the curvy Jewish chick reminds her of the Venuses she saw in an Italy which has been made into a place of where bigots can as my father warned me say openly what they think of everyone one else. Unlike American yentas, she thinks Jews can be very pretty, but the pout like the waitress' must be of the girls with the gaits of goddesses, as Italian girls were once described before Martin Scorsese took his first meeting.

Barry the white did a grave misdeed no pun intended, when he didn't go to the funeral of the first Italian supreme court justice, which was ironic for a nation of niggers controlled by patricians and in a tenement archipelago predicted by the Romans as much as the alphabet, music or art. Its was the discovery of a book by Boccaccio no less of Lucretius that opened the box of ancient knowledge called the Renaissance, a book which when a lovely and thoughtful Jewish man named Grannblatt I think admitted it was the start of the age of enlightenment,a s never before , this was seen as heinous by people who still sigh to blame the Nazis on Tacitus, again not my favorite Roman at all, but Roman enough to be hated by the dimwits and nimrods who listen to a wrangling Glenn Beck. When dutiful thin lipped Barry didn't give this giant his due, how could he inculcated as he was by a grandma who wished to see him as best trainspotter for the niggers, how could he give his wilting wax imprimatur, such as it is, place Bills Roman joke here, how could he stay quiet for three hours and go to that mans funeral and show a modicum of respect, which he saves for pimps thankfully not shot as slashing tires in Chicagoans, as those deaths we know since the golden age pages are those for whom no bell around Barry's neck ever tolls.

Oh he comes out now with the wide skittish eyes of a bag hag on television who cant believable the people are accepting Trump after she was diva like insulted by him, oh go wax your cunt sweetheart, its how you got the job, see above who avaricious Irishmen who have breached the walls are not pleased by her constant connecting of everything see sees to something from Gelbart years of shticky MASH. Saw both Mash and Patton and other great seventieth films were on, but like Cooley high seen again, couldn't watch it all as was pained by more than an ahcita stomach, but by a sadness I cant put my finger on, as Goofball Jerry Lewis who I love said at the academy awards one year of the anti Mayrelin herself, zaftig Sophia.


I wasnt the only one out here in the serfdom to note that ultimate dismissal after years of hearing how important respect was to the gumas that Martin and Francis and pre shot wops prattled on so about, and not my mother only ether, as cashiers and waitresses called now Crass by Jew Yorker hacks who think they have tunneled up like Milton's Satan to the wasp paper hives, this was an analogy that pleased a white woman I worked with on ITGAGE, and think they have left the Kats in alleys far beneath them. Man of Steal was on, no thank you as said, Ursa being still a brunette and Lois not,was too much for me and my love of Teri and Phyllis as vavoomy should padded flesher like cartoons come too fleshy life. Again how closeted does one have too be to see the girl who played Ursa and not say, fuck you you living ass, we have found our Lois, but then, the queer who played superduperman wouldn't have been the most effeminate one on the screen, ...oh look they're kissing amid the strangely nine eleven rubble of metropolis. Ah I could be a bitch and say despite the work Or Alan, no man could be that powerful and still hold together as a man, but then I am a Jesuit student who can not take comics and politics at anything deeper than face value, as circus is meant to be, before like so much Italian all was devastated and demeaned and stressed by duck walking Federico who now , any schnook, has been made as much as anyone a persona non gratata as their hatred of circus, as puritans always are, make him verboten as the abortionist and theirs carved woman lecture us about our carnivals, again like Barry making grandparents with Klan ties proud.

But what showed me what a nigger we have on this last horse he road in on in Barry was how they put it out that he was about to nominate a republican to take the Scalias seat, as if they killed Scalia, whoever did it, twas a grievous fault and grievously did Bushie answer it, as within five days of this game changer as a Jewish hack would call it, Bush was out of the race officially, four delicagets in a discontented winter does not a holy ghost smoking a five dollar cigar make. And too, within days, Hillary was barking like dog at the moon showing she might not be ready for anything more than the hypodermic which Bill is preoboby keeping handy. Ah Roman me, Id make that a perpetual loop of a commercial, my opponent barking at the moon, call it Monica's revenge, ah but Bogeyman Curb your enthusasium, and who saw that connection before Horace at 8-h, I start to dispsie, his love of the republic is never fulsome enough to cause him to trash Mrs Tweedledum, as his own jewey adoration and husband silence at a white woman is irreproachable. Again, fellow, I was made to read life of Napoleon as a boy, so either take Vienna, as he paraphrased Caesar, or leave me a alone.

An Idea that this house nigger bag man would replace a giant on the court of course not with a liberal, lets not go nuts, no one pays him to be a liberal, dummies, but with a hack, a piccalilli hack, a gop guvnor of all things oh of course Rachel , its still good, its still Good, she came out to explain its alight, hes pro chose, as being pro abortion is too something wicked this way comes to play in Peoria as it were. I still get likes for Romansplaining, how different since I was called a republican for noticing that President Huggybear presided over nine dimes out of a dollar going to the super rich, as a nigger must to to get his white tie and tails. And that this chophouse coon bag man would be this Hansel was amusing, she should have just taken tame to run out the clock, Massiminio style as he was hoping too get away without having to pretend anymore, something I pciked up on when shamelessness Bidding came out with eclectically white Barry father Ash somehow to explain how this republican again w one of the good ones, a style of team building slated by Bill Clinton lest any democrat get to close to the by now corrected farm implement levers of power. Youll pay for this, Barry, to dain to replace the Reader of Justinian for fun, to replace Scalia, with a Bob Hopeless lookalike, a political bag man from the far west, always a moderate, menacing there are whole scads of races he'd abort if he could, and of course, this is Sparta and so he loves War. I say put him on the bench, hacks, there is no better coda to the Madam Butterfly who is persnickety than to give the Republic a young man on the bench like Bush installed blue eyed cj WHO DO THE best that Merck and businesses can pay for. I made another sign to ward away the evil eye, I have been skitsky lately, and didn't watch this house coon nervously look to at a Preatorium about to kick him out, the Romans you hate and grandma hated as a good jayhawk boobie trapped this farce from the beginning, tough guy, and even crass eyed Hillary can see it, not as jesuitical as I and Bill, really though called a tempestuous Italian can be paternally agronomist as I have been taught, it made me sick to know this Trojan horse rolls on unabated into the long good night, as I hope for him Tyberian evenings, sideswiped and despised as Rome has survived his gloomy kleptomaniac honorifics.


I can sense something in the air now, gorgeous Roman deities, who look like Wendy flitting through the air, as they could, called manias once, like Phantoma by a giant I adore named Fletcher Hanks, they could at any moment go from gorgeous Kat like bouncy tangled harrier, as my mas says of her who see watched her, like my brother and sees a reflection of their race as never seen in Pollock and Russian domianetd Sopranos, these manias , Freud like Marx a Roman buff, aren't we all, at least Jews were then, they could become harpies and she devils at a blink of an eye something that as placed into Raiders of the lost ark by a Roman addled Lucas. Actually this idea of mania going from gorgeous creature to stragea witch is anti biblical, but Steven didn't care, as with some much Roman to the news once, it is super cool. On the free hbo weekend I saw a show called Vinyl, about the 'decadent' seventies, which made me wonder again, like the Romans when do you Jews and white in laws become decedent, just by placings the suburban face on, well, sorry Medved and other intermarried chosen that means shit, and is seen in Dante again, when all the fakes wear ivory masks to hide their hypocritical hearts. I sat and watched a moment and then saw the disastrous wop himself Romano, the again Wop Steppin with always fetch for food, and went to turn it off as figured it another wop comedy at which if I didn't want to watch Mash...Then I heard this was Scorsese's last hurrah, a return to the drain pipes and the gumans as he always must when getting too far a failed into a real world unlike the anti Disney land he has created. Once in a play I wrote called Glissando, I had a Martin Scorsese Character in electric blue sixties suit, as the Count Basie orchestra behind him played as he sang with showgirls around him I love Paris in the springtime, this before he sold out in a film called Hugo about the supposed French invention of film, which like their plates of slop may have more Venetian and Milanese and even Neapolitan roots than his masters would like, and who in America is allowed Neapolitan roots. At the end of this Minnelli like watercolor scene, he is suddenly transported back to the jersey hinterlands he helped to make a set for minstrel shows. Not a lot this year about black hisartey month, it is after all a year of Columbus days, and so saw a show on PBS to hagiography and antisepsis the black panthers, but then I am such a bitch were I a black panther the last thing ,as I do with the Beloved Romans, the least thing Id want is hagiography from PBS, were all is made middlebrow and acceptably to the white chicks. Two shows about the Romans and the Egyptians, decent and Ovid filled, these usually the Villans of the sprig as Jews make common cause with barbarians for the sake of their mannish wives, programs with voices of men like Martin Sheen and Sir Ben were Sumeria torn off their air after I suppose anger not so much from Jews but from the white trash in laws who have made them all name their ruddy haired day walking child's Brigid and Christophers.

I mention that as going through the channels saw a sanitized for your approval show about the cosmetician master, supposedly, August Wilson, and here, only the great actor Charles Dutton said what he and I think of the bloated intermarrying, frankly I like the sistahs and the soldjas now, like automatic sentencing, well, anything for Billy, and all is forgiven and  forgotten by niggers collected in bushels like bad apples or is it watermelon on the turnpike by a wayward vulgar Hill. Here is Wilson, who I never bought. Dutton a grand growling, powerful, man, said of Saint Augustine, how does one turn their backs on the black director, who stuck his neck for him, who plaudited him the the jitneys and the dreadful fried egg sangwiches and the grays of dower Pittsburgh, as I have made it appearance I still feel devotion to those wops and Jews  who gave me accolades but you know, couldn't be caught dead this close to a Roman walls as I damned, and to be fair, I made things tougher than not anyway. Thank God Kat and Beth were on, they flit in and out through the night,  and bye bye Augustus who I saw never had a play as good again without Charles or without the director who found him, the velvet slums,  as he as all hacks do, just kept writing the same play over and over again, and not like me, who enjoys it that way. I saw this controposto to the Vinyl show, again Martin Sore-easy making his ethic to a  white America to believe his con, and I knew the Jesuits in heaven adored me for still being that prick of a boy who never gives ,  no  matter what you think, who ever gives in, and who when need be will hurl blood at the wall to gain attenuation, Martial attention and not have Yahweh think Im part of anything so anti Roman as a hiding place. Ah, but I have seen this Vinyl isn't another of Scorsese triomfi, no, things are different now that one of his criminal Puppet shows alas was about Jews, and how they vulnerably in newest Amsterdam weren't that different from the Columbo and other Crime families at all, and the only thing close to blood for them was red ink on the books. Now, having broken the magic seal, Scorsese isn't a genius any more, as that sort of intimidation of admiration  is like a cheap suit, as Ma tells me as a tailor , and so at any moment a cheap sharkskin suit can come apart if the right thread is pulled at , as he did, and now, no less than wops on the radio say of his latest Roman farce, enough already! Ah the most Jewish of incantations , we have had enough, and no less than Richard Hel and new York Doll himself Buster Poindexter say this fucking wop dont know what he is talking about, and openly trash him, and I wonder if good white girls and sissy's I have to dal with unasked for from his poor mans zeotrope, yeeeooooow! , will bother them as they openly bothered  me , and I have an inkling no one gave him the dignity of comparing him to Brutus as Empire magazine told me with a no thank you for Life of Brutus, you got him and what he does a millimeter from the mark.

And best moment of the Roman month of the dead , it wanst named or made for slaves and pimps, was when broken and dated Chris Christie, who did the bidding of the party to save gagging chicken bone eating and sacristan playing nigger Barry at the flood, shoved it all up their as as Dante would say, by coming out when they tried as the hidden men of power behind a puppet, oh its all very Italianate in ways you'd hate to admit, to metastasize on side of Robot Rubio, distressing word, at least in unvinnigared Italian, look it up, and sided with bulldozer Trump. That was a fuck you and a middle finger to the establish men whose Whig party is coming apart. I never liked Christie,  ask Rachel, as I called him 'the poor soul' eons ago, and didn't like him inserting himself to  save Barry, never save Caesar from drowning, dum dum. But he did and got a snoot full of daily admonishment, which might have hurt him lower had anyone still been watching that silly dirty handed dirty money war channel, a  channel that lectures all as racist, through the uncounted drone attacks. Evil is a tiring quality I was taught, and though I didn't like Christie and his prepeual saying he was a  Sicilian and not Italian, even I, Roman tony don't get how that isn't a pejorative, even I don't get it, still, he kept saying it so it must mean something to the half breeds who dance dance on GE strings. He kept saying it, cie la vie, I dont get it, but alike Scorsese this wop didn't understand the strings that come attached, as somehow Irish dirt bags and lesbians with putty knife added lip gloss could hector an Italian guvner over and over over a bridge , where nothing happened, as like with Gronk and floating orgy's unlike love boats with vikings, its cute hen someone we like does it, as Bill Clinton was the queen of the political payback, which is why Im not sure those FBI files so flippantly sued are still up to date enough to be as useful as many men with purple sashes on his side despite themselves as he thinks, ah the tendon snaps  and Akillis falls to the ground.

Id like to know why this bridge was such a big deal to lesbians in blazers and pub crawling Catholic precinct Irish hags,  as compared to a nigger and a yenat hag who presided over the death of five men in their wastebasket ruins of Lybia, and he was made to be some evil thing while ambassadors and seals, ah the last heroes you  have,  as porch monkeys abound, Put Tacitus line here, they were burned to death, as so many were in wars unoccupied while Georgetown hags were screeching about the pill, as if, as if any of you had fag and fish housewives  sex for fun, all is done like blond wish it to be, with the lights off and eyes closed as Maureen Dowd and the ayatollah would find accountable to some Thor god Jews have green-lit amazingly again. Yes Iran means Aryan, so despite the devotion to a Koran, they still seemingly burn incense to the ghost of Cyrus, and Spartan comic book movies make then rage. Christie gave a thunderbolt in the italic way, as after all he forwent the Sicilian credo of HBO for a more classical and Fosse Italian flavor, its called vendetta, its called revenge and every Italian worth his salt, look that up, must take at least take his money shot of it, as now the queers and sissy's and Joe Flynns of Buzz cut buzz feed cheer nation Cornelius grandchildren what becomes a faggot most are literally as scared eyed as was Barry when he dared try to repealed a Roman minded jurist with some bag man hack and I said, again before all that Antonines unnoticed or forgotten wild get their Earnest Revenge of the hacks of power as this con has come to its life cycle end and Vespasian who I mentioned as the patriot saint of hatred of hacks and niggers warehousing Irish con men and on the pad, that eventually, a palacade of purged neronian hacks would dot the sky, and he would destroy you all, as the people have grown tired of your circus, or hatred of them, as Greek Tragedy always  got on a Roman senators last nerve. Never forgive, never forget. Never exapalin, never complain. Never give in. Thats Disreali. My blood approves.


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