16 September 2016


The sending of large comic pages done to the marvel specs, like 10 mbs a page, which I have because I bought out a ream of what are basically card stock at 20 by 30, from an artist on tough times and gave him a twenty for the whole box, has caused my data to shrinkage and so, may again take the rest of the month off as wait for maybe as many as six additions to my resume. The resume is iron clad, the resume is above reproach. Like somehow how Clinton are now. Who knew?

But I did hear from a gal who asked me how did I know to post a line of my hero Lucius Cattiline, about demeaning the populace back a few days before Hillary would again show an ear worthy of Frank Baum, who I also precisely mentioned. Pleeeseeee, despite their in law relatedness as new patricians, and his always being at the vomotorium, looking for Cornelius Comely hee haw brunette Kats chicks Ala Brut Reynolds, as in a Roman sketch written by Al, Al Franken who was the go to trash all ethnics once, our first Borat, and he’d trash now like LBJ, seen as Classical tragedy hero Nixon, you know, just to show he had a good heart, I have seen their type before in pages yellowed and dog eared, as am starting too think the only thing Bilbo ever really studied was a penthouse magazine, and knew enough Tacitus to impress the chicks who write for the ruins of the herald tribune. I did hear that there is talk once again that they photshoped Hillary's eyes to make them more blue, when you are a patsy, alas the insignificant is all you have left, heard this but of minutiae on the radio from closet everything's overnight on ABC, who will defend to their death their right to avoid a minimum wage, or was it George Nori. This all from the good frau who isn’t a racist, so wash those floors well. I’m sure the fat chicks who make a point of such things wont really get into it much, as once again, we have a fronting wanting routine of the plebs, and such is all your ever to be dear, who studied ethics under Harvey Comics or FF Copula. Remember, kids, in moonlight bay all the hero gangsters have blue eyes, like in the Goddfater or its more or less more noble minded telling, or what it retold, BBC Romans make great programming I, Claudius. I LOVE IT WHEN THINS GO CORNELIUS TACITUS, but Robert Graves robbing enchanted crypts is as close as you'll git.

BTW was shocked to hear that shed so eagerly demeaned the angry out upon, set upon to quote Cicero, hungry, departed, misplayed and tossed aside voters for Trump, why all together, they cant get a good bribe, much less what the Clinton are used to. But again using that Italianate history that Bill says he is am alter boy of, you know, I loved it seeing him race to Charlie Rose and throw gasoline on her eternal flame, remember to burn the cooties in the clothes too, Bill, as she the DAY SHE SHOWED BOB HOPELESS AND FAGGING SISSY DIDDLE DEE DEEE LINDSAY GRAMNESTY as her tribunes, why, theirs that forty seven percent again, place Roman general line here, and she spoke of baskets of human beings, is that like binders of women, say, but to me, too close to the decaying and dead off camera of Boccaccio, as I said, more maybe like that Italian painter a woman as good as Raphael, he said himself between making Italian prostitutes into Madonna’s, as wives were dull and didn’t have the perquisite look, a girl if I may, who drew the woman carrying john the Baptists head, Salome was it, and in the panting packed the face of the bishop who raped her. Sorry, but you cant be a good partisan for a rapist, it don’t follow, as again I am more versed in your lessons than you are, thanks to those dead priests. I did though see or not see, the dog that wont bite, that in that commercial of Sister Gertrude’s, showing all the rhinos on her side, making me, Roman Tony wonder what audience coyly you are playing to, do you even know yet dear, are you even awake...I ask, as Bill always learned his Political science acumen from Now Voyager and sunset Blvd, ah again he was always the diva here, he was always Tallulah, darrrrling, and thus now, prepared for his titanic meeting at Zama against Trump, a younger model, how ironic, …As what I saw is that when asked to sign a release, again this might be George Nori, again, the Bush familia, Elder Younger and youngest, all the Pliny, couldn’t bring them selves to publically attach themselves, much less attaché themselves to this mean hating cow and his bumbling Tubercular bleeeeeeechhhhhh blasssssssh yeccccccccch, well now you know how wee feel, fish wife, as once again, dear, if you cant spot the Undesirable in the card game its usually….As I saw the Stealer channel drop the show of the bloated Ladeno, Latin sorry is too good a word for them, like say Senator and is a similar grasping at straws and at Roman dignitas and virtu that you aint got, who lectures us about race as he has a gumba sit there and play idiot wop all day, my father lived in fear that my clownish side would allow me such an emceeing dream, and who allows this Cuban hack to show him, he is the willing Gumba, you know, as a monkey on the set, because you know, Italians have never been demeaned for their proximity to Africa, not by even Greeks who are closer yet. But this replacement player, this Rooney hack bully blowhard aging lineman had the nerve to talk about the Joneses as a crime family in Dallas, like the Sicilian woman, the black Cowboy being what allows the steam to escaping, with that bloated leather face and his multiple molester allegations seemingly fine with all the gals and queens at ESPN toilets. Id be careful; as Roman farce tells us, eventually that idiot will fall down the steps, no matter how many bucket holders there, as you’d all better learn the difference between a spear carrier and a pall barer. Id be careful; not despite but because of having all the idiots and weenies of ESPN like war consortium cable, kissing your ass or hand, as Machiavelli, our Iago for whom all the Jesuits had sympathy, he warned about those steps and the way angels don’t care as you plummet down the staircase.

Sad to see Bill reduced to sit, as Roman Boys I thought there were things our ethics wouldn't let us do, like stealing forever once you had enough, destroying every girlfriend, even TIBERIUS got even with Mothurrr is that you...? over lovely Sabina was not it. Or like eating tacos, again a perversion of Italian food to which as my Ma says, too much vingear has been added for the civilized. Sad. But I still hold out hope that he at least will take the Georgetown boys life to mean something as I didn't have the guts or the knees to do, as the old gay perverts saw in me a Knusler, read Working by Studs when as I said your mothers were turning tricks at the pre Plutocrat Dairy Queen, as now we must find our radicals by way of looking at their haircuts, and not another word on that, I did read my Dante well and know like a strapless starlet, a demon and a hypocrite all live off of eyeballs. Go read your husbands Roman library, hunnie, noble savages if there ever were, all the good parts high lit, and cum stained, all probably in a box marked old playboys. I would not be shocked to see the hard sellers from Hot springs crumble as he would want, remember the keystone hero Napoleon that one can devistate anyone if willing to deathtrap himself and dispised and is dispising is no way too have coda to a misspent youth. I hope all end up all in jail eventually, as maybe Borgia should be the new Black.

Next. BOOK IV.


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