19 December 2016


Unfinished, censored and various cartoons.

17 DECEMBER 2016.

A quick aside I feel I just place that times stamp is so important to so many, but not to me, as I know all the punchiest lines of Plautus and thus always see things coming. I saw a post sent to me by one of my brunette starlets friends who I collect and only go to face book to keep in touch with as A Always B be C casting, always be casting, one never knows when in this cacophony of bullshit I might get my bucket. She is a bond girl sort, and posts her photos and she was very pretty, as she blew a kiss to her devoted schoolboys as though a Cynthia at the sea shore at Naples, tearing the heart out of the astute wop ninny who didn’t have the nerve to speak to her, Cattalus, which I sued to be like, but got over by issuing a Leo Gosrey lingo, and started calling gals dolls, which I found to the actual astonishment of Roman me, how did I miss this, that even lesbians started to be fond.

She had a copper coin brown hair, but not in the dreaded way of caricature building by evil Gigi Marquez, as can say here I was once called a bigot, what else can one be who doesn’t like blonds, after all,  but, not for my purposeful asides and wahts the word, slurs, not to bring up an Ovid line, but for once saying that Italians and not Spanish innovated Magic realisms as a literary device, and this bothered the Incas from New Jersey of some such, But then youll really hate me brining up my ideas on the slave trade, the Borgias and Torquemada, gals. Her metallic shiny brown black hair was flowing in bronze cogs towards a black background, like teh colors of the anisette colored old terra cognito maps, as it was said in Italay there was never a Julia seen that you didn’t want to Fuck, Jillfas I guess,  as I feel about the name Vivian, I have never met an ugly one. So, on this literally Saturnalia so eagerly explained always by the dreaded Rabbi Medved, she blows a kiss to her admirers, and I had to speak back and wish her well, as she, I said, reminds me of Ovid’s line about a girl he was interested in and dropped when she hennaed her hair, that she was prettier more brunette than not. As I said everything is personal and nothing is bidness.

And I get the feeling that openly avoiding face book as I have except to thank buddies for likes, the pro Hillary pages have dwindled down to a numb, oh I could have told you every of that fat jewfish yentas revolutions end up not with a David painting or even as Leopard waving a tripartite fag but as all such things do, with him going-over the bill asking who ordered the roast beef and who had three diet cokes.  But as the Roman goddesses shall  always hate and smite and call a cunt who spent the year hating wonder woman and shaming people to vote for a cow who with her ghetto Maureen Dowdy invested selling her winnings in Monica as the dumb brunette, ouch,  that wasnt going to fly, still, if I were all of you and on command barking out true conspiracy,  meaning that you all breathe at  the same rate, look it up, its in my Roman Blood, If I were you Id keep an eye out for the roman schoolboy, and keep tabs in what’s he’s up to. Am I to always believe that Bill Clinton was just so incompetent and such a non Niccolo or the Prince translated into polish that if he really wanted his wife to win it would have been this hard and that a ninny Negro and a first time plutocrat could beat her if he didn’t want them to…? SHIT Niggers, you’ve been droned. But keep an eye out for Roman Bill as I warn you here, only for the credit and the alters pride, better keep an eye out for him. As I said this Romanism isn’t affectation, why you cant figure it out and I wasn’t the one who smeared your queens face into bed sheets dripping with other woman’s cum for forty years, again you want Juvenal, not my favorite, but hell, ill do it, as those queers you can openly demean on comedy channels as opposed to terrorists, well, they loved that bitch. I didn’t trash her over and over, no our living charier from the satiricon did that, husband of the year did that, gets everything he wants did that. As a nice enough person told me,  Tony don’t bother sending us the essay of the cartoon I printed, as the anti Trump stuff didn’t come through, as it seems as in all things, Soresis pledge isn’t worth the papers isn’t  written on, but they were nice enough and have this year extended my circle of friends more than Id ever thought. Juts I warn as fellow Roman didn’t think that Bilbo will be sitting back and taking it ah the Plautus keeps coming, or cumming, see,…? Don’t think our Roman schoolboy who I tired of and hope a cent ani life at his farm and leave us all be, and have some dignity and don’t go from being Dr. Sivana or Black Adam, I got a like once for that analogy , its all Romans and cartoons with me anyway, go home to your brunettes, to your farm I say this with the admiration of a fellow brethren of sorts, go home and leave your misusus to stew in her underground dungeon with some mss Tesmacher or Beautia not worth the name. I waited all week to watch the Lucy show, thinking it was going to be the greatest  female comedy team of all time, Lucy and Viv and all the days it was Lucy post Ricky, post Viv, awful, and think, like Laverne and Shirley this is how  this ends, as with the two broke Girls wouldn't be shocked if the blond one my mother cant tolerate will push the Vivian Vance of our time, Kat out and just start mugging away with no one there to drag her back in off the ledge. 

This was the year I did rather well but again when the Clintons are doing badly all their paid demijohns openly have as bad a year as they, excepting  something tells me don’t ask them for a loan. I got much made and done, but still didn’t get the best stuff done out, as with Star Boy, the tales of the gracious Knights and other things didn’t get through alas I asked a gal looking for an Alan Moore like retelling of English myths of cosure, Id do it, don’t think she was impressed that I like he like Emilio Salagari and my mothers adored pirates myths, but of course we Italians are the enlisted noble savages allowed yet, As but haven’t heard back as I take it my cartoon of a similar creature  to JRR Tolkine being burned to death by Italic sprites didn’t go over as funny as I thought it was. I say he deserved that floating stone in Ariosto to land on him. To us schoolboys, The republic is all, happy saturnalia kids, on the seventeenth I write this, as the roman gods wont allowed Michael Medvade and Rachel Maddow to be on that same side, it cant be done, it wont be done, it shant be done. And so, don’t think my man Roman Bill is nearing that mausoleum as Caesar called that dying senate once glorious and now just a bankers holiday, don’t think my man Roman Bill will detour the res publica for a wife he couldn’t stop publicly shaming so much I wondered if it was like fat boys and their cruelty to animals. Beware the Dog as Petronius alerted, huns, be ware the porch dog, as our blood approves and misses are a better fate than widows, its all gut level, we just have better guts than you. Don’t think Bill will enter that mausoleum and in sack cloth and hoo rahs and love of christer death and bought cardinal votes, no way, as he wouldn’t be caught dead being another Sulla, as Boiiney signs the deed, but being Mrs. Sulla is out doc, out. You can be as I SAID TO my buddy Jewey Jonnie, you can be Cicero or be Barnum. But not both. See I knew that anti Trump was already too late and that you’d all have to preened you didn’t speak Greek for all that time as I SAID,AS never Trump bullshit as it should have been never Ted Cruz and not just because he looked like Major Burns. Why some day well find out did a family of patricians not have the pull to keep two first back bencher termed senators, ah Barry is catching, from running against sonny boy…and now you want to unravel  the republic for why, this ninny, learn you black arts, bitch. And what Bill knows and you don’t is that one can be Anthony see previous post, or Cleopatra, but even though the Romans owned drag as a sly anti Greek change of venues, as drag becomes what Shakespeare did in like six plays because of the Romans whose plays he strip-mined, you see with the Greeks he played Medea later this week, and they changed that, gods knows, so you can be Antony or Cleopatra but there snit enough drag to be both. And as Augustus, who gets in the best and last lines always, you can’t be either. So be careful dragging him through this shit, as there is no Passover in Roman holidays, they’d never do it, commemorate that time like so many they stayed in the cellar and let other boys die. I knew as I said where this was heard back when a certain schoolboy said he preferred roman italic Camilla, Sicilian Amazon, said when all the Beatrice’s were yenta hags and mob wives, hummmmn,  to that bloated English queen Boddicacca or whatever that lardy hags name was, as that should have told you everything from the time youd have heard it, but as usual weren’t paying attention.

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