18 January 2017


A cracked rib did indeed turn into a bronchial infection and am taking both topical and pill antibodies and yet, as tired as I am don't feel in anyway dragging or put upon, like say Praetor Shatner does as he lives out the wrath of Farrakhan and starts to stumble and bumble rattle and hum and sting and Drang his way hither and yon, despaired to take the Lambau leap like all niggers should and let the pollock's and brat stinking retards pat themselves for Luck.

During saturnalia I said, getting whiff of things as from the bullshit Empire deus ex machina reverse machine, despite the wording the Romans hated the idea of the god machine always saving the Greek ninny, like how Barry was always saved by republicans. My Jesuitical fathers bequeathed to me still works as wasn't made by GE inc., AND SO , I knew as much to know the predicate they were laying down about two rookies being unable to beat bedroom eyed beloved fag hero Greek Odysseus and lever horse queen estuarine Arod, even his nick name is stolen and fraudulent, I knew that the Boys weren't going to get it and not win as Godell would of course see to that. Our new Staubach, down to aping the best moments, our heroes now like Hollywood find themselves without grace and without verve and the days of burning books and a lack of art and the arts of propagandist are with us, circus and truth bewared up and left be, as we languish in an dark era of Boethius and cities of God where the soot is a sacrament. So Aaron boychick hurls the ball sissy yards alas helped by a late flag, he and the rapist, but swimming in fakery, seems to never be able to beat the up and coming game Cowboys without help, and i have seen this film before and thus aint be shocked when the stillers are a tight as drum and hated and cheated Aaron is out there unable capitalize on miscues by the other team. But God help me FIND if I root for anyone, as have a soft spot for Bill Clinton, in my head, always knew his mantel was staying right on that back of his, but who listens to me,...?

I find a Machiavellian ethic and a Jesuitism aplomb actually has me open to rooting for Another Bill of sale, Bellecheck who is as close to machinelike Niccollo as we can get here in this circus less tirelessly satire less empire, is there any analogy i use that doesn't come true...?, as I find myself rooting for the patriots, Good God!, and their Univac 5000 Bauhaus, no Googie charm, against good noble wholesome teams of white boys love, where the black wide receiver is castigated as a cheat and liar in ways the rapist QB was not, but then again, if you are a nigger with platitudes willing to not play the defense you designed or give 90 cents out of every dollar to the man, well, the world is your ouursster. But I cant root for the ass packers god knows, and it isn't again a rivalry thing as a cowboy fan, as a boy and young man I adored and loved the pa Joe's, Montana and Theisman, Blow-hard spacy drunkie lunchy unkempt Riggns,Zulu warrior LT, all of whom threw dirt on the grave of Landry, as much as anything, but i am Roman and not awaiting the war Messiah in that account. I say that as I was groggily and somewhat sore getting up the day after the championship game last week, sorry, that just what the ratings made it seem like again Godell you are a fuck up at heart, and the three morning Jews, WE MISS YEW CZABE!, vituperative and not as funny as they thought were on an sb radio station I only went back to listen to Sean Salisbury, who I rather like and think is a nice respite with old line masculinity, they call it toxic now when not handing boys in unseen unnoticed wars, from house niggers and scum who lecture us all year about race, as Le Broo was hanging Steffy in effigy as a zombie and like those gals who pushed death penalties for woof whistles until I,a Franciscan when need to be bitch, mentioned Emmett or is Ed, Tyll, and these faggots Jewish hags were raveling in the loss of the cowboys, again without my Roman Tactics. The Romans did drag Hannibal through the great city naked in chains of Gold, a last hurrah I was kind of hoping for, as was Bill C, as all us Roman school boys do, better than holding hands with a vicious wife who didn't get the joke. I can admire anyone and anything that is roman hearted in that, I adore the Cowboys for usurping in that display, so game and roman and beautiful and fulsome was it that though cant get channel 53 anymore and cant catch a super bowl for the first time since 1981, still, I saw that furious comeback mentioned by no less than Drudge who threw Tucker Carlson to the wolves as a important story the second that Zeke tied it up. That Jewish rat on the radio who thinks like most like him he can say as he pleases, but all Richies lose their humanness if say a word about Israel, or its colony on Wall, see I call it Sopranos disease, he was continuously damning poor Zeke, and kept calling him a bitch in his Jew allowed in to the suburbs of new Rome Virginia charm. Well, the feminizing of your enemies again is too Jewish for me, but am close enough as an Italian and more so as a Jesuit student I can say to this creep, listen Cunt, Jerry Jones, like Alan Brady, will ride again, we aren't all Boineys or Howard the ducks just glad to get out gas bills paid. I cant root ether for or against anyone this year am too tired, and not Jewry enough, as saw those numbers that came from Cowboy games, as am sure as things limp along now Cowturd will blame Trump again, but again I was righter than not, equating the two, and that in fact, in Roman literature the two play the same role, both dogs killed the masters, making both Hillary and Romo be well with their third act as Craig Morton. I can admire or not admire anyone and usually it is more their fault than not, as the great Mario Cuomo said, the Reagan's let you feel good without being good. And to that i add as if Dante to his Virgil, the Clinton's and beloved Barry make you feel good about being awful, the stance of evil to the Italian advocate, though Mario, is far to quiet to lead us through steep decline, where as Barry can always say, like all Semites can and do, if you heard I was a anti war type,well...that was your own fault...It was my valentine to the Governor of NY, to him being something that assured a lovely gal that I in fact was doing all the hate speech and the vulgarity as a thought experiment as much as anything, and too, she told me as they often do, that her grandmother was Italian, aren't they all...?, Please send more...I have a clean forehead as my mother says, and am not willing to destroy the Roman totems of priest hood because some fat yenta Jew, who can eagerly starve Arabs, don't call me a bigot I hated the 300, boys, or Bush familial button man ponies up to me up to and including 2500 dollars as once again what will defeat all the haters of the res publica that are out there, is thar to destroy a Republic as Sulla knew costs Munnnnnney! I cant root openly or even boo or hate Aaron Rodgers as I cant care as badly as I feel, I cant and wont root for Garbo and Bambam schussing ghost of Lombardi, whose walls are so unimportant to the hacks that black wide receivers can actually smack the pictures noticed only because they had the never did these midnight Jews and shoomzing hacks to note once again, ,doesn't number 12 , again shaking ghosts, get all the calls. ...? Again I smell the sulphate of this con man and this fat pig con artist who enters the room flashing his resume I really am a great coach you know until getting the calls you wouldn't know it as gave those game away and i sure hope mister well run the table at 4 and 7 i hope you didn't get anything in writing as the Roman gods seem to be, uh...what's the word, making you trip ova your own dicks...It turns out our gay hero family is upset by his love affair with Olivia Munn, people think i would love her, its just I hate funny chicks, oh lets look into that one shall we, hoping for a blond for everyone's all American, you know like Tab Hunter, pleeeseeee, i was taught the scurrilous fag aside by the queens of the church, ninny princesss Barbie of football, who was paraded on that draft night as a buffoon and a wall flower before he turned into something of a god, who always needs a machine...no with the beloved of the closet every-things at the tree-house of horror espn, i cant stand Rodgers, as im sure Tom Terrific wants no part as Iago, ...with that sissy Rodgers i feel again im always in an Allstate commercial.

In one of his last last Harrahs, even Bill called into say good lord, Rasstus eeeenufffffff alerady, one he was sure to stop my buddy Roman Bill at the door, Barry hand jives fer us all, and funnily my brother calls out to me and says with sharpie aplomb and fake shock, look here, the goons at NBC CUTAWAY FROM THE DEATH SCENE OF CAMILLE, he says about the last news conference, in which we are told that drones and tax cuts, sequestration and bombing hospitals can remake any nigger as be loved. As any attempt at making swells and not just suckers not go to an incarcerat--sorry inauguration, incarcerations are for the darkies... was doomed when some woman said she was taking names of the Democrats who were going, and would hold it against them. Well, Sadie, remember who is first gaming equals again, as once again, beliefs to a Clinton are for suckers and the weak. I DO LOVE IT WHEN THE SHEWS AND HAGS AND HACKS AND NIGGERS AND SNIPS AND JEWS AND TRASH THINK THEY ARE GONG TO SHAME MY MAN ROMAN BILL OUT OF ANYTHING AS HIS SHOWDOWNS WITH THE MAUSOLEUM CALLED A SENATE, NOW WOULD MAKE THEM ALL LOOK LESS LIKE ROMANS HONORS AND MORE GREEK, A SLY JESUIT JOKE ABOUT THEIR INHERENT LOVE OF CORN HOLING. You don't have a lever or a bribe big enough, gals. Oh losing power is losing all, and so NBC no less now having to try to get Trumpy on board for drones for everyone, cut away and retired to Kirsten Alfonso, by the way this word program has no spell check for Ariosto or Petronius or even Cuomo, but changes to Alfonso, easily enough just to show my pop was after all right, ...so back to Hope already in Progress, like Barry never existed, as he becomes little more than a voice, a trustee of lies, a vale of tears and of course, his itemized bills. The Cowboys did just fine by me,and as I SAID before I am not a Football fan, I root for the Cowboys. Sometimes I am more correct than those who think they're nothing but correct as on a last list of works i saw now no longer allowed or allotted, and called words of imperialism and occupation, which amazingly Spanish never is...hummmm, i saw the book 'the Greek way', the one in which a lesbian sort called the Romans as a mongrel race as they didnt have the ability or desire for concentration camps and dead children that Jews and Greeks have always had at sometimes cross purposes, and this made me laugh knowing as in huckleberry Finn and soon enough to a hundred years of Plagiarist, me and Gore and Calvino and my father who was sad that that prize whet to GIGI were already there and back as ma says. Once again, despite myself and not meaning to, I spoke for America, as calling something Cowboy nation is redundant. It was like that I said that the best of Roman war writing is the grand classical memoirs of Ulysses S Grant, as he was true to his Roman name. And some comic geek, the kind who think if you are making Wonder Woman look less sexy you are by designation making her Greek, and this cretin said to me I was wrong as Ulysses in the US Grant isnt a Roman name but Greek, thinking he caught me, until i said back, sorry, but in fact, Ulysses is in all ways nothing but a Roman name, name of an Etruscan hero the Greeks used to peddle their slop, as i said before, a Trojan hoses is always beneath a Roman Contempt, as i can hear Bill muse, yew knwww i stopped watch in days of our lives when dey fagots rid of that Kirsta Allen, now dere was a honey, hoo weeeee....


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