09 March 2017

Saw your page, gals,...

...connected to at submittable finally but didn’t submit anything, believe me have been nastier to some, as am ALWAYS BE CLOSING, AS NEVER BEFORE… and thought of sending you a work but could never get to you to send and or get back my art so cannot. But saw your instillation or reviewing of womanish pulp art, which as a lover of the pulp arts and the cheaper paper literalizers parents hated and the Jesuits I knew as a boy despised that I loved, try doing that about Italians. And see if there is anything but hoodlums and gangsters, but now that I think of it, having been written by Mario Puzo and Mickey Spillane, one I admire more than the other, Mike Hammer would beat the shit out of Nigel Bruce, toots, I wouldn’t not be shocked if indeed there weren’t better examples of Italian Americans in detective noir mystery man faction than there ever is at CBS or cable television.

I DID see that letterman said he would have ‘gone to work’ on Trumpy, which is a apt phase from someone who seemed to be above such Machiavellian vulgarity as politics before he was putting the arm on office girls and voyeuristically chasing women through binoculars cross the Conde Nayste valley, etc…again big talk from someone who should have  stayed right there, if devoted, a Sejanus in greasepaint, but again like Jon Stewart didn’t, humm, didn’t watch or helped mistress Hillary an her medieval sedan cross that Tyber, you just know Billy boy waits to allow it to uh…, wash things away if need be. I thought it was funny that recently got a email in slight boomlet of people both liking and accepting my work, like fine and dandy doesn’t happen much in tandem, and sometimes place cartoons whip off in minutes and stuff I care about lays here untaken, and some hag was bitching about my connection of Roman Bill, always love you Bill youre such a Roman son of a bitch amid these white chicks, and of course allowably had my sexuality questioned, as is kosher when done by the coerced—that’s correct, - people or bush family help, although only in America has the fetish become that close to an ethic and we all don’t have to fuck what we admire, not with Wendy’s around, god knows. And it bothered this bitch that I connect him back to Ovid’s story famously about Daphne and the laurel, in this case was the tie that he wore that night interrupting another Cowboy game, we know how to get an audience as he wore that as if a sprig off the victim he helped to destroy. I recall your glee at destroying brunette Monica so willingly and eagerly, the Borgais too had black haired victims with Italianate names, and so, close all the circuses you want, I know what taste for blood you all really have. As Perry mason wouldn’t come in, such is life in the lead rains left by Barry the fairy, so trying to get in digital signal had to put it on 2, and saw the dreaded Colbert show as he does his unknown comic act, but it seemed to me like when awful self styled serious clown Mort Saul would get on stage and read from the newspaper, as this thing seemed like a snuff film, to a career…?, or a taped esp trial done by the CIA in the 60s. Yikes and away!, with twittering nervous laughter and I thought of Roman Plautus, sometimes getting an audience is the only decent thing you can do. I have gotten a nice responses after previously having my work thrown in my face and it made me increasingly angry that these nothings went out of their way to demean me as my sharpie brother said they did it on purpose, as all is warfare  now you see, the co eds whose little red book is their life of Napoleon, like Bill read that, I  just didn’t make it a primer or a how to pick up girls treatise, until the leach is pulled, all think they can get their licks in. So, all think they are praetorian or clown, or both, and in fact looked at my settings as don’t often do and in fact saw posts from 2011 abut the return of mister stupendous were looked at this month, and I wondered why anyone would so bother. I was fuming, my mother still despises that German nun and Audrey my Jewish neurologist told me I made a mistake that I actually was upset that first time, as she said, if that all it took to derail me, epilepsy did have a hand in that, she told me sad that I ever bothered or gave in, Townnnneeee she said with Yenta charm, Thank gwad yur not jeiwsh or youd be bombing places now like something outta Ragtiiiiime.

I was upset by it all, as watched a Hunter marathon as always liked Dryer and Stepfanie Kramer, a pretty girl, again fat bloated porcine Silverman always cast as somehow an ugly girl, but devoted  to send out sixty queries this week, some hitting, some liked some even attested, so again, if they are doing this for Hillary, she ,a propensity to step in her own shit amid the any port on a storm co-conspirators in law Bushes like casting catastrophes around, to them every act is the third act,  and perpetually make you the object of their incompetence. And they aren't the Machiavellian her hubby is, always remember that. I was upset until I decided to bring the character I created as a ten year old back, stenciling of course Wayne Boring, as that is what comics are, as the same was done to me as kid by a Germanic nun, again you take the sides you take, and who was speaking of the CIA and its cracked walls and its assassins and its creed of darkness only five days ago and now…helllllllo, friends. Maybe everyone doesn’t like the idea of a Bush family who burns cities down when not drowning them like barbarians, or a cunt who like Cato said of Caesar cant ever build up enough bodies to stand on to become a mt Olympus, maybe too many men went into wars without sox, or too many life in prisons for three misdemeanors,  for enthusiastic admiration for those who wish to hold power, and maybe that’s why the clowns from afar are showing a level of devotion just above slight concern and walked out of the tent mid circus, better done in Romans history than roman farce. Sometimes I am even smarter, than I as was said, think I am.

and today...

Mar 9 at 3:45 PM

Do not contact us again. Your writing is not appropriate for our magazine, and is not acceptable.


Best part that very word unacceptable, was the same used by a cabal of eunuch weirdos making b movies to sell to a station that shows drive in bloody goer blood feasts, showing the Mussolini convergence of parallel liens showing this little civil war is fucked when again Sorsos asks who had the prime rib...? They wanted a script to make a film for a channel called El Rey. Again showing even with Hispanics, and women you can have all the stereotypes you want as long as somebody gets killed.

What depressed me was that you cunts would sue the word mourn to speak of that that witch Hillary losing a perpetually staying campaign she shit her way and bumbled her way through, as better that you morn her than the suckers and  the idiots the Goldwater cunt would send into another war, as we never speak of how she was taught  to be a good knight by her master Henry Kissinger. To be fair this was the year more than a few gals saw something decent and true about me, as my essays about you democrats Jewish rats closing the golden door after San Bernardino hit a nereve with some. If you want to know what I think of America and my parents did and the priests warned me of, go look up some of the reaction to a lovely pin up girl named Wendy Fiore who dared to be a Vargasan cheesecake gal here in war loving, sex  hating, Love disposing Sparta, as opposed to fat  ugly women who had coitus publicly while eating  napoleons. Too, you can as my mother did, she started out thinking Trump was an NBC ratings stunt, as  why else hed be allowed to host their satirical late night show as  he was though house niggers giving allowable fake news there were busily calling him a bigot, our lessening scarlet letters, don’t make the same mistake the Jews made!, and now she adores Trumpy as having  given it to a scummy pervert patrician, oh we are lousy with them,  named Anderson Cooper, who managed to end his cartoon colorama each night making fun of some Wommmmmmin. So, good work kids, as warned way back when that when my mother was little girl in Neopolis, that Cattiline was still seen as a hero whereas to Jefferson the slave fucker, he was not. She did take notice how an Italian justice dared to mouth words under his breath, literally sottovoce, and was scurrilously pilloried for  it by even Jewish cripples how showing  their hands and that they are  marked, as the Cesarean dice is always loaded  as Cato  said, and how somehow you are  allowed  to forgo decorum, an don’t think you  have to stand and applaud when a praetor, the title George wanted, making the Cincinnatus affectation complete,  even one you don’t like, enters a room. Well, the only difference between the Knesset we have playacting Roman senators and Isis is the level of mark up buying the art they shill like Savonarola, who is sadly the wave already had, in the deaths scene, tres Cornelius, where facing the Styx, so petty are they that imperial brats in angels are white sweat, beg their fathers to make sure who doesn’t get  in the praetorium next. Trumpy is the Cowboys, as said before,  and the democrats sadly are the Redskins, always having to pay the nobel savages off with trinkets as to shut them up even the sanctimonious is the least of their troubles.  So, the wall the Wile E’s hit its seems that the royal families are at each others throats, one trying for mere nolo contendre and the other to get back into power for  sonnnnyyyyy boyyyyy, and it seems again  that yenta Sorsos wishes to destroy the republic without  having to break that next hunnrid. Don’t lecture or spit down at me, as I never raped nobody. As for the imperious don't send us anything again, nigger please, you mis understand as white girls glassy eyed and overfed do the romans aspects of graffiti as i'm not in the pad and don't apologize when told. I wanst crazy about querying the first time, as paternalisms makes me sick.This Buds, as was swathed across the rfk stadium like so much left tattered as tribute once naming rights were sold, as while cigarette ads were verboten, For You.


So, as par for the course, received this  in my in box from a query I’m not sure recall even making, but such is life…

Howdy Anthony,

Please e-mail low resolution files (72 DPI, no more than 10” at their largest dimension) in JPG or PDF format of the complete story to this address and I'll forward it to the editorial team.

Dan Berger

Graphic Designer
Production Manager
Digital Submissions Manager
Heavy Metal Media, LLC.

I must here show my gigundus brains and alchemies brilliance that you chicks can never touch, see, those anti Trumpy dirtbag hooligan Bush helots, boy they hate that!, scumbuckets dealing with me, an admirer  of Roman Bill and his always getting even, they tore up and destroyed mere copies of my work, copies done on newsprint, I, again to expose myself as brilliant, I destroyed the ORHIGANLS, as to make a point, ….not sure what exactly what it was , but made it, and here was an opening to a door seemingly oft closed to me, willing to take a further look even though as I said, the original pages were American confetti twelve days ago. Ad I have since Valerie Dorozio and Carol Burnette-ish  Corsetto, I do get them to ask which makes me a stinker, why is, they ask, even though blonder and lighter than not, and many,  why could their race be so demeaned and damaged, ah the ghost of Monica, who the Mussolini chined Jews don’t have enough roman ethics or remembering to have watched out for, I get them to ask, why is it their mothers and sisters and they themselves can be so dammed in our age of pizza boxes as silent tribute to all you believe in, and other sewn together if not fake ass transvestite hags must have their cunts kissed and bowed to…? Why can the bitches who spent days destroying an imperial secretary now be given widest berth and they get to decide what is acceptable, and what is not, and who said you darkies cant be criminal….? Ah theres that fraying standard again which is ametahema to you, but a holy creed to me.

Therefore for three days have been issuing xerography, tape, glue stick, white out and rubber cement to recreate these pages as couldn’t just send images may have saved, as they had to be in low resolution, as opposed when I sent people low resolution and had to send higher, like that. With the dedication of a Roman, am not vicious and or bigoted enough to be a Spartan, I went at etched slips of paper and remanded them as I needed to, or didn’t need to, as much as had to as again whatever their state, many of them were put there by me. And if thought I had scans, forgot that when went to staples to get pages done for a gal named Natalie and her books in which she liked that I can make woman not only zaftig but sexual, as have been drawing such Venuses since a boy when first encountered Franzetta and such, and no amount of covens will ever make me either hurl fat jokes at someone and never at them. As I have gotten my share of invitation and even empathy for dealing with these sorts, as again, the parietal sore loser men button-men of the Bush crime family is getting on everyone’s nerves, see miss tits Noonan and uncle Pat having had enough and again predicting a stunt at the Oscars as I did previously, which like talk of rabbit eared Obams sensed to again dissipate quickly and I'm not even catching anything but Della Street and the Lucy show, it all gave me a measure of respect. Did see the greatest American hero was on, but always disliked that jew froed hero or too didn’t like I spy, his Nick Fury, and again don’t send out castigations  as Hillary is as she seems to be playing the last act of Camelot forever bitter, yet that better that than the vita nova, as everything being old status quo and decrepit and creaking and passé is just how she wants it as Strother would say, but this was the original satire of MS done by me as a boy. Not casting aspersions at Steve J Cannell, who wished to make a comic book hero as he had made Jimmy Rockford a perfect satire of the gumshoe, as he was as Maverick the perfect satire of a cowboy, still, Id see it remade as Supreme, and others, a star man coming to boyish Curtis first, then renamed Joe, as Roman magic seemed bothersome to the German nun who would eventually tear up the asoring and ambitious cartoons of a twelve year old as if an anathema to a dying church. Ah bit don’t also lose the Italians I warned then as saw a Pollock made Tuscan prince pontiff, and again as Hillary what happens when as I warned, people start to see the similarity between you and lucretzia Borgia, and that all your victims have black hair or have Italian names , and I’m not sure according to the poll  showing again someone is working the phones, no body is voting in the Geary art deco Fawcett city metropolis emerald city for her over Big Bird colored time or not, as again the tenements if Tyberius are either too big or emptied for the jails.

I don’t mean to take victory laps, but again, twelve days ago when these pages existed, the CIA was planting flags, false I knew, As the roles of senators and six days in march and I thought it a bit depressing and overarching and over reaching, and in fact within days, we found the CIA go from the 1st act of Julius Caesar to the gang who couldn’t shot straight, to keep the gimba vernacular you all so love,  to show as again maybe all the Jews aren’t, as they never are , the same side. As I warned, auger I be in the bad verses of October in which now it seems I cant hurl invective at you as you do other ad have for fiddy years, as I warned though Numa was the key to all of this, a lovely gal I have always thought trashed enough by Madame Zelda, as I always knew, as her brunette ilk does I always knew when push came to shove and knife came too shield as Cato said, she was taking Billy’s side, as she was your last Brunette Hillarie dear, as Ovid crated the witch as much as he created the fairy. I knew Numa was sidng with him, as both Hillarie and Bill Bleecheat  ill find out now, in all pharsalias is there is a top and a bottom, and I have an inkling if he thinks he sending Jeanne Garofolo away, I have a thought that some fellows from Providence are going to appear and tell him in no undertaken terms that he will pay for all that cheating you see, and keep an eye out for the welts and the bandages on his face, too.

Again the dark ages has me feeling  quite sad , what with fat woman suddenly forgetting their roles in deterring praetorian concubines, and drug store rags telling me of the decency and the nobility of the Vikings, as if Cornelius Tacitus at the orgies and swells swimming pools and salons in Naples, speaking of the decency of savages, putting on airs, and so in a flush of nostalgia, would very much like to be part of Heavy metal at least once. I recall as a boy in 1975 getting , like national lampoon rare contraband copies of what was an adult ish magazine, not quite as out on a higher shelf as Penthouse, when women were still cute and herstory professors didn't charge rape to those they never met, but all an all, still and adult magazine. My love of the female anatomy comes as much from Franzetta as Raphael, and read these comics in yesteryear and as if a sorceresses apprentice all along, as even the name consents a remembrance of the noble past of Jesuits and nuns and the gracious ladies and the knights of old they all loved, before as I told some uppity high string vice’s as virtue double booking double billing this gums for hirer,  cow now reorienting they didn’t vote against their queen all last year, aaaaaaaaaas they told me of their coming imperia, and some liberal dynasty sugar mountain they believe they’ll create from the margins disturbing marriage first, then onto the toilets,  I don’t think so dear, you said yes to the dress, and thus, wash that floor. She took umbrage at that thinking I was saying a male joke, like Clinton know the roman liens, sick of them not getting their due in this dark ages love of the medieval either, and instead, had to tell them that in fact it was like so much a lines sued to defame the tribune of the plebes at least the roman had them,  who they said didn’t do  nothing but wash the senate floors, as again this is ROMAN AND SO take your love of the dark ages and the cheaters who hanging trees you didn’t fall far from and shove it as would be said by the ally grasping always needing Colbert as he wines and fixer pops on march madness Sunday to infest cbs as best as he can. I reconstituted some pages here to send out, agab remembering when they were first carted, first, in a past before we were all poor and before smiling idiots were on television cash night being praetorians for laughs and profit. here are the reconstituted through clipping and printing and gluing pages of the first issue of an old WHAM comic, as ephemeral I  think as anything, and hope they are to franzetta’s relic, as such is most America, satisfaction.


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