10 June 2017


7 June 2017


[early accepted drawings. ]

[having read my previous posts,  the guys at the film which is either finished or still in adding sent to my new home  this large print they made of  my work in a nice but economy priced frame from the fake bullpen  and I  found that’s sweet and touching and shall place it upon bare walls.] 

I  had to place here that just placed an essay called I remember Mario, so again am there  to make sure all know what graves they dance upon, as we now see where you all at your most jewesy explaining why the verboten words you made somehow don’t apply to u,  as frankly have seen the Keith’s and the lesbians in lip gloss and the crime family shit nags  all my life, and after all, don’t lecture me, I don’t sit there all day every Saturday in autumn and neither does ABC and fox spend all day showing dog  fights. Recalling one of the gone honorable men, one of the many ethnics destroyed by that awful power mad family of perpetual  war for perpetual peace, the  filthy ethics  of that awful Verona autumn of the republic, those horrid families straining for power, stepping on the plebes.  As the sight of the  Bush and Clinton Families makes  me recall the  witch trials, the crucible, and that piece of the Roman senate that was sent to America as a gift by  Italy, only to  have it submerged in the Potomac by the Jesus freak  trash that started or at least stole, what my father called the wooded wasteland of the Klan. I am starting to want to demand that that hag, power hungry witch Hillary get her lesbian luprcalia, and be put on her head a grass crown, grass if we were all lucky, as want to see the look on Marius face that day. As I said, when see the Bush crime family, I see that Greek no less who was destroyed by a band of Episcopalian fake patricians, so far removed from the scouring the graves for jewelry, but the Medici are never that far removed from the stables that made them, they are still harbingers  of death,  still deaths hand servant, so  see hillary as their best handmaiden they could hope for, as do warn the house coons and the television city faggots and the indulgenced  whose slurs are first drama  and now  just the cost of doing business. If I see the family of losers and 1876ers as dimwitted dimsdales and more Disney  than grimms much less Calvino, what do you think roman Bill sees them as…? This is the cesspool in which not too long ago,I was called a bigot, for actually saying not something scurrilous or rvulgar, George will now sees like Hillary the beasts of the Roman street everywhere, no , but by saying the fact that the Italians of the18th century, like Politziano and Leopardi and others invented magic realism, Mickey mouse…superman. …so how could not hope that this black forest not gets everything it deserves

[an early cartoon of my Roman centric universe, accepted by a magazine five tears after 9-11, when as called a bigot for  mentioning that  Ovid’s metamorphosis had opened on Broadway after the Jews on television and clowns stopped crying. This was seen as an early harbinger of my work, in that the woman behind that comic thought it was kind and decent and on the spot, and was more enlightened  than comics and comedy writers  with Roman sash  delusions then saying eagerly kill the Arabs.]

The Bain of all dying res publicas,  when you have to be caught in your own thicket, so cue the carrying on apologies  as I get Roman centurions accepted By Arab editors who ask me what the bel Arabs were, and lesbian grls willingly and eagerly take my zaftig wonder girl,  so take that red Sonja, and now even my Virgil, Mario Cuomo remembered fondly as not clinging too power and worse yet the scraps of power, as if a  dying old clown, so sad for Mother Hubbard , as I’m not your hubby dearie, and didn’t have to suck your dick and mouth sweet nothings and hold  your hand while getting Patty Fairinelli looks alike pin ups to use the back way. As it seems you all are born with silver tongues up your asses. I speak for America and say that am  tired out  of being lectured to by niggers  on the pad at sport desks and comedy central clip shows and gossip hounds, as I don’t care what porches you sleep on as so much Porch monkey appears in the minstrel shows that appear in Roman literature, the kind you never minded when they were in Martin Scorsese. And don’t think I didn’t hurl that against him as again, as with Bill, you don’t know what magic they taught us in Jesuit school.

[early cartoon of the verve  I  cant do any more, as a magazine called  mudpennys, I think was trying to be a new national lampoon. Even in 2007,  good luck. This was like True facts in NL, and this one asked is it true that  there were more American Italians  killed and wounded in ww2 than American Jews and American Germans and European gypsies all together…? Why yes, Truman says. ]

Thank God Trump is the new Cattline and center of all vulgarity by the step men, and thank God the fact that 240 percent more people are living  in Poverty has nothing to with the Sicilian nature of thar nation as seen by suddenly on the same side oar rowers of  our wayward battleship, as Jewish cripples and lesbians in lip gloss. But after Cattiine was fallen by the Consortiums of then, as I said, the empires change but the Sicilians stay the same, ask your husband, after he had destroyed Cattiline  and got a  reaction he wasn’t prepared for, for three weeks the Romans were revolting and hit  the senate with garbage. and rotten  squashes and a feral riot,  as opposed to those dykes on speed dial, who thankfully were all missing  in  September as we all attack at dawn, but thankfully with  Bill Working the phones, he playing the ghost of Caesar on all of this, we slept through election day. A senate now sadly forced to placate some Livia  cow who keeps wondering why the people didn’t take to a sneering witch, Endora without the charm, who put so many of her base in jail, but did have all that Prison Inc., stock, and all…that had  stupidly placed  its  mark  was all as was excepting people  to kill a senator most  liked, Lucius, the hero in a Saliari comic opera… ah it’ll  comes together in shards of glissando… for a jewish senator no one did, Cicero, now disgustingly an icon of the right, how perfect, thought he had won everything, like the democrats after Nixon. Ah, but in the same way a Reagan was warbling in the wings awaiting his close-up, a young Roman commander named Julius Caesar was the nest to be on Marcus hit parade of the next enemy of the state. Thinking that another Against Cattline would work, they don’t, ask the national Review, did I ever tell my Fabuckley story…?,  as well against a war hero, Julius survived the  roman army treason trials and the dead senators and what he called a mausoleum where old talkers went to die, and he told the suddenly ver  kelmpt Cicerone, that he was no Cattiline, that was aforshu, Marcus thought he was mad going up against the Romans senate, and that this was a bluff. Romans don’t bluff , Julius said, a line later sued by Bill Clinton, why I’m watching him closely, despite being called Gay for him by some lesbian ,and then Caesar the political genius said to all for a dying republic when he said, Marcus you’ll never defeat me, because I can give bribes and you can only take them. Roman calculus and an abacus only Clinton, and only Him, has among the gals and negroes...

Personally think having to resort to too many Comey is a mistake as the great barrister said, a conspiracy like a chain is only a strong as its dumbest link. I have to get two MSes out: one by the tenth and one by the 30th, and have left him in mid-flight a while now, as try to acclimate to this new surroundings, which is nicer than I have had in a long while. As each night between recalled Carson  recalling the golden age  night when someone was on, who may have as in Answered prayers fondled Carol Wayne but wasn’t putting the arm on the  Kelley girls like some men of the people, and then my Beloved Perry, as even lesbians girls who send me accolades tell me that they adore Della street and for many of the same reasons I do, BUT MORE THAN JUST THAT, she is an exemplar of the cold war mid century  high noon woman now recapped by bumbling fags  on duding Dill as dishwater Praetorian television, and in that once was held for  Carol and  Harvey, instead watch Seinfeld. I don’t know why, as I despise him as if a colored, and one gal told me I had the line of the year when said no one wanted to go  back  to an era of  Monica, George Costnaza, Kordell and the sopranos. And in  this toxic spill  in which you made Kramer pay as Lopez never had to, saw in one show in which a cute Brunette for that travstey called sex in the city, always such a loser she  was when compared to the hook nosed yenta and the aging  bloated cunt, was somehow marked blasted with toilet water,  and thus was made a untouchable, she hath cast an aspersion that would never go away, but a for a good  germophobe like slightly faggy St Jerome, who made up for his hatred of  germs by making sure we all knew about his penchant  to scour  the Middelshools for talent like a suitcase agent. Wow I thought, im glad she wasn’t blond because then well Tartikoff, never like Audrey a fan oft his despicable Jewish minstrecy, would have been real sad, and I thought this cesspool in which Italians and colored and others and the Allen’s alley of New York is as venial and as meanly shown as it ever was. This  unfaithful to the creed of Ameroca shit gets to keep apologizing to the ghost of Marley , i.e., Welsh, who started us down this apian way, we vulgar all us in very replay always are and have been and last  night I shot a leopard in my pajamas , and how he got in my pajamas Groucho ill never know…Hillary as buffoon, as a later  stupid hanging on Caesar, bloated and ruined and surrounding by frenemies, with Rachel sneering at her every attempt too be something  slightly more noble than the  hack and the motherfucker she is. As Cato said of the old man in his dotage  and waiting too be sliced in the imperial daylights, there’s no such thing as  Caesar,…he is a pantomime, a clown, he lives between triumphs in a make up jar, as a costume to be worn at the nest performance. Tell me I don’t have that hag nailed. Too, I watch Clinton like olds Seinfeld’s, as a fellow jeusit school boy to see what he will do…and don’t Jew out on me this time, old man, don’t pull a Lucas now, you dying old pig, don’t let me see you at the magic kingdom or its equability with a face drawn and quartered as you had to sell out, I wanted to see what old man George was going to do in episodes ,wait  4, 5 or 6. wait… on 4 or 7, wait…Seven was one,…anyway…I wanted to see what George was going to do, don’t bring in some Jew rat like JJ the grave  diver to rehash and remake everything because that regalia is  different now with the barbarians  at your imperial door…I, unlike the Jewish in laws never saw Rome as a pejorative, neither did  FF Copolla, neither did his minion Lucas, so don’t Jew down on me again, guys, I want to see the farce played out.

So have several pictures of my Hercules to merely cut  and paste into place, he as Sly  Stallone  as hed ever  been, had ever been, on him it was based as in old new Judea, didy ou know, meathead that not only was I told by a lovely Zaftig gal at DreamWorks, or from there, or who worked there, a lovely gal one of more than a few who snet me her  pinup pictures thinking they weren’t wasted on me  as they’d be on some of the Judds, that only did Italians not have ever  bother reading for superman, they didn’t have too read as Romans in yur bullshit diminution that make your in laws feel, as Gore Vidal said of the trashing of Nixon in the hated an shameful Final Days,  a Wired with geratol and similar ethics, to allow the rest of us to feel so very grand. Italians were dem dese and doers thanks to you Jewish rats in Hollywood , and so, fearful of another Tony Cutis as Agrippa, yundah is da castle of my Fadder, they made sure, and a pretty Jewish gorl told me  as much,  that Marty would be the most Human and humane that wonderful actor Ernie Borgnine would ever get. Yes but, I SAID, sounding like a lawyer Joke,  the jokes on them I told this pretty Jewish lass, as Tony Curtis in real life, real name, Tony Cutis build as much as Rock Hudson was, and for similar slight of hand, like  Tony Randall the Italian names came out for Jewish cantors once, long before the blond hausfraus,  is Bernie Schwartz, again then mafia and Al Kida is never as far from the good suspicious of in laws  as they can ever far, no matter how Pinkish hued the Xmas tree is. I have work to do and once again, the snowflakes have been turned into slush as Hillary’s blood sport never seems to pay off, like Manzoni with the description of evil in  one of the best critical essays of genius to genius ever seem, maybe Hillary is allergic to the money shot, in ways her husband the winner isn’t. And again there sonly so many times you can get away with this Bill,  dear, before that loser stink attaches itself, or worse attaches itself to you. As had to nail here, my brother still looking out for me sadly as old as we both are, he asked his buddy and around with Payroll for a desk as it is cavernous in here. But then he saw some old thing that the import exporter had and said feh, raced to Micheals at the Pittsburgh Mills, and bought me a thing called the artists loft craft desk as used by women who craft, and brought it and told me to put it together, kidddo, as there is only so far the heartwarming goes and I did, and use it now. If  you think  that the old fags didn’t teach us , he  and I and Bill Roman magic,  well, Sweet Ole Bill  still aint first lady, hummmmmm, and as I said, I don’t see no gerbils that’s speak with a mean streets dago brough and Leo Gorsey accent any more do yew…? as I have seen in watching Bewitched by the way even an outet that should have  dissident thought my hypothesis of Trump as Dick York and Bush as  Sergeant Ninny was genius in our National Buscuit  Company world, as  make others remember Mario who wasn’t just  a jar of cold cream and a pantsuit with a   weltered laurel waiting to be packed in,  as that Italian no less couldnt, so fuck off all of you lace curtain everything’s,  as he had ethics God forbid,  didn’t want to be  an  appointed anything, so keep finding new outlets besides the old gray  lardy to writer for fun and Profit Maureen dear, you and  Britt who charge double for doubletalk…I seen in Bewitched everything that was stolen by that hag for Harry Butthole Pussy Potter, including the die if magic schools, moving photographs and perfect a faggy Uncle Arthur to any noseless Vault mort, as this time, Le Bro, you seem on your own. See I thinks its sad and it wont be unnoticeably by us filth that you expect more decorum and forced decency and bullshits from Italian linemen, Keith dear, than you do from broadcasters of  filth and vileness and crap that has the Bush crime family seal off  approvals. Like every Roman worth his salt thought watching a midnight showing of THE ONLYIEST BATMAN, shown in an orgy of celebration of the Technicolor we all came from, that I was glad that  a  Jewish Brunette wonder woman was doing better than any of that Stan LEE shit, sister Barbra Ann, who waned me of  Marvel comics and abortion being a similar plague of and  by hooligans would be proud, that this camp high art, low brow, Dante said these distinctions are for middlebrows who think Comey is Gorshin when he isn’t even Austin, I thought I have to get this feeling I had as a kid into all of this, as never want to be  anyone that the comics reporter can applauder, as I have met the enemy long ago, and it was like you more than not.



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