11 July 2017


I take it I missed a modern dress Caesar on decades tv, which is sad and  strange in that only have about ten stations anymore, which suits me fine as if I’m  going to watch Gilligan’s Island I rather watch Beatnik Maynard and aging pirate movie star Alan Hale as the almost Ollie like skipper than watch that bloated bullshit version on cnn. ALL these images were accepted, as long as I ignored the story that surrounded   them, more illustration than anything, and gratefully placated each instillation,  each and every opportunity as unlike some, i take what I can get. 

I missed it,  but to be honest haven’t really taken much of a  view of any of it, Studio One, as in  this awful time in which of all things, a Goldwater girl can try to foment ww3 with Russians, and somehow meathead is fine with looking under the bed for all those who fucked up her Imperial delusions of being queen of the Tiber. Ah, speaking of …for…?, Caesar before any of you white chicks or  Jewish in laws, I SUGGEST YOU REREAD IT OR AT LEAST READS ITS CYCLE EPICS, AND FIND OUT WHO OCTAVIAN WAS. Oh, that IS Bill in more than just my version. But as wrote in TCOJC, felt  a tremor in the land out there, as I know you don go Roman without an implied insult worthy of Oxbridge sissys and ninnies like George Pill,  and so I wat to see this end, I kind of dare you to destroy Trump, as don’t think destroying a plutocrat is something that GE theater wants to make a precedent , like again Cato's being beaten by CAESARS MEN IN THAT STREET,AND I DO REMEMBER BILL NO LESS BRINGING THAT UP,AS HE KNEW Virgilio’s as good as mute to the avenging  Hillary cunts and thus his asides as dues and mean slated vicious  turns of  a screw were something you  often smiled through, and the boys who took my lady liberty took it as they told me, Tony its was a lovely respite from the ‘swill’ out there, their words, didn’t as Harry sheerer  would say,get the punch line. As missed Caesar as much as  anything, but again, the correct roman roads go my way, as it seems I am getting befriended by wayward lesbians and Arabs and even transvestites,  who I guess liked my line about who would anyone be against the Word transvestite,   as too roman perhaps for the prefects who didn’t fall far  from the hanging tree, as again America I  mean, is  nothing to me.

But I must say I am sorry to see ancient third Rome Russia be demeaned and dratted for some Goldwater daisy flower girl. No, ill never forget and I will be the mad man at the roman triumph that day she is squeezed into power as if a girdle, that my own father a fascist from Italy thought both Goldwater and Reagan mere clowns, and wont forget or fail to mention she voted for a graven acfe Cicero. Yet that line about extremism is his, and if one can get a house payment for gratis, what the hell…? , the last person your Epicurus nigger saint MLK  voted against, so there. As I can’t watch these kinescopes were William Shatner looks like he ghost of Virgil, even though I knew that Leslie Nielsen is in father Gore's play, still cant miss my beloved  Della and Perry, God knows. As somehow mistakenly looking at this CBS petition sheepishly stolen from Orson without credit as they wanted the rights to war of the worlds, as Payly, I gauss, was doing the wash. But reading  some of this sewage, I was shocked that  something and some cretin as writing about a Caesar death with  only that ‘playwrights’ jumbled  translations as some kind of erudition, as he tactually said in some Google library book, that Antiny was  the villain of Caesar, as my money was always on Caesar, hens the Bush daughter stinking of rye  media  tarring Trump with it lest you recall he was antiwar here in the cages less Sparta. The creep, he said something amusing, in that Cesar’s men, like Antony, were all shown as  fascists, duh, but that Virtuous Brutus, where the hell did that ere come from…?,  and Cassias were shown as bankers and politicos. you know more decent  people than soldiers, did you want to expand on that, sir, no I just meant ...I believe they were there as aide de camps, when Caesar detained Pompeii's troops by him believing scared Caesar, who steamed do over and uncle, hehe, when you quite people who limp dear Hilary, you start to limp... and asking for a truce, and look that word up, and when German reinforcements came to aid Caesar, Im no fan of games or thrones, he was cut to ribbons when came to accept a plea agreement, as the priests warned  me of the vipers of power. So, never save Caesar from drowning, a tip to than national biscuit company that wishes to make Hillary if not the new Caesar,  A NEXT Herod. The most noble and decent roman laughed at this turn, glad  that his placed as at he dog at the table was secured, [gay joke there,]as Antony a gloomy burning soldier worthy of being played by a Welsh drunkard in love with miss tits, merely had enough of that king vitamin fagot,and said when Caesar said we won today because ire enemy was a coward, he had it, and shouted back,we 'won' today because the enemy, was a Roman and took you are your word. Jews and Greeks win with Trojan Horseshoes , Romans rather die.  


Ah, having read Caesar in the final I think the epitome of whatever story was here that allowed Willie to use the buffo stuff he came up without of Plutarch for  his life of Pompeii that was given the kibosh  by his banishing angel Lizzie, I think the whole meat of the story is that Brutus was as loved by Caesar, as anyone, thus the line,  mistakenly put there for  posterity, which when  what was really said was, you also my son have  joined the mob, which these men being Italians always can be a joke worthy of Al Franken. But never get that Antony as the villain of this, as this Kreton said, been reading everything on Revolvy lately, made it a point in that way GV tells  us all to avoid in that standing on assaulted principal shit that comes from women and always agreed  with by Jewish husbands if they know what’s good for them. I got my play back from the upper state new York guys who would have liked to sue it but its hard for Indy filmmakers to execrate 1970 as mad men did, so I guess my Etruscans are fucked. And I think about remaking it again as a house of blue leaves thing  about Joey Bishop,  who actually fired everyone in his show ala Ted  Baxter, including aunt Harriet, Guy Marx, the guy who played Kelsey on All in the family, Bill Bixby, and Marlo Thomas, in a cast too good for him.  And as was told after having to redo the pages in publishing fixedly ways that the two places I  sent MS flied again, too both seemed to rethink things, as the white chicks and the imperialists,  its what you are at the Bush stables, sorry, seemed to find this Blog. Too bad, did bring MS back to life, and still got 1466 views in  ten days, which is more than your smarmy comic rags will ever get.

Antony as villain, not to my mother, and not  to Willie, as he  used  him in the better sequel, and he dies and burns in a hell even Ertiwan came to defend. This creep called him an opportunist, and it was too late, and alongside for the Perry done by Erle, always the best, and had to stop before got to Marlon as Antony, another tome he saved his career by passing as a wop. As he showed a ROMAN DEVOTION, I read life of Antony kids, I read  them all, all the books that Bill pretends to love and Barry preens to hate, all of them,  and they mean something to me, as that is why I get Romans centurions in Arab newspapers now,as  after tell them what the bell Arabs are, as you’ve been as they say upstaged by men In Preatorian Black, who turned out despite the vowels on their names to be  at the prosecutors table after all. Arent you all…? I was asked f Id like to redo my Caesar as a comic book with Trump, but cant add to that’s Swill, even as Roman as  Id be as now rabbis and lesbians and even transvestites  are seeing me as heroic, and Im board of this, wake me wane Trump is derailed, something tells me it will end bad, though hell just go back to the life Billy the kid dreamed of having for thirty years, as when he quoted Sallust, or  mentioned Cathy Loving, I knew acutely what he was talking about.  As I saw Rachel dear actually tell who was out there shopping crap stories at the beg men, and she told is all, I have an unkling who it is, The fault dear Brutssssssshhhhhhh, and in Coriolanus, the play I’d  dare them to out on in the weeds, lets the roman filth figure things out, there are parts for him too in that , as what’s his name, the guy who falls at Actium I guess,  as after all I was everything that Bill and Barry and legacies, all had to tippie toe to preen that they were.

Next; Breakfast in America brunch with Zbignev 

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