01 July 2017



As a boy and adolescent, I started to tunnel my way up from the depths of a particular Virgiless hell as a boy, caused by epilepsy, that most Cesarean of aliments if one doesn’t include an Hillarian ambitiousness and even then. By utilizing the phone as lifeline, I called shows in local Pittsburgh radio.

This was wherein got a first real modicum of admiration, after being able to do that though was expected able to Jesuit enough, and have things published as a teenager, and had my abilities for remarks seen as now earthy, if not very funny. One such man who openly accepted my asides and remarks, commentaries, I was willing to, believe it or not, tersely and quickly give, was a lovely avuncular Jewish man of a certain age and time in America, named Perry Marshall, now of a sort lost to a flood of black artists,  like who owns the new York times, and who made sure their fathers weren’t ever paid slave wages, god knows as they had law schools they would force too take them in eventually, as said again all that anti Italian and roman is by the meatheads of the world and their love of demeaning all things Roman and italic is was quite sad, for as wasn’t my father as opposed to FaBuckley and Bushes who kept you out of  ivy halls of learning.  So this was a different time, the imperial high noon, as I said sadly recalled by Roman schoolboy me, as is aid keep seeing roman Bill as the clown in too much make up recalling lost Ansonia, when all of his chancing still was ahead of Roman bill, before the third act, which outcome to all perpetual schoolboys, when brays was still a little ninny, and caching shicksas as like Gesu  and north Korean communist hacks, and so, Perry, with a voice between God and charley Tuna, no kidding  he was very much like equally basso profoundo Hershel Bernardi, he much found me funny and would accept my calls graciously as would Phil and Bev and uncle Dougie, as they all would’ve been fine with Antinee, making them laugh despite themselves sometime until that came to and end when was banned from that station left as a hag  named  Lynn Cullen tarred me as an anti Semite for even daring to feel bad for Monica, a name she said smugly would be tarred forever, what a witch,  besides, that her daily updates about Elian Gonzales, Oh I preferred Miriam myself, little snot, were all brought to you by the auspiciousness  of the fine folks at the local Lexus dealership, but then by then the age of Seinfeld, Monica, and Kordell was in full bloom. And that era of my life ended pretty much in 1992 when prodded by a  Jewish yenta who liked me and who showed my work to American Pop ist, I had gone out and about to a local cartoon collective where showed  my work to an oncoming company then still owned by Lucas I think called Fixar, and some drawing of either Stone soup a olden painted Disney like  cartoon, or xmas  movie about moving somewhat anisotropy Toy’s was not so sarcastic  that it couldn’t be cleansed for your enjoyment  by later coming uncle Wally , Lassiter, who, as all things are connected, was in that first class at cal arts which  my father asked me if I wanted to send in work to be  judged as someone he knew saw my drawings, but was far too much a genius to give into the magic castle as they did, being a pale imitation of Rankin Bass, Ray Harrihasuen, or Gahen Wilson, NO MATTER HOW MUCH PROFIT IS IN IT.

BACK THEN, in the cold nights of our youth, a line I had sued since then to some regard, I had called Perry and had my one liners and at the ready ad libs and quotes ready, as making him laugh at a tale, as if true heed like Doug crack up and have a moment of Jack Paars tonight show, before all the old biddies would call with their stories of and from the VAULT OF THE DRUG STORE! Perry, a lovely man, had a girth of his, a bigness like a father saturnalia, a Falstaff an sort of image, with a great booming voice, and a laugh that was almost prate like, and when I hit him just the right way, it as a magical sort of laughter as only smart knowing men like he and Carson had, as how Seinfeld came out of the last tonight show as a last valedictorian, I don’t know.

So, one night in the holiday season, Perry spoke of how he, as a Jewish kid, was forced to be in a Christmas pageant,  one year as  a Jewish kid it bothered him still as a then middle aged man. Oh, I can beat that I said, I resented  very  much them making me play Santa Clause once I told him, and one year in a catholic school no less, I was very resentful as was in some sort of  passion play, the words made me hear him clear his basso profoundo throat, he was never quite sure where I was going, but I never abused their admiration, but skirted with it, and told him I was to play a Roman centurion in this, as I  looked the part some one said of Lynda carter when  she was first read and then dressed as a last penitent to play wonder woman once, and getting some friction  about it even then in 1975 or so, they dripped it as I would be peter principled from no lines to sharing star  billing, as Mrs. Marrinuchi,  the wife of the local public school administrator,  whose daughters when too to catholic school par for the  blue state course, and was now need for my thuggish look, soon enough martin Scorsese would allow  you all to take one of the great civilizations in the world and make it comparable to your bully boys in some adult version of Hank Ketchum soon enough, but even still then, I was no longer the perfect Romans soldier,  in my look to the white nuns anymore, even though was anadem for that Roman, woman addled Cleopatra fucker so important to my mother s a literate Italian girl in Italy, which you like preen-ed that you and Dick Cavette and Yale invented.

I was no longer to be the Roman soldier, it was decided then, I told him, and was made a falsetto castrato boy singer’s aweigh there, but it was said my whipping of Jesus in this in try outs outside, them rethink the whole thing, as cast of course was played by little faggot sissy ninny named Albert whom I despised and all he was about. As the Jesuits warned me, beware the femmy, and my , uh, relish in Roman justice on this creep, take my pagan lash, Jewish Hercules, butchy, for saying render undo Caesar was my Jesuitical thoughts, that I summed to take a real love of whipping God Jr., and took a pleasuring in it and so the priests alerted to this, and so at Christmas time a time less devoted death as the spring time for Yahweh’s more April holidays, it was decided to so do something more  Christmassy, hence Shepard and angels, as the neighborhood  Jews had been, as was told on the warpath , which as I said, was funny this not far removed from the godfather, as Audrey and other Jews told me on confidence, that the mafia stuff hasn’t been as admired by Jews as they pretend, as thugs like Lebro and other hacks have always been the ones who  seemed predisposed to like that Sicilian shit. But, it did even  then tell me where you were all headed, as be sides how  and how mattered and who didn’t, a nun who made a point Mary couldn’t be Jewish because she was blond, made a point that I couldn’t play a Roman with such relish when I frankly  took it that that was  how she wanted it played, or not, I wast sure, like  how dissed and demeaned you are by the passavente  of now, which when they are at the level of Clintons who’d you’d think would be happy he  got away with what he did, by to show Dante's universal genius was right and all you really have in this underworld wonder land of bags of shit preening they are golden dockets.

My father, then hearing this story, and being quite pride from the priests he played  pinochle with, came to me around the holiday , around as  Christmas and told me abut how he had a letter  from Kale university , of all places, detailing that I, with the rarest name in the Italian language, was related to  Romans senator Cornelius Tactitus'  farther in law, a s much as  related that ever is, the grams and the Jews and the Bushes always have a real problem with that and how many in laws dance on the head pf a subpoena,  that I was related Romans centurion  Gneas Julius Agricola, and though a Simpson hack in the age of Harry sheerer could see  that as a detriment, the Friars and  my father, in Roman it is all, as against is important that the fact chat a roman raped any Sabine woman, as no where else gave these Sabine girls full equal  rights as the Americans left behind  would not find in any pacific rim, Mars knows. As it seemed an honor to him, as honoraria, even treat, but honor none the less, as twas not never Romans bathrooms you fags had too crash, but either ways to some, especially the in laws such is always cagey suspicion in the way that keeps the wild bunch shown an age of saw and human centipedes, still only shown at 2AM, as it makes them nervous to be  so close to a truth they think they had made a comedy by now.

So I told him this story then about four years  into that age  of my life maybe befittingly 1984, no less, perhaps the last Christmas my father was alive in fact, he’d be  dead days before the next one, and said see Perry as catholic I too was made to feel a kind of resentment ,as that was becoming the lingua franca of America, as  Jerry was stuck as a  nudnik, hadn’t yet scanned the middle schools for dates, was out there getting bookings by the strong arming by mega hoods whose made cracks, it certainly wasn’t the material  as he knew when he caste that damn thing, see, Perry, I said, This was how I a catholic boy had resentment being factored  to be in and then not, in an Xmas pageant. Gee, but ANTHONY, HE SAID, with perfect  Jew joke  Sullivan, Stiller and Marera, 2RMSRVW COMIC TIMING, BUT…[A BEAT]…You would. Then, he exploded with a booming laugh, a laughter and told me to get the hell off the phone, in a parody of WOR gunny hack, as he had his seat as the owner of the Pittsburgh over night, and didn’t need this twerp coming along making the aged old biddies and union thugs feel upset. Later by a decade  I  saw him by accident  in Pittsburgh   with some buddies in art school , and  told I WAS INDEED ANTINEE FROM NEW KENSINGTON, the Roman schoolboy, who  scribbled American confetti on Group wonderful walls,  and he did tell me ,by the way, they didn’t  like that centurion account, Anthony, he said by now, and they almost bared me form that show, not needed, as  he would soon  enough then be replaced by someone hardly as hip and peter  gunnish cop show, what, and leave show  business…?, borsht belt, gardens of Hesperian , cold war, golden aged hardly enough  un willingly   every so often to stop the hellish infernal litany of old people moaning  about their rosaries and medicine, and certainly never called in kdka again.

Recently, in the  midsummer of our  dying new Rome or is it, as I kid, an old Sicily its hard  to tell, as unlike Rome we are not Oviddian sophisticates, as we, or you more likely, not are we agrarian stoics as we are a parody of both and like neither. But like Sicily  whatever poverty never bad enough to make them noble savages,  they destroyed more renaissance art  than they had ever  created, look it up, we are always up to trash and or  whitewash  and crumble any Leonardo Horse as we avert witches and magic everything but klepto maniacs, as they never forgive what happens  to Marcus Agrippa, which having been as a high as aide de camp to Octavian is worse ts some than a100 Auschwitz showers, and who needs  to marry Italian girls, anymore…?  The usual deists have been at wits end lately trying to get through the eye of that needle that even roman admiring  Jesus said cant be done by all the fat rich men pledging  coinage . maybe with Brutus face on the head as, or maybe a three dollar Bill with  Barrys smiling visage on it, Look Mah, no hands!, pledged with gusto at the phony Sanhedrin meetings now made legal an as cash laundering as the Jews, bless them have finally made it up from their Bus stop Jessel beginnings that an intellectual named Ben  Wattenberg was amused in mid soprano  time,  that they Jews of hbo preened they weren’t there then as they made fun of the narks as an interlopers into the long island tentiment crowd, as if they weren’t much there, except maybe as occasional victims, got into too deep with the criminals is always a good go to when Scorsese is looking for angels, like they have no real experience, at the   Italian mother jokes, as they all look for blonds on jdate, if they look there,  at all. So its seems that Rome has moved into being marked too Caesar, something sooner of done by the Jewish in-laws for Lieutenants to Bill off and on, but he, and thsiw as always done meanly by his enemies,   was more shown as a Nero asylumed,  seen the old  Neal Adams son o’god comic in National Lampoon as comic satire, that days has passed,  as a fat  pope or shown as Nero as Drawn as Charles Loughton in a Daffy in Rome cartoon, or as Dom Deluise in a  Mel brooks movie, who I have grown to dislike more and more,  sadly as find his equating of the swastika of Aryans, there is nothing racial about the Romans, as Like it was from Romulus and W, the bumbling brother always ahs to go!,  this admitted to sadly by the wall street journal when trying to out on skids, an election year that wont end that they bumbled into,-- too late, learn your Romans numerals kids, especially not as the sons of Cyrus, to the  hammer and sickle a grievous fault. As I said, there were no swastikas when Mandela was allowed out of jail, no Romans here, niggers and CBS Jews away have to survive at the beset of the mercies of their various Caesars, as dying  like Cattilines is an   anathema to them, and their were in fact then I saw, as the cbs cameras tried valiantly to pull away, lest the rabble and the house and maybe the Bush basilica then be upset, were Roman hammers and sickles,  but again as said before, the  joke’s on some tissue niggers and Jews and Italian anti Medici radical Fonda’s who sued it as the hammer an sickle of Marx so much to the socialists that now the Romans have become now, if mentored at all, scurrilously by Medveds, whose Zeppo visage on MSNBC is so against to many that some newsletters emails chains I am willing to be on, as they were nice enough to allow me a kind mention or a post, [Dem Bones, Book IV, Regalia, Rag three, VUNDERGIRL IN THE DAGWOOD WEEDS, WENDY AS VENUS, PATTY CARTOON 6, PATTY AND BERNIE AT THE SENATE COUSRUME PARTY, TIGER LILLY, ECT. ] or a post to a link, send me emails about how distraught they are to see a sissy like George Wont on a station once permeably ,not only democratic but liberal if not liberal tine ,and I tell them back as do not much care, Ovid was right, about having no where left to turn. Ah, but now, it seems, in our dying impure empire,  that has the  nerve to trash the Ray Kroc of all imperialism, Uncle Julie, well,  that the jews for  Jesus, or at least mars are in a higher bracket, all they were after sadly, the hammer and sickle  was the subtle icon  before the wolf, of the Roman republic. This is why during the interregnum when a couple of senators and aide de camps tried take over Rome after the death of Caesar, as unread copies of which you white grsl don’t even know about much less demand like fathers day be vacated, I can hear the blood rush to Bills balling ghosts, sorry Fists, dears, the saps of history saw t street side art, outsider art in Brindisium as they took off, again in something other than Parallel lined lives a Greek allowed to write the Roman story, as all else is called Aprophica,  the art of the poor and put upon, in which an eagle was trapped killed like a rat in a maze or a trap and mace out of that later used with out permission stole by Marx, thus showing us where the jazz age was heading.

They recently again used Rome and Italy as they have been trained to as an only allowable Minstrel SHOWS by the sanctimonious Meat  heads, Jewish in laws described before, whose Mediterranean hoodlum qualities I guess gave been betan out of them by wives like those  in Gibbon,  and the always seething  deep down deep state hating Jewish rats who have come to some rapprochement with their in laws until like will append soon enough with vicious vituperative, vulgar Judd, will have had enough and the blind woman stupid enough to be caught in their variation of a hammer and sickle or the snares that caught the Roman wolf as seen in Umbria by the italic Bull, theirs since before Bruttinium, the little seeking blonds will get away and tell us she is on her own now and reel from  the Jewish husband gig when where and always someone to from towards and under any neared Tuscan suns. 

The girl who said shell always deep down admire Trump for destroying the ruling noble houses of Verona, as all but there gylt paid and channel jumping wal always shall, she sends me an email when the careerist hacks refer to Caesar, the roman  stuff   always a slur allowed, but aren’t more and more now that bugsu Jeb is our Ataturk , she got back in touch, asking me Tony, didn’t you last year…? Oh, why yes I had to demure, I did write a Caesar in ways closer to Mad magazine than Willie, no insult actually as Roman Satire was a wholly Italic and then roman art form which as  Gore and Juvamal  knew for all the antimony and falderal of Jewish in laws is hated by the pompous and the fools and the phones as it gievs  the game away and people leave the theater if not singing the arias, remembering the perfecting insults, well  after the play has been direfully closed. I write usually a tragedy of Julius Caesar as they had I thought wanted, as caught the scent in the wind that Trump and anyone whod vite for him and  stand at that awlla in the way of the Boresese of now, was going to be seen more and more as Hillary seemed less and less, as Gumbattrus epiphanius, as the gruff dago so beloved by the meatheads who control television and movies for the last 50 years  or so, f I may say so and nor be Rich Sanchez ed by the Jews who at the National biscuit company who fire the niggers first. And who have made the race of Beatrice  and the Sicilian school and the  Roman republic as I w as warned in to sleep and eat and porch monkeys  to the point that even a  black theater troop one asked if they could do my  roman play about the senate in caveat and then backed off thinking again as those persist did when was a boy Romans as heroes is something that scares the collected  Jews  and trashed white unkindest cunts of all, and fagots and their nigger beaus. Modern dress  was parceled out eventually made  by Mod, Trump as Caesar in what ways they  hate as again Bill was always and understudy forth role but ever quite filled the toga  well, maybe his being a  coward and  dying a  thousandth time barely made it  feel real to the Jack warners asses of today. And was all done in the silver Latin of beat and Mod and Kerouac generation bongo poetry, to say my own way and bicthy cues I take, that if my golden age as an Italian was so gone, well, maybe so was yours and television shows about your bled Vikings like Hillary and Bushes in persona non grata  detail consists now as just as a dead cat bounce after you’re little ninny boys had them stipended to death.

Answering two ads on various writers wanted websites, I saw that a few people were looking for Trump as Caesar, wasn’t the pejorative just a  given, kids… eared  as somehow among and amidst the barbarians it is always a pejorative to Go to Rome and Italy, as it  ahs seemed to be among the  middlebrows and worse, like David  Brooks and such, and this time I thought me as  a Romans schoolboy who ahs made it a point that ahs bothered the  fagots and the dykes of empire that in fact Bill Clinton does  read and love Ovid, it doesn’t hold together or make scents if he don’t…it oisteher along with Sallust and Marcus Aurelius as a  favored book brazenly and in favored  Roman moment of green laurel élan Bills head and that seems to some who have been paid and paid off by and to and for him, that this is   a, mark  of honorable distinction but actually a reason as it was for Dowd to distrust him some how. I have shown pictures on which have I have free manned  caped with leaves him an inflagrante as delecto as  anything else he has endeavored to do. In a few days I redrew and remade Caesar in my own italic image, as have the same empathy for Caesar that’ll Romans boys must have, as there is nothing lower than a Brutus, as quickly refrained to  the copy of Roman lives of paralleled virtue I had at my desk at the old house and didn’t have any room here to take with me, and in the roman lives I have recalled and recorded in my own mind, that there is something unseemly about Brutus, henses the word Brutal, still sued by a nations that actually uses its  niggers as slave laboring blood sport  that is no less than thrown by what is houses of higher Learning, meaning again there is no ‘scape from this devils island.

Trump now as redone by me as the figure that Bill would dream of being but alas can not be as all his commentaries were longwinded exfoliations why he couldn’t go to war to begin with. Ouch, I mean I like Roman bill and will always be able to keep him in a higher regard for telling the fat lesbians Plautus  jokes they never heard as  a way to again shove it up his wifes ass, don’t tell me the Roman jokes when they were told was anything but a certain boyish meanness,  and to her minions, but to be fair, its Latin as an Honiara and Juvenal’s never effected me as much as say Metamorphoses always have. I was in fact  called a bigot for noticing in a lovely swerve of word play that the play based on Metamorphoses  in new York opened first after  the fofrst week of nine eleven, as didn’t creepy cry for any lady liberties,  then either in the soot, but as I shave said lately  have found a place for my various Antonys and Roman centurions as  done as playful pizza ads to fellow Italia, though heard she is actually middle Italian hence the whiter skin and large yellow eyes, as heard she is more a Umbrian like Alan Alda Madonna and Caligula, where the monsters of Italy are hatched, Leslie.

As now, Trump was now on the return to now the Roman as buffoon in agro  and ermine, which they after all did better than anyone, no Jews touchy and shameless were they, and saw Imp king Donald  as the roman figure in this including leaves, which of course would be a shorthand for all that the middlebrows  whose parentage lived in barbaric trees would so hate. Trump as clomping roman generalissimo, fine, its  something that I have sued before in my pwn Anton nine  work as in  a story, as recalled , which was admired  by Yale Colords and  Amazon, which hey renoimce now as if a work of some Etruscan  Satan, who after all was just grafted on to the fear of all things pagan, that the born again jewsand vicious Connie, had  when  they weren’t related to them Jews of the earliest west end and were making money making sure the roman rabble always had a  few plays of a contest , and not that Greek  tragedy goat song shit Hercules running on the great sepia way at the theater district, which we now know, there was only festival seating fer Romans meaning senators had to sit next to  housewives  and drunks lest they never see the people whose sons they sent to [extralegal wars as the Roman ALWAYS HAD A HUMANISM  TO THEM THAT  MADE ME AND MY FATHER PROUD. To assorted in laws and relatives  who always can want a  classical movie as they are always looking like Paul Simon for the next parody or knick off someone will conceder art and or piety, how about instead of Massada in which even the clerks of A BIGGER CHECK  of the eighties  had to admit to the reluctance  if Silva to do any of this, how about a movie about Sabra and Cheittella as I said, or at least if it must be Roma, a film of Veii, or my Laurentium or something that doesn’t begin with your beloved Prussian god  career soldier or s you’ve made him, dear Caesar and the centurions who whipped and or succumbed to  God  and his various Jewish accountants, and burghers, again , always then coming back from the theater  as they never stopped recalling who they had meant when as they say persecuting Christers, or as is in Livy, Mithras, or anything than just saying the great secretariat of the CHRISTR CULT AS IS SAID IN JULIAN, a holy work to the Jesuits then, this church was if not started , politicked by a man who whipped Romans and let Jews mostly go free, or Romans if they were rich, look  them apples up, up empires have seen the likes of house Eric Holder Before, the jails cant hold all the criminals god knows, as so with this background  and this back drop I reamed a Trump  as a Caesar for them, and again, as with Dante ringing in my eras, I, Antony,  made him the hero and Bush as Brutus, the man who literally coins the words Brutus the God, as a the villain and not even a god one. Sorry Orson, I went to a higher court. But why be a prick and recall that now…?

Up for days, till 2 am, watching the cavalcade of stars on Alfred Hitchcock presents,  I made my Caesar as well as any Welles and was quite proud as a gal there told me the mod beat language and the jazzy Perry Mason feel was terrific and said should  be shot in  black and white as my script said, as that was a mark in my favor as with all those involved in invective and political diatribe, this isn’t art, as Caesar the hustler said, its only Propaganda, not again a pejorative to me, as Machiavelli said propagandas, a word sued against  Virgil and Hayly here in the land of the free and the home of the bribed, as he said, solely probably is just something that someone you don’t like writes or said, and is probably truer than anything ever written by David McCullough, not that I dislike him buts was smiling when my brother reading out of his New York Times that David, scribe imperious, was called ageist at his dismay at  the calibers of dimwits he had to see shiningly faced at Yale and other schools exempt from having all the niggers have given scholarships have to play tackle. He was quickly rebuked as herein new Sicily there are those nags of shit we must ever notice smell.   

And so the first Rule to play with his bromide is  that not so much it be read, as much as it be cost effective. But I  was picking something up even then in late summer as posted back then, as was told my liens were Pilate like, as a Jesuit student would be excepted, didn’t go in  for too much of Shakespeare, as like my  Ariosto well enough left alone.

And was told the liens of the year were things like Caesar is finding out that what happens when Lifer senators  see you getting too close to the rabble for your own good, and Maccers was a deceitful played to the hilt almost Judas like Cassius, so very sad that he ever saved Trump, sorry Caesar, from the drink, the fault dear Brutus isn’t in our stars, but in our shells. I played him up as a real roman clown, yes that was a hell of a senate once, old man, I had the drunkard but herouic Antony say to him, and of course how could I reset it, Billy C  as Octavian, boy perpetual of power, auga velva and bunnies galore, shark as a tack and always ready to get revenge, soon enough to see Germanicus his prince killed by his scheming wifehood, did I mention because of the Jesuits I can go Roman at the drop of a hat here in Viagra island. And I made swore it was the Dantetan aspect of Brutus and Cassias I went back to, which was strange that old Willie , a user of Dante in plays like Hamlet down to the cough, that he didnt know or care that tone of his Virgil’s, Dante, had no ease fore either as Antony says on the book one of them, everyone hates  a dog that bets his master, and the Petronius line I threw in  to, that the difference tween a senator and mad man is of course, the leash. But after putting in five days of work as I have a knowing and a memorization aspect to this story better than most, all I got back for all my attends at dark humor Romans satire, roman epic, roman everything as opposed to that Jewish shit, all I got from the producers for this Springtime for Caesar was a crestfallen… where are the knives…? at and just guns as after all this was the generation of Fears and loathing in Alba Longa, and thus most of my jokes went flat as  they were just looking for basically Sings and arrows, The Julius Caesar one  never done by the sissy who played Banquos ghost.

And I knew what they really wanted was just that murder scene and  went and wrote bad verses as realized then you are all then just lovers of death, as the only Halloween costume that bothered anyone the CNN queers referred to as Unmarried woman, even depute the gat marriage Hillary like so much was once against, in our age of shuffling dead, was anything remotely sexy as the fat girls live in abject fear as did their puritan furbearers of anyone as that German nun did , of anyone havaing sex, as itinst just the whole human scare that bothers the jazzed Sanger’s of the world. Too,  and the dismay at that Romans mob shown by Willie, who after all was more than willing to redo his tragedy of Pompey, the longest and most romantic and most poetic life in the parallelogram that was that awful book and  one of  the hew Romans lives first because there was  nothing to parsed it was  Greek first about it, was something about a fear and hatred of the people always there amid the grave robber family of self made patricians who alas marry well and have some splaining to do but never do about Auschwitz, and that distained and distaste was too apparent too soon, as I said, Roman ear attuned to this with plebian perfection,  there was one too many of everything last year, one too many men sent to war and brought back with stocks for legs who I see at the roses discount store daring to live out lives  as the vaunted Romans idler made into a bank guard  as Tactitus  said sadly, one too many niggers portending they were screeching about a crime bill in July, ironically,  and where feeling a Boin as they didn’t save a tiger, a tiger  in your tank, as he tolls around newsmen in am Italian rocket ship, ie too many war conations that had just been so very happy to see Trump as they thought go away, really you should have read How to be a Roman Playwright when you were giving hum the benter ring so willingly ,as Roman bill knew what you were doing its called up staging since Plautus,  as Bill and I did, kids, you’d wouldn’t have been schooled when he took off as he did, but then altering and not any devotion to that hag we now know was this all about anyway, and it is shame some d list hag didn’t have a  served head of Bills shown so publicly as I have enough admiration of  him you know heed get the Dantean joke of it, right before  he, the fats  chicken in chief who shut down the street in front of the preatorium as can recall when anyone’s poke of sedition were so willingly accepted that they were placed in jail, as who wasn’t then,…?, as he was scheard to perdition wasn’t  he when buildings in Oklahoma came crashing down, an age that started with Ruby ridge as much as anything.  


While thinking about taking up this girl on doing an essay about Caesar in the woods and its connection to me, and how I made them eat their lovely perpetual minstrel show by making Trump the Miles Gloriousus that only Bill C knows is a genuine whose Venetian glass you may not want to uncork, I went  to get some food for everyone here at the local supermarket. I liked shopping as wont yet be made into the hermit I was as you all succumbed to my disease of isolation as go out willingly and agilely while the rest of you shop at the magic box, and funny but all it took was that’s peculiar election going bad, and acutely some house nobodies asking where not only where was Bill, but where was Barry while the Czar was thumbing the libretto of destiny, whoops…well be right back–and I went to the local market to buy some food for the house. 

A pretty, slow witted young lady so ephemeral and sweet and touching in a pink dress, stood there near the deli with her large lardy studdabubba mother. She was so pretty in a delicate almost fragile way, her inbred slowness seen on her face but not so as to contort it, as funny how, but retards are now such sanctimonious, and the aborters who took  away their measure of children have to thus slather these left behind idiots with a devotion that is almost pathetic and is in no  way anything close to kindness, as such doesn’t exist in a Sparta that swaddles its gimps, and bombs the world. The lame as above reproach, dressed up as almost the best sort of humans, those who play sports an there is nothing else and no other parody of life they can do that elicits the admiration of a our Spartan Jewish in laws, which to be fair remember one thing sued in those old textbooks of national socialists was the fact that the shaloms of the world, like seen in Fredo made their share of Retardos, used again against Italians as naturally stupid, but, I’ve  never seen the German aqueducts, in those slurred against Italians in the dark ages pre Obama of oh 1998, you did a lot back there that make me wonder how decent you really are, they are given to retards as somehow Aryans of Cyrus, see…?, never somehow did, and all they w \ere healthy and above board. They are above reproach now that there are no more FREDO CORELEON jokes or at least I am the only one still making them as Rhoda would say wouldja believe anyone is still doing woulja believe, …? But again I have points to make as the girl asked me Tony you’re so sharp and witty, WHY EGG THEM ON…?  by using words the cunts and pimps and the like hate so…? And I said to her, my mother was right and when sometime was openly sneering at , and looking down the Italians, Was it James Baker…? I cant right now recall, anyway, when someone out down the Italians as being all superstitious is and such, believing in magic and or signora Fortuna, my mother said to me why if there wasn’t magic, of some kind, well then the rich would own everything and Billy boy has always seemed more circumspect when whilst dripping and laughing than you expect someone with paid for immunity to act.

So, here at the deli, I saw the pretty young girl, seen before by me as helps her mother do her shopping and isn’t hooded away for which I salute as a Roman would, never give up, never give, as Disraeli said, sad and yet bright and pink and lovely and with shoulder length black hair, and white skin, a slow dim witted Beatrice of sorts. She walked with a crimpy slide of a club foot sort of thing, sadly and touching. I thought of those commercials  about the poor little kids at like Jude and the shiners and think of a hag and a stragea alike power Mad Hillary or her betters at Bush manor and how lives of  absolute  vulgarity and Aortas that pump bile all-day long, and overeating who its never enough and how as Ma would say they will get there’s as Dante said, what petty men truly live in fear of …is their own importance, and that you can ware as much armoires as you want, the moon goddess when decides to make you mad will  have you barking at the hills, which we are all not far from. This girl to me seemed an embodiment of the republic, gimpy broken en battened, and yet alive and bright and undaunted as I have seen her shopping here before. I already act too much like Perry Mason, as I am a gloomy, Jesuitical fatso. So, truing to be more like Paul Drake, the hunch backed goofball wolf slickest PI, I said to her, exciuuuuuze me Gorgeous, and I walked by and she looked up and smiled at me broadly, as I made sure , knowing my Romans liens inside and out, don’t you love Farce,…? and knowing that the rule to all Roman farce is that it must be plated straight.As straight as  an Adam west, broad shoulders and a great voice might be a  better Batman  that you deserve, punk, lest it fall to bits, in a nuclear Cloud of seemliness. I said this will full out stage bravado, no wink, no meanness, no childish smarmy Bill Marish jewyiness, not a Roman boy, but Roman valor and satire is sometimes the same thing. We all can’t be so blessed where we can eventually fire the women who got rid of  Adam Corolla after three weeks,  to give us a swells show where we can make fun of Palazzo bemire and meaner than anybody. And she, the girl in pink smiled, broadly and brightly as she knew I wasn’t  like some hack queen queer, who was lunchy and rumpled and fallowing these two woman around this store making comments,  I HAD  SEEN SMUGLY LAUGHING AT HER BLATANT  attempt to be normal, why would I, an epileptic,  laugh at anyone  trying to cross the road to get to the other side.

Within a matter of days I sent out a PDF of Caesar and was met with some dislike for it. The Willie Shakespeare shit in the Roman ideal ironically of the public domain, was there, and so if that was all they wanted I thought, as would happen later on the park CNN had a variation motion of buyers remorse, they had a plagiarized script a so much in what is laughingly refractory as  English Literature is. A PLAY MORE TO THEIR MIIDDLBROWEDNESS, was available, Mine was just cobbled together by me as I had known, translated Latin not Greek as by that hack, so didn’t need  mine. I was given notes, ha, as if Id do this again  for anyone evasively one who  said you’d be paid on the  back end, if that. Again, what bated them palpably  as would have bothered them about the original or at lasts the English fairy queen  version, was that I seemed as an Antony would I said, to have more respect for both Trump and Caesar and specially the street mob, a mob that the sissy’s and Jews television city prodded and collected early when they saw the numbers that Trump got,  which should have been a first warning there, as you  and your assisted  blond fish eyed cunts with hopes of three lettered network that girl ism, no I’m not Kidding she said on some fawning article that’s he yearend to be a three latter network as opposed to you know FOX, you know where she could have more money and respect as she quoted MASH during the elastrator showing uis the new cop killings done live. And I sent them a  mod Caesar that I had a feeling they weren’t excepting , as Brutus is to Roman Me a symbol of venial so perfect and hateful that on the retelling of this story as it would be done for Jew baby Jesus, down to the wife having the dream, shameless as  ususal are our  Jewish messiahs as all the world is a jazz jam session to them, and I told then not another word would I write or rewrote as Maccers mackane as Cassius I rightly think was quite inspired, and I after all have no interest in pirates, as played Plautus through this blood feast they seemed to want. It was then admitted to me by some who wanted this made in Touch of evil black and white was really a lovely idea, and I told her I had an inkling of what this really was, as a show had been out just  then called Vinyl ad said that dear Mister Scorsese, my first and original Brutus was there to make sure that all things Roman and Italian could be dammed and used as a whip, Machiavelli’s whip against anyone they did not like as saw this coming when jewey Jonnie, she thought Jewvanal  was inspired, the other girl there, as said was a shame that as someone as witty as I was still issuing classifies at the bbc writers room, and that on deed one thing about this  that bothered them was this big dumb wop, they had it seems looked up a video of mine for Super season, beiengs openly against Old Groundskeeper Willie, as that was  a  derailment to me, as somehow one as is said, brings up the cultural  apparition that bloated people about football helmets  and injun headdresses in remembered Disco Stew you tube clips, but don’t recall it about the navy  jeans they were so willingly marked up, or when a movement of  green laurel can be used  to demean Trump for getting in the Borgias way as  in a way to mix it all he might be both that Cattiline and that thousand dead husbands that disarrays the men from Texaco and the star chamber theater that may be on its last wooden legs.

A few months later , it came to pass that Shakespeare  in the park rebuffed and refuted and refused and receded that  more Oviddian midsummer’s night dream that Willie stole too to show he was ambidexretous and could steal with both hands. And a gal calling me and my post about this asked if I would be interested in if she paid my way by trail ways or some such thing , to review this lasted Julius Caesar, their favorite play to trash outside of a similarly best timed themed italic Romeo and Juliette, and she called me from #Dembones and other recent classics, and asked if Id review the play for her scurrilous rag, which has seen my cartoons on paper just this side of My first weekly Reader and perhaps as old is the stock, but as I said, any acceptance is a triumph. She recalled me and asked if Id do this, two days on NYC, at a motel 6 the in the garden spot of the world, Ed Norton’s Bensinhoist, and the theater and perhaps dinner with her and some of her , uh, girlfriends,  which me and lesbians bever work out as someone always falls in ,love with thsi beast here and then all hell heralds loose as my meter is always running and will fuck anyone anywhere at anytime as feel it is my duty. I thought about it, and asked my brother if hed come along as was told I could brings someone and he had no inclination to ride for what he did say has  to be twelve hour son a land barge to new York to see this latest , as he rightly pious it, Dago mistral show that they allow themselves to throw, as to be fair, he was being drilled in Cattline and roman verses a decade before I and in Latin that the Jews would eventually free the church if not the bar association there of. As Sometimes Latin , a priest, told me is the best language one can know.

But within hours, this offer was rescinded to me, lately as usual with the middlebrows if its not  passion if not Gore Vidal parlance is catching. Maybe its Syphilis, as so upsetting is the very Wind  to the b side d list veracious Jews and unmarried white hags, who keep score and girders over being the next Wallace Shawn. She hates the middlebrow middle sex middle spread, middle minded middle stream medusa media as all  catholic  school girl would, she want to Northwestern,  I take it but don’t hold it against her and she liked that I had a sweet schoolboy fondness for Ovid  and his lovers too, including Bill as my Book Four was something she quite admired, she as the one who told me, TONY, only you can make Bill Clinton a sympathetic figure, as he has never seemingly bothered to pay Maureen whom she hates for anything so romantic.  as somehow there was a moment when they lacteally believed that we would get a Praetor destroyed by a rag that had the  journalistic ethics to give us Razing Kane.

She wouldn’t send me, she aid, not a fan of any of this, and saw the unfit woman screeching about Mothers day or fathers day and thought my storey about catching Dick York with my mother and finds it touching as she like me as a catholic with some smarts can always pin point  the bag men  and the check kiters,  anywhere near this lasted witches stew cauldron. She also read much Ovid as a girl, a schoolwork which you used to have which my mother was a a little girl before  the world was made safe for  American Hegemony, as no one still leiks to recall when the white house was wide open to Benito Mussolini as the next wave  that third  wave the butt hold suffers are always in looking for, as we don’t recall when the Jew York Times made a point of policing him on the covers of its then overplayed shilling fish wrap as he was always shown in Marcus Aurelius equestrian glory and do look that up next tome Bozo or the bossy from Columbia u acting that they were somehow pacifists when in truth were just clomping in the mud that come from howling rains, a libel I have sued more than once, but it ahs an effect, doesn’t it…?

At night as recount thesis tautly of the love of Roman spikes of green lauarel like Mr. Vidal and even Fabuickly, I recall reading that that best of amenity did in the mist of this did bend over and whisper to his Mimesis, you know, Goooorrrrrrre, I adotrrrrred Julllian, said in Sotto  voice,  lest the pin heads and the closeted and the Jew haters anda the red necks that admend up that party and now are seen bu some ninny faggot as a golden age by that sissy faggot Will, and above the hardscrabble vulgarism of now, that there was a love of Rome amid the middlebrows and easy the English faggots before again the black arts of Cupola and others made the Divine  empire of Dante’s,  and last flicker of Ovid’s beloved  civilization, as opposed to snide and silly Civility, was recited to merest minstrel show. Hey Hillary dear, next time you are losing the Romans street and Rachel madow openly too, tell your friends in Hollywood not to make a Ben  Hur  rip off,  where the voice if god shows up as Judah whoever, as thanks to my bets efforts, as said about that missing gerbil speaking  in means street brouch I am so read by enough people  who now dispraised FF cupola over the chapter  called the Jews and too, mate as I thought, there was a grumbling in the roman state of now, as somehow maybe we all recalled that as the wall street journal of all people said in their review un midsummer last, that Rome wasn’t really a bigoted placed,  Italy never  really ash been,  they are by divine action mixed race melottos, and so, don’t back any sanctimonious niggers into Ben Hur as we all recall what and who happened to the children of Ham.

Each night doing this, recollection, profiles and promenades I believe John Horne Burns called it in the Gallery, I watch Carson as a perfect time capsule from that last high noon , a Virgilian sonnet of the great days, before the barbarians ,who always seem to lose or even want the nobility of the savage accrued to them, as saw Bob  Blake  on more than once this month,  this show effect agile was for Carson, Unlike latter Letterheads and Jewvanals, the man was sure enough in his perfect hosted ness to never have to step on a line, never had  to get the  last word in, never had to as some do and even  on  Monday nigh football have had to do ever can you top this unless playfully asked as sometime he would merely keep quiet and just  laugh, which to many was a variation of praise from Caesar, to connect it all for that ten bucks I am doing  this all for again. In the heat in which I couldn’t take a weekend of Gomer Pyle, as it was too oppressive to deal with that, you couldn’t take that queer, and such, still I watched Carson each night as perfected time capsule of that lazy American golden age, our last satirist, our last inklings of Paar, as there’s  Jonnie wide tie as the mantle of the Virgil of comedians, theirs Jonathan Winters, genius, Im the voice if Spring, there is Charles Nelson Reilly, as witty as I ever saw, there is Benny near death, Suzanne Phelshhete before brunettes were ignored until Gal, then  sadly there is Bobby Blake, Berretta, almost as  if an auger telling us how soon in the age of Harvey Levin amusingly as a acrimonies gossip hound, and boozer driver no elks, destroying people was their American creed, but then again, what else have Hannibal’s ever done, …? As do next tome its Columbus day or some niggeralia, dear Obama The God, please look up Cumae, as it might be as close to Honor as you coons have ever come, and Flamminus and roman séance was great and said it all, what ever you Jewish in laws like it or not, as dirges and litanies and homilies have never been the most italic of arts, as opposed to satire. And there was off put and aging little rascal Robert, child star who made it or didn’t, as again it all deepens as Bills Virgil Marcus said, where you end the story, as all is after tragedy when one thinks about it.

On Johnny, there frm 1975, I think was the even then put upon Blake, steaming of his boyhood love for Spanky and Alfie Schweitzer a few dates after wall flowery Sadie Hawkinsish Mary Gross played the Alphalfa parts so well, as Blake recounts what these children were made to go through by the act Warner bros whose liberalism, was always more like now I thought and taken as a given than anything at all real. On the show too, was urbane and witty and I forgot how so  hear to Rudolph valentino  as he admitted, ascot wearing man about town, raconteur, cigarette working, slightly gyrating  slightly shady man Fernando Lamas. I forgot how erudite and supplicated he was , as to be honeys the Latin Lover goes back to Ovid as  much as anything, like Ebenezer scrooge and king  kong and most of Shakespeare than anything. He was slick and sharp and funny and  urbane and spoke of his life in Hollywood. And too with some  sadness he said hw in 1960, all changed and those loveable Jews to whom now had been bequeathed Hollywood, and things would get worse in ten years when a godfather that Kazan and Robert Altman and Sam Pencehinpah all passed on showed a level of virulence that had just started. He spoke of how he was alerted that the day of Romero and he and the leading man that went all the way back to Rudolph was over in liberal Hollywood. That he as a leading man was over, how a few years before he was alerted the more liberal Hollywood got tahst soundly s Italians didn’t have to read for Superman much less Caesar before, those parts went to English fags, too his career had been raided to, he said with funny  but sad funny lilt, he had been reduced so who in land that was too Good for Nixon, as the man said when seeing Gallainus and his cheeping wife on a balcony, a land once too good for Pompeii  would get theirs, that his career was now no longer playing a swave gentleman or even a kind of Harry Lime, to being a banana republic strong man in Mission Impossible, at he land that would he stilled by the then head of the CIA Bush the eldest, all of which ahs been forgiven by the estate and the good liberals, at least through the shooting, but through an other special lection that hag is trying to explain away not much. Don’t bring up the vaunted beloved Romans ears if you hags aren’t willing to do the heavy lifting involved.

And I thought. Watching this old Carson, how sad as that is, as sat there in a airy loft, Bright even at night, as cause there are no curtains to cit down on the lights croon the outside of this better neighborhood. I thought of how this erudite man was reduced to collateral stereotype so boringly and heinously by that other Jewish hack, that friend of Meathead who made  his witty lien about better to look good than to feel good seen here with a world weary sardonic attitude that was turned by that old Jew television city faggot into some kind of ascot wearing imbecile, some kind of airhareded idiot whose even his death didn’t stop this narrowcaster be soled man from using him as a way to get a few stinking horrid laughs. Ah but the gods of Drama, its name is that of a  she god, as drama itself is both comedy and tragedy, the two  included masks of Romans adhere, lets  remember  using yang is a Asian idea, aren’t they all deep down, and sadly as saw in this man much as much like my father, not at that herein the spiritual vaudeville of new Sicilia we all human as much as these in-laws all I know that suddenly at any moment, you too can be catered to by people who snider that colossus  white in that harbor where as many Italians in, were sent back, including some who escaped Fascisms, but wont get  into that now, as at any movement you too can be cried for even though in 2011 the hand whoppers were afraid that too many Arabs would queer heir deal with another of  their elections coming when frankly, would it matters…? As after  all the Democrats have acutely made more opportunities  to lose than they already had.

As Watched both him and Bobby Blake as Mary Gross called him sadly and sweetly as future perfect as seen in Virgil abounds here and the roads we and I would pike and not,  and how his alerted Beretta showed Blake again, like Rhoda and others should’ve never left a gravy train  lest the milk train not stop there anymore, as haven’t seen the earlier funnier one of Bob exhaling the duplicity and the stupidity of the collected ethics of Hollywood, and how he had a meeting I think in  a bathroom it is worth looking up on you tube. Since there as a sadness involved in seeing him making Carson laugh from his not as protected perch from the venality of Tartikoff as not, as Blake explained sad he was that this hack now in to clean the mess of Silverman, and how his Joe Dancer and priest movies were fucked over by the peacock, and the first thing he came up with as mtv cops, and how again a perpetual litany about Masada was something again an Italian was hurled into the beech un noctied as no one has holidays about when those hammer and sickles and no God, came to free the men from Tarquin as opposed to Pharaoh that it seems even the good Joes at south park have started to bristle under its Norman Lear appropriate and approached scantimony. All sad reseen ghostly Robert needed to make the scene perfect was reflected window rain as seen on his charcoal colored face. As again don’t fuck with Romans Antony when it comes to anything as Roman and the theater of politics and the comedy therein. 


By the end of the week  the tragedy of Julius Caesar had taken its Roman toll on those who thought to suit as a  cudgel too bat Trump   and his supporters, with the audacity to actually too think they were-part of a Republic that the Borgias and Medici  and their  middle browed  loiters thought of as mere circus goers. But the Romans   were right again, and  you cant think yourself too much an elite if you come to the rabble every  so often to kick a collection plate at the men, to  reap and be paid to dismiss and demean them, and Coonan cant even pretend he’s jack paar anymore. Not everyone wants to be a victim its what this curia should always know and that indeed if there are people out  there who don’t belong in jail as a good hoise nigger said of the Jews of walls street, well there are many furtherer out there, that out there Coriolanus spoke so, who think themselves do decent and bale and won be Monica’s for a couple of pimps from hot springs or even patrons who came this way up from the bare graves they looted. Great Caesars ghost is out ether that fer sure, and he isn’t seeing  the enemies that you do as he did, looks askance at the  step men and says agilely the Germans or in this case the Arabs  are thataway. As one too many clowns came to the defense of some thing too egregious for  Roman hearts, and they made sure that Hillary outside of lead balloons hurled upon nd out by swirling queers on television looking not only impeachments that’s  no good as some one else  would just have to be destroyed, in this case Pense, They .lose Will after the bunker scene, as  she sent out fat nigger broads  to say hed have to Go too, and then , fuck  the constitution , so would the speaker  of the house, in fact its all no good, Hillary got can put you’re a bombs away, as you are next on the dais anymore and would be over looked and wouldn’t get a  second bite at the apple again, as you and jebby spent too much this time, and  got nothing, so go home dear, its isn’t going to happen, as the rabbi said of Elaine showing the level weve descended, but then what is…?

The word Curia was sued by me, then, ironically though and at some terms sarcastically so as I think I was doing something clever  who knew, as in fact, it wasn’t the curia that was sued by the borages but decried them , in fact ask the ghost of JP2 when next time the girls play with  the Ouija board, as the curia, the Romans priests of the avocations state, were wholly against the noble houses of Verona, used that well was told too, and the demanded, even and epauletted buffoons of war, we had them all, when they jadishly called themselves  pontiffs host that one their families were decayed, the bishops of Aspire made sure no immediate immaculate ordinations could ever so happen again. But the assembly of queens is now in damage control as it  seems that the  republican health care is  in danger , that that snaky tap  dancing decorum less  nigger fixture of TMZ is going away, or at least again he ahs to behaved by the republicans as he wasn’t during another spasm of free trade, which I could guess took a big bite from his settling his bill at wall street for 500 large a speech from this coon who wasn’t admired until all hope lied eternal, an actual line of Crazy Joe Bidings, again please leave the Italians and the Romans alone,  and he didn’t even have to portend he was a democrat anymore. As he did his bidding and did it well, he always took the s die of democrats even  Jewish aldermen television city alter boys  noted that as now live in fear of a rebuke which can never I guess like being in the army ever comes to their race. Again the credo you   will have to live with, whether you like to or not and now suddenly after twenty years of  mass incarcerations and armor less fronts, well how about that it look like the play makers and the step men themselves are starting to fall aside as the ditch that imperial chariot was driven into  and the viciousness and the wreck of the Hesperus, a joke for Rachel, that is the ruling families seem to be Now taking new names, Palazzo and CNN clerks being next in this list of powerless jackasses on which no empire cant run, if it was okay for the Sicilians… 


Therese roles well play, and roles we wont, I’ve known that since a boy crowded by fagot old men who they only thing they sodomized me with Andie poo dear was a copy of Parallel lives. How about that, as get an epilogue to this didn’t have before piecing it back together, an update. It was taken up by the Supremes, and well, it was   9-0 when the true black clad  praetorians were heard from. I guess like last time they thinking they are above the dreary and the fraud, or anyway Caveat Pretoria, as I suppose the Bush consigliores didn’t throw enough twenties around to the less this Scalia whore house, to be  on the pad…sad. This is what happens when you put in a bunch of hags and spic cows and always dago prosecutors, who watched Perry and Della and rooted for Hamilton Berger. Whattha…? As  I recall a first thing taught to me, as a Jesuit pre law boy, was friar Francis, was that he warned me, as they all did as my father did of the two bit paragons now and the stable boy lace curtain Bush and  all their help and scullery maids, that one of their water carriers I was taught, once said that the constitution, again Jesuit pre law I had to memorize each word when Glenn  Beck was reading Archie comics and Barry some Jew  who was a radical and when he took over the world would make sure he could get into the jockey club too. I was told that a clerk said,  well it was no suicide pact. If it wasn’t,  the old woody Allen glasses wearing fat man Latin teacher told me , if stint, well then, some body misread the original. That’s  final and that this time it  angst worth a damn. An older woman comes to the door, well kept together still maternally pretty, in mom jeans I believe they are called  but still a s sensual a  clothing item as you’d figure the italics to perfect. As I really do think that the puerperal motion machine ahs been winding down all along, that for all the careerism, you must have not read that play, not as I did, not in the way I did, I with watercolor Romans of pen and ink and two colored inks  and doc martins  and goshce and connected by tin hooks by Jesuits who admired  me too much. She comes to the door from a minivan parked here often, as have seen her ageing but lovely figure weeding her tulips garden, and seen her as her Chihuahua that  scares away the gray rabbits that seem more plentiful here than the packed where there were shoots often heard. I didn’t post but shall now as you niggers mean nothing to me, that when was flirting it up with that pretty girl that half Italian half black girl, as isn’t that stretching a point, the priests told me why Sicilians were the new minstrel  show, girls, that that smarmy nigger actually shot into my  old house over it,  hey like Im a  Dante and Beatrice guy like Bill, Ovid is my man, I don’t need it  as Verona’s, or sharks  and jets  as I don’t really really like it here in America.

Hello… the pretty middle aged woman said to ,me, probably younger than I am, but as  a man it didn’t count it’s a mans world Rachel, as within hours of Detective Fish, Im sorry  Rep. Shift, Shifty asked  if Barry knew that Russia was humoring Hillary’s lection, well why didn’t Golden Boy say something about it and ---ahahahahahahahahahahah…again, dears Roman Tony is beyond you as again, wallow in  your Sicilian fish dinners and opens weeds, as nothing is bidness and everything is personale. Oh within in hours CNN good natured  Joes  were willing to be seen saying theirs nothing here, why its all just for ratings, Anything for Billy,  but…starting with Hillary as the newest  boring jet to go into the drink and  sued that before too. This will be looked upon I knew as much as saw later  in the day he is waterskiing or something in a perpetual vacation, not that his presidency was actually the book of Job smiling like the goon he is, and now someone in Brutus army must  to take the Roman bath, as all hands on deck eventually becomes every man forhimnlsf why the bisheus are alas doomed. As I recall hearing that smiling consigliore bribe fixer James Baker on Charley Rose  no less sating of the Italians that they were either Fascists or communists or Nothing and this just made that evil variegation of Fred  MacMurry just laugh as much as watching a funeral would, to my man Charley just sated there, with Dick van Dyke  aplomb and a usual unsteadiness. She asked me, this lovely and older and sexy to me, if my name was Anthony…? I was shocked, and said yes. A book had come to our house, she pertly said, A delivery from Bares and noble, where we do  our shopping for books, and by accident we opened it up thinking it for us, we didn’t even look at the label, as the address was wrong, or the delivery was wrong. She went into her purse and produced a large telephone directory of a book called Megabook. I think, she said, That this is yours. We get it and I wondered who in my house would buy this comics book all this vampire and such stuff and of books from there looking through it saw a listing for something called rat man, by Anthony Acri, and we’ve sensed that that  was you, as we see you taking large cartoons with your brother to the car to have then sent or such, …I smiled, as I saw both her and her daughters, tall athletic and attractive, they play at hoops all dusk every night I have been here, as their mother ahs bought an official nba hoop, take that niggers downtown, learn the American dream, as they are either in or about to go to Stanford or Yukon or some such  ball factory and it is nicer there than it ever w as near the rats. How did you figure out that was mine, Madam, I said, having been serving my elderly Ma lunch of toasted wheat bread  and springs of lettuce and not much else, and she smiled, well, she said, as we looked through it  we  saw the name Acri, and we figured it was yours. Mega book was one of those things that came along when I needed it as my admitter in of Norman Lear and Roman poems in the fall of America  was  getting me into trouble with those soulless  willing to make sting  in laws were shitting the golden door. As I know what this country and Rome is and what they weren’t, and the matronly woman was impressed in that it wasn’t, I  think books like this give my satires real  cred, and love being in them,  the most professional looking piece, but its shined there,  amid a lot of stuff that she wasn’t in the mood to see, and was  quite critical which caused her to read the whole  eight pager as I should have told the people who asked but my Caesar in Modern Dress of Trump on a toga, it was  in neither w ay a pejorative which Franklin cant underrate but you’d  better read  up on Roman history see, because Octavian  is in the midst, and don’t forget one  of stheo attorneys I know which is demeaned as apocrypha or ephemeral by white chicks, remember Octavian Augustus Caesar, the one who lived, had a record and a manifest of every boat and ever legion sued by the usurpers he called them, and wrote this down too in my way offer perfect not often sued in English that  he had lists of catalogs of ships and corporal’s sued by Brutus, remembered him, he lives in Dante being rim jobbed  by Satan, and if it took yuil he was an old man, as in Puzo, showing the golden apples, he hunted each name and each man down and sometimes killed them himself. I feel badly that am in a Julian lover less place here, unlike what it was when a boy as an old cunt stragea Pillozzi can, at the end of the week, insinuate and demean Rome and Caesar and all as she hangs on for dear life, oh old lady you didn’t think you could coast fore err for having cock blocked old lady Hillary do you, Baby Jane…? If so you are maybe the caliber of Italian Think you are, and that was meant to not be. It is sad to see of all people Caesar being sued as a whip against the only man not in the throws of and not devoted to constant imperial war, the only idiot  Trump was even remotely ante war, which is what set him afire and which is why once ruined, I hope you don’t think the lasts ruling Borgias can then pretend to be Alexander again, even in Rome, no Sparta as Livy said, the woman start to chaff at the men always gone or coming back as gimps while the clever and the weak and the step men and the in laws, perpetually at the last then putting on Hercules for the laughing fools, casting the dancing girls,  in parades that Cattline had pegged eons ago. Alas Rome was  no place for a man who’d  follow Brutus, Octavian later Augustus thought, and like his bloated  fat hick fried tired criterion in Bill Clinton believe me when he will, and he will, says enough, as remember as Octavian he will get the last word whether you use my play or not, he means  it. 



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