19 September 2017

A post made at Face mash, sorry face book again soprano rules your virulence and hatreds are after all sacrament and fine…

I now using only the power of my mind, ill mull making myself queen of Faerie land....yes, were here to help you to your throne madam, msus Clinton,...just get in these robes, the stain and lace, and straps that  attach back heere, thats riggght, and we're hereto whisk to off to fairy land where you will reign as queen over the gumdrop kingdom and---Larry!, get the cattle prod, block the door, Bernie sanders says hello ,bitch,... get the tranquilizer darts, ...! shes feral, and don't let her bite you what ever you do, no wonder Steven king lovers her so, without this he’s back to being a poor mans William Gaines...Block the door! She calls her husband killer cause he slays her, not yet, but Bill's calling Bellevue cause yur nuts!

Well that seemed to be the last straw at wonderland, as this  morning awoke at 11, as an infection will not let me go, but again stay up all night drawing some gals wonder woman, as she eggs me on as said being cute on one page, see like Alan’s annotations I packed in Ed Asner, Perry mason and Eve Arden and Ruff from Dennis the menace, she emails  me among some other well wishers, Oh Tony,  she said,  I love that do more like that, oyyyyyyyyyyshhhheeee. Telling my mother this, she said I better do good for this girl as I cant be taking admiration for granted, and better send her something ncie, and just to show what I am dealing with she took a blue box full of wax crayons  of mine and rolled it  into a bucket  uses for her chaw, as she demands I use something upscale and nice.

But things are tough in fairy land, they are, as also not loved was me brining up Ovid ,again as how that bothers the fat girls know that Bill the Roman schoolboy, don’t make me tell you his roman put downs of you again as I say Clarion fatigue has become rigamortis, as in the body politic, and admired and am Fatigued by their evil my own self. I know that Taint putting no goddamn drivers license on BIG BROTHER,COM, fuck that and fuck you, Nepoto, I could care less. As I noted every say anything about that little ninny with that  bag on his head, the unknown comic, something is upsetting to the face booked, so recall that next time hear any of them call themselves  Romans satirists,--you use that word but am not sure you understand it, as do recall not only that but that his virulence Is quite staggering as he flop sweats tap dancing lithely on his own electronic grave, might be tome for even a third act, or at least a third  pair of glasses, as he soft shoes his way off the cliff, remember,  this is the hack with vicious ignitions, to whom we are all Adam Corrola and unloved  and not allowed an audience that he thinks bequeathed to him as his queen Hillary believes the white house was something’s he didn’t have to work for but just get, like the syphilis. So, do remember he sent out minions to death threat and demean pubic ally and decoy an Asian  woman who had the audacity to ask why his Richard liu impression was fine and dandy. Then after hectoring her,  played a  magnanimous  creep, salted with decency of a gc  Murphy gleaned dime sort, a just for men sort of combed in decency,  and called off his dogs, making them all feel like such putzes as I recall, but then there is not politicos of resentment, only those resented as the ratings can prove. And so what the numinous academy of television, as Jackie said in perfect satire, all we’ve been watching are game shows, puppet shows, westerns, cartoon frolics and sufferin soap operas, tonight I’m watching a movie!, had time for a  reunion of 9to5, A FILM BY THE WAY, but you know, and Lilly, you know, who has been a has been and sanctimonious and speaking of enlightenment since I was a boy, as somehow paycheck was  fine from in  being a show in which Goldie and  even Joanne Worley were asked to dance in bathing suits in cages doing the frug, but i do love that show and its Roman vitality so, but youd think that hag been agin it, but then has had to walk off Cavette since I was a kid, as again someone might have noticed how she trashed working girls , telephone operators, cashiers,  even mentally ill bag ladies, all the  world loves a clown, but what does she care…?,  with a face only a Travolta  could love. And tank god the north Viet cong weren’t Arabs, Jane dear or the Jewish in laws would have let you rot in jail like the Medici did to your radical forbearer.

I say face book and its all seeing eye and its reluctance to take down murder vids  can go fuck itself, as again as since bleeding cool, I always am dangerous in getting people to ask questions you think have been made verboten, as id like to know how  wit is Jews can be heroes in both Skokie which really bothered  them, finally after fifteen years of perpetual war they had been made upset, and Trumbo, as again I didn’t make a movie about the Romans that I had to disavow which is wonderful in that how does one disavowed a work of art, and not just say one was Younger or more callow or got better, but disavow unless it was a polemic to begin with. As I have a feeling Steven Colbert will be renouncing the stain that is his act soon enough to stay on television, the only salvation his coils can imagine. So take time to trash a Praetor who has yet to bomb a hospital, if he knows what’s good for him, but didn’t have time to have a moment of in memoriam for Dick Gregory, its  a yo yo yo nigger world, who knew…?, did Pig meat notice…?,  and some others as that I did, as he  oathed to tap dance, but its not something I didn’t see when the writer  off the best man and Ben Hur  died, who was smart enough to not have Chuck Hesston renounce Judea, as was in the remake that fell fat, but then as I said, cgi alas is am anathema  to a Roman circus. As it was ether that post about fairea land, too soon after the black rock black hole that that ninny is dragging the Cyclops towards, or the one done about Bill Clinton in which again there was a left handed compliment as I  am like our bloated vicar in a love of Ovid, see…?, don’t call him a poet of imperialism if you know what’s good for you girls, like how you somehow went along with the  crime bill and welfare reform, so your throats are open to lots. And I made sure as a boy I would never be a house coon like that ninny queen we had ,as I knew even as a  boy in Jesuit pre  law, being admired by Ogletree and Tribe and the recruiters from Georgetown  that Barry’s tail wagged so for,  when they came through, and thus dispraised by the berries of that time who had to work for it, as I knew that ventrally as you did to Jack Valenti SOUTHERN HICKS would demand of me that I bomb some worthless niggers somewhere, and wretched scum, but in doing so, Id have to damage Magnus leptis, and roman Antony as I inferred Bill Clinton, can never ever do that. Again to quote Romans as saw that line again recalled by no less an authority than Neil Simon on Cavett, a tragedy is…well,  something you’ll find out when you run out of jokes, or cash, and again these were never my walls.



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