01 October 2017


25 September 2017

Every time I need face book for any real reason, or purpose other than bullshit, the censorious hacks there find something to upset by, as seediness as all bribed do think every one is on the pad, when the opposite is true. So, asked by some to befriend them or send work in to beat a deadline by using face book, as now like mailed paper, attachments seem to be verboten by some, found again was censored this time for a post in which called some hag witch with titian hair a red Sonja, as opposed too a more believed in  wonder woman, who she was allowed, of course, to castigate, you keep using the word satire, but I dint think that’s what it is, as again she’s another white chick, superior to us all, a shining exemplar of truth and decency, and if she has made a career out of a  delivery too much to me like the Anne Bates housewife on speed snl commercial, that’s your tough luck.
So could do only half of what would have liked, but the summer ended on a nice note, as did a few comics scripted by others, -even a GIRL!-, AS she asked me if id like a 'created by'credit for the trippy Strenekoish Promythea tangle I sent her, tribally different from the e-man Charleston riff sent to the other kid. I’m no Kirby, I say with pride, as don’t need to make straw men out of Vinnies and Stans and other ethnics, always his monsters, hummmmn, to make up for the fact that I can understand as he couldn’t, as I did as a boy, the decency of a silent monolith, and don’t have a thousand power liens emitting from it. Not me, sweetheart I told her, I am a CC Beckian sort, a working artist who lest people have their pride too. As not only did I get complies out, and they were liked and admired, and will send a few gals something for a later issues, but there was a lovely moment at least to Roman hearted me, at the end of a summer that had too much Brutus not enough Junius, as Bob Dole would say. The gal gave me as I had posited a couple of pages about a Promethea type superwoman, which  she let me do as, as others have, thinks anyone who can make Bill Clinton and Donald Trump as Roman heroes and not any one who thinks they are, is a real talent. When I said looking up Promethea, it’ll be next on my list of works by this American comic book Tasso, Moore, as on one of these annotated pages saw some one refer to Orlando‘s madness as finally ‘a great medieval epic’, close enough, but didn’t go off on any sanctimonious creed about the  italics not understating the wonderful sainted Moslem's, as they were indeed then raping Sicilian girls, but, always falling in love with them, point of a tragedy named Fioretta, I think that actual made it to Chaucer, as in the Decameron, so, there’s always that. I told this gal, who saw my work in some lesbian compendium, and looked me up, that I didn’t think I was quite up to art like this comic had. She differed, and said I was closer to Alan’s collaborators than she was to Moore, who she adores.

And she liked me on a post saying how I poo pooed something called Super folks, and with it something called Grant Morison so, keep your eyes out for my appearance in heavy metal kids!, as I was a kid then, voraciously hell vocationally, reading satire and comics, meticulously herding everything and a book about Superman and Captain Marvel as even missing me had to mean something, as recall it all. The other kid seeing Capt. Magnvs, sends me his only ubermench sort, who I saw an imagery an e-man like Charleston thing and colored it on with earthy chalk and oil pastel and highlighter as Charleston and gold key seemed more subtle in coloring than as I told him, marvel and dc, where everything was dark red and bright green. But what impressed the gal, a feminist, god help us, but was actually quite nice and witty, who knew…? still, she liked my breakfast in America liberty magazine cover, Colombia, and thinks that was what she was going for, and prodded my me, looked up Camilla ,the roman Amazon of whom Bill Clinton once said he my fellow Jesuits student, that he  preferred  her to Bodica and her savage Deja Thoris of mudeville act in Hollingshed. Poor Hullary, the gal emails me, now knowing that which she saw in my blog as sometimes see a rash of views from 2013,14, 12, etc,  struck was how  lovely it was to be so admired and such by actual makers of something, as again I wasn’t looking for fidelity to anything, as despite the sanctimony of the bribed, every body isn’t on the pad, and that’s the mistake that those that are will always make. To think you have impunity, well, not so much, as you’d find a backlash from grinning rah rah speeches to the pony express, as peoples homes are washing away, not stupid as much as  diabolical, it must be, or being shuttled to Kuralt less Sunday morning, as cant stop breathing about nbc, with suddenly sister Gertrude’s rolling their fat jelly fish eyes and power attaches demanding those in power stay 100 miles away, lest her contagion of losing start to rub-off,  and the audacity of asking Cleopatra if her boat leaks, and then too, you find a thirty percent drop in Circus maximus as then nbc peacock quickly calls to reinstate the black kid, a new Emmett, as if the Cowboys don’t get a good number its their necks…

But, what made me post anything here at all, have enough places who treat me as the Jesuits and now lesbians do, letting me say whatever and not even made it to the steak money of a dying  cbs as did Colbert, whose overloading narrative quality, beyond shtick is anathema to a Plautus admiring me. God, it’s like the unknown comic meets Homer, I joke that homer tells that Ulysses had a wife that was ssssso fat,--enough already! But what made me say anything as may juts leave this page be, is that a woman sent me a Times article, no the real one, your front Negro praetor actually did damage to Magnus Leptis, a Roman ruin unlike anywhere here, is protected by unesco, as almost all in Italay is now, sorry Bush family, but again they at least saw you coming, for whom we will all be blue wearing helmets for someday. I told the lady at the historical fiction website where foisted a play about Apollo and Daphne that though admirable and with merit, am told, the lovers of darkeis shall not touch, that was nice of her, but had heard this before, but after Dante being trashed by attachés it seemed even more sad. As the first family without decorum construes as she dressed up like a black woman in drag, wont touch that, which wasn’t surprising to me, as was made ill by some hack rag actually sending me a money request attached to a dismissal of Dante in this cesspool, as her husband dressed up as Cleopatra for 8 years and would kill you a million timmmmeeessssssshhhhhh….

I see our Petronius is looking fatter and older to fit in to his role as a CBS jiminy cricket…I relay cant stand this hack anymore, as when I was a kid, still the giants of the tonight show were on television, Steve Allen, its creator genius was doing shows on pbs with actors playing Leonardo Da vinci, maybe Colbert could do that and someone like Nicola Machiavelli could be on and say his line about politics being a  banquet of rancid food, and with Steven as the floor show. But that would sort of imply a depth he don’ts have. Cavette was on pbs too, talking to Mortimer Aldler which thankfully to show I pigged as this garbage pails Virgil our ninny had ever heard of, like his Jewish patrone  who spent his youth Considering the bust of soupy sales. Westinghouse had Paar, an erudite witty man who if anything showed the roman satirical ideal of biting the hand that marionette you, I have a feeling we are all but Adam Corralla to this  creep and that he’s busily showing some Jew in corporate   he can be trusted…but msitley what I cant stand about at our anti Carson, is that he cant just be witty or erudite, of thoughtful or even as finny as knows, no he must come with a overarching narrative,  see our unknown comic is such a man in a gray flannel soul such an smarmy sort that he must audit on thick and  be like the tonight show starring Homer. I joke that Homers tells that Odysseys said, take my wife…please…wow this guys stunts are becoming more virulent and hammy, always a mistake, and bibulous as befits a man with a monsignors smile, as am at least admired among the  lesbians for having predicted something called lesbian drag, no one is as clean as he is, or as devoted, hell tell you,  as watch roman Hercules, a film series and am off put by asides and verbal cues and bugs bunny takes gleeing dropped in by this fatso on metv , which never saw before ,but was saved for an Italian movie, on which geniuses really did work, as heed admit, hey, fatso, show some respect, show a film or don’t, ..I feel remorse, this inst the time to fuck with me as saw even Dante is by beneath this cesspool now , nigger pluze,  that was an aviary for Eco, Calvino, Fellini and deSica, as  all wrote comics books once, as I must say again showing my own Petronian Juvenilia
Every time I need to actually use face book for an actual reason am pelted  by a decency that is sold salty by the pound, that a presidency may be lost, but you’ve gained a ton,… as cant stand , the roman actor in me, anyone who smirks at his own lines…

At the end of the summer, as the sprites and the forest  fairies and abhor cold, start to think of like robins leaving before the snow, I saw Madame Lugosi herself, and thus only days after I  heard what  Yetta emeritus, Jabba the Jew  had to say about  Romans and Italians, to them, that Marcus Agrippa is a tragedy worth a thousand Dauchuas, as it suited the principia to lock that silver door, and not even having Christ to blame, shades of Winnie Churchill, on the brethren that  maybe doing it again. And so, true to her Roman creed, [insert Sicilian Roman joke here, and it you dont know it ask Bill, as I would guess Octavian is getting sick of the latest troops blamed by Livia for the act that well, dear, maybe it just wasn’t your night,] that prod seemingly by nothing, our Gummdai Pillozz said she renounced the works of those bush babies in American Isis…what, another one..?, and Palestinian drag, as I could have said, their name sounded  too much like Indefata to get Medveds Jews for Jesu blessing.

And she like Mighele in the godfather, the only Italian work of epic known by that Klan metteing called ge theater, she openly and winsomely reconciled the mass as if a denunciation of Milton’s Satan, and I found this almost touching.  Our old nana had to when push came to shove as white hicks were fearing her through the doorway had to true to her blood oath, be devoted to the roman fasciae, and to the Romans an their three thousand years of imperial carnival fiascos, hotter than any Bush family can give billing by the hour. This was alike Paolo Milano’s testament that a study of Dante, heinously trashed by some middlebrow if were lucky creep at some white chick rest stop of resistance, that had  no effect on the national biscuit company making more war propaganda and this stretching the soup, old lady  Pillzzo had to stick with the Romans and all their fandangos and said a briskly a fuck you I  have said all along to all those coloreds who don’t know that the American nightmare is frankly that anyone is two exists removed from  the jersey shore. A page ad paid for by our saints, not willing to sue that money on drowning victims or people with no homes, pray to Neptune Barry , again my plebeian hears a tin can, purported to be  against hate, but think how actually will Rachel sell this latest war comedy, wait too Roman, tragedy, no wait, cant be that, thats why they hate Virgil, war  as doctrine comics, lets say, how des she push the product when she said even caring about those real seals who were burned to death was in fact a farce, and thus mixing metaphors. Yet the great Jewish doge Sorsos sent end bought radicals to bitch and bother her, totally again misunderstanding the waves and tides and times of imperial politics as his race has since Macrus Agrippa. Her renouncing was absolute as a democrat can be, God knows, especially in the new Skokie we live in, as they are going to jail without a  peep from the radical left or anyone, and Sorsos again in the vein of Marcus is shocked I would bet, as antifa is going away, as it always is in new or  Old Italay,  because it  sounds like Intedfada.  Perhaps that was the post that sent them over the edge at face book, something did, but its try ere than not,  as such is life in a west bank of Skokie where croche Enchinati are verboten, but the hammer and the sickle of Augustus is so not, as its still hanging there behind the senators gymba jews of this dying republic. Within hours of my being hurled off face book, again I am blessed, it appeared that Jewish hacks and t short drop outs were targeting and caught at it, targeting those Jew haters, I guess Bush operatives, not to  find and shame or kick them off, but to sell them things, ah our credo, and there is a joke in there somewhere  worthy of Jessel. I never really got any of  that despite my asides at my mothers   beloved Jewvenal. All I ever got in ads were lawyers asking me to send money to the ACLU, wait… again now that I think of it…Regalia.


As here in Pittsburgh, an almost touching image of one time army ranger, the Seals for some reason are Augustus Marines, yes it comes from there, sorry, girls, are   the go to of Jews in Hollywood, green berets are  too…you know…anyway, this big limbering man, before the game while the false Americas team stillers  were all huddled and snared like Jews in a war, stood there alone with a handover his heart,… what a sucker! , but it splintered into my Romanae heart, as he had a name with as name pirating close to Villanova’s, where cause of Tyberius we actually get the word Villain, as he like lex luther staid there in a villa, despised and despising without even a Colbert to  toast with, …again, ask your husband dear. He stood there, amid the drunkards, with the Rapists in the tunnel, is that like the elf on the toilet, the kinky lunched and a black coach who called it all Bullshit, work that side line, nigger, …This man with a Romantic--ish name,  not to sound too much like George  Lopez who told pretty girl sideline reporter distasteful to Jews and bungles that she wasn’t Latin, unless you were reallllllly a stickler, stood at the flag as usual large and bloated and overt and probably paid for by a department of war who sent men into fire without armor, I guess hadn’t read  St.  Paul of Tarsus as bribeist MOTHER Mo said. And he stood there ascend to imbue with dignity and sadness worthy of a Virgilian moment, as I’m sure smirking Steven doesn’t want you to recall  Dick Gregory was on TV with Paar, I staid there already doing more work to show my own bonefides, send out and saw  this scene of sad lonely soldier giving a salute, as last salty hand to some thing, that is only used and useful when GE tells Rachel dear to push the war product. I hope shed not shell their new show about seals and war, after calling the real sons dying a farce, lest magical nigger Barry ever have to acutely, you know, stand for something.

And watching this one stealer in the soldier field morass of pollocks and drunkards and loudmouths and cheerleaders, ah there’s your Roman moment kids, as even you Jewish rats and niggers and white beard lesbos cant ever refuse it.  I saw Villanova, more or less,  stand there devoted to the wars you’ve noshed on like so  much pastrami,  at a deli, and thought much of myself, sorry, as was told by some comic company I was a complete incompetent, as they look for more zombie death medieval shit, as my Asian girl admired reverence of  Romero as  roman satirist whose  stories are reduced to make up horror shit, as  if I  haven’t been  in art magazines and political newsletters owned by lesbians who wouldn’t vote for Hillary like dieing crime family sonny boys. I was called a racist again, for mentioning Horace’s city rats, again, you’d all bet  better off if Sweet ole Bill wasn’t the only one who read Virgil. By the middle of the week, however, when the polls come in from the hinterlands, both the nfl, and dish television were giving people refunds  if they were offended, LIKE AUGUSTUS SAID, BRING ME WHAT THE SOLDIERS  EAT, I’m not Brutus,…too much Brutus this summer, and as a banker wow, that said much, and again, Dante was righter than not , perhaps them read-through provably not, recalling that line in Cornelius Tactitus, that every dying empire gets to a point where they have one  too few Centurions, and there are far too many welfare queens to keep the thing going. See I recall when openly the yo yo yo dawhs and fat chicks niggers on espn were still calling COLIN dear a wop, laughing at him when Polish joke Jaws had called him the best  qb at his age hed ever seen, and recall as posited here when Fink slef appended national scold, fink Sherman kept screaming at him and calling him an Oreo all January day. REMEMBER when that self important nigger creep decided to as he must pour salt in that wound, maybe that fat black chick had laughed her way through it, like all you porch assassins. A show is on PBS I now get now, as the circus must always amended itself to where the people are standing…or not,… more channels seem t0o magically go on as we are never that far from the Roman sonnets, not  if having to do business, a show about Vietnam…where  have you been, there are more recent fiascoes than that, Vietnam…?, shit I only saw this rot because I  couldn’t stand a show deifying the elite  soldiers, is anyone  just still just living in the republican brick, a reliance instead of your damn Resistance, oh look the senate  just confirmed more Trump judges eagerly and Italian one clean as a whistle, is there any everymen left in Severus’ post  Julian’s death  cesspool  anymore, does the general issue have any response any more as the Jews think  they married up…?  Freedom of speech for a broken quarterback, shit watch as Valerie Plame goes POOOF. A SHOW ABOUT  WAR AS ENTRAINMENT, NO MASH, mash…?, that are a sin to my roman heart, Caesar was right, soldier should say it alone, I remember the real ones being burned  to death  and our Rachel dear calling anyone even mentioning it a farce, as she  pushed the drones in the used car lot this empire had become. ...what Mei Lai, …? The gal I did the pages for was very impressed by the aping of Mort Drucker will do for others, but in fact said I had something pegged in ‘1964’, as the coven at which I was suspicious of as have been as an Italian here in moonlight bay since 1974, despite or because was seen as smart, or is  Machiavellian the best I can get…?

The gals are, likable to Puckish me, ah, what fools these bag men be, they did not take well whether she knew it in midsummers fields, as the gals of the weeds and the fairies, the midsummer’s  fields of Ovid’s pixies, though Claudia sends a picture as  some do, and she is absolutely a cutie pie, and am beyond hoping against hope she isn’t lesbian as  am too tired for Beatriceizing any more. The gals  at Good girl , or is it Gogie girl, one of the many lesbo comics consortiums that’s seems to have sided with me,  you were always doomed by the Romans schoolboys, mater, anyway, one moment I was seen as an anethema to them, ah, but you’ve seen my sort of pork before, and I didn’t have the veto, or not use it  as the case may be. The coven of comikers gals is  is not that appeased by mater Clinton as she was meant too, and waited and wanted  to do, trash women with that closet everything Colbert, who my mother, if seeing him, as go towards Perry after sometimes sit and watch and am amused that am being lectured to now by the poor mans Teri Hatcher who was the brunette witch on the stock  theater that even Larry David, who frankly shines on this show as if Juvenial himself, she yells to get him off the air. And a two bit site was upset by the quick chapter on an magic Italian girl did amid the three comics, two plays and five illustrations to show my good faith. Some lower end dump in love with the medieval and thus not the market for any story  about an Ariosto love of gracious ladies and flying animals and monster  mothers in law, had t make a point how they considered it  but then staked me for bothering them and not using the courier new of screenplays and the feigned professionalism of Wallace Shaun, as I guess In Cold Blood was submitted to him according to Hoyule, if not ethically. Though had to answer back was being published as a boy in 1980 in a magazine kept by Jesuits that was not playgirl.  At least didn’t say someone who could fly or at least had a broom that could flit had too ‘stretch his legs’, something wicked this ways strolls. I know that they didn’t get that, but again to somewhat quote Sallust, what you were before Trump, Cicero is all you’ll ever go back to, so enjoy yourself now, girls, as did get some thumbs up for saying that this crowd wasn’t exactly the dramatis personae of Livy when Trump came down that escalator, into the bargine basement this bazaar has wholly become. They put me down in ways have been freed from, And was strangely asked, but be sure to send more in,-- fuck off, I thought of Caveat and Romans stories I have actually published to others provably dismay, and said to myself, you’re all in real trouble girls, as would love to post this on Bill’s page today, just to see if any of it mattered.  As the  rancid little newsletter who preens its white gal solipsism  between the Bulgari ads had the nerve  and the again Bushman kaboom unthinking ness too say in its constant anti Trump crusade, as its funny when we are all ailed to sue that word, that the true patriots were taking a knee last Sunday, juts as Dish and the nfl was desperately truing to pay people not too leave the circus maximus as again, as predicted this, the fake war’s blood got into the water works. As the last post really I made at facebook was  sassing that Bill C. was a lot of thing but doubt that he would commit the actual war crime done by that nigger and his wife that he both hates of  defaming Magnus Leptis, can one imagine what  when through his head that day as he sauntered up the steps  of a plane ,the imperial Ambra and made that house nigger wait like the stpettin fetchit he always was. Come on girls, lets save republican health-care! That bothered someone at facebook , probably someone who broadcasts their crap five to three times a week, and remember that Bill, you can be a  lot of things  but you cant be that. Well, within days, Magnus Leptis strikes back, and the plebes boo a circus merely there to sell beer and war as much as  anything. Be concerned gals of empire, especially who you put your newsprint laurelled on, much less gladiator helmets, cause, I wrote this story. 


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