06 October 2017


A usual, almost counted, on October crash, sent my computer back to factory specs, and took out a many word files again and do NOT HAVE  a left over word 2003 disk anymore  to even gale it and get by. I went to delete the comedy  of Julius Caesar sent that, as the British troop, though   admiring  it, didn’t think  now was the time to compare Trump to Caesar era , you know, for reals, and certainly wasn’t time for Al Frankensteen  as Cassius and  Maccers as Brutus, et all, and so they  wished well, but  again, I think the answer i was going to send to them  was something I sent to fat little pig  man tail wagger late late show British queer, who i remind of how crestfallen i recall Bill Clinton and Antony Blair, the greatest historical figure to be on this happy island since Agricola, were that  day that  ten soccer thugs bludgeoned a bunch of Italian tourists to death for daring to cheer against ManU. Bitch the wops invented Man u. Another girl asks me if want to do a Horror comic  for a Halloween collection, cutting it close, even for quick DRAW me. I beg off, as have all the EC, mad, I want. She thinks i am smart and witty and likes my unrepentant voluptuaries, as like the chubby girl from her heroines collections, Danielle Corsetto, Italian chick per excellence. Hadn’t thought of her in awhile, and looked her up. At the same page where I go buy other girls books for being nice enough to accept those girls in an age when  the Vargas pin up, anything sexual in fact,a s even the fags are Sadie Hawkins, the Priests knew well when to die,  the post up girl is verboten and the commercials about wounded soldiers,  who by teh way queen of compassion Bush the younger set into war without armor,  did our popolo demeaning sneering Coriolanus, ah a shark too rots from the teeth,  while he was on he stair-master, ninny, they look like the ones about freed dancing bears from the Bolshoi circus, as we, mark the earth with our ruin, if not bombs, as the site of Bush as some sort of  exemplar of the decent nincompoop makes me ill.

So use and utilize Indy comics, collections, cheap film-works, rags, newsprint newsletters, ziens, as it does remind me of being a Roman schoolboy and not the fake kind who have to have bag man take the fifth like Podesta might have  to, which is why gumba-jews now start to openly walk away from witchiepoo. I grew up with Mad, national lampoon, indy comics, cracked, Bill Ward, funny pages, not everything then as owned by five dying old men, as plutocrat, from the very word, is a variation of archiving orcas death and nothing much more. Also, on the same afternoon, also placed a Halloween comic, again from last year,  of Veronica, literally daughter of Verona,  returning to Dagwoods, where aids begins, and was not shocked that Boccacco like inferring if a black death in the page margins, certainly wasnt ec enough, but was told the reason it was declined after the query accepted,was the costume she wore as A Saturn woman, for Walter white, her patron the great cartoonist at all star,was a ‘copyright infringement”  from legion of super heros, so  recalled it with a costume  that shown our great dying  republic was the sort of  thing worn by wonder-women raped in  comics done by little bitches on the Internet.  So, I never ready for saturnalia, but this year, a year of  perpetual Halloween as gore vidal said of Columbus day, has my Roman love of carnival tuckered out, and grew tired of death as political argument long ago. So think of tossing some hay-pennies at poor liable Danielle to show my Roman grace to our latter Camilla, and keep the Roman Masculinity in order, and  wont explain here.

Some faggot kept bothering me on Googol + as kept harping me about something about paper towels, as like a good apparatchik kept showing pictures of Bush after Katrina, always a  bad career move, which what this I figured a long  while ago was all about, Hillie daaarrrhling, again , like your marriage, it was never about you. Finally told this mother fucker to get lost, as 500 people were just shot, queer,and that explains why Machiavelli said that politics is  Dante’s convivio, a banquet, but serving a rancid food, so leave  me alone. Its hard to toss paper towels ,as even helping out at all is evil, I wonder what you did for these three hurricanes in one season, tough guy, type...?, now thats evil, as the Italians know even when a hated man tries to do something decent hes even more hated by the Curia, as hard to toss things at people when you're an above board patrician or a negro who leaves jersey at the one moment the cameras go off, surveying the damage from your imperialist aircraft...make haste you bush faggots better go back to Puerto Rico, and your Evita,  ah the one hurricane you've traded to make a set piece, that didn't work the other times, the one with the slave labor in it, as the reaction to that massacre was a little too vicious even for the national biscuit company who said not too far into it, to hell with the paid assassins and fat chicks and the vicious sneers at the dead, which as a telling moment in which the men who really run the world stated to wicne at the caliber  of puppets their ghepetto arts has made, in a Twilight zone or some such thing when suddenly the Godfathers know that the button-men have to be, ah swept away. Ah look the killer,  in a Jamie hat from gws, though those lesbians have hone poof!,  as she said herself with a witches Macbetheain anger,they didn’t show up when she needed the old blacccck maggic dda most.As death is the best business, that the corpses in a  most vile of political ways, somehow ‘looked like America’...Also, was told that my Bad versus was being added to a cue,  i think the woman editor called it,  meaning it was prepared to be added somewhere, in a upper level literary magazine but hope i wont be asked to buy six copies to be included,as despite what they do at submittable as i told some death loving barbarian  addled medieval web site , as a boy, yes too read Kalcki then, not to mention Myra Breckenridge, was told by literate Jesuits long gone when i was still just twenty, so fuck your cakes and decent white woman, you didn’t think they were going to let Cam woaaahhh Cam get away with beating golden child Tom did you...? , if anyone ever asks for money to be submitted work, run, but that was when the rag who gave us Rasing Kane had yet to make common cause  between the dewdrops and  the massacres to make sure they never pay an American a days worth. So, forgot to send this very page, posted here and the only sent six others, which were Heartily accepted  by a comic kid, they are all kids compared to me, but am always grateful, who thought the work lovely and spectacular and called me Sir, like the old niggers and wops recall from my fathers pinochle games, when happens it does mean something to  me. Yeah well  thats what i’ve been saying, but since it was accepted without it, didn’t sent it now, like the latter versions of Bad verses, and also didn't  withdraw the unkempt version of Comedy of CAESAR either , as paid my money now takes my churse, also that i never sent in, as have learned to not press my luck.


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