09 November 2017


a Bunny's tale 4 caption: "You know Senator, If I see one more colored person in Valhalla or in Camelot or a medieval Viking movie, I may ahem,remind,  those Jewish machers who paw me what happened to all those women Anzio. "

Now, shockingly,this cartoon was rejected by the  New Yorker last fall or so, and got it posted  by me somewhere, as i usually must by being more clown as less Romans satirist than I like to be,but accept, as  Dusting would say, whatever is a credit. I may resend it in,what the hey, as Bliko would say, somehow the rags who spiked Monica in more ways than one now care for women so Much,Too Much , too Roman...? and no one may even so much as leer at a girl, as Moslem laws rule , and berkas for all but Saturday cheerleaders , for all the chicks, except of course any anti Usury laws there in,as again, we ain't married to any of this...

As  the democrats tank, CNN polls have them at a lowest point they've ever been, watch Hillatty and the Rosebushes go Poof in the next good Roman year as  rats are always rats... showing again circus and war and politics all do work if not on cartography,at least Timing, like comedy, as you follow Hillier dear off theft ledge to where the dragons keep their nests. My brother was quite impressed in an  essay I wrote despised like the above cartoon by lebos  and liked by well, other girls, who have had enough ...He was impressed as he had read  in the Times abut Herb  Tarlic,  patent leather de hair Halprin, game changer, ah sorry, Markie mark but that game has been called due to ,...eheheheh...I said, I don’t trust a man who would call the first black praetor a dick, and not have to pay for  it while you were bothering chumps who carried  posters of Barry as the joker,which I said ,was an insult to the joker, at least the one Cesare Romero played and not the methhead they turned him into. ha. aha, lot of women have had a gut full now that Bill has left the apartment like office party--wow, yours all should have found a better set of a parrel-ell lives  for the fall of your republic, gals,...still he was very impressed as I said, by the next Halloween , saturnalia, Janus feast at the lasts that the Roman calculus would set in, to emissaries  and all, and that all would break apart as it was a while new Columbus year and the Plasma eye would be lifted and a  whole new Roman year would have to be cast for. Bad Versace togas for a bad third act.

I love when the dying son on the shores of the Styx begged his Oligarchical dad to keep Livi--Hillary out of the praetorium, with all his might, and who ever told us this touching scene...it was so Germanicus, so I Claudius, or so maybe Mario Puzo...


A comic girl did notice that pages of  mine have been liked and befriended, by as she said, Biggies, South park, Rachel, Jewvanal, etc. She  thinks i probably get a bigger audience than many of the rat traps I go to,to post my work. but as told her, every acceptance,  no matter from where, is that small Vidiallian Yes as set against that giant a gaping No. However I do think, that anti Trump has matasticized, metamorphoses  is not the wright word, into something even uglier and canine, and vicious, and no, girls, you cant always be against something or someone, you have to say you are for something or someone and no believes you when its Hillary as i warned, and politics, like nature ab-hordes  a  vacuum and so,here you are. I had to go , well  I didn’t have to go mister  Douglas, I sort of just wanted to go, well, not really wanting to, as it was raining,  so i  just went, well, I went  to Michaels,  as am doing a perceppio, the one of many things hope get accepted and so get as many as thirty acceptances this year. Some told me my ’bulletins  from nowhere’ were upsetting to them, ah, hey are  I said showing true devotion, updates from the Roman front, if anything, as satire always had been, as satire, the Italianate of arts,   whether you know it or not was the way that Itaclis said what they really  believed about that slop being hurled at them by sanctimonious pests and Greeks, Life of Brian  has an  aria in thereabout the Romans because John Clesse is a civilized man, and these comics and clowns went to Oxford, not that that impresses me as it does some. I had to got to ,well I didn’t HAVE to go...Thank you Alvy, enough already,but I do like it when see liens of mine... is it echoes...?, or is mirrored in  Mammet or MSTHATER3K.  As did  see Crow make a snide  remark that dud preceded, i gave no better word, some line I  had  said that was so hard to believe  and take by Hollywood when  it was sanctimonious once,,,ahahah, I hope there is no paper on that Vineyard Don Franchie, cause that whole operation seems to be coming apart at the seems, and will l recall all with glee sanctimony of Trigger street, green-lights and Zoe-tropes  to the devils wheels coming off a curriculum that was always made of rotting wood. So the gal tells me when she googled me , in the first page at that time as a back and forth i HAD WITH SOME WHITE CUNT WHO WAS A DISCIPLE OF THE DAILY SHOW, and another white chick, a hater of Juliette  and BEATRICE,  GOD KNOWS, the kind the nuns  told me a bill from the abortion provider is the closest thing to a valentine they get. And how I had some points ,they always say that too diminish anything ive said,  about the diminution of dagos then,but too, blahblahblah, and she wondered if I  was just trying to get noticed by JeweyJon, as I guess all audition for him, and I said, Nigger plueeezze, no really did say that, and that I would l graffiti all the walls I could,all the day I, a schoolboy, a reader of Book iv, the ivth Canto,  the Fourth satire, the one where gay  Juvenal says beware the women, or is the Dogs ...whatever barks, and the 4th ecolouge,memorized either by Jesus or Paul, does it matter, after that Jesuits pre law Capitan marvel boyhood, that I would submit to rotting lame jokes that Jewvenal had to mock and prance and mug his way through, ferget that,toots...the day I reduced myself to being a writer on a shit show like that, Oh I d open a Juggular Vain ,because it would be the only option left too me to keep my Roman bonifdies. Sooner enough, Stewart, Rachel , Cover girl Melissa Harris, and   others all befriended me as I had shown I had after all, A Good Heart. My mother would like to know, she asks me where are all the Jews and good liberals hurling fake blood at stagers of Luther, now the biggest Viking hero, as why doesn’t  the demons he set loose in Italy like a Numa in PL ever count...?,  and she does a semi vulgar, dago hand mention i have a feeling her earth mother Goddess  Signora Fate is doing to the elites right now.

So, Got the  Artists Loft semi Pro stuff, nicer  paper, as downloaded a Nautilus diagram, and some other things at a paperer web site to figure out how this origami is done and will make the angels I was asked to make. A summertime play, “Tonight  on  CBS..."is  being considered to  be made, and  not in the snippy  way some make sure to tell  me. So, did well in your resistance,better than you did Keith, but then I wasn’t forced off the air,  for taking the side of Mrs Rice,when she was paraded out there by that Lunkhead,  as read that and isnt that nice to know what liberal priests run that garrison bunkhouse, Lutheran all as  Ma would say...maybe because I wast  resisting everything as you were. I could have, tell all that the somethings that are sacrosanct to the Roman schoolboy, and warned as much...the Beatrice, the Solider, the centurion,  honor without aria, that I was an alter boy only as a bystander,refusing often to do more than that, and like refusing to ever read Twain, the headmaster Franciscan, let me,as they all did too much,get away with it. Was told that it was disquiet and dis gist at Old Stevie Colbert, actually got my Tonight on CBS Chayefsky play reread and they saw , like Network, high prase i was told, how are prescient i was,  as even though written in sweltering July, no less as we speed the plow to the fall or at least the graves. So,  went to Pittsburgh Mills , well not so much went, ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THE MR KIMBALL BERLESQUE...I went there  in the drizzle, as wished a recent moment of flush after a geared summer, and saw  a placard reading 50 days to XMAS, and the sadness that is Christmas echoing another Crow Robot line came to mind.I thought of a pretty girl in friends of the friendless uniform drag. This is  the year I got lesbian girls to watch Perry Mason,  as made them and recall what it was like before we all become witnesses for the prosecution. Told I couldn’t join a comics consortium without  a social media presence,  ...you  meeeaan more...?, as had  to have either Facebook, good luck with that, or twitter to sign in please, as MY name is Robert Petrie. I cant do it, and don't want no part of me of that, as don’t speak in jingles like any man in any gray flannels suit. I’ve  done well enough, without submitting myself to that. Claudia emails me has had some response to her Roman Camilla,as was asked, she said, wondering why she ever been questioned me, that could your Ceneturea  be perhaps as Aztec or  a Mayan ,and bless her Della like dago heart she told them to go fuck themselves, as my line, like ten years of  extensive  therapy, No Mustache jokes for you has taken hold among the gals she works with. As it gave me the line ,this love  you suddenly  have for darkies  causes me to  have  not seen this many brunettes around since third grade. But my Angelicas have done well...

A second computer crash is thirty days, thankfully we have passed Halloween in more ways than one, is barely a blip to me. I can go all factory resorting in a matter of moments  now, and then just shove  all that work back on from a thumb drive.  I didn’t spike Monica, as said to that rag, and too, It wasn’t my lack of decorum that caused old Roman Bill to rail and rage,...poor Bill,he thought he was such a Doge and turned out  just to be the first Pig. But as i said, got 27 installations of my art hither and yon, comics, pin ups,even a painting of Roman goddesses in whose broad strips and bright stars laurels,  which i was told said it all. Some white chick said I was somehow  trying to con about Trump, that  I could be too sensitive to be a Trumpeter, my WORDS AS IT RECALLED BACK TO THAT TUBA  BY THE TYBER SHORE, I WROTE OF, THAT NIGHT THAT SOME BIGGIE AND OTHER DEAD NIGGERS WOULD BE USED BY A HAG  WITCH WHO HAD EATEN TOO MANY BLACKLISTS IN SOMETHING CALDERA, A  CRIME BILL, THAT iLL NE’ER LET YOU FORGET. Didn’t I write a story where my Buddddy Bernie was on Lets make a deal, and was in a three piece suit, and when Brady doppelganger asked him who he was dressed up as, he said Uncle Tenuse...? Didn’t I write that...? Ah, a kinder age before Hillie released the bats of Purgatorio on us all, an before aged white boys things killed men over yard signs...Here was the detesting and the hatred of the people, that cow saying that to me, to me no matter how clever I am,i still think no matter what, Coriolanus was the story and play you wanted, if you meant anything Roman at all. Oh, well, there’s a reason for that, but too, you wish, cunt.I am, as you’ll  find out, devoted to the republic.

As got, if not acceptance, did get kudos for an series of essays about Caesar in that style of GV IN AN ESSAY UNALLOWEDD IN THE NEW YORKER, but then they would become as he said,  The police gazette without  the warmth. I did well this year since last  Xmas ,  so  might take the erst of Roman saturnalia off, as opposed to another Roman boy who I gather is working the phones  as  we speak, and ready to leave you  in his dust. Well, Anti Trump went from being a vocation to  a change the subject as even Larry David, who I am hot and cold on, did a nono and did Dachau he Jokes, wow,  as there are some who never sing soprano much less falsetto, as the ticks are bloody full and falling to the dung where they splatter, I am a genius at the analogy. As I feel bad too for  ARRRRIKKKK BARRRRWINNNNN, as it wanst Aquinas you should  have read, Al, its  was Plautus, like we did as boys, as he said in ‘How to be a Roman playwright’ which was read as an adolecant, beware the silliness of farce too much, make your points, but dunt go inspired about it,as the goddess of Drama herself hates mugging....you should have get some rectory goon to have done Trump, Horatio, magnanimously, it was the good thing to do,as Signora Fortuna hates a mugger, as it  always has been the worst form of acting. A second crash in a month  caused me to find the Dell original software factory disk, but did find an old Works that cost thirty bucks a few years ago, as wrote that essay the  same day I spoke of a cop shooting in Missouri, that very day I mentioned the silver leaves and the trumpet by the Tyber shore called by another  gal my best stuff.  But,though not as willing to use as is word or even works,  this Abiword has a typesetting called not Times, not new, but just Roman....


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