17 January 2018


PART 3. 

26 Dec 17

At least one night each week of advent, Saturnalia has four holidays  as does Italian Christmas that Michael Medved has to pretend for some Jews for Jesus reason has not tied to Woody’s Christmas in new York, I spent the night into the two ams watching the only remaining law and order. I can’t really stomach them, that being the one about the sexual crimes squad. 

I like character played by Meloni, as hes  one of the few Italians that survived Dick Wolfe, and too, admire the better Elaine, but alas and thus is true according to  my sister, keeper of that jewey flame as shes odes that show for reasons I don’t really get, Mariska.And, always liked Dann Florick, generational  gonniff,  when he was the nineties go to Gonniff,  which  I wonder how Seinfeld  missed him,  though am glad they did as he played a chacham comically perfectly. But mostly I am in this  for four hours at night,  this season, because  alder miss Mariska Hartigay and have a  boyish crush on her as I did her mother, the only blond of that type and from that age who didn’t make  me sick. 

I  love this  woman, the fake Elaine, who like Teri, also passed nixed by Tartikoff, who had an undercurrent of what brunettes are and aren’t, as seen in full awful flower lately by Harve’s  little black book or booking, would’ve been a more sexy and maybe thus funny Elaine than that hectoring witch, as loved  this brunette sympatica since then. But I watch though it is true-ley depressing and oppressive at saturnalia time, but she is one of the few lovely brunettes how she made it almost Harvey’s moat full of roofies is almost Herculean, and so feel a compulsion to watch these shows, and frankly here is not much else on. To be honest I THINK watching her, as recently as seven years ago, I had an real devotion to doing anything  but what I did, as a graffiti artist a hit  and run jobber, a Roman schoolboy amid the sanctimonious even then, as had an inkling and said as much in scripts that Hollywood was the cesspool that my father said and for reasons  now that have been open and shown like that can of worms that I drew behind Bill Clinton in 1995, in a cartoon that no less a sportswriter per  excel-acne named Bruce Kiden, looking at my work when went to the Pittsburgh Press in art school said of my collection of funnies and comics, that  they were far  too witty for anything that that rag was looking for. Which was I starting coming from the press rats, as at that time, or not too long into it, Gingrish and  the Grinch  would be combined by that eventual hack, as I did Clinton in ways white woman saw as egregious, your wit you see is only bound by their pointed heads, heads if we are lucky, women think  with their cunts and the same Jesuits who reared Bill told  me, and soon  enough Bill Clinton would be Nero too then, and on poles like a leper, as simony is by some not to be avoided and in fact, has been by definition monetized. 

Saw the leggy brunette, with a name like Zatana on the ruins and the corpse called the Tonight show, that I cant watch, as with the reruns from of all years  and times 1979, as there appears again the Superman mego doll of my youth, and there is shown some young vital heroic Christopher Reeve who’d end up so sadly and brokenly, like say America itself under that coon, whoso raked the earth with his ruin  and now as the Jew York times thanks Trumpie for deafening Isis in almost as little time as he said, ah was Constantine still looking at that dollars sign in the sku, you cant get good help anywhere can you Buster,,,,ah cant trust the lil brown ones can you, as they thank  him making each word said by beady eyed  Krugman ring more hollow and jeweie than the  last, well now  Isis is finished, and we can go back to American half breed nigers and the bush family being the only iconoclasts aloud in Geo Rapprochement.  

[never asked to change, as have been with the blue of MS,  this red of Capts  uniform or his name, showiwng as a ten year old, this, my first go round with a penciled titan uberman I has a precious understanding of  America.] 

This time did see the dancing Palestinian commercial, though heavily edited, but not the commercial, the one I had seen before, no now that my mother is more well, or well a s you can be at 90, but back to a semblance of Italian joyousness, the commercial with the beaten and broken man, a ruin from perpetual war that the bishops couldn’t sell, was this time, Gone, as my brother told me he had read in one of his dreary newsletterspapers, whatever they are, the times I think that even that  drunken Fallow, felon, Gallon Carrington, whatever, he wasn’t keen on such a commercial being as  jarring as it was as he was busily straying to feigning ability, and hope that the stink of scotch sweat didn’t permeate the stage like he was in some sort of Chaivesky or Reginald rose play on CBS when it still  mattered. No as, I could have guessed that commercial was gone and the issue done, was heavy cut so as to seem like merely the mixed marriages that my mother told me some Italians woman didn’t  survive the abortionists, bt that was before Barry came in his burning chariot and seemed to fall right to magnus Lepis. Ah but a less Latin word, Hezbollah seems to have reared its ugly head, and perkily too.  Oh poor, poor, Krautie and all his lil Jewish hammers, you mean Jewish devotion…you mean as Machiavelli said, a true believer means waiting until you’re the second rat off the ship. But if not that scene as that drunken hack was again paling new Rochelle charades on a show in which both Paar and Carson once let Dangerfield and Rose Marie and Bob Blake, and Dabney and most excellently Jonathan Winters be the voices of various springs and nowhere comedy central hacks wonder  openly of the devotion of blond cunts who smile their ways as the new jerked each bombastic morning, I was chastened by my mother and glad she lived through the  cold nights of this move. Her devotion to sainthood has waned, as you’d hope and think. 

She is now willing to eat and not fast while a circus falls to the grounds. Of course she never much believed in the now raging lesbians and their white fathers who only  a few years ago were imbibing, like,in the black arts of destroying Monica and Italian women, as she never much cared as did my father, who ahd warned me of their WopJewey hatred for anyone like them in anyway.  if not all of them were perverts in ermine,and Jewish hags who somehow made jure who ever allowed Trump in,  that they weren’t  hillary’s friend,as Miss Grundy was playing Camille for SOMEBODY’S future options, all is a circus as Seneca said, about Saturnalia no less,  they made appetent, as once again, Boiney, don’t call a woman a  racist on valentines day and then so openly weep as they lose, you poisoned that well, as no one really , again outside if the curia, believes it. No one is as dumb as they pretended, as the barristers saint  said and again, Tin Lizzie, do your act somewhere else as I have tired of it.Like Christie before you didn’t understand what’s holy about Roman farce that will never be with dreary dull as dish water to Tacitus, Ascheles  and other things  Dick Cavette thinks  he only saw because he was in them.  I wonder if Bill , my equal , god help me, in Roman devotions[--edit--see part 2 there is a fire on the feast of Janus, hummmmm,] and editions, I might be  less of a coward,  imagine that, I wonder if he’s been so chastened  too and in just quiet out of duplicity, or even shame, I wonder if he knows enough of a commedia out lasting its pratfalls as wifey clomps her ways along, Into the Woods, isn’t it Rich, and i present the whole companneeee, begging the niggers and Jews to pretened they like her onemooootyyyyyme! This time perhaps, a kibosh on meeting the crime bill even on easter,  As the  house Negroes and lesbsos of the daytime our lesser than Mervs of now,both of whom if i recall previous riff were part of this age the bushes sysnhed in or taking things away hummmmmn, this all smarted our age of suspects in suspended lamination, when a patrician named Gore didnt win , but again ,like Dukakis, its amusing how the Clinton always so need that open seat, anyway she was on with both of these hacks, clomping about, on crutches, ah, that Greek Hoard is my lord, I shall want salt, anyway, she was on clomping about, as again I thought of th eld jokes, they had become poor Bill with his once called by Dowd affected admiration of the Romans STOIC, HOW DARE U!, A BRIBE ONLY GOES SO FAR, devotion to Marcus and not Miles, but again the Clinton’s are pigs you cant all eat at once. 

[JEWISH WONDER WOMAN AN AMAZON FROM BAY RIDGE.  In the Tony verse, unlike other yentas, quits the day Moscone is killed.]

[in yr greasy republic this is somehow not a copyright  infringement  since CC Beck and Otto Binder did that most dis- Americana of things--Lose. ]

I guess I had my conversion scene, in a book ocne seen as above reprouch as a white woman is now, but then that poison you were pad for Martin has paid them more dividends than you’ll  ever know. I hope you do too,  Bill, no foolling,you’ve been enflamed enough and still have a soft spot in my heart if not my head for the lover Of Ovid, as i said of a book called the tempest—By Eugenio Montale, and the hares begin to sing, a gloomy Lucifer alights, the last Italian to win a noble prize, in 1968, ah the year that book came out, and all before was white washed  in more ways than one, a book that even was passed over by Robert Altman and others, but  vineyards are  out there for the buying. I wish him the best, I do, even ma thinks he is a disgraziato, but an affable one, but theat wife,yeeeeech, did you actually think Marius was going to let you wear that mantle old lady...?, are you blind now to again from the syphilis..? I had too take stoic break this season  am dangerously close to deleting sumbittable, well wishing means nothing to the resume, as said, don’t have a single breath to give to Cicero or those crime families anymore. I proved my Roman worth when all the dukes had gone Fission. hehe. Orsolephante, said Mister Durante, and I am again inclined to agree and leave you with pretending you read the Canterbury tales which the pastors made me as a boy, so…I started to resent commercials constantly about dancing bears and dogs with overlays of silent night, I started to resent seeing the three headed hell dog  of Jims who think  they are the hairs to Carson and Paar, after what had been through with my ma, I wanted nothing more to do with them or any of this. To show my Jesuits education was impeccable, with only hours to go until th feast of Janus, well, Hillary was openly derided and demeaned even dehumanized as kept  a victory lap going far too long for such a thing as a loser such as she. This hag wept on too long, the death literally of comedy, with Miles to cum before she sleeps, this was why the Romans invented decorum, you dont let beady eyed Jews call an elected person  evil, because people think you’ve let them down, Machiavellian second person 101. I have a  feeling a truce is in the wind.  I think a cesspool that made a year  of fat jokes so Marius could shatter the  the glass steigle act and say in the senate he saw as beneath him that the era of big gummit was over, look whose talking, is displaying a level of sanctimony that can only end badly. 

[THE PRINCE-1995.]

Its been a tough year, what with me doing a  Virgil SCENE with  Ma on the semi beaten streets, cops shot that both frightened and unnerved her fascist itlalain heart, even the gumbas you’ve made a minstrel show, even the highway men she grewup with, said no cops or woman or children,but then your niggers hate decorum, as knew  when i saw Barry described as some sort of shadow praetor, Lamont he isn’t, I thought,him…in the background...…what and leave show bidness…? And for no one was it tither than for Godell, and his minions, as the last game this season was canceled, Cowboys out of it, bad day at black rock, showing bread and circus  was something that the Jewish hearts of  our doges now couldn’t ever get behind as  a loss leader is after all the only evil there is. It was-ant just for myself that i deduced  a few years ago to reconstruct  a boyhood Tony liberaiea as much as it was to get revenge on those hacks and hags and sick bags who thought and still some did that they had the baracian sniffy place and sissy sancitomny right to tear up my work, well, to you as got my own anti Harry Pooter in somewhere as always wished to save the Hippogriff and the bestiary from the clutches of that white woman who are now tar as they have never  beens tarred before,  Oh, poor poor David brooks where without Rose will art they go to pretend thou hath read Thomas Aquinas anymore, as the  priest of middlebrow, bless his heart, was early on gotten by the kotex patrol. I am Romanus Sum, dont think ill cry for amazon hags to ugly  and  or unwilling to find sugar daddeis in the Ozarks. And again see a ubiquitous  Law and Order, skipped watching when it made a lovely cite Italian  girl,  only watched the secret storm for when soaps were on because  she was that beguiling, Annie Parisi, of course replaced by a posing spic, oh just like the democrats, why you lost all those great lakes, you all really should read  those Roman stuff Bill Clinton pretends to have read,  into a carcass in a refrigerator, saw the grand D’Onofrio have a case about niggers and pimps and spics,  those white woman admired darkeis that Whooppie bleeds for now no longer needing  a circus of dumb wops and tun-elle chicks behind her as background,  that somehow had to bring Bill’s father, Marcus Aurelius, into it and never understood this or  why. As I tally up a good year in ways, I find is till  cant get that azure and safron Roman legionary superman to take flight,really he has an antipathy towards Gino one else gets as it is even called copyright infringment by some, even had to change the blue of his uniform to a dreaded  nobel savage torqiose, which doesn’t exist in satire or Commis, happy birthday Stan,  as somehow besides all else was accepted  by arabs and lesbians ,somwho he is still a hero that gets under your skins and has him slef torn up by barbaric hands,which maybe  as close to Peckinpah as I  can ever really come.

The next day after my Ma had calmed a bit   but she was skiddish  through the holidays, I was again paid for work with a gift card and had to go redeem it at the local rite aid, where I.d put it in my pay pal. Im told I may not have to go through all this has have done this about four times since July ,but  like   a ride. I resolved not to watch  that wearing cesspool, Markiska or not, called law and order and its  only remnant, of course once tarp happened, about those strangers out to always get your children and white women, as I guess meat-head is after all dead. Or at easy cbs is. Fell into watching, of all things, Hill Street blues, a show I loved as a adolescent, and which I again don’t mean  to  cast aspersions, sort of augred when I sent an idea for a show into nbc, of an Italian detective, in where else, The Hill, where my brother was an expected, accepted, sepia, before it was orange and still olive, skinned interloper. Of course it was I and not August Wilson who mentioned Jefferson street Joe in a play, so remember that when the milk duds explain how ell Ben the rapist  plays in  Garbage time. I liked watching it again, as actually liked the idea of an Italian cop in a suit, world weary and tired, and not  a supercop, or a house nigger as she lawyers does demanding ‘someone pay’, well, toots, I was  like Bochco reading Ed Macbain a longtime back,  see, no one has to pay, and say that to a  senator sometimes, as no one pays  , you have to make your case, hows that for a admierre of Bill Clinton at my Jesuit best, kids. Travanti in a  suit and world weary and Bullet like shtypping his brunette girlfriend, better than any one on LaO, EVEN YES Jill Hennessey, as  these cops were  pivoted by Carnegie Tech alum and not some fake liberal who as greasing the skids for a crime bill in which  these buttoner families  would make narcs  of us all. I liked seeing it agan, and now, like Mom watch it all day as let a lot of deadlines  go past and cant quite care, like Obama was in a pretendersy, so don’t cry for me or yourselves Perseipolis, as hear there is much turbine spamming out of control in Creation ,ah the empire that never twas,  as again the men of god didn’t spelt the take evenly enough. Ouch. Put  Cicero line here, who is mute when stomachs are heard, which is why you cant just burn all before, like the Romans, not if you want to survive, or at least like  Bill Clinton get he jokes. There at Rite aid saw something that didn’t fit, as cleaned myself of various Wolfs.  I saw a sweet little clay terracotta play angel like my Beatrice, seen above, strange and jarring in all and where they just love, love, love,  their niggers and terrorists so much, and yet on this case all the angels where not only white, mister Bidden, but  where of course blond.  Breaking the change meant to put in the kick, I bought the angel, and some nacho chip and chocolate milk and brought it back to my ma as a small saturnalia gift.  She took the small figurine and held it as if it were magic, and ma kissed it, again showing without the Romans you full of shit Aryans always make the same mistakes.


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