14 February 2018


I WAS told line of the year according to one  unmarried girl who accepted my drawings, it isn’t really His-story or her- story  Ive known as an Italian since 1972, its Their-story...There is a joyousness in me that some of the wops of the A  Bigger Check Commedia dell arte are falling to bits over, of all people , a hag in a crime family, a dreaded nurse,who once made a soprano  tape with Mel Profit, no less, to again always show off to that hillbilly nation they were sure America always was. I am glad toseefat tub of shit like Joy Behar having to be go louder  and faster,  as she seems to know, worthy of a brun helda costume ,La Boheim an has always been beyond her, and dear mole man De nero are  crumbled as would make my stoic father actually smile and laugh as Captain Marvel did all that while ago.

Oh did you dumb wops think that you  were actually going to trash the great Prairiea, the way you did with our own hated fathers race...? Did you dumb fucking wops actually think that...? Shit...I  have been recalling when a large white nun  who looked lile Rachel Maddow ,you know, SHULTZUE!, who took an interest me as a future Jesuit sort, signed me of to go to young Jesuit hoe downs, like where id meet Dick Thornbergh, Jody Powell, Ham Jordan, Dick Caligeri, we weren’t  all Dick Wolfe spear chuckers then, how i met Jimmy Carter as he came through town at the sons of Italia,,both  no longer there and these feral weeds that Daphne the queen has allowed much of his base to fall back to, and shook  his hand noticing how he smelled of Brut or something like it and had bluer eyes than any polish girl l ever did ever knew. I was demeaned for saying then that in the age of its a bird its a  plane its Superman...!and Barney miller then juts on ABC, as things would get  worse, hed be the next president  by some blodn boy loving fatso teacher named Mr Bianco, who was as a good demacorcat, meaning he was a Kennedy man and thus a comapay wop as pop called him,  all the  way, yeah good luck with that, old man I said, you really then should have left  Nixon alone with the rites of your decency, it was already spreading on to me than, shouldn’t have laid it so thick , if you thought that pig was getting in, which sued him to slap me in the face playfully, or not so much, yes, but then by 1980 the third  brother was still nothing but a senator of ghosts,  with the occasional rape thrown in. My father  when heard this was quite upset ,but did nothing, certainly  not as the boat lift crowd constantly demanded things changed and re-changed  in ways i guess seen only by Hispanics and Jews now, knowing that this Bianco was nothing more than a laborer actually under him at Alcoa, but did ask his aged old  country friend, old Patsy, cousin of Manderino, to make sure that  this fat blond boy wooer understood if he ever touched his uncles kid again, he’d be lost somewhere in the tin that  was making a Greek in town a fortune, and which thus threw away demolished cars no never wondered  what was in. ah America America,that  Rome that never was,  and will never be again, as that Cadillac,  as Father Gore said, ran out of gas...see, again as the Auger,  you destroy TRUMP AND BELIEVE me you better go to Assisi to find the next praetor, cause outside of two crime families who seethe for power like cartoons villains, no body will take those ruins...but then, when a boy saw the liberals queens of the church saying after Nixon, that the democrats would be in  power for  thirty years and my father shaking his fedored Abe Vigoda like head, and saying seeeesh in  Italian, are these queers in for it...

I THINK BACK TO THOSE IMPERIAL GOLDEN AGE DAYS, and how I couldn’t do it...knowing the Barry the fairie sorts, and even Ovid loving Billbos that were out there, i couldn’t go through with it, disappointing my father, again,but not  so much he made me not, or made me do anything, as knew when one’s heart isn’t in it, it isn’t worth doing. It made me laugh to see Barry paid back by having an official picture made of him still in weeds like a sharecropper, A soldiers story and Adolph Caesar comes to mind,  if not a worse queer joke by the Isis broad in that, as they made Barry the Daphne as she did, but then see the sly slur inculcated in me  were thanks to queer priests  long dead. SISTER Matilda ,from another school no less, made me sign up for these young shyster setups, where i’d meet Tribe and Ogletree types, so believe me I’ve seen the Oba-AMA apple polisher before, and they were always hated, showing again what  a hole Aids blew in the side of side empire.

Id be there in a Saturday morning,  and had no desire to go to any war games recreations against ninnies with four colored pens  and sheet protetors and overhead projector slides, ala Jackie  Vernon ,...here we are the end of the golden age...as was loved by the Jesuits, and not in the sissy boy way that gets you on 2020 or makes you lawyer up for a settlement suddenly  from  Rome, which were never there when it was just  Italian boys they raptured. If had one of your stinking bible believing wops place a snide comment here, Jew-venal, and Id be stuck there listening to this shit,until just had enough and said that day I refuse to some cunt in ovo telling us about when life begins, easier  for the senate  even  then to do that then, like, legislate, lest name the  planets again,and I said out loud I rrrrrrfffuuuusssse  to demean  myself by having to debate a girl.  Its funny because its true, like yur Sopranos so quickly gong into the vault they keep various Remises. This gits a laugh  I believe from Ogletree , as would just laugh at it sssssuooo when saw him try so hard to defeat, of all nudnicks, C. Thomas as basically  said to the cspam screen, encoya as my ma would say. I knew then the boy senator  from Delaware so soon after Iran contra had that ambition that is a grevious fault as he shit down every attempt made by that coon and his  women, these pigs in Simplicity patterns and flats , I knew Uncle Joe was destined for marble halls for  life, and a son who feared losing power more than hell. So am glad to  see the dumb wops my father disparaged and hated  so, painted by he as company men, honorable men, with honorable lives who look more scared by the day as only Bill knew how many Jesuits  can dance on the head of a subpoena amid where the spiders kept their nests.  I am convinced, no one brings up Marcus Aurelius to the fats chicks on television who eat candy bars and the clowns of mars unless they don’t have to, ...and like Tiger Woods, and unlike  a man unlike Ray Ray, when the muillgans and the halo goes away, you go away, boy-chick of empire. So,  be bedraggled  into this morass,one that alder boy emeritus Bill has been amazingly tardy too and even anywhere near, much like 3 am  every night of his marriage,  I am enjoying watching the hard sell ethics throwing the wops under their monorail at tomorrow land that  never came , as they deserve it so. As instead of another afternoon of  instead of a cartoons and a mod batman, a weekly shooting is joyously recorded by the  vi-seers  of a dying CBS, i watched  HSBLEUS,  and one of the oens written by my  Virgil, David Mamet, and the great Franz and his poetic sneers, again when wops  were still para-human, before thirty years of constant diminishment , which may not  work with them or Trump, as again, parrallell  liens of not lives convene. As poor wops thought every one  would be laughing WITH THEM AS USUAL, NOT THSI TIME, but as the nusn and the brothers   who warned me of you so long ago, not that sadly I could ever c are, don’t know why theres no god up in the sky...but see that  cunt Bahar as such  a wise-ass wop, such a yenta, such a dago bitch that the nuns so hated, alwmost as much as they hated blond chicks, hoooo hoooooo!, again, Parallel liens,  As recall when TV had people named Mamet and Neal Simon and Gore Vidal, as downloaded his brilliant Dark play with luminous E. MOMTGOMERY, Mortimer Adler and  Sam Peckinpah on it, as If I hated the Sopranos and Martin Scoreasy  why would I vote for the Bushes and the Clintons who, except 1, aren’t even that catholic about things, and whose blood wasn’t even detergent...?...Like my brother, a gal told me my Romantic admiration for Bill Clinton is a mistake,as he isn’t that anything, which i said, is sad, as without his copy of Ovid, we are all really fucked. Hey i dont spend 30 years trashing my fatehrs arce or buzz the ruins that you babarains left or anything that would get  me on a bigger check long enough to apologize when told, I wasnt doing any mime pr minstrel shows, I was drawing Camilla, and Hercules,  and i was reading Virgil. So, at night make small snack for me and my mentally challenged sister,no one wept for her, i recall, none called it the this word or that word when you were laughing at Fredo did you...? , as we recall the once glory days of the empire, as Ovidains do, and watch Will and Grace, and saw here, towards the end of that slog of a  run, as the queer jokes became  more notchy and the pretty brunette had to wear an industrial  strength pushup as give the suckers what they want ,i saw the faggot jerry helper made a Gore Vidal joke. Another Trope for the suite, everyone thinks liek Jews do, god knows...The man who writes the City and the Pillar and thus was blackballed by rags who know think they are the Cassius of now, again like with Ogletree, can laugh and say see Jesuit bitch i am, you can be Cassius, or Jack Paar boys, but seeing the pink slips starting to fall like Orson's romantic 1871 prairie snow, you cant be both. So on a day that like so much was kept despite its Roman, pagan, roots, I decided after a season without chicken, will attune to a new lent and not eat a can of meat kept here but instead  will eat some tuna,and start a new prayer vigil as recall that Turan was the Italian Venus, no not kidding,  and the  keeper of italic Valkyries, who  carried the noble off to Parnassus, again like so much demeaned and degraded to jews in a senate and gunman wops more devoted to AL AL FRANKEN THAN HE EVER WAS to anything in your Nobel past, as why would you be and break the chain...?

As the pretty Brunette who played Lois Lane in that musical version of superman when i w as a lad would be seen by me here in the fall, as the aging mistress of Wills father in that slop, but of curse, in Jew land, he had to with dying breath, have left her for sexless,cold water , dishwater blond again monster mother Miranda played for laughs hag who puts on the Smokey voice some affected  ice-queen named Blythe, what else...? , as thats what they call in TV trope land, But not too anything,and certain not like me.


02 February 2018


My father  and the brethren warned me of the circus that was filmmaking, but I believed in  the arts of Orson and the Fleicher brothers, but now  I know, what a cesspool  the business was, as brunettes were to the machers, as he warned me, something to rape and demand of, why he despised them.

Another Tactitus like moment in that the gumatta  Jews of the kennesate wont pay the men they hurl into perpetual war, they shut the gummit down for about six hours to go down on record for that,not every thing is a tweet stragea, but Madam Ligosi also took the opportunity to take her various Capos to some swells restaurant, whoring again, but then big Tony WAS RIGHT,THE EMPIRES  CHANGE BUT THE SICILIANS STAY THE SAME.  And just like that, a crew of honorable men went  in like an hour from being conspirators  in Julius Caesar to now lawyering  up, Barry was the first, Niccolo Bill smelt  that yellow stain, which amusingly they have taken form superman's costume, since some comic faggot said to , whereas I was told that comics  reportage and newsletters were no place to speak of how much a hack jack was. As I said back, I did sent it to SI, but they thought I was a fag. Sorry, I grew up wth Norman Lear, Mad comics paperbacks,  National Lampoon,  and even cops shows now on at night that are mainly sanitized between woman with birkas you were bigoted against suddenly given the old heave-ho for  saying something unfaltering about another county  as opposed to lamebrain Americans.  But then as my father said, when something  matters tells you who matters.

No actually sent  a  diary thing about watching the superbowl to THEM THEN, and though admired, did you ever know me when I ever vasnt…?, they still thought it a bit scurrilous to call  what Isaw, who are you going to believe as Groucho said,and that  Rottensbehere  was the end of football as some see Gallanius in the Augustan history. Since  that night the bread and circus crowds has been on a losing streak, and live bloggered it, this bulletin from  the roman front,  to Marc Madden in real time, casing him to ask me if I was calling in bomb threats at lukewarm parades that year later, only in my plays, chubs, as Gentle  Ben  was in his perpetual hangover, which in fact did make it in to  a later edition of of  sports illustrated when Bill Clinton doth made Clifford Irvings of us all, which is why I say to fatsos damning people to hell for not agreeing with them, start with Ozarks pimps who  ran against aids victims, sweetheart.

Well, as a gal said to me last year, Tony we have a lot of broads here who speak of Goddesses and such, as one Saffo smilingly found herself thanking the Cebyle goddess for a  bus accident at  the same time smirking Jewish Billy Kristal, whose pop alas was a Commie what Jews wasn’t then…? , but, I think, she said, you actually believe it. As too was asked since she read my writings, a lot about Camilla, who she thought was just a tearjerker play and Hercules, did I watch the stuff on one of these free channels as that was your first warning that Hillary attachés flies as they are finding at CBS. Within hours of that cratered hole of a award show a shame, because as Bruno Mars is like Motown when blacks were there, Tom Hagan and Han , no not the  dynasty but the god, Solo, showed they aren’t true believers and  got out first.  Do I watch Hercules and Zena…?, I said Corsetto-ly, Good god no, and she  said oh thank God, I thought it was just me. Why do you hate them, she asked…? Because I said wittily, hes blond and she inst. As I hate that broad for being a pretty girl who  played that dyke shit in thick fir a crew of Yentas we now know liked rapaing dark haired woman more than casting them. I don’t like pretty women who do basically Broderick Crawford takes from Highway patrol.  Always be  casting is my Italic creed, as your finding out, some are charismatic and some aint, as wonderfully Behula is demoted, ah the  first rule of Machiavellian thought, don’t bore us, see  your first mistake was no Go believing anything a wop said, which you will rue as almost making me shudder the henoius idea to see the broken men doing anything at your spectacle.  Again, your rag taking time out to thank Trump for destroying Isis was more Brutus than I think you would have guessed, but this middlebrow rag as it sleds towards being what Gore Vidal called the police gazette without the warmth doesn’t shock me.

This will be  a kind of italic revenge upon you as Godell shows JERRAH IS NO SLOUCH WHEN IT COMES TO BEING SHARP, he saw this guys intrinsic stupidity as he casts sneers at broken soldiers aside unless absolutely has to make them flip Belley’s wooden nickels,  as I didn’t think as a great ways to to start or end this year  the Tony Bruno bowl or bus loads of his ilk showing up at frostbite falls,which maybe a non starter, endways as the ice comes in and you with out a Landry, as again  Boring  is like the only weakness ands the only sin Niccolo could imagine. As  no matter  how circumspect or Machiavellian you are, Bellecheat, you still according to Tranqillius have to worry about the brass, and no matter how smart you are your always in danger of having a lunkhead openly dismiss veterans before his lackluster, already attached to bordum, spectacle. You really aint the new Romans at all are you...?

As it was either Ennius or Bill Clinton who said there was  no circus  one is supposed to have too watch as NBC is  finding  out as no one seems  willing to make a saturnalia, Miss Dowd,where Mary Lost her hat. I have gotten  over last  month, my over whelming  ideal to get a say and write on walls is passe to me now, as feel sadly that i  gave as  much as  damn i alas did, despite my inherent laziness.  Too much over a lot of horse shit as i did,which an only saving grace is  knowing that i never made a Harry Potter shit,  or a star wars that otehrs  would sue for their purposes,or would be found to be not pretty enough for an Asian market, which opens lots of cans of worms after all. I therefore shutdown my submittable account,having gotten a few acceptances, some attaboys and we enjoyed you a lot  but,...and some admonishment from barely above zine places, who i had a better resistance than you did as a Roman always will as opposed to a Jewish man in a sash with a blond wife, as i didn’t have to wait for a Sore Loser man check to clear, speaking of wooden nickels. They want 10 dollars a query  now, a bigger con as at least  a magazine I had with before offered me inclusion for sixty bucks showing the age of Gore Vidal was over  long ago, Limbo, and sadly well never get back.I am sad that MST3000is not on Comet this of all weeks, as again the year from  hell continues  for NBC, as two cities  in  American Mediolanium have no pull equally  in the Pairiea  that  somehow got another super bowl as opposed to big easys of south beaches.  But, again, am glad to see that Beulah  has been demoted ,things  were tough all over  toots, as wanted anriTrump  to be the front or cells that the swells were sent to after thirty years of, if not burning in  hell, fat lesbians who preened they are nice as tonight show goons pretend they giggle and aren’t mean  drunks, were at least dying a 1000 times. I got at least 44 cartoons pages, texts pieces strips placed in, as girls told me I and my haughty to use a GIGI Marquex word to show he is willing to get  prizes hidden from Salman Rushdie best  writer of the 20th Cycle, Calvino, who  no less than Wrarring had diminished for as found him less a grave to rob that she did Ariosto. I found chastened as I was, cant but into the constant Texaco star  theater that one shitty war owned puppet show trued to make American politics into, as  you're all  falling  like  flies and  i'm sure a  roman schoolboy is begetting his hides.

And there, alone at night  tried to catch  great cops  shows that for some reason are not shown at night as to show god awful star tracks, and how the work of Bochco is damned, as all censoring does and was meant to,why it is an  arrow in the Augustine quiver, as Sipowitz, a minute of Mamet in dreary  dull television, where  there are channels now, channels now devoted to programs that don’t have to be cleared because they say nothing. As how I was watching Barney miller even and NYPDBLUE have to be white washed and censored by our new lesgions of decency and miss grundys,who think if  they snort and brey loudly enough    their having voted for the fisa bill and pervious travel bans, you know when OKAY, when they were hopeful of not losing  power, ah you always do, toots. I sat there watching these shows from an earlier America, there was a less malaises detective Fish, Perry  knew that the police had  to have a check lest we all pay  outside of the senators niggers on the porch had their way, a new Amsterdam as I  recounted in my new old cartoons, a nova York before Bush marked the earth  with his ruin and opened up some primo real estate, to all but the Arabs you love so much, remember  an Italian cop with a great body, and before war inc learned the Ovidian rule of a sanctimonious bribe, an America before Bill Clinton  of all miscues made us an empire of narcs. While sitting there in the dark of a winter night, as made it through a saturnalia,  was alone and somewhat cold in a small house my mother calls a barracks because it is one floor and wishes to get away,but I cant bring myself to Virgil again, and carry her through these meanest  streets again, as actually did shivered when I heard that Godell the idiot,  is being told by at wits end National Biscuit Company hacks and Jews to planning on making broken men, the kind the new Carson doesn’t want seen on his charades show, to flip Bellys wooden nickels. I sat there alone and tired and less devoted than I was. On the screen, then at the end of a show that someone has the temerity to censor  out words like asshole and wop used with impunity once by a Jew York times reading audience who told the sons of Italy and the Jewish anti defamation league, who early on took my side, that was your first warning, that anyone aginats the sopranos was over wrought, overdone, and didn’t understand greek Drama, as they said once as a last literate man there, Russle Baker said famously  enough of this shit,… as these lovers of Euripides did,…yes but,  and this gits me a like from the JDL and aged imams I think, see, those Greek plays Mother Mo were being done in Sicily  and my fathers Regium when all drama was illegal  in a more Taliban called Judea, causing play  loving Roman hatchet man with wings, Saul or Tarsus, no Paul was ever there, hun, to say Mosaic laws...we aint married to it. As the greater historian more than poet, just like Virgil Gore ended his hated and now seen as a classic Live from Golgotha, at the end, Timothy was spending the night at the theater. When in Rome.

On the screen came a gal named Andrea Thompson, a pretty girl, not necessary my types, but close enough, a type that gets me to watch rough trade dreck  like will and grace to watch her bounce through a fag show that owns moore to Plautus than NBC would be thought as she was  undercover with more akin to my type pretty black Irish Kim Delaney. But  this time, the blond gal , why I would have made her a Zena first, was in black undies and almost a dominatrix uni as have ot seems here gone after some woman killer, whatever ,she was unbarring now down to teddy and hose, and re-calibrated she had been described as a playboy girl  when it still mattered, Patty Fairinelli as the last Beatrice  in lingerie, at the end of that sexy parade as again  the miss  Grundys think they own the earth and all who are grumbling init. She came on and disrobed, as I immediately was more invested in the story than one should be at 2 am, but m  back to sleeping all day at feeling horrific and this time no work to do, as wrote a play in six days called ‘Tonight on CBS, the Rope by Titus Plautus’,  and though it was again much liked, they asked to do it  on a radio play thing, that  I’d change the last real name in it, the  Virgilian sprit guide from...Carl Reiner ..and I couldn’t. I had watched this brilliant  man all summer to get  that cadence, and couldn’t leave that  ...but i USED Sydney Dillion as Payly from Capote  already problematic, so why...its  hard to explain. why no one cares about the hyper-bowle this year, its just the way clock  work works, but they did like, unlike other hagiography of CBS and Pauly that I pacled in this that indeed despite Murrow,  the saint, and his life of the pastorals we must hear that even made GV agree with Buckley a bit too much power for the Cyclops, they liked mine admitted as mich as anything that Gunsmoke,it was alas , the machers idea of what Americans wanted to see, interlopers like Paul that they always are. 

The pretty cop named Jill was very sensual and very pretty and couldn’t in any other than Taliban way, be pixilated or censored as saw and other gorier movies  about death, are not, ah, lesbian Christmas ,as you couldn’t take this scene out without showing us all what we had already become, as it would have been too much coming from a circus that became a charnel house and lovers of death, wake me when its 9 o’clock I wanna watch SWAT, long ago, as with the assembly of queens now, no one is the least bit upset when a hospital is bombed, as that was what ge AFTER ALL, does. She was pretty and sexual and vital and fleshy and the kind of woman we Romans have loved since time immemorial and the kind that the kind of woman even the NUNS warned me of hate in their perpetual  blue nosed love of dying ,as earlier in the night found its intending that gorgeous  curvy siren was made to bounce through s  carnival of  fags who always managed to get in gratuitous Sicilian girl jokes before lecturing the rubes about sainyg the word ‘Oriental’ and being decent enough to recalled it with a word the Greeks used for Turkey. The actress who played the cop then in the dark, in a show about  veracity and thus more censored than the clowns of mars liked to be, was very statuesque and pretty and a recollection of the story about Senator Cornelius ,as  when seen coming out of  a farce ,where dancing gals were primarily displayed, he came strolling out, in love with the Beatrice we always are, displayed no one wanted  to see about  Greeks, when seen by another pompous ass, was asked why he wasn’t at a more pretentious play, Cornelius said, again, the Greeks are unreadable, inscrutable ,...irredeemable. Ah but since someone read it instead of just acquitting it and saw his book germania, which an other said showed his heart was with Germany but his balls were always near the boys and gracious ladies of Naples, I Thought of the old Roman again and I Hope we can avoid catholic gloom as Italy did,  as girls like this woman will always take permanence with Roman schoolboys over all the talking women who bore you with their fractured Homer, and as long as one schoolboy with a love for Cattiline always missing in all your cosouarceos, like Hillary, I think you know deep down, despite  all your white wash, like Savonarola  skimming the vanities to sell out the back door, you know, I think, you’ll never win.