08 April 2018


A COMICS OUTLET got back to me in a little rush of at least admiration of my attenuates at comics, which doesn’t go as far as it sued to, as cant find a way to resume that, and again, its on the resume, or it didn’t happen. They were quite nice, and ubiquitously asked me to as always send more, but MISTER STUPENDOUS VS BOB THE GIANT ROBOT, was a comic I FIRST drew  in a catholic  grade school as a boy in 1974, seeing the superman Broadway musical as one of the last times Superman was real ,or at least realer than whatever that shit is now. They were a bit upset  that the comic, though looked like a lot went into it, was unsharpened ragged and muddy,  and weren’t sure how that happened, and said if I wanted to, as they saw the underlying great bones of it as they say, could redo it and resubmit the pages. Some didn’t like at all, my original  story was uberman  girl friend at the Daily sun, seeing the insertion of the new man hero MS, and falling for him, with a last stand  in which she kissed the boy hero, allowing a curvy stomach, demanded  by DC comics that fetish Jewish cartoonist Joe redraw, is  by her let go, as the Italian boy hero likes them, don’t we schoolboys all, zaftig and womanly, and redrew this as  they kiss before an atom at the top of a newspaper build, which was my homage to Wally and his Daily dirt, in the  great satire I saw as a boy. I found in an elders brother tennagered room, pages as yellow and old seeming as the Decameron, of which it seemed a  perfect continuation. In thus I as remembered the 3rd grade teacher who already had a Paula Prentice Italianate feel to her, and was the Lois of the story.   

This isn’t quite the redo thats often demanded from me,  that like submittable I have sworn off of, and didn’t go into it with them, but this was the comic which I had made and sent out on  deliberate spec, accepted, as so much is at first, and that time relaying this spasm of the Clinton as the Borgas the bushes as the Medici, which I  do only because white woman live to utilize Italians words as pejoratives, even the very name Guido, if Whoopee finally got another movie. As to be fair, and Harry Lime about it, something tells me, despite their love of bloodshed the crime families of the Duchy have made nothing but coo coo  clocks ironically, anyway, showing this is Italay without the warmth or the apostolic sun of Cicero’s. I didn’t go into  how this  work after it was “accepted”  into a  poor boy comics public domain compilation, where I think they were  just looking  for duty  free Batmen, but sent it back to me in shards and tatters, as unrelated to anything,  didn’t love Hillary  half as much as they now found on second thought, they did. I wont link to where they ran to some cool bleeders and tried to look better by saying they had somehow not ripped up my work at all, as this was something done in transit, in a closed envelope, as again, if we said we loved Hillary weren’t married to her and even the one who was wasn't…anyway, I didn’t tell these kinder people that the small 72 dpi Xeroxes  were alot of all I had left, and have had them blown up, and with CC’’s remade images  and figures, leaving the pixilated almost pastel backdrop  as a kind of Woodian Zipatione. I got Cozi back just in time to see the fetching sleaze Stuart Margolin as Angel the influence peddler, a classic, and  then beloved Capotean swan Mullally, but am after a week amazed someone lets this on, as thought  i'd be Roman Bills SMART-ASS VIRGIL. Girls,do watch WILL AND GRACE, and IN YOUR MIND REPLACE ‘Sicilian’ with black, Jew, or white woman and a whole new level shows up. This is how I got out of reading the Iliad, girls. And, My Brother sees in the dreaded Times that a sweaty, unctuous, lunatic named Kasic, a man for no seasons and built  by  spare parts to  seem like what those working stiffs seem at least to the lace curtain Bushes to want, a provost of the deflated duding curia, as Dante said when the pope dies his curia does too, is breaking away from the Bush vendetta, and is ringing doorbells in New Hampshire. Well, you, its tough enough being a perpendicular Life, cant go wrong doing like Carter did, uhhhhh, showing again, Hillary like Hannibal, couldn’t derail the republic, again, not with that husband, and any extra elections unscheduled by the Romans love of even numbers, and the Julian calendar, and pushed by unraveling vicious wimps on CBS, have been alas put on indefinite hold.

There was some unpleasantness  at the  local staples. I have been asked never to return…having moved anyway, to get there would be a schlep, as st Paul would say, so go eat it as I told the house of Romney, as hated even giving  them a dime, and tried to steal as much as I paid for, you know, being an Italian. A new found place, the ruins of kinkos, a pretty Italian gal bought as a business, an Italianate girl looking much like the girl Friday in the comic, a Beatrice in the drizzle, helped me save these pages of boyhood heroics as much as I could. It did strike me as smiley odd that as said by Dante and reduced as much is by the Clintins to affectation, if not as they Mickey all things with a theory love of republican planks and ethics, Goldwater nostalgia and date rape drugs, to squally poisons they feed to others marking days till comes time for what Ill call the big swig, that his wife is fated to take. I have a feeling I’ve known where this story has been heading at least since the Ovidian fandango, as I’ve  been a lot of things, since created Mister Stupendous as a boy,he still hated for reasons I am unsure, as  original red and gold Capt. Magnus flies like a captain marvel, with joy and aplomb nither and yon,…hummmm, Ive been seen as snide ,sarcastic , lazy, a loudmouth, a lot, but wasn’t ever stupid until got censored from WTAE, where made Bev Smith and Jean Shepard no less laugh, as threw it in to a yenta named Cullens face that  Bill took that tie and hauled it in your face dearie. So, I wasn’t shocked as much as felt the rubric of LA VITA NOVA, that new life that Hilie cant tunnel into like a safe cracker,  as did  so much, as like when Machiavelli was tortured By the Medici for  writing about Nobel Romans, and such happens with them, when old Lorenzo died in the white sweat miasma and fevered deathbed that is ilk is always fated too, it made Machiavelli say, poor man, should have listened to me and been a Prince instead of a queen. AH, the aside is my Italic credo and saw I was after four months hurled off twitter for no less than saying something about the midnight clowns and their newfound love of fag jokes so unlike my own, as they mean it. So, Good luck Rachel, as lesbian drag seems to be one of the monsignors go to's,  and wont twitch at that with a ten foot poll. So will send them out, the actually well done scans given back to me by the pretty woman,  though might keep the nicer pages to conspire the story, but  wont do this one again, as that it. I have never been that good at flirtation, but tried to be as affable as possible with the Italian woman, as without her as a conduit to digital, pages might as well be papers from 1974. As I know I’m onto something when see the Beatrice’s and Laura’s and Cynthia’s  exposed in a cement  jungle Scorsese created  as much as anyone, so dont tell me  about youre disdained for walls, girls, as I gave alas grown up within your Jersey barriers. And am glad to see the Leoncavallo hopeful end to varies Jimmies as I said, Satire is something with two edges like a roman cutlass, and having read Live from Golgatha, and last Romans satirist Gore ‘s take on Paul of tarsus’s, such is classicism to a hag who cries for blond starlets to a Greery disdain, it happened on that very night of the bromide, a slow imperial weekend night, devoted to the drunken god himself that Petronius fell into a tub, as I hope you all find, satire is what bleeds on Saturday night. 


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