02 July 2018


The bullshit Resistance began with me receiving my work back in taters, as didnt know could be hated for not voting for Hullabaloo, and have work destroyed, but then when dealing with Barbarians.Now may find that Mr Stupendous may actually be part of another few attempts in our fraudulence Sicilian-ate age at satire and Lampoon which  Gore and the Brothers warned me about the hatred of long agoId like to see the blue and yellow Roman god fly, as one of his well wishers was indeed a like from Bill Clinton No less,As this wasnt long after  we found out,imagine, Conan was Barrys boy hood hero, hed be so proud like grandma about that Lybian adventure, as opposed to us who loved Capt Marvel

So hope to get it all squared away and and allow the boy hero, torn to bits by German nuns and Hillary voters, to fly againGmnnnnAn essay about an America that thinks it is farrrr to decent than a nation of Monica the sopranos and Kordell should ever be. I for one, am not shocked that we almost destroyed a republic for a hag whose bloated sex addled piggish husband was concentrically writing fevered sonnets to himself as Roman hero and she as dead. Good luck to the people who trashed Italians for forty years, as Dinero  didn't know again, a Roman Bath is always preferable to a Jewish marriage.You see Stepin Fetchetti you should have been this upset when that sissy House coon, now  beloved by so many Republicans at the Jew yore times, always a death knell, bombed Magnus Leptis, as if you had, like a Kelley Girl said to me,by the way, to not be mean,as she told me, a strange  confidence they put me in, that's how she felt at the Nasty Building, heheh,  at a magazine you all know, a complex Saturnalia's ago, who said my work was important  when mentioned that Barry The God was shutting the golden door on all them Arabs. Bleeding sanctimony the rags that gave Tennessee and Truman living obits,  truest to be a collage of  cardinals, but alas, as they bleed for darkies un Sicilian , dont mention Palestine, now gals, or you-ll lose your Shampoo contracts as again, we aint married to it, Like say Bill. But twas an election year god knows, and when i asked if that meant shed like to publish it, like the Jewish woman who told me she dated italics but would she marry one……nooooooooooo-- maybe had you been this vociferous then,you might have gotten a hero Roman sash,  legion of merit that  Sweet old Bill worked against you getting, as heard, old Bill liked pretending his life was lived in The field of Mars, and not Iowa, or the sois I saw him at with a blond dippy and cute married gal my mistress in 1991, as oh youd be shocked at the  raw meat he threw out there once, Alyssa if the Rosemaries aren't connected with him what isas We almost destroyed a republic for a cunt whose piggish filching bloated pussy addled hubby was writing sonnets as was I, just not to myself, nor a wife he wished openly in print now was dead. Take your tie now honey,as the handkerchief has been dropped, and you'll never clean yourself of Brother Bill, as call him anything you like, but you were willing to make him first lady only it seems weeks ago. Ich, la commedia e finata, as you were right that night Rachel dear, My darllllingDante and Beatrice they aint, and the Romans you're not.

The last 12 month's  were rather hard, with only an occasional Glimpse of Johnny and Beretta as a Dante and Virgil guiding us through the malabilfia where where George Will was suddenly a coward fallowing blank standards, an eagle cant have two heads, and neither can a vulture, sissy, which because of Hillary's eternal Menopause wasn't even red anymore. Dont like the menstruation jokes gals,? We've come far since South Park, well then don't let Jewish in law satirists and mean girl scare face cunts call themselves Juvenal or Horace or anything close to that,  as they all live in fear that they might be forced to pay a living wage, as they dropped that rabble rousing long ago. So it was a great relief to me to see Mister Stupendous,  a crown jewel of my own restis--no too french, Risorgimento, yes that's it, and the recreation of the Tonyverse Libraraia which I don't care what you think as as for heat and light, you hags cant really make either.

I get Mister Stupendous aflight, with a few installations, also passing 100 such additions in the Resume as saw I had done almost a page since Christmas , I collected, and it didnt seem that way. Mister Stupendous, my Non Com reverberation of redder Roma armorer, human standard-ish Capt Magnus-Marvel. Stupendous was made real and now flesh in at last two collectivism's as national Lampoon and heavy metal and the kind of comics men like are fondly recalled calendered in a cesspool where suddenly who knew, the miss Grundys are showing us how blue nosed they they always have been, and how much they love power  to have allowed Bill Clinton the sway and swag he had. This was a lovely turn of events, as proved I was indeed true to my father, the Jesuits,the music of the spheres, I am not some house nigger making a hodeedo point about making Lynching illegal, as no Fort lee killers of Italians have ever been placed on unconditional retrial for killing Italian men, have they, gals?And my Fathers ethics  and my Ma and the Italia of my conceptual-ism, and devotions to Italo and not to a spic creep like Marquez, whose winning an award that Italo was denied, mostly because the Luce boys still held it against Gore, because he wrote a book where a fag didnt die. As his line is trendy than ever, and  in fact the opposite, dear George is always if not the wise move , the only truth of the nature of things. So, Mister Stupendous, boyhood hero created  by me in the intertwined wintertime,  when my whole life changed in 1974,the year a Broadway Superman sang to  a pretty Lois who'd end up a mistress on a fag show, again, as lesbian gals still ask reading Saturnalia pieces if  my Ma is doing better, I COULD have told you dear Hillie, there are more brunettes and nanas than an empire of Berkas can cover, but then you should had known that by your husbands tastes  in who he was with behind the unclicked doorwhat..?as i couldnt quite make sense of all then, those crown vics and lamebrains thereto see off old man Manderino across the Styx, like I said, Hillary  dear, Im sure Bill will give you a lavish mob funeral  that will put that old biddy Bush to shame, itll just be a day that holds more grieving than those who actually voted for you. As I  have a feeling that that last Petrarch sonnet, sorry Charlie, He invented the sonata, not Willie,  of hatred hasnt been writ yet.

Once again i am the auger, and the translator, but not traitor, as Jews on espn should note, I cant be a rat unless I get my cut,which is what COMEY DIDNT KNOW, as could be again a just a chance, but  have pasted this proverbial before about how a manager did send Nero a pair of woolen socks, with a note wrote in blood that said General Vespasian, hahah, was coming to the gates and was charging them, and that I saw a similar screenplay out as perpetual  black sheep  brought a pair of sox to dying old man Bush, SO COULD BE a concupiscence, just like a a fire on the feast of Janus at Clintnland. Is this Bering an eternal Fame,? I did get that like from odd Roman Bill didnt I ,and now MS flies in a azure Crayola sky here and there, with a guy who likes pin ups and a gals who is making her own magazine,and I am so liked by her as  have been by some, it don't  even matter I  dont know, or care,  what CIS or any of their alphabet slop bullshit means as I said, getting her  admiration, lets let Lonesome dove and blue for boys alone and maybe stop perpetual wars, as again some didnt even know that a nigger queen also on a shit list of the Roman generals mad dash , bombed and damaged a Roman ruin. You mean Rachel didn't cry that night nor did old Meat-head note the dark ages constituency unabated, but this time, with Shylock more Boccaccios Abraham who isn't a saint, than Shakespeare, ? In this sanctimony hellhole, a boys hero flies, as a Superman true-er to the roman outfit, trendy to the Roman boots, hews cant  make colored in as Red costs too much. And I am glad both oar in Funny Pages like sections of websites-coming magazines, scenario of two totally diametrical opposed outlets, which means maybe they are truer than the shit at cable TV Oxbow anyway, and my familia is quite proud I never gave up or in, and was true to the old man's Roman ethic. So have until July 22 ,Emmetts number,  to get 6 chapters done, and will avoid the Skylab story,  for now, like Uncle Stan will say something like see Wham comics 111, to  115 1966, -Latin epigram here. And went aright to the giant Robot, and will have him a sure Italianate strong men stirringly as as this is and antithesis  of that shamefaced cow my father disparaged who has been usable to shoot straight since that year MS was created. Depute the best efforts of German nuns and Hillary Picadors who love that the Clintins lack of ethics allow them to posy and preen, and in an age in which Italia woman and Jewish senators are called racists for not cow-towing enough to spics whose consortia fathers stole a s continent, and left a  slum, and a white woman dares run against a son of a giant maned CUOMO,  and lectore him from the positioned cum covered heights of the HBO gutter where the fake blood and faggot confetti have dried and blown away. Do see I remember Mario, AS SOMEHOW A VIRGILLIAN , NO,  Jim-mine CRICKET conscious ,-ah but in Collodi the boy takes his wooden foot and stomps of the bug, a warning again Hillie dear,I was true to the age of Vidal, as f off fatso,  Billy the kid rides again, as wops and niggers on television, in a street American bandstand, call for murderess for a cunt who couldn't attract flies. The most in-seemingly part of wops on parade, of trash like Kimmel and Dinero doing their job one, as they have in various ways scine1974, is that when the Italians and others in this  country tried since then for a moment of decency, a moment to be freed from this mongrel show allowed and allotted and  actually not that different from the shit seen in Seinfeld every night but alas have left Karen to her  cadre of vulgar  fags, they were consonantly explained to by Jewish hags and hags, constantly told how they were being laughed with a and not at, and now confiding a champion in Trump, as he seems rich enough  to forgo having to say talk the same things and not mean them, now dun in , you have declined in fact, the Siansio and mean streets in fact was everything that that Jew York Times yeshiva said it was not, over done as they said indeed. Now,to yew with a Camilla made of old tampons and caregiver bills and yellowed pages of  the Feminine Eunuch, old crone Villein baby seems to never have actually been anything  but a power mongering, rapists Magna Grecian, Homer reciting, wife  and so, youll oath for Hate that Bob, as Rupert Pupkin was perhaps the closest to a Roman you'll ever play.

There is something unseemly, as told ageing pin up queen Alissa, no Jami she but still something, unseemliness and insetting about these wops having been trashed for forty years, willing to tell you know how much  they just love Spics, who wont get that living  wage that Jewish in laws demanded for themselves and the wops, hymnmmm, once, when still agitators, as they have discovered the censors pen, or  brush, and that's always  a mistake, Marcus. As paint pages of Mister stupendous, am still that boy in 1974, in the Christmassy airs, who I juts eyed something was in the wind, a cold wind to be Aids, and almost knew as the nuns warned me abortion would leave us as a noble Savage nature needing trash to spill up onto the Tyber, as Juvenal called the used poor plebeian garbage at Rome, again read something before you accept it as a laurel, Jon, and I am unrepentant, in that I am getting that boyhood Achilles, no, a more Roman soldier, a Lucius or a shining knight, who survives the breech, here and there and back again, in a duding empire that let the Bush crime familia bring Tolekin and vikings back. So Mister Stupendous flies as he did in mid century,  cold war winds, again,  and is placed right back where, an America with pretty girls and liberals still in it, and before Bond went from lounge lizard with the Garibaldi  key around his neck, really  do  read up on what old roman Bill did to hopes of Scorsese and New Patavium, to a soccer thug who looks like he could have bludgeoned Italian soccer fans. And without Mama Italay, the world cup of spies is ,hhhhhoooooboy.!As got the last cartoon did and shown to my father, with my Roman boy hero accounted ,and this week seeing Dinero take dictation, it made my elderly mother cry.


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