30 December 2012

I posted this on Facebook on Friday. 

I take it Niggeralia is over then…? I saw President Erkle come out andmention how adamant he was about 98 percent of the Bush tax cuts, and he didn’t make a peep about social justice and or making anyone pay anything…he does make his capitulations a devotional though, don’t he…? You see niggeralia was like saturnalia, but with more malt liquor and handguns and more white trash angels than Christmas. But I knew we were screwed when GE theatre interrupted their usual coons, to flood the zone with Jews and republicans, Ezra and Coburn as a comedy team said it all. Ah, yes, The cover 2.

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Again I am not so sure if the sin was use of the word Nigger, or linking to anything about the Etruscans. Its an open question.And seven days no less, taking us past the feast of Janus that you are patriotically mired in, as Jews and Lutherans all. That should take us right through his capitulations, after all its what GE paid for, right  through his probable being corn holed on the senate steps by a triumphant McConnell, as after all , the senate strikes back!

And like the good praetorians they are, they decided that this was far too vulgar to be seen on a page belonging to Bill Clinton, he once affably Roman before somehow struck by the need to go from being Emmitt Smith to being a Mooooose. Ah, but in your imagic kingdom, where Obama the lord God it seem scantly can give away tickets to  his inaugurations, ROMAN WORD ALERT!—SEE  I think niggeralia was over when he pegged a republican who dealt in witch trail Best Man against gay democrats to be his war Caesar, but the con is on, ...But remember this kids, I’m not the one you have given your hopes to be your champion, and too, I am not the one who despite my narcissism, I was the one losing both elections as late as October by five points, nor was I the one who has never won a majority of union household votes who are white, so, maybe he isn’t a beloved as he thinks. I’m not the one running to NBC to plug leaks, And after all, I am the one who called him Phaeton years ago. That was the petulant boy who fell from the bowl of the sky, not ready for the chariot he stole. The ROMANS called them back benchers. Maybe this isn’t the Nixon to china you think. And despite trashing a giant like John Ford, now myopic little niggers on the pad, and including comedy central bag niggers clowns like Katt Williams no less, in distress at Jingho and Tarantino as the white wash is our anti Augustan creed. I recall when ever an Italian dared say anything about the sopranos though, they were given homily from fat pigs about lecturers about what is art, but then the whole point of this blog was that some pigs are more equal than others. Is Seinfeld on yet...as it was telling that the night we found out he as whiter than usual about the idea of going over the cliff, why there was our Buddy Jack Klompus. Take the pen!, and a happy fest of Janus to you all. I am taking a break, after all.



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