12 November 2018


Remembering when this stooge,Bob Rodgers, was stilt showing Monica and Bill as lepers and being held on poles, --yes,he's devoted you see--…and recalling how many who were in the Bush employ, resistance was a jar of nothingness Jebby came up with first,on Foooooxxxxxxxx,telling me to avoid it like the plague, they is doomed, were ruing the same roman and italic iconography against Trump as they did roman Bill, as I have gotten accolades and well wishes from actual comics publishers lately wishing me well.

I too, seeing him as the plastic victim of Ennius’ line, sent the Pittsburgh press a slew of comics and cartoon drawings to see if could get that job, just for the medical that came with it. Drawings of Wendy Fiore and Bill Clinton did get an editor there to actually email me the next email to the higher editore, and asked I'd  send more work,if I was truly interested. I guessed I didn’t get the job, as when asked to send in a CV and a basic cartooning philosophy, said, as did Alan Moore in Occupy comics, that I  wished to send the political cartoon back to its lovely and scurrilous Genesis ,as the word itself implicitness is dirty little man's cartoons done by my Italian for-bearers who hated whatever crime familia at the time had festooned themselves with the title Prince. As am glad to know on some level, fat bloated piggish white-women, talking women, and effeminates who had the word Senator attached to them only a fortnight ago are now,as they said then,learning the law of the Golden door and now are, kicking and screaming, unread in the handbooks of this all,seemly in the anger and detriment they  show in even hinting they'd be joining the plebs. Goodbye sister Batreille, say hello to Vomitoreum Al, who I also called as a latest victim of Puntura. I guess I didn’t get the job as that might have been too much,but a Clinton in roman drag has gotten a lot of acclimates as said trashing him and that Livia of his,has been some of my best stuff.The paper is going now with Rhino center right,….aren't you all…? See my love of the Romans and the Italians tells me there are prince-lings out there who will make sure that egg made to fly onto Barry’s bitchy face aint going nowhere,and recons again are for losers.

I found I had pages drawn for MS MEETS CHLOE KANE,and involved a ray gun,an underground lair, etc…but found I couldn’t do it.Even though a gal named Trisha tole me Tony we love your work, and did ask for  a uptick of action, somehow got a feminist asking for more action, still, couldn't ape the superman I came to dislike, and couldn't have him barrel in and save the Lois lane I had been statementing to return, to if not Teri Hatcher in our will and grace cesspool, --I got more than one gal to  notice how much our new Paul Lynde just speaks for a we who always hates brunettes and Gore Vidal,on cue,at least to Phyllis Coats in a land of braying jackals like Colbert.He  who found after so much work and strum and drang that a smarmy little wop I’m sure he and the daily show coven looked down on,best-ed him and had his best ratings in four years, showing again,no good deed goes unpunished, I wonder if better know a district, the beginning of politics as Shtick, as my Ma gleaned as Dagos see ulterior  motives in the winds, will return,hummmmn, that as I said,Vaughn Meiter was always the best possibility. 

There is a fatiguing quality to evil,the line goes, and in the time it takes for an ice-sickle to snap and scat to the ground as I recall viking like Alan and I going over the works of Machiavelli as if a holy writ,a characters needs and wants and schames and palls can call crashing to the ground like a circus tent,was said by the great Italian lawyers scientist. And that can be summed up on one parentheses,...what else is on…?,  as you losing the room was the only sin that Machiavelli could really think of. As, pitting the antics of wayward wop Negros in the back mirror,the American circus,who did they put on national television, the dear peacock, as we've returned to the attack of the 50 foot flag, and to  endless parades, and to salutes and as wayward Bushes boys who now spend all  day with finger-paints and recriminations, wishing they had spent a tenth of the time as opera hero  Bill had enjoying it, as the other winner he tried to sandhog had, as the lovers reside in hell, the in- laws of the noble houses will be out forever, and Bush the younger,maybe youngest they'll ever be, ever now,tosses a coin in the imperial night…? Why look,Colin,look, Beulah,look Tony Reali, and the Jew who soldiers you to laugh at Mariotti, look, why,…its Dem Cowboys, whose gold age ancient silver helmets shines as the gladiator did,as did Pliny’s  Roman helmets in the nights, as if made of star-stuff. I've been told, even though can be rough and in-lovable  and vulgar and hated by white women and the smarmy if nor praetorians I was taught to despise,I can sometimes actually despite myself, be quite poetic.

Even as a boy, i noticed  in Stan’s new York, no less, all the Italians had the only superpower they could, editing and drawing this slop  by pulling it out of their ass.When I got back into  comics in 2007, i  was shocked at the level of vitriol  pushed  at  uncle Stan, whose comics I never much read,but whose American gonniff act much liked, as remember him as an ambassador of comics on the old tomorrow show, as always fronting, pompous,self promoting, Jew face thuggish blond lover Kirby was bruising for demanded apologies from the great Carson. So, the sentiment and weeping now from people whose names i recall acting like he was some sort of a plagiarist , or one of the  DC pirates who stole Superman from  two Jewish kids was revolting to me,as I always admired  Uncle, And  I  think again the Roman had it right when he said grieving is wasted on the dead.I’m sure from hell’s heart, the blotted two dimensional Long island Raphael Kirby asks, always demanding crooked due, who will come to avenge me,as slowly they turn…I aint being lectured to by Bill Clinton’s Valkyrie proletarian Guard, as it’s Irony that he had a twenty point lead with women and she a deficit..as I miss the fat man's Satyricon, can you imagine our Marius avoiding the Kennedy center because a faggot from CBS is the new Godfrey…?, and feel badly again Monica is being paraded around as the Romans did little Etruscan girls as festooned and made-up as goddesses, as have lost a real measure of respect for that bloviated dog on the porch, but at least he loves Ovid, as opposed to unmarried women and later wives and fools,and house everything’s who bomb ruins …so don’t fuck with me girls, I recall you all at your Sejanus best…

Wait…what made me come here to say something when thought I wouldn't…I wanted to say something…what…was it again…oh that's Right, every time fat bloated senators  come to the ground and shatter,especially fat White women and each time Tony Bruno has to swallow bile, had as Ma says,Encoya,as I warned,a vicious television persona is beaten by a fat bloated Bluto who was using trampolines while little Stevie was doing a sorcerers apprenticeship he was doing Jewvanls bidding at the dnc convention, and beat him as the Chaivesky clown on at night, I think what I wanted to say was, HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS,BITCHES!

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03 November 2018


1. With the specter of Bill and hooray Hilie showing up again,12 days  before an election,so good luck girls, as  even  my brother saw there is something about Monica that really sticks in this hags craw, and he is much sharper than I am, I have to say i know it utmost had to be, the wasted and hardest part of your perfumed hallow-ween,of  this spasms of dyky decency, to have had to pretended that you all actually liked Brunettes.

As there are people,in our new republic, more or less, Sicilians ,brunettes, Dallas cowboys, steam valves to all woo the good in laws to feel ever so liberal as they send out memorandums from the praetorium about whatever veil of collated trash is stunting now, is to be ignored  as elections never Dantean anyway, he did say language is  never so abused and beaten into submission as when sued by lawyers,but then lived under the Borgia as even someone says on Rockford amid the gumbas trying to bust open Jimmy’s head. Lest one have never been said that a man running for reelection  here in PA has actually is making commercials with puppies, lest anyone even dear say the word a perpetual war,but then as the Jews at the  rag never figured out, a waning of them and fat girls who convince themselves  they are socialists the-same  way drag lets them think they are Palestinians , what else is there…?, that they are blowing it, to show again the Clintons doth made  clowns of us all, blowing it is was actually why they are there to begin with.As a low ebbing local hood running for Gov.,has shown how sulfurous hed be, making a piont if exxing out entitlements,God damn these serfs--what do they want,Caesar is said to have said, is making commercials about how much Spartans, as I once said as a joke,must love dogs.

As Gore Vidal said, he wasn't sure what was worse,your middlebrow disdain or admonitions,anyway,as when saw some rag 
 was doing  an issue devoted to the Inferno, and only that,redemption is beyond us all at these prices,aves in Dante, I could only imagine what these sausage eater bag white woman would do,what with an actual site that shills books saying that not Dante,but Petrarch should be the poet emerita of faraway never never land as Vesuvius sets you've treated it,  Italia, which, is funny,especially when you consider it was blond Honiara loving Pete who coined the term dark ages’, which they now bristle at, when not  placings dark always in quotes. I didn't have the time to write this out and clean it up a mite, anyway, anything or do anything new seeing the deadline was for Halloween, which is what lesbians call irony, anyhow. I got his update in Saturn’s day, intrinsically enough, so am not shocked Id , or all Poets be appeased over by the personages of the medieval, as this was the year had to recall Paulo Milano, as the Clinton's keep dancing for nickles. What is the connection…? Well, I just git another chapter story of OCOP placed in a less than boring and irrefutable literary  magazine that wants to show something difference from the sort if liberalism that  can be shown by a wop pig, whom they hate , who was making girls jump on trampolines once for  cicus- y entertainment that seems farther too much like an ad for a swill no one in  Charlemagne’s Ariosto land would ever drink, as even I, not a beer drinker can stomach vile piss called bud light. I called  Bill and Monica the Paulo and Francesca of the American inferno long ago,  and git a Puncturea like instigated and concern and  rise from no less than bill ,so beat that with a stick, girls. Well, hes  not a tragedy anymore, as oit went Monica and in came the Lesbians.Paulo Milano, a great Italian ligature scholar once said, the study of Dante isn't a form of filial piety,but an exercise of moral imperative.  But at least my Beatrice was denied.

So we careen, if democrats, towards Halloween 2018. my  bad verses and witches make a stand, as my Neapolitan Angelines did last Christmas, being placed on a tree of the people, somehow more pagan than Christian. As the darkness of the soots of Livia has gotten on Everyman ones nerves,and partaking the clitins were decent is more than many can bear. I was admired  by some,dis-tasted by many,proof I read Plautus,  as now the Clinton's pop in again,the EC comics that wont end, two Halloweens later showing there are no bigger trick and tr-eaters , in every scene of the word.

As saw at an un-wathced, disdained, awards show, and is a triumph  that no one watches worth having been thrown...?,some dyke said something sweeping and without exception,like how they were with eugenics once, and said men aren't funny.I would have believed that more had Netta not  been wearing the suit her farther was buried in,as they have daddy's issues not even seen at the bush compound. But I said, doll,see, there was a man,a simple man,a pg of a man,who was quite in palatial and an aboriginal Coriolanus in the Italianate way of pre- Roman farce, and he loved Plautus,and often quoted him once, and you voted for him,or at least pretended you did,which is worse. So, good luck with the Clintons again,as the wicked queen keeps following the gal who looks like a gal in Collodi more than into the woods and he still pleads nolo condedre the only Latin he  ever perfected. As someone, deras, forget to tress the pigs again, and Mrs Wofat as not the best at hostess work,is aiming you’d eat shat again, dears, as perhaps for after diner , we will all get as scene out of Dante,played out,with Bill and his beloved Vespasian and love of farces as I once said,as anything is better than what he is becoming now. Maybe after the dinner with shit,he can read his Eulogy  he had written and just changes the name at the beginning,just like jessel.

2. As I said,everyone nice enough even by getting back to me now, much less even accepting the work,as triumph to me now,as a stagey sanctimony had come into the crime families now trying to push their genetic love of power again,as they have since Ytalay, Chaucer spelling, as tole some raggged anti Trump wrap, puhleeese, … in the 1200s. But then I'm not the dancing queer on CBS who has made a death toast ton-tine with some hag, but then another rabble Livia said something stupid, racially tinged,  and makes a racially easy jokes,which is worse than any Ovidain flourish,hubby came up with between cums,you see, he loves Ovid, bless that pig, speaking of poetry, a much more  said to be indecent and filthy piggish Bill, as he ever done, as she again cackles away.

I used to live to hear that made people think about my work,as i always do,as just got another chapter of OTHER CITIES, OTHER PILLARS gotten in somewhere, as Trimalchios dinner fits this cesspool of imperial funerals perfectly. And got a gal at some pompous place to admit when she said they would only publish something about a man at the new Yorker, how about that for a fissure!, were it satire, I said,shit Doll, amusing how many unmarried women like my Spillaneish shell, I can do that on my head. And  got a quick response on submit-table no less where works go to quaintly die, in which she seemed, to after looking over what i sent in, she said,almost wary, befitting the death Holiday of Halloween,yes, Tony, I do think you could, bet even stllllll...so as i said such admiration was triumph to me,but now, am addicted to my resume as are all the power mongers, so, best wishes are Nice, but resume or it didn't happen. best,and really even that you are open to the work even later  means something to me , as i said to some bitchy  hag who found my every word an affront,  hey sweetheart, someone made a fire at Chappiqua on the feast of Janus, as Romans did when they wanted to spend a year getting redemption, literally burn something away, as seen in the New life, even, and so that happened. A fire was there, by either arsonist schoolboy, or just fate, which means either way, someone is fucked. As so its only October then i said, Hun,and only Halloween, so...id  be careful if i was you.  

I don't know where I saw this, maybe lovely almost amateur shows  on Vaudeville like antenna television like  @becasuescience, or @seeker, but just being on ABC doesn't   make jimmy Kimmel any better as again, everything is personal, and that fat little pig recalled every slight made to him by will and grace all  those years and so, duteous  being in operetta whoppie cushion mode, still shot his digs at ex brunette swan @meganmullally, as its almost election day anyway, and this all hands on deck shit was never going to be perpetual, nit with hubby working the pensions. Since it did so well for magnus leptis, the UNESCO plutocrats  are going to take not just Roman columns but whole ideas and make  them sacrosanct, like dogma, or like wholly part  of the human experience,which pop told me was a sort of grave robbing  that he was sure that  barbarians and sonny boy Bushes did for fun.

To these artifacts and facades, two thirds if which, more than any  other society or race,are roman and Italian,hard to believe in ABC LAND, a caravanning often made by Joey  Pinto before his Friday night stayers were canceled as he dared ask why we were paying senator largess and paying for Hillary and obaema to use Senate planes to go caroling merrily along,and campanology , the innovation by Hitler, no less,  that was soon enough taken wholly by anyone who thought themselves smart.  To this list was first added of all things the way Mediterraneans have ate since the Romans, as like the black scholar told me over a story  I wrote called the rapture,the decent niggers and noble savages colluded there, at Yale no elss I think, and thus mistily whet women who voted for Obama and against Millie, it was like bombing  hospitals,or travel bans, okay then, priestesses of Clinton have to lay it on thick until death they part now,and they had, she said, avoid the word  Roman as good barbarian lovers might, lest  they like Tacitus be call endangers for having invented the Nobelist savage as much as anyone, still a favorite  among these  sissy's who have made it to the various salons,and are often invited to imperial weddings and or funerals, which they share in ostentatious if not staffers standing at images  Bellona with the mob they decry, but are instinctively much like. To the lists is now now to be added Arabic  numbers and calculus,  of course,though the  idea  that I found most interesting as an addition to the showy sanctimony of the UN minsters, of all things,was Roman satire,in these  of  all days,showing perhaps, a tiredness with the sissy Bush Obama love of barbarisms, though as with megnus leptis, that protects nothing.

As to be as respected as a Roman satirist seems strange,but as I said, I’ll take what I,as an Italian can get, anymore, capitally since that's an honorific used by them who are laterally dying on Saturday night over and over was always bullshit, I thought. But,to that, shall be added I read, Roman satire, of all things,as if you know what it is or doubt as father Gore said,fear it as much as all hucksters and  con men always have, as somehow who knew fags would-be the ones to make  us more like Spartans than were ever were supposed to be.How did I know that as a gal asked that were weren't Spartan, well the first book, 001 acceded into the library of congress which holds no less, Mister Stupendous and rag in it now,for the honorarium of 50 bucks a  tittle, was Virgil's Aeneid, much too sad for faggots who have always liked their tragedy much more, like their choirboys,flllllaaaaammmmming and en fuego. Satire and a human underpinning, …? I thought, can you use it in a sentence, girls, cause I didn’t think you know what  that is..

3. And there,on a Carson rerun was shown, and i recall teh days of flux I first saw this, days before you realized Watergate was truly unimportant as couldn’t be used, the canniness of meaning to you all, Carter the saint, lost, of all people, an actor,aren't they all,and though he was bullied and beaten and shoved around, and tattered by a primary fight, a senator  and called all sorts of names, well, the people took you at your word, as Ovid said, not a bad Virgil himself as he appears in an  Italian book, just laughs more, and they  vaietd him it as again, like his  back minions you like to always reset after a tragedy.

And there was Gore, then, as Virgilian imminence, handsome and elder and thoughtful, a Jesuit if ever there was,and Johnny,hayseed up from the Prariea, but by 1980, erudite now, I think Landesberg too, funny when such was still allowed on the tippet of a first halo-ween by me as an adult,  as became and adult, all in the  fall of1980  and my plumbing to what the now seemingly dreaded, not Nazi escapees from Poland and Italy, but just drop dead lesbians and lovers of lucre, nuns at that church school,now only a few blocks away,  called the devils disease. There was Gore,  making fun of the whole thing,a Juvenal before Jews thought they could be one,and still get a gold card,  taking sides is sooooooo unromantic sooooe Jewry, soooo Greek, and he admitted the Democrat Carter,,can you image in  a land where frat boys think no one recalls their anti Hillary jokes, no not of 1999,but two hallwoeens ago,again,when didn’t have an audience, ah the Machiavellian teeth and the edges they have!…, the fee at the Styx then, as the Mauteian peot seemed to lecture his willing,admiairing, thin, boyish, charming charge,was a praetor  that no one really liked, a residue of ascendancy from a Watergate wed find put was  as much as an anything  set and decreed by no less than a closet queen ,Hoover, and one of his bag men, ah If were I you I’d have kept it Alexander Haig til death, Bob, as a Jewish FBI operative made too many echos, too many ghosts that my father no less saw then, as they werent that hidden well by Meatheads even then.

He was funny, and witty and didn’t dance once, or cock an eyebrow or flit  about, as I recalled  seeing it then, as a boy, as watched Gore as something kids in Texas would watch Staubach and ape his ever move. As was sad to think we were as Johnny said incredulously , how did  we get to this…?,as was days away from having a brother who feared that the nuns and clerks of empire would make me a Spartan, as they  would all,and  not a roman be, would buy me a holiday edition of Playboy, in which the Diana like imagery of a Roman goddess, Patty Fairinelli would be so warmly and liveliness and Olive  skinned, befire  bizzarro Moms was allowed to call it Orange, but as I warned once the gumbaejews wanted no part of jaywalking trail of tears to the Mexican border,as I said, its passed Columbus  day, why, like all such stunts, it was over,Lester the molester moved on to something about a blond who was somehow pro blackface and anathema after forty years of Jews playing italics and vice versa,   and we were  onto something else in our almost anything goes nightly news chaivesky nightmare. And she was Technicolor-ed and so perfectly  exposed. I knew  seeing her as echoed in Wendy later, didn’t care what Jews and vikings liked, the Beatrice was after  all everything that there was.

I recalled watching how Gore hit even this Burbank audience   I recall who was that President who was leastways then targeted by the  imbecilic brother in law empire group, again as him and then wusses were to stay,as they like niggers  never get beaten, there's always an ear to bite off,and live to shnore anorther day, how there was an Caesarean  conspirator to explain  the  peanut farmer’s loss, unseen as coming by the magna eracia swells again , I suppose as such a thing as a misery index during  your reinstatements explained  nothing, as Bush was even then was in the wings of the farce,waiting for a closeup that never came,and for which we still pay. This was like your husband being a rapist, and a thug, openly unliked by the Post the day he was impeached, as said a censure  was always out of the question fer Marius, and dying Legacies with parentis lives outlived,  begging an Imperial daddy to keep uo all out,did  Putin know about Biddings familial antipathy to the queen mum…?, ah but she was someone at head who never sees it cumming,as they haven't since 1968.

Well, any cunt, yeas I said cunt, that can decimate Italian UNESCO tagged pillars, and who can send her witches to bother Joe Califano, no wont forget that, my Father sadly  I must admit, like black men who try to make disciples of their coconut children with a  lash amid the rap,was right,this is a cesspool,if dykes can Hector a member of the winners, of LBJ’s  Caesariate for a cunt, yes a cunt, sorry dears,it snit hate speech, its HBO,  who voted for Goldwater,some never knew that ,and that my even bringing up the black rats my nuns taught me , when I bring that up and then the strehfas of Lower level letters look it up, I know it so because they never get back to me ,entering  seething or getting on high hirses they know now weer exceedingly wrong.AS which  as I said, Uncle Bill has ,uh,infected and are rotten, from long ago. I knew that seeing Gore as still a dignified and eriodite man , felt sad we have fallen  to what we have, a latest CBS  fool shimming why it was that being at there, at Polyphemus in the fifties and so near King Arthur as in a  mad ripoff called Whack , pit out of  business  by a fat bloated Jew who thought satire was indeed Italian jazz and would steal it just the same, that young men there at CBS seeing this, who would eventually write Network,A face  in the crowd, and The Best Man, showing they saw where things were headed thanks to the all seething eye.  I knew than as a boy,that having given in to my fathers  American dream was more than I should or might, or not enough  decreeing,I knew that the world was going to be given by the Olgeltrees of the world to fat boys,nigger ninnies,and of course,tom boys, as it made me laugh to see them make movies  about what a putz he seemed to be  in thinking any senator worth a purple sash would actually name Anita  Hill a Beatrice,…This is for the everlasting effect on me of Dante no…?,capitally with even then,a new pantomime Macbeth named Roman Bill still out there toweling and duelling and cumming and going among the chickadees. There was a triumvirate of thugs that i wanted no part of, or sued that as an excuse as why I early in saw Jesuits and nuns and lovers of farce dying off from tuberculosis, ages ago,  and  I wanted  no part of a hero time that wicked latchkey brats drips its jesuietcal love of the decency of unaffiliated, un-hateful speech, hate speech is nautically, as my father said what you say about them, and never-ever,what they say about you, as the only thing that Martin Scorsese could not show wasn’t Dago blood red,but Jewish green,as to allow  niggers and women in who weren't as they never are, willing to work.

As knew in summer things weren't going well, and now we have a Clinton again making racially charged jokes,as Capote might have said, shes a true phoney as can be seen by the fact she cacklers at her own jibes, which are somewhat perplexing after  you haughty people well for sluing the wrong thing,the onky sin a hypocrite can commit, about blackface, in recalled the max factor skin oils hued to make cowboy stars and others play Sicilians when need by for intricately demeaning  work. I said in midsummer,   like in the early historicity of the Romans by Paduan Jewish Italian T. Livy, that the turnabout at midterms would make men be hung on spiels as they were then,when downtrends were blamed  on men who spent too much time calling other  men’s daughters loose, and men as impious,  an  anathema to signora Fortuna,and as say Numa, would do,at a downturn against the Sabines or Samnites, a roman king would  take these priests and cut thier feet off , where we get the term impeachment. Thats as clasical as a fat little pig queers like to get, as I have a real inkling the boys left at CBS are   about to out another Daniel Shoore on a bus,as well,too much devotion is like to them being far too gay…The fat boys of midnight could get, but alas,it didn’t take that long for the animals, as I warned when frst started watching @Sauceandshram, and heard of his bank, hectically demeaned Jersey to turn on Odell did it…? And, it seems a halo-ween bewitched Marathon was one after last NBC blonds bit the fucking dust. This year it seems that the jewey rats, sorry I realize the Holiday season doesn't start until the shootings,but,I’LL be as decorousness to your corpses as you were to the ones you made into Rubbermaid for your  SCORSESEAN Lonesome doves. So the in- Elizabeth Montgomery, morning Blondie,  and other clowns didn’t even make it that far, much less the week later when they could at east try to be landslide Lyndon  their ways,but for democratic icons  to work, as Carter  showed,  you have to get too close  for recriminations and total up the votes of the dead,  and excuses now don’t you…? The can of worms I showed in my Clinton cartoon from 1995 no less has been alas opened by sorts less panderer and clerical and  Yes Roman,  then he,and by now,well, its all as they say in his believed Roman farce, anticlimax.  As  I tried to warn Arrrrec Barrwin, that there is a back story that must   be paid it’s  due, that maybe it matters what aging Wop queen dinero tells you,be true to your lies, Al,  ABC,always be closing, casting,something,but don’t be this old and still do mugging as Plautus said, its the lowest firm of acting, or politics as Bills gites away with it this long,and that fire was there…oh, sorry, Alec, but I wouldnt have done any of  that,  nomatter how many toilets  I wanted cleaned by spic dirtballs, as too many Italians like me, know and reverence who you made our  first fathers join Jew and Irishman corrupted unions, lest they'd starve, so again,sorry,blowhard, but as I said,I am the auger,and called that end for mugging Alas I had,as said, ease up on the making faces, as I had just known a senate being unwilling to share a secular, sacred, scale with someone who write Roman puke skits fir legendary often dead Saturday   night without Howard Cosell.My  brother repeated this line, that I am the auger, as called that Ohio state would lose when the calls were taken away as the Rams will, when circus owners realize people don’t like Urban or them. He said it with true admiration, said with impressed when heard that fool,Barrrrwin, whom he hates him much more than I, as he asked, lover of Clintons he is,my brother asked me, this must be  a third Felony, what…?, the crime bill didn’t mean him either,…? See,  when swine fat  boys  quote Aquinas as it turns my head, but it turns his stomach,woppy affectation he calls it,but  makes him suspicious  to begin with, satire seems be, no mater who much they terry to clean it yo, no  matter how believed it comes by that sort of woman that Juvenal SAID you'd marry and not fall in love with,the Cunt who was the wives of the dge of Syracuse that never, ever, wins, at has always it there, satire ,really is, that which bleeds on Saturday night…