09 November 2017


a Bunny's tale 4 caption: "You know Senator, If I see one more colored person in Valhalla or in Camelot or a medieval Viking movie, I may ahem,remind,  those Jewish machers who paw me what happened to all those women Anzio. "

Now, shockingly,this cartoon was rejected by the  New Yorker last fall or so, and got it posted  by me somewhere, as i usually must by being more clown as less Romans satirist than I like to be,but accept, as  Dusting would say, whatever is a credit. I may resend it in,what the hey, as Bliko would say, somehow the rags who spiked Monica in more ways than one now care for women so Much,Too Much , too Roman...? and no one may even so much as leer at a girl, as Moslem laws rule , and berkas for all but Saturday cheerleaders , for all the chicks, except of course any anti Usury laws there in,as again, we ain't married to any of this...

As  the democrats tank, CNN polls have them at a lowest point they've ever been, watch Hillatty and the Rosebushes go Poof in the next good Roman year as  rats are always rats... showing again circus and war and politics all do work if not on cartography,at least Timing, like comedy, as you follow Hillier dear off theft ledge to where the dragons keep their nests. My brother was quite impressed in an  essay I wrote despised like the above cartoon by lebos  and liked by well, other girls, who have had enough ...He was impressed as he had read  in the Times abut Herb  Tarlic,  patent leather de hair Halprin, game changer, ah sorry, Markie mark but that game has been called due to ,...eheheheh...I said, I don’t trust a man who would call the first black praetor a dick, and not have to pay for  it while you were bothering chumps who carried  posters of Barry as the joker,which I said ,was an insult to the joker, at least the one Cesare Romero played and not the methhead they turned him into. ha. aha, lot of women have had a gut full now that Bill has left the apartment like office party--wow, yours all should have found a better set of a parrel-ell lives  for the fall of your republic, gals,...still he was very impressed as I said, by the next Halloween , saturnalia, Janus feast at the lasts that the Roman calculus would set in, to emissaries  and all, and that all would break apart as it was a while new Columbus year and the Plasma eye would be lifted and a  whole new Roman year would have to be cast for. Bad Versace togas for a bad third act.

I love when the dying son on the shores of the Styx begged his Oligarchical dad to keep Livi--Hillary out of the praetorium, with all his might, and who ever told us this touching scene...it was so Germanicus, so I Claudius, or so maybe Mario Puzo...


A comic girl did notice that pages of  mine have been liked and befriended, by as she said, Biggies, South park, Rachel, Jewvanal, etc. She  thinks i probably get a bigger audience than many of the rat traps I go to,to post my work. but as told her, every acceptance,  no matter from where, is that small Vidiallian Yes as set against that giant a gaping No. However I do think, that anti Trump has matasticized, metamorphoses  is not the wright word, into something even uglier and canine, and vicious, and no, girls, you cant always be against something or someone, you have to say you are for something or someone and no believes you when its Hillary as i warned, and politics, like nature ab-hordes  a  vacuum and so,here you are. I had to go , well  I didn’t have to go mister  Douglas, I sort of just wanted to go, well, not really wanting to, as it was raining,  so i  just went, well, I went  to Michaels,  as am doing a perceppio, the one of many things hope get accepted and so get as many as thirty acceptances this year. Some told me my ’bulletins  from nowhere’ were upsetting to them, ah, hey are  I said showing true devotion, updates from the Roman front, if anything, as satire always had been, as satire, the Italianate of arts,   whether you know it or not was the way that Itaclis said what they really  believed about that slop being hurled at them by sanctimonious pests and Greeks, Life of Brian  has an  aria in thereabout the Romans because John Clesse is a civilized man, and these comics and clowns went to Oxford, not that that impresses me as it does some. I had to got to ,well I didn’t HAVE to go...Thank you Alvy, enough already,but I do like it when see liens of mine... is it echoes...?, or is mirrored in  Mammet or MSTHATER3K.  As did  see Crow make a snide  remark that dud preceded, i gave no better word, some line I  had  said that was so hard to believe  and take by Hollywood when  it was sanctimonious once,,,ahahah, I hope there is no paper on that Vineyard Don Franchie, cause that whole operation seems to be coming apart at the seems, and will l recall all with glee sanctimony of Trigger street, green-lights and Zoe-tropes  to the devils wheels coming off a curriculum that was always made of rotting wood. So the gal tells me when she googled me , in the first page at that time as a back and forth i HAD WITH SOME WHITE CUNT WHO WAS A DISCIPLE OF THE DAILY SHOW, and another white chick, a hater of Juliette  and BEATRICE,  GOD KNOWS, the kind the nuns  told me a bill from the abortion provider is the closest thing to a valentine they get. And how I had some points ,they always say that too diminish anything ive said,  about the diminution of dagos then,but too, blahblahblah, and she wondered if I  was just trying to get noticed by JeweyJon, as I guess all audition for him, and I said, Nigger plueeezze, no really did say that, and that I would l graffiti all the walls I could,all the day I, a schoolboy, a reader of Book iv, the ivth Canto,  the Fourth satire, the one where gay  Juvenal says beware the women, or is the Dogs ...whatever barks, and the 4th ecolouge,memorized either by Jesus or Paul, does it matter, after that Jesuits pre law Capitan marvel boyhood, that I would submit to rotting lame jokes that Jewvenal had to mock and prance and mug his way through, ferget that,toots...the day I reduced myself to being a writer on a shit show like that, Oh I d open a Juggular Vain ,because it would be the only option left too me to keep my Roman bonifdies. Sooner enough, Stewart, Rachel , Cover girl Melissa Harris, and   others all befriended me as I had shown I had after all, A Good Heart. My mother would like to know, she asks me where are all the Jews and good liberals hurling fake blood at stagers of Luther, now the biggest Viking hero, as why doesn’t  the demons he set loose in Italy like a Numa in PL ever count...?,  and she does a semi vulgar, dago hand mention i have a feeling her earth mother Goddess  Signora Fate is doing to the elites right now.

So, Got the  Artists Loft semi Pro stuff, nicer  paper, as downloaded a Nautilus diagram, and some other things at a paperer web site to figure out how this origami is done and will make the angels I was asked to make. A summertime play, “Tonight  on  CBS..."is  being considered to  be made, and  not in the snippy  way some make sure to tell  me. So, did well in your resistance,better than you did Keith, but then I wasn’t forced off the air,  for taking the side of Mrs Rice,when she was paraded out there by that Lunkhead,  as read that and isnt that nice to know what liberal priests run that garrison bunkhouse, Lutheran all as  Ma would say...maybe because I wast  resisting everything as you were. I could have, tell all that the somethings that are sacrosanct to the Roman schoolboy, and warned as much...the Beatrice, the Solider, the centurion,  honor without aria, that I was an alter boy only as a bystander,refusing often to do more than that, and like refusing to ever read Twain, the headmaster Franciscan, let me,as they all did too much,get away with it. Was told that it was disquiet and dis gist at Old Stevie Colbert, actually got my Tonight on CBS Chayefsky play reread and they saw , like Network, high prase i was told, how are prescient i was,  as even though written in sweltering July, no less as we speed the plow to the fall or at least the graves. So,  went to Pittsburgh Mills , well not so much went, ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THE MR KIMBALL BERLESQUE...I went there  in the drizzle, as wished a recent moment of flush after a geared summer, and saw  a placard reading 50 days to XMAS, and the sadness that is Christmas echoing another Crow Robot line came to mind.I thought of a pretty girl in friends of the friendless uniform drag. This is  the year I got lesbian girls to watch Perry Mason,  as made them and recall what it was like before we all become witnesses for the prosecution. Told I couldn’t join a comics consortium without  a social media presence,  ...you  meeeaan more...?, as had  to have either Facebook, good luck with that, or twitter to sign in please, as MY name is Robert Petrie. I cant do it, and don't want no part of me of that, as don’t speak in jingles like any man in any gray flannels suit. I’ve  done well enough, without submitting myself to that. Claudia emails me has had some response to her Roman Camilla,as was asked, she said, wondering why she ever been questioned me, that could your Ceneturea  be perhaps as Aztec or  a Mayan ,and bless her Della like dago heart she told them to go fuck themselves, as my line, like ten years of  extensive  therapy, No Mustache jokes for you has taken hold among the gals she works with. As it gave me the line ,this love  you suddenly  have for darkies  causes me to  have  not seen this many brunettes around since third grade. But my Angelicas have done well...

A second computer crash is thirty days, thankfully we have passed Halloween in more ways than one, is barely a blip to me. I can go all factory resorting in a matter of moments  now, and then just shove  all that work back on from a thumb drive.  I didn’t spike Monica, as said to that rag, and too, It wasn’t my lack of decorum that caused old Roman Bill to rail and rage,...poor Bill,he thought he was such a Doge and turned out  just to be the first Pig. But as i said, got 27 installations of my art hither and yon, comics, pin ups,even a painting of Roman goddesses in whose broad strips and bright stars laurels,  which i was told said it all. Some white chick said I was somehow  trying to con about Trump, that  I could be too sensitive to be a Trumpeter, my WORDS AS IT RECALLED BACK TO THAT TUBA  BY THE TYBER SHORE, I WROTE OF, THAT NIGHT THAT SOME BIGGIE AND OTHER DEAD NIGGERS WOULD BE USED BY A HAG  WITCH WHO HAD EATEN TOO MANY BLACKLISTS IN SOMETHING CALDERA, A  CRIME BILL, THAT iLL NE’ER LET YOU FORGET. Didn’t I write a story where my Buddddy Bernie was on Lets make a deal, and was in a three piece suit, and when Brady doppelganger asked him who he was dressed up as, he said Uncle Tenuse...? Didn’t I write that...? Ah, a kinder age before Hillie released the bats of Purgatorio on us all, an before aged white boys things killed men over yard signs...Here was the detesting and the hatred of the people, that cow saying that to me, to me no matter how clever I am,i still think no matter what, Coriolanus was the story and play you wanted, if you meant anything Roman at all. Oh, well, there’s a reason for that, but too, you wish, cunt.I am, as you’ll  find out, devoted to the republic.

As got, if not acceptance, did get kudos for an series of essays about Caesar in that style of GV IN AN ESSAY UNALLOWEDD IN THE NEW YORKER, but then they would become as he said,  The police gazette without  the warmth. I did well this year since last  Xmas ,  so  might take the erst of Roman saturnalia off, as opposed to another Roman boy who I gather is working the phones  as  we speak, and ready to leave you  in his dust. Well, Anti Trump went from being a vocation to  a change the subject as even Larry David, who I am hot and cold on, did a nono and did Dachau he Jokes, wow,  as there are some who never sing soprano much less falsetto, as the ticks are bloody full and falling to the dung where they splatter, I am a genius at the analogy. As I feel bad too for  ARRRRIKKKK BARRRRWINNNNN, as it wanst Aquinas you should  have read, Al, its  was Plautus, like we did as boys, as he said in ‘How to be a Roman playwright’ which was read as an adolecant, beware the silliness of farce too much, make your points, but dunt go inspired about it,as the goddess of Drama herself hates mugging....you should have get some rectory goon to have done Trump, Horatio, magnanimously, it was the good thing to do,as Signora Fortuna hates a mugger, as it  always has been the worst form of acting. A second crash in a month  caused me to find the Dell original software factory disk, but did find an old Works that cost thirty bucks a few years ago, as wrote that essay the  same day I spoke of a cop shooting in Missouri, that very day I mentioned the silver leaves and the trumpet by the Tyber shore called by another  gal my best stuff.  But,though not as willing to use as is word or even works,  this Abiword has a typesetting called not Times, not new, but just Roman....

02 November 2017



10 October 17

In the same day that my last years Halloween comic about Veronica in the woods was accepted by some comic kids, and i was told Bad Versus was also placed in a  cue, I think, in a magazine web site, but  not quite the newsprint edition, still they are throwing  dirt, maybe that you kicked up with your fat ankles at Magus Leptis dear, on your political grave  Hillary, and got an offer from another gal to do another Halloween comic. This for payment of a collection of ec, which outside of mad, whose Wally Wood hard back my brother got me for Christmas, and again gave to me around  the 18th,  don’t give a damn about, and this gal told me that she likes my cartoons very much and finds me as witty as her heroine, Danielle Corsetto.

I hadn’t thought of the brain doner, my Belladonna, sarcastic and snide, ousted of mentioning  that b movie in years, as thought she had STOPPED  drawing but like many of the lesbians which she may or may not be, as seems as it to me, who now you appreciate my work, went to a place i actually have an account at became of these other girls called partron,which of  course, why they anemd it that, tickles my Roman fancy. So, having heard her name again, always liked her and had slight brushes with her, as  saw her at a Pittsburgh area comic con-thing, but just stood there doing my bets Perry Mason, and she saw me with trooper eager beaver aplomb, taking to someone and either picked up I was the lug who called her another Susan Harris,wish to admitted she didn’t know of outside of a gal who was her classmate, and told her to immediately Buy ‘Soap’ on dvd, and not the dreaded golden girls, but this day,intimated by her, I merely stood against the wall,  and said nothing,but  she,again being maybe just nice, saw me there and waved a kind as you’d expect  French manicured wave jutterey fingers lyre  at  me, with her Carol Burnettes usual gumby smile, as all i might have posited. So looked her up,having heard  her name  again, may,if can get a bot more breathing room indeed be a patron of hers, as away found her funny and smart, why she is the Brain in Belladonna, and Wendy the Voluptuous corpus,another comic looking fr work someone sends me which i have no inclination for, and jts stood there, and Raymond Burred a Gruntish whatsop back. I looked her up and she looks a hundred, cant believe she is younger than I am, says the gal who i sent my picture to for  possible credits, as again am perpeyally16. Sadly she seems to be a cat lady, and showing to me has a boyfriend, but again, none of the labels of decency means anything to me.

Ah within moments of the strangest reaction to tragedy what television  ever has had, fay little japs who screech rape, with dead cable television eyes, pigs of Machiavelli banquet,ask Rachel, somehow i guess thinking  that all those seiu waitresses and security  are only human when harry Reid needed them to show up, a cunt queen who one relayed with false political compassion , as they think when they dissappear when anyone needs anything, go to mattresses for seasons that they think someone wants to hear their platitudinal garbage , like  say Keith appearing as a cameo up, while the ads are being hued off the screens then show   the blood getting into the waterworks always back abit, who always  does...?,as Anhieser Bush is jittery with the NFL on both sides if the streets ,at least For Now. But maybe as all Farce is as its master Machiavelli, and Brother Bill would know , comes with time release, like only so  much poison means too not for long. I am glad  to see, like the Times,a s  I warned, the NFL paused early now for  its radical sheikdom after having billed the gummit for its  fifty foot flags, as many seem to be getting their just deserts  quite quickly and faster  by the day, as that trumpet at the side of the Tyber to call to arms , called a loveliest  metaphor by a editor woman, tired, aren’t we all with  the venality of  The  Bickersons go to Tacitus,  perhaps that  song of war is falling flat, explaining  with the return to war minstrelsy on television had not gone well this time.  OUR WITCHIEPOO is swan singing badly, she makes a worse loser than she did a candidate  as decorum again is beyond yo’all, it is an anathema to the shameless, to be fair she was never really ever around, a nation  begging to be better off, or at least left alone, as this  Mercury theater version of war of the worlds is lasting farrrrr too long, she, showing her strange mixture of duplicity and being an idiot all in all, she asks wed how many more would have been killed or not, had there been a law against silencers, as a sniper, your heros not mine, was shooting from a window stories up in a of your weekly massacres that was reduced too speed bump as Queen-ie meandered and bumbled her way to wards el Dorado, or at least being able to gets some patron payoff her debts. So, gee, hunnie, you’d have  thought by now a life in crime would have told you how a gun works, unless dirty jobs are for others...ah but, the memo  went forth, and suddenly  all the anchors with echoes of fat girls and smarmy   white trash democratic losers, suddenness the national biscuit company decreed that all the corpses 'looked like America', what the socialists always as  my father warned me, they eventually have in mind anyway...another crash, and must return to the Apache word again until I can steal some word.

I have been alerted by some that these ziners, indy comics kids, radicals, shall still put forth my work at Face-book as a kind of protests, which only certain people are allowed, until of course NBC tells them their viand vigor has been replaced by now a blond who giggles on command and far too era ley in the morning for my brother,who when  it was day l heard him across the way, say shut the fuck up at the over glittering peacock TV screen and at Miss Mary Sunshine, as the sun, as Mede vela or even Roman messiah stated to sneak over the local  granite walls. So, went out to get a shit-load of cheap ball point pens  as it seems I have been told done some of  my best work this summer with pens which were all  i ahd left to do Centurea and Terra-man, and out a GAL  AT A DOLLAR STORE TELLS ME on the tenth of October that summer is over. And sadly that Halloween has yet to make a dent of any kind, as there is almost an repulsion to it this year at it, as its all  that the  TV  girls seem to push all da long, an antipathy to it, she said. Ah but Hilliedera has drug us through a Grimmest forest, i told the affable  gal,  for a year and  all hallows eve now is just gilding the dead leaves, as it would be ironic to now get all that hallowed narrated essay from Halloween that would intend in 2016 out there now,but Im not laying any odes it would be.


14 October ‘17

There is nothing worse than  sanctimony, I’ve learned that from queers and nuns better than any now working at any armememnatrium, God knows, but I haven’t quite  seen anything as fill of shit as Jemmel Hill in a long time, as could have told you,when the wolf is at the door, be a dear and a radical sheik all you like, and do spit on the flag all you want, but don’t dare burn a Bob Lilly shirt. Frankly I never have gotten this Negro house disdain by American hucksters and baiters and dark-ie Skippies and paid for  anger at the Cowboys, unless one thinks if where the bribes come  from, as it  was after all Tom Landry who opened up a draft to taking people  like Too Tall and bullet bob and others from black colleges when there was one of those pesky  gentle mens agreements we all  came to know are no where in America  anymore, and just ask anyone allowed in  and they’ll tell you.

He got players and such that the good decent Maras and Rooney didn’t want in their precious  League of Pollocks and Allentown wops, and like Al Davis was acutely tarred  as a  criminal  emenenat by those other teams who thought all the talent  they needed came from Alliquippa  Pennsylvania. AH never thought of it like that before did you, house  darkies, its what i seem to do now, as could it be I, am the one giving and not getting anymore guided tours of hell or the facsimile  in which we fester now. Oh but then I grew up amid the sanctimony  of immaculate  rejections,and unlike many there , recall exactly who Jefferson street Joe really was. I wrote the Kordell play, not  Augie, as he who showed a Colbert and Barry and Clarence  the cross-eyed republican penchant for lifting, or at least,  sawing, the  ladders for the joke. As I saw hue nigger emeritus, smiling, dung bag Snoopy the  Dog  Dog in his usual  eloquence, say something about making America Crip again, sorry, boy, but, he always reman me of how awful this society and its tin badges soldiers really are...you cant be  crip again, mah Brother,fake,steppon, see, cause that heroine of yours Hullery was instrumental in giving the white folks this law and order horseshit, called  the Crime Bill,and see next time you want to inflict a Clinton America, try to tell the other coons not to be so angry about Crime bill even on Valentines  days and don’t vote against the glass jawed fall guy,  all Columbus year, and then act like dey vanst... He  engenders in me  an imagery of American fraudulence,  in those coons who wear orange or red Yankee caps, as they cant wear Blue, just like they cant got to college unless as tight ends,etc. and i THINK OF HOW IVE NOT EVER REMEMBERED HAVING SEEN that APPLE ON WHITE PAPER OPTICAL ILLUSION done for My Cowboys, as every time Ive seen a cowboy hat it was as it was intended to be Blue, and nothing else ,see ,course your either a cowboy fan or you aint. And this is why as the worms seem to be turning in the broken open mausoleum that Cesare called a dying senate,it seems that not only as Jerrah Jones, my man,-Oy vey Gavalt!-, the monster himself, had enough of having too be playing for the National Busicut company every year on the road on CHRISTMAS week, as if he doesn’t  own the Fucking  Cowboys,that lunatic is on the rag now, the biggest woman in the NFL is a bitch,and is not only telling us your hero Guido X called out to him and said he’d stand for anything,tell me something I don’t know, also, he’s openly starting a coup against lunkhead Goddell, take to that pal, and us making all the books it seems even. Don’t blame me, I didn’t watch Perry and Della and decided amazingly I wanted to be measly Hamilton Berger.

I really cant stand that yo yo yo  simp and his fat black Beulah on that creepy shifty sports channel, I get almost  30 channels now thanks to a Turk antennae,an indigenous Italian word by the way as the Italians were using lightning rods when Romulus still a coiner jumper,  and its fine by me, her how that  have placed in that dying sport channel the  toy department at the mice factory, to over do understatement. Oh, but these two are the most odious,  and find that this swerve at espn, to  the hard left didn’t cooker until after they had trued to steal New YEARS EVE from the ruins if Guy Lombardo and make a playoff--  for college kids--,which if you weren’t bet that sanctimonious might seem shockingly vulgar, but since  Clinton’s demise, shamelessness wears a black face-- like Othello, Shu did,  who is the only Italian role stolen by Willie who casting  seems to come with a demand for racial  piety, but then to be fair  I   knew many italics in my Pops candy store who looked much like Gilguld and had better voices and were better actors too, but had to, as my pop said to the Pittsburgh Pirates,as I said, had to feed their families and didn’t have time to play boys games. Ah,  but who cries for the un-towards wops stooges who played gladiator then, when taking a knee wasn’t done in a mans world, certainly not by catholics who had their flags  redesigned ny the barbarians which hung niggers and wops once now unmentioned, back at home and yet saved Assuan Jews,hummmmn, not even when you busted a leg, as opposed now.

Ah but the over reacher  overreaches, kids, its dago calculus, and this blow-hard bloated poor mans pera Beulah piggish cow, ah, she went  at the only  thing left as rapists in dreary used wayward confetti are throwing 5 interception games, and worse in circus land, losing numbers to baseball games, wow,the empire is falling! Serves you right, as we live in a land where  Disney will fake a a new Canto to Gorges Inferno, and yet none wrote by him, just to show again, whose boss, maybe for now, Ope would you come here a second and take this spiralebound notebook.... As the great  John, once Hurled from the steelers press room for devotion to Kordell, Stiegerwald Said yesterday, don’t recall, he said, being a  bitch and pay-back and all, if Kordell Stewart ever threw  five interceptions in one game ever. Too,a s why cant be lectured to by the good coloreds at sports  inc as I felt bad for Koderll , as it seems the age of Monica Kordell and the Sopranos is on pace as all  declines to  eating istle up alive, as i ,well, lts just say again, I have written these tales as almost auger if not as CANTUR, THE ETRSCAN GOD SINGING THE UNIVERSE INTO BEING IN HATED BOOKS OF MINE AS THERE IS, OR WAS, NO  CALLED FOR ROMANS AMID THE PERPETUAL VIKING HALLOWEEN THAT SEEMS TO BE,AS ANTNY WOULD SAY CATCHING FIORE.  thats the Italian word for fire. As have been cribbing out of Romans sonnets all my life,and if that doenst ascare you , well it should,because our self appointed Jewenals and Horaces  well, the  had nothing to say for a  week when the big fat bloated jewel macer came crashing  down to earth. Am I awaiting letters to Ephesians  from Rabbi Sorkin, ...? No sanctimonies, thats why  it should be avoided, see cause Id like to be left alone about  how to vote for by fat niggers in television cities or who had made it to the porch of the war company even as is aid, whats left of the Duck pond, as instead of this love  of Jew froed Kaekpernciek, Id like to know what they don’t maybe not openly root  against a couple  of black guys, rookies almost and Dez, always demeaned while Ofella kissed the sky and or the goal post, hes at it again!, look out!--, the blue streak, who made some nice catches the other day,..., like a man, while Orfello as wincing in pain, showing the Romans gods, as i thought, when was castigated for racism but not by my usual work,they leave that shit and slurs alone, not wanting to open that soprano bag of shit again, but by my mentioning the City rats of Horace, hey its not like they read this shit, but I knew that very monet in at late summer that you were all gonna get yours.

23 October 2017

Quite proud of myself,I thought i was very much the jesting  Roman schoolboy when I told all the middlebrow Bush crime  family button-men behind thus last great  stab at killing a  republic since Sulla,that the Romans acre you wanted in this dreary dreadful  summer of Brutus and too much Brutus, like Johnson at that,wan-st Caesar at all,but was Coriolanus. As in middlebrow essays all year saw,  a word detested by skipped over new Yorker queens extremely shuddering jittery Corrierere Michel Kinsley, the heart of the frauds we have become, the studio wrestling aspect of politics were made...  to order...?, for a duchy to emerge,  that tall th socialists and ninnies  with a BA have for all and everything between game-days satytor days, in which unlike the Romans, the gaolers and axers aren’t much paid in anything but pipe dream.

I  thought I was a  very witty and thoughtful and Franciscan, is stating it  was Coriolanus you all loved, or at least should be doodling in the park,cast with the fags and the niggers, as that plays lines and core exemplified the swells angered of the rancid unwashed, who are the rest to send to war,or if you are a democrat jailer, or if blond, marry Jews, but the nera thought it all...Maybe thou were in your detestable miserableness as correct this time, more than even Roman Tony knew or could see, as lost of sold my decoder  ring long ago, Maybe it is the comedy Caesar, and dunt I get for stating that the southern Italians invented a kind of farce that even the Romans could appropriate, god forbid it happen to  you, in which Coriolanus and all he  represented to Bullish them, was in fact a bloated dancing clownish biffin,turned into Miles the war mongering idiot,  as if even the Romaic couldn’t always  take this shit as seriously as some expiated me to take Batman.

Maybe IT REALLY WAS  CAESAR  that you really were circumspect in pitting  on, as Bush knew as did in law a Hullaray twas all these damn ethnics  he has never did like,bad enough he had to put up with the born again dimwits, and do look up what he and Goldwasser did agreed about that, alike, who bides his time during the garroted to Reagan frost,who ever bought his Kennebunport Chain-saw massacre malfamaila,ever, as they had seen his swell guy like demeanor  and had  grown bored of bags of shit like this graver robber sissy child parrotting his life as patrician  meant ,what Caesar  said with Roman aplomb,he’s is a man whose grandfather stole more than yours did, his having stolen it from sacred  or at least crossed overground. But then we call them bank vaults, to this day because  the Tuscans, to save themselves  from Roman slaughter, and poverta, knew that the Roamers feared Ghosts, as all imperialists did, and do, and so hid their money with their dead. I recant  my witty aside,and think perchance and perhaps  you suck-bags were right about Caesar, as not as right as me who had a line if the year I was told in saying the egregiousness of both CAESAR AND TRUMP are simular  in that a man is destroyed by lifer senatorial queens for having had too  much empathy for the street trash, you know, the stones who send their sons to imperial infernal fiasco war ads and then are  told by house niggers on sidelines, in kneeling blasphemy at that Id never  do, still use a small G for Roman gods more often than not, as the Franciscans  inculcated me with  a decorum unlike Bill Clinton and Barry the big O, didn’t replaced with dollars bills and VD. Oh,  how  evil  they are,but Kappo does sned word to Jerrah, never forget,gals, that hell stand for  anything, hell salute Satan if it means back to the clubs and da  life again, yo and bitters revere from dark-ie broads, who suddenly say its not about him, youre mistake was listening to an Italian , as they ware even worse than you,oh didn’t Mark Twain teach you good rednecks anything, ...?, wow,  and hell sing the American anthems all day look awaaaay loookawwwwwwayloookawaaaaay... if someone, anyone, fuffulls his contract  that his talents couldst keep up with. But,  in reading Caesar for reals, to a horror  to some rewrote Livy and Petrarach and shake pere again as cultural appropriation never means you,--and Pizza for everybody!--, except a goth chick named DeGuzman, who thinks they freakng stink, but i don’t see Pailla huts just yet. So, reread the Parrelle life and not that w weepy shit from that angle plagerist of Ovid, i reared for a project Caesar,and saw that it seen by  l, that it is not too long into this, Uahve the famous book about Caesar written in civil war New York Inquirer , Poe, Liberty magazine type,And, in reading it, i see that both Brutus and Cassius realize Caesar is such a giant, a man as a Roman would say,  as later Bernard Shaw would say, that both together, in a line paraphrased by Napoleon that ninny G Will  thinks eh came up with about destroying anyone if you destroy  yourself  first, that the dates of march is indeed in anything, a kamakazi mission. In that, that both Brutus  and Cassius knows and amidst at least in my reading had to destroy  themselves  to destroy Caesar , like a Roman PLO, they, at long last hated  jewey Cassius according to some, knows that a dead Caesar is all he can abide, as he certainly cant be third in Rome anymore... which is what it was all about, nit even the coins Brutus strikes that had him as king of Rome, something the fates keep from him and hillary, and I think they knew it all along...So, lets see who devoted the great clown satirist  ninny sissy faggot of CBS is, because destroying a President, any good usperer will tell you,is a lot harder than just doing the adding of the Republicans, that said you never were, and yet made sure you trashed the democrats in the house every night during the tea party and helped through a nightly diminution   of madam Lugosi  Home..., i ahava nooo Hommmme..and Jewish Univac Brad Sherman or whatever metal mans name is, you went after that democratic house, as you did in all, lesbian drag, so Im not exactly sure  what con you pull off or who or what, and i’M  NOT SURE AS SHE SAID TO CHARLIE ROSE, you didn’t already  believe your won shit ,ninny, from the get go. I’m not so sure that being anti-Trump don’t still mean to your being true to that exo-skeleton of a Brooks brothers suit again, as you see even a Praetor, oh who the Romanism does bother, all the white chicks and Jews expend to see Thor, a president as mere Adam Corolla,a woman producer, or Asian girl, who dread ask why the Richard Liu, all a  merest victim along the way. Which good luck RACHEL and Larry the magnificent, as he  has a taste for blood now, and will always be willing to demean you too, to fill the a-block, as being finny or witty was a non starter.

That to destroy Trump and all who count heads of strip mining  the concubines of a first lady this time were too much even for dared cesspool America, that maybe they knew all along, the bushes and Millie, that they had entered into a Roman, despite there best intentions, pact. Like over getting and wanting  perpetual  children of empire, as Cicero, as no less  would demeaned the public its spares, for daring to ask to be fed after he was a such an emenance and saved his Italian consortiums from paying  taxes, ah Rachel, dear Rachel, cahkeling away, wait that in st you...?, your restrains  is ancient- er than you think, I think  they neared a murder suicide pact, as in the woman hated Romeo and Juliet, that was again by accident, which is why the bat-lady nuns told me even then, the cunts would hate that story. I saw on a show about Broadway that the original west  side story was written for not Spics and Mics, god knows, but Italians and Jews, hesne some of the names that stayed,ah but the perpetually watchful  eyes of those watchers that make sure  the slurs are always to someone else, wouldn’t again allow it, causing liberal icon Lenny to almost walk out. It was their story after all,and true no less, no don’t bring up Troilus,this i know was Tellus, white girls,this happened, and worse than any of that, the is no shortage dwell  in Italay with girls skeletons at the bottom of wells, as they have recently found what the Romans did with gals who didn’t take their vows sure too strenuously ,but unlike the Jews threw the men in with them, to show they archived good faith. A shame that the Medici what made Batman, the 1966 version, according to the dreaded Times who asked where jets as Italians word like somewhere at. I thinks its sad that radical Lenny,  who wrote the plays Musica with Romeo and Juliet in  mind,as read up as i did for Cesare, the famous Italian version by who was it...Poliziano....not Boccaccio,  it might ahev been, anyway,I had in a book called CHACER IN Italian, as he,, Geoffrey may I say IS Infinatley superior to not Dante,But Shakespeare, God I wish I I could leave this at Charlie Roses stoop as trick or treat, or just ring the doorbell and ...,oh you don’t get 8 bucks for that. Lenny, was there for all Italian music, mazurkas, jogs,waltzes,yes you heard me, cast-members, as it is sad that that musical was actually one of the first too keep the Italians out . It would have been as nice salve to what was being planned for Italians  after Marty,... as turning the channels saw a red haired boy- man and three cheap Robots looking  like tin toys,  introduce  the night the Cowboys lost scoring 30 again,or did they win, ...?, saw aging Marty the as Christmas  father or grandfather, in my Coptic he plays Ovid, narrorator of a  story about Merlin  on comet, a new channel just  intrinsically  this cheap Halloween seasons ,what the hell, I thought is this that looks like the grave from which Futureama and benders were  stolen...hmnnn, I never watched  this before, like south park and Simpsons didn’t pay attention to gotten necessarily what was ON  the t-shirts  that Leslie was wearing, god knows, still, ill leave it here...

This says as to me, that it would have been nice to see what Leonard Bernstein had planned for  that Italic musical truer to the Etruscan and their invention of light opera, yes look  it up, even in suddenly  disbar-red and disreputable Edith Hamilton, as I saw her  tomes on a list of verboten books at Yale as imperialist,and twasnt the ‘GREEK WAY’ a title which made the Jesuits laugh,and not the Roman way offal she wrote that was mentioned in a newspaper artical...hahahahahahah, how the fuck did yoo white women let that happen, shiiiiitttttt....She  who called the Italians a mongeral race, unnoticed by the good school girls and ninnies of academia until  I guess of love of darkies and half  breeds. I haven’t seen this many brunettes since third grade, but I feel fine. It was  a suicide murder pact for all then all and to get trump they all have to go, as blood fed ticks fall from the carcass of the dying Res Publica, all couldn’t abide another go go nineties, who couldn’t take Machiavellian as liable rouge  foist gentleman,  much less first man of anything, maybe you were right, and Caesar  was the story here, as pot belly English  faggots sissy ninnies apologies on the air for having said something against at balu eyed creeps, showing you seafaring talents are nill and again to quote Gore, we area republic in the doldrums without a Virgil anywhere on deck, but too to quote another Italian genius, a true believer is always the second rat offa  sinking republic.


27  October ‘17.

At this writing 5 dates or so ago, I saw our Roman hero Brother Bill public-ally humiliated and laughed  at by two ex praetors of  VAR-eyeing degrees of success.The whole fulcrum  of being  Machiavellian is doing a good job, dogma is the what he called Mythology, like Lombardi, of partisanship is for fools and women, and Bill depute it  all gave America a peace and pospero...,Prosperity,sorry,that ut took a lot of work  on that hags part demanded Al Gore  be destroyed in time too get a open seat in 2008, that stayed that way to  partisan glee. I saw this breach of  decorum, again, as that nigger would guess, is for suckers, and as almost amazed by it until realized in monkey faced patrician, and  house nigger both in short pants with him we were dealing in Roman decay on dark night abed in a land that has gibe from Paar to the Tonight show starring Cassius world.

If rather was one Conspirator I could admire, and hopefully shall never write of Caesar again I am a boy of the res publca,but fair is fair, the only one I could admire in Caesar it was Cassius, a name now finding itself being more akin to Ethan bestowed upon white brats, why Im not sure , as it is one of the few Roma names that starts as a woman’s, Cassandra, then is made masculine, as like Hero, Id guess. But this was a summer stocked and too devoted to Brutus, much, too much Brutus,and Cassius on some  essay was demeaned as the kind of conspirator  who had averred as one beyond his own sanctimony, which made Dante SICK, and was seen as too Jewish as Jack Warner would so say. I was amazed at this lack of decorum, sorry but sometimes as Machiavelli said,the trappings of power  are power, sometimes politeness is civility, if aint civilization so don’t lecture me about your noble savages and then tel me that  you love faggots because  theat don’t add up and it never did,at least according to the nuns I had.

See, you should have said something about those bombed hospitals nigger saints you are,and what bowl game were you mouse factory, house every things watching when I was getting attaboys from rabbi in the Jewish ACLU, called ACRI by the way, for been so Knulsler like as to notice how many, ah 400 or so Humana bribe takers GUMBAS JEWS AND IN LAW REDNECKS WERE  shut the golden  door that saturnalia night...yes I will commence...As I have sensed his, Brother Bill, oh, arnet I a stinker... distress at being drag more through that perpetual Iowa carnival that Hillary lives  within,  as saw the deists and ninnies at that corn belt state sow how pretended the boy-chicks and fat chicks, they wished the Praetor  dead, i say Sargent, arrest anyone who says such a thing, as again keep up appearances,  I guess they want the President killed any day but when their Cockeyed Jay-blue-boilermaker-cougar-Nitty-eyed hawk are on Saturday, but of course thus being Iowa, does it matter...? Ouch. Anyhow,  Bill, public ally demeaned, and yes sorry to those of  whom who Luther made Signora Fortuna mute , or them deaf to her, it does matter as  people think I am kidding, not this time am  assuredly not. According to red eye radio I think,Bill,brother Bill, Roman Bill,bawdy Bill Liar Bull, coffee shop Bill, what Maureen Dowd between deposits, called Saturday night, satyr Bill, was so enflamed he  went on a  royal row, and screeched bloody murder, better than any thing he’s wife could do as she throws pyrite fleeces at the wall. He damned satisfaction, and railed against all and everything, god i hope this is true, as it validates all I’ve ever said, as he never much liked it, her dying personal imperium , as one was a nigger who gamed his skin to his hated Harvard by running to the right, I invented its not you its mea, owah, Costanza references and not Roman Livy, ouch, he lost his mind at this breech of Roman calculus, as twasnt he who sat there like a doofus  and silent while on fire new Yorkers were dive bombe-ring to the street, and why on earth  did I start something  with some one who says Surrrrhhhhhhhhh....

It was sad to see this old man being laughed at by this monkey faced idiot and the house nigger from hell, both in short pants, good Praetorian  of the status quim booth. I felt badly  for the duping old Roman pig, sorry,  I felt badly as have had a gut  full, as hail Roman joke there, of smiling shirking barley closeted fag politicos on the tonight show but with Brutus, maybe worse, maybe you didn’t get his jokes, as Crassus do their shtick. And as I thought,with in moments of his Imepreial diminution, oh ho, things and the universe changed  in a Galileo way,the while thing seemed to go Boooommmm...Suddenly  Hillier dear wan-st laughing so hard or tinkling glasses with shirking singing  faggots on CBS.  A MORE AS SUDDENLY  TO THE STAGE CAME WORD OF  A DEPPER GOLA, a throat that was exceedingly sore. And, there was Monica on a daytime show,as speaking of  the Lucias on which empires  and even duchies remade, as left behind italic victim,I couldn’t believe who jewishy rats  alter boys on command would make faces like a little bitch boy throw about ugly she was, including yentas stll un-dead and Shirley Boothing it on A Bigger Check,WHERE WE MUST APOLOGIZE FOR CALLING Bills victims TTTTTTraaaaamppppps, egging fat cunts with Hillary penetrants  smeared with cum or more likely  Milkey way bars, as somehow she was too too unfly for our Blond imperium. Still,  still anteing to Thor,as it  does,with an occasional supplicants  and niggers thrown in a heap Valhalla imagined into being and blond goddesses Sifs that jumped from the head of  Stan Lee, his head if were lucky. And within minutes the quivered Spheres uh,Moved, and things were different and suddenly stories made and meant to be todays tarring of trump,  about dead Negro soldiers, not a farce to Rachel I take it, don’t yo just love farce, my fault I fear...it seems that Sondheim made it up to the talins by making a musical about Roman farce,and then proceeded to fill it with Jews,and then made the famous ladies who lunch aria about these sadnesses behind all Roman plays, and sent in the clowns, as all is always far to late anymore..., almost imprimatur there for a moment until the pent-dragoon their true master called in through the victuals, and told the  office girls not to nark ,oooof,but then its not shocking in when the black victim isn’t required anymore, or is shot by someone who had as they say Democratic ties, and thus isn’t wept  for by preatorians on the pad.


So, I sent a 40 to  Corsetto, in more ways than one, and gelt I owed her something, though Belladonna enraged the schoolmarms shutting down circuses in the wake of drones is a sanctimony,  I , like no Roman schoolboy, would want any part of. See, its Jewey calculations. And I told her, Danielle,  in an epistle she didn’t properly need or want to probably hear on this patron of the arts site,
how I enjoyed her work immensely and paid a paltry three dollars a month,things are tight,but just the ars are something of that as wikapedia would call it, lost Italic genius at work amid the war movies now refound. Like Ted Baxter , wake me at 9, I wanna watch the new SWAT, AS MASH  OF ANY KIND IS OUT OF THE QUESTION. And i Told Danielle, my platonic beloved, that as some inner sextant in me turned the channels from Cowboys-Green Bay, as a black kid qb had just won the game and I knew he hadent because Roman calculus told me a lunkhead commish wouldn’t allow it, and didn’t. I just turned it, with 30 seconds to go just knowing as an auger that they’d call enough to let  bedroom eyes win that game as Godell has a hard on for  the Cowboys and now as we know,its vice versa, so, good luck. And thought a new channel called Comet would show perhaps show a Vincent Price movie  Instead I saw for the forts time since 1995,  and didn’t watch it much then though buddies told me it was brilliant, arts school was tough, I found a bot much like a later one,hummmm, and a kind to wonder who now i  see where it all came from. I watched in almost joyous in a Saturnalia Roman glee, at this farce and this Sicilian puppet show, MSYTERY SCINETHATERE 3000, a brilliant show so adored by me.And, this was a aside made to me having sent in a longer too long piece  called Believe it or not George isn’t at home, why was I taking 5000 ‘precious’ words,-- a dead giveaway was wodrs,they are not precious to me, but then havenet been able to monetize regret that well and still am in it for  the credits. I told my beloved Coerstto,-- like Rachel one day you will be mine...!--  as I make myself my own Constantine. So, I adore this show, and have seen now what three weeks of it, There’s Marty miscast and misplaced in a strange  Christmas carol  then Halloween night mare show, where kids pets cats are set aflame, with one great line after another, don’t make me do to your dog what I did to his cat kid,..., there is Inspector Henderson as a mad man, perhaps not unlike my Maxxx Macchhur,  as he makes a frankenshteen with the aid of i think Josephine the Plumber or is it Mrs Olsen, or   no what the wicked witch, there then is a dareful short showing American Farm bounty at its bucolic Virgilian Ecologs best before hed turn on the Greek fags and say a Trojan hoss is beneath his Romanic intent  best, Hob Goblins and then a pretty Brunette you don see anymore, especially  with this love of sepia face and inclusion, again a dead giveaway,a pretty dancer  shown, who she never had a chance to be a star  in newest Judea,but is the kind I bet Harvey was always on the prowl for,  in gold lame boots,  funnier robots than i HAVE ALERADY SEEN, a great show. And I turn to this as something a kind to Roman satire that sadly misapplied,misused word,  in our Imperia of high holidays and in laws and drones to  the world, with malice towards all and charity towards none,...And I had to watch this, seeing some clips on you tube,as what else’s is there...?, but saving the films for a smiling fall Sunday night. the  show is so strangely sweet and so brilliantly conceived   against a land a now where satire seems to be what will do anything to stay on Saturday night, a line for another playboy bunny cartoon i shall sned to the new Yorker, as am not that interested in being in the same rag that turned  down the 12  Caesars by Gore Vidal, called one of the twenty  best essays  of the 20th century, but did allow Young Mister Capote to change Thurber's  semen stained socks, I remember all,which  is my problem and what  made the Jesuits Pride.  In the same way i had gotten up early on a Saturday matinée morning, just right as a classic western Maverick was starting , called Gun-shy, it a perfect distilling  of Roman satire at its best, a undercurrent of  snideness, of course a girl, a map, missing treasure, and making fun of something you’ve seen too often, Gunsmoke, done perfectly, as too saw  a list  of great TV shows based on comics,  of course it stunk of newness and ironically so, death, and there was no adventures  of Superman,  from Lucy dates, what...?, and notice Phyllis Coats,if you dont need to and Teri amazingly was  on there, as a Lois i TOO THOUGHT THE NINNIES WOULD AVOID, but Batman,  the only Batman, the '66 Lincoln Continental Batman, was on there,but i saw did say somehow not was not  camp, no never camp,and was taken seriously thus could be laughed at, and thus not with,gods forbid as said serenely and as reverent as a con man,   the Sterns of  war towers have in store for us when the tire of the joke, ah but we may get lost within res forest,Roman as Roman can be. Ah, the insinuated threat.

And I sent the money to Danielle, and  wish to get back the pdf  that  is a cheap patrons  rewards,  as can read the whole epic of the chunky chick and the doplleganger  drunk witch for her, as am  starved like America for a Roman anything,  and a wave a wiff of  Italian satire and comedy  any night as we allowed some hag cunt whore  hanger on woman to make Halloween go on too long, as Michael Moore’s Best man failed quicker than an evening with Richard Nixon, much less the best man, and if  you  destroy Trumpy, why ,as Bill ,lover of Sallust, could have told you, too much puss-on too much too fast, and the casks of rat poison got into the wells, all cunts are, I  was warned, really they thought my love of a line of Kats was always going to be my greatest failing,  are infected in someway the Jesuits told me,... as suddenly there are slurs and whispers too evil  and detesable and dangerous, even for faggots and niggers,  well,you are dealing with what happens any nation that is lest the Godfather and its Verdi operatics turn into Jersey sopranos, as again,your Trojan horse, cue Virgil’s line, doesn’t have a wheel to roll on. heh. The poison got into the well water, the aqueducts  that the senate uses have been tainted, and who warned of that...?, which has bothered  the coward dark owners of it, certainly not you or me. So, if yus destroy Trump, which NOW LOOKS LIKE A HERCUELEN labor, A Brutality that none if you faggots have the shoulders for,to use a Marc Shields line, if does happen,well its a different world l than it was only a few weeks ago, a Doge, an Augustus, too old to be Octavian, I should have known that,hummmm, had been laughed at by pitiful mice, and not of  a Horace  sort, as Saturday night makes suer its grotesques don’t flap over on anyone they have, like house niggers at epsn, simpatico with or are Broadcast partners with..As, it always is in Roman  farce, and so I await  to hear from Psedelus, Octavian is out Don , and should you destroy  him it will be ahahahahahahha,a Prrryyyiccc victory and wither he is or not the next Oscars and democratic finder fees dinners there wont quite be the same. As you’ll find out Hunnies, who can caste bad verses as a Prospero and a Roman apprentice and who is just a dying old witch who screams at the wall. Why did I use, I was just asked,  up to 500 hundred words with a severe critique of Law and order in the middle of my diary entry,  I was asked, well, I could have said, what does MST3000 end  with as a lovely, almost epic, theme, that is sweeping and good,and lush, and not altogether mean or satirical at all...it  became like that, couldn’t be snide  all day,..., I said back, I am not a football fan I root for the Cowboys, alas that has come my ergo sum. I haven’t heard back yet.               

24 October 2017


They gave, of all people,  David Letterman, the Mark Twain award,which its me fine by me,  as Old Sam, he shared a nickname with Beealzeebub, was never a hero of mine, as thank gods what he wrote about Italay, like all you in laws do is “only joking" no one else is ever allowed  to do. So, in FACT IT WAS REVEALING to say to unmarried women as they say at  CNN, and others what  he’d  written about Italay, a precursor  to an antiitalianism,  and how it was gloried in by this very station PBS, where only the Spanish  can comment on their own tales lest you ever forget-it, that wasn’t really about until sisiclias trued to become Hitch, that got me thrown off face book at  last that first time as some devotee of Martin So-Erse didn’t like knowing he was in a long-line of diminution that has deep roots,Minerva for bid in the land my father called Columbus biggest mistake,  had slight up-spurts of dignity like Marty, BUT NOT BY MUCH.

Letterman of all people, Good Gawd, has been the bizzaro Carson, within moments of hearing on Fox no less, Johnny wouldn't do a commercial for a Hullary and be so complicit, thats what bathtubs are for, well that ad left, you are who you follow Hillie dear... that has given us the theater of the ninnies we have now, man-girls, all pasty-faced boyshciks with iron poor blood and soft hands, all studied ethics under him,which is  why I, IF A PLUTOCRAT PRAETOR, I'D be using  a crowbar to fund out what lurks in old Stevens haunts and vaults. Letterman was a Clinton pair in one body, an All of me sorts, as he was a sexual deviant  who preyed on the weakest woman he could find, no gorgeous, sarcastic and thus equal in anyway,-ah-aha! -Cunts for our least  Juvenalas, god knows, like Seinfeld they trill the middle schools, --like  is aid I can do Juvenal, though am more  a Virgil boy, all day long, as even lover of Rome Dante,--oh that explains  it-- didn’t like farce, god forbid, as you are ne’er sure in Rome new or  old when the Seth-childern stop laughing with you. He also when lost the tonight show as men like Dick Martin and others had done but went on with their lives,as John Kennedy Burns would say, he sated hurt forever, but the buttons-holing of CBS was a nice parting gift from the station of Johnny Olsen, so come on down! He dint  get the tonight show and thus took America through a year of sore loser-man antics, and then when was offered the tonight show, at least to gets shut him up, throws it back in Russel Daylrimples face, well who ever said I wanted that...? and begged  off as had done enough just trashing a funnier man as a vulgarian and unworthy of the seat that Johnny never  intended on giving him the seat, hummmmn,.... He, like Jewvenal, bugged out before Hillary could do her one woman show of Tru, and again really do not dislike Jon Stewart, though do not admire him as much as a mother who loves him, and yet hates Colbert as a con man,and used her Machiavellian like Italian senses to discern,  unlike you all,no matter who is president, he’s oppositional to them, whether as a jest or just as now, a wise career move. So we got lectured to again, by this aging ALFRED E, REALLY ITS SADDER THAN BEING AN OLD QUEEN, So says the creepy Anti-Carson who if he wasn’t  looking at secretaries through  high powered binoculars through windows, was putting the arm on all the office girls to try to get them to sleep with him. Sad that this is what Bill Clinton would have been if not for the humanizing aspects of  the Ovid.

We have a real aspect showing anti Trump which to me recalls the Simpsons episode about shooting people into the sun, and some of those same names are now trying to somehow clean themselves of pre Donald filth, as Trump becomes our blackest Catiline. As i said to some clerk, when they standing up for  our  JKK Wraling dismissing my Ariosto theme witches tale for Halloween, at least i never said anyone in my story 'stretched their legs', which wasn’t gotten, which told me much about the caliber of the Bush apporatchiks now. But, It did bother  me to see those 2 ex praetors, past is pro-log, boys, x praetors, in all ways, the patrician, you wish, and the lawn jockey, they found so that there wrent riots after tarp, and i'd like to know when health care went from inalienable right to being that magic word of  mercantile  in our imperial used car lot, affordable, ah  like Oscar I feel like i'm trapped in an Allstate commercial, there was Barry the faery, decorum again is for suckers, as they laughed at Bill, as  he was trying to again, be the Roman pig, the end of the night who gets the best lines...It made me shudder, i was reared in decorum by Jesuits, yeeeeowooow! and am not kidding to see our  Roman hero laughed at  by those two chimps. As if, you were fine with a country that bombs hospitals why now, I am Antony, are you bitching...? And it was sad to Roman me to see Poor  Bill laughed at by the two creeps, the Imperial doofus clown and his yard nigger ,the fall of Rome in Tacitus in two armani  suits, ogling, piffling away, like women, away as well, the tragedy of Julius Caesar goes on longer than any even tragedy should, lest it go back to being a circus. But I cant hate Bill C, not like his fish wife who i truly hope gets all she has coming, look what can of worms just turned, and a canceled check from the Kremlin for 500,000 balloons, oh Bill, get out alive before she had you impaled, from various mania, which she hopes like the electorate doesn’t have as much black hair as she and clowns  fears. As I recall, if may say here, that when Bill gave his list of favorite Books, who was it on Charley Rose, not Rachel, she isnt that awful, was it Maureen Dowd, someone like that, who said of his list making news because a Roman was atop it.

I think it was her who said about BC'S list of favorite books that ‘it smelled of garlic’,again allowed despite and maybe due to scales of ads during on unpaid for Saturday gladiatorial contests, the Romans paid them at least, showcasing their new darkie America, all eating pizza eagerly, as they had to do once, as only Italian and Chinese restaurants were not, the jokes on you, restricted. America has never been so shameless. As there is a fine line between Machiavellian and merely incompetent, as Killary shows is, as now even Jewish ratty satirists show up at whooping cough  audiences ago forgone to speak of all things, IQ tests for  a Praetor, somehow these didn't  matter at the gallows when Miles was running with his ego and his dick both inflamed out for all to see, and tests that were discredited when I was a kid, as a way the Lutherans made sure that children who only spoke Italian or Russian or Polish,  or any backwards R lingo of the Languages now seen as beneath the good hacks of  3 dollar poets, but that didn’t last as the echoes of what the nuns told me the iq test was dropped as quickly as a lying fake soldier  Jewish senator done away with and  dropped, lest you lost the blue states are revolting even more so. As wanted to stay off line pretty much had to get work done, but I saw a moment going through the channels, no not the midnight clowns of Mars who think anti Trump is better than Goldie in a bikini, i saw a ruin which was the Mac Neal Lehar  news hour,and a rennet therein, a  Roman  Latin schoolboy emeritus,  named Mark Shields, who I recall from the Capital Gang, trying vainly and almost heroically to say how and  what an honorable man it was to see imperial jackass GWB the Younger, as he trashes anyone who didn’t vote for the Property party the Coriolanus-us of this latest dying Rome, patricians, or is it crime families, as whats  the difference, just the size, and I do hope that Trump does give them hell with the to be seen  Kennedy papers, as that might be what this is all about.As I saw Mark Shields no less, come out to be on board this sinking ship and a distress as Gore said that turns into panic it seemed, as Mark always seemed a honest Broker, who said that night with even Gigot, called a white bigot by a radio yenta here on the  air who, as he might have laughed at her in Jr High school, all it takes, the night of Ruby Ridge, that fulcrum upon which we still spin out of control, that such doenst happen in America, that citizens  don’t die for a disdain or pushing back  to the overwhelming  gummit, at least not in Pogo land, as if they did all the abortionists  lovers should be killed then too,as the nuns said when i was a boy, as thats all they are suing is that the fear of  the Gumint, that they resent so much, which if fine for them, always, and are somehow allowed their principal. You are obstinate, I am a resistance, fuck off. I felt sad seeing the Irish priest of sorts try vainly to keep up this duping front, as someday niggers in rhinestones Dan Blocker hats and George Pill will in fact be at each others throats again, but well know its all that ere anyway, and i thought, wow, we really are in for it from the button-men, and the patricians aren’t we..?

So already put various Angels of Naples in Christmas editions of art magazines that took well to them, like the Bunny cartoons, sweet within Anderson Coppers Hot Tub party...while they depart Halloween dutifully as Hillary made everyday Halloween for a year, as David Letterman kept living out his Sullivan creed to us once. I have the opportunity to make or at least design a  perseppio, angels and figurines of  a manger, a recollection of Francis of the Roman Grotto of Livy early histories, to sand household gods of the Italians, which explains why it was- is so hated in our Laturnless woods. I MUST admit a Roman schoolboys disdain again, to see those Twi- idiots sneer and laugh openly at  old Roman Bill as he tries to, always a bad move and an exemplar  credo of a nation of bagman,  do the wrought thing, as Junior hadn't laughed his maniacal chakel and jumbled muttonish face with this much glee since in anticipating a born again woman hung to death in his perpetually humming Texmex gallows. I have grown weary of the family of lunkheads  from the Kennebunkport Chain saw massacre and so, I do hope that Marius from the weeds gives it to various house every things from the Cheney haunted house. You see all such confederacy of losers is doomed, as someday he, junior,and the old man and his hateful brother and the rest will have to be on the same side if not same room as Al Hunt, speaking of the capital gang, and lest see what shapes on that day, Google that, when Junior was still a hatchet man, speaking of  Tacitus, and got  Bill Clinton’s draft card Commentaries out, and made him a different man than he would have been, and lost anyways.My mother, when I was a boy, disposed of  Halloween, making it as only a candy holiday, as she said it was strange to notice a  woods ,‘the woods’ is what she called America, so go fuck your darkeis now and their flag waving,we know it s all bullshit, that once submerged a Victoria from the Roman states as  a gift to George Washington, causing a letter be written in Latin to the curia by Tom Jefferson in Burr, lest the Roman state think half the world was now in the hands of barbarism ,it never convinced my father, dare its pagan attributes curse the empire  of the weeds.  Now,  yes, imperial farces eternal all l wish too you, as to know what crumbling podesta you stand on, gals. There is too much sanctimony being hemorrhaged by a nation of Monica, Jew Sopranos and Kordell and will always remind you,those low brows, middle is out of the equation and Jewish in  laws who think they’ve made it to the lace curtains, I will remind you all of every Polish joke and jersey shore the good and decent baud when they thought their  imperium would sail forever. I was thrown off Face book, this time and for good as many I was told were, as recored much this year, as am into page 7, sixteen instillations and acceptances of my work,  Kudos from Arab’s, radicals and even lesbians,for knowing the squibs always await, be cause this time I mentioned Magnus Lepits, a no-no amid the weeping and the drunken, and that priest was right in 1972 when he told me don’t let these white snakes take away your Noble past Anthony, so take your Coke and Pizza and Fatty Arbuckle with  it, showing an America that was always under the surface, that was always right beneath all that more tinsel.