25 August 2018


I. GRAVITA. In freedoms land,in which hacks and nudnciks on television five days a week can and do actually censor the minions and the trash,take that Voltaire!- we built the fake outrace needed and gave them cameras and spades to deface statuary where are ethically pictures of Barry the fairy and Clinton's electioneering at,maybe when they were all against gay marriage until got the candy-gram, to suddenly crack and tear down statues of those of confederates who died fighting with the wrong side,no standing ovations in the roman senate for Hannibal here,medved is our Aquinas as less than nothing, as in debt,is evil. So, now, the Jews always take the right side,their own,which made whole scads of I Claudius unfathomable by the BBC, since they create the victors, anyway, was hurdled off twitter after only a few weeks, I thought Id share my two cents,like everything else in America, perhaps muddier than Lorenzo would like.I always know that the Tasmanian voters will always keep the bullhorns and extras and spear carriers far, far, away from the statuary left for old man Bird.

As saw the clowns of Mars now can say things like how they would have been much more vicious towards Trump. Than that hoodlum, certainly, drunken, smiling fool did on Tonight,as Paar, who spoke reasonably,even with decorum, to Nixon and Wallace and Cavett telling Redd Foxx to please quit making faces behind a segregationist, meaning lapsed democrat,guest,as he wasnt too devoted to his race, as my Father noted,to be a junk-man allowed in Lear to bring back the king-fish, or at least Rollo, and Wm F discoursing civilly with George Norman Rockwell or Eldrege Cleaver, ah but censorship is our Business,though not a great model to follow as beloved Ovid,an name even the White schnooks dare nor spake before Bill,as a poet said,you cant sell tickets to it. Or when I was a lad, saw how others others withe gregariousness and dignity, ran television shows, no, now we must as CNN showed, be dutiful praetorians, hurl epithets, say at the Innocent as they are carted away at the McMartin school,but then who knew or cared?Saw sloppy, mean, vicious nags speaking of how vituperation and bellicose they'd have been against trump, which is big talk cumming from paragons of virtue like Letterman, who in any other line  of work would've been on a a predatory watch-list fur, uh,watching secretarial women through his reptile beady eyes, but somehow super-dave was dyspeptic as ever.But,clowns and women who spit take with hubby when the Clinton's made  Baltimore and other ghettos an crucially killing field as whiteys somehow didnt before any crime-bill.Humnnnnnext time you tongue bath Obama the God,would,could, someone ask him, or better still,Bill Clinton, whom without the Ovid is a mere boss hogg petulant rapist, how did it feel when the first time since the luftwaffa,was retreating from Calvinos partisans in Liguria, boy they have taken it on the chin and not as seen as the lower Sicilians have,a roman ruin,forget the hospitals and weddings, much less an unmolested Isis is,but how did it feel that night when America illegitimately bombed a top 20 world heritage site protected by UNESCO,?So,how did it feel Barry, to finally be as a white as your forebears and in laws,to have damaged a roman relic, how Bushie of you, did you get a ceremonial spade? Are you one?, Conan, both of them I am sure, would be proud. I hold out hope that  fellow schoolboy Billy is as nauseous as am I, recalling when it was his hide you heroically and unanimously held arrows into,so perhaps a moment of green laurel will be coming for someone who at least had the dignity to not have been a rapists wife,which since magna Grecian days   has alas been seen as worse yet. Even money Barry could barely care, eggs must  be broken to make and omelet,or for that matter egg a car, but do hold out a  glimmer  of decency  in that , it was not Trump or even Clinton gave me a like for noticing thus told tale about Magnus Leptis firstIt was John Stewarts page,

It was his face,a dispensation from my mothers beloved Stewart, why Ill never know, but she did tell me there was a boy who looks like he loves his mother.hoooboyhe, on Google plus who liked that line, cue the Bach, gals.as the day these aging Alfred Es are gruesome of priests of the republic, the day this dismay turd is gatekeeper,  is the end of the age, as hes not quite the wise ass hated boy-man he was when I was a kid ,as he dutifully sold the war footing, crying on cue, as did the now fill of radicals NFL,as the national anthem's have been avoided all summer by the national TV showings of preseason games,like how with scoring touchdowns --ouch!--so, he cried on cue  for the Bushes damage, and somehow survived again, possible felonious against women,as he had to tearfully ask for television city devotion from a suddenness notable and paraded wife, a wife, bit please dont cast a Ariosto like Catherine, a woman out of central casting,down to the white woman smirk and fat chankels,  that showed up being playfully, read your lines and please do bump into the furnished set if you'd like, cathode tube,  angry, like a wife  was dug up when Roethlisberger needed one, from say catholic charities, easier that than have a woman scored be devastated behind her man, the lights too might be moneyed with so they exploit--explode, and take that attention always as all magicians and hustlers need, but a woman was found unspoken of before, but an adorer appeared as though sawed in half from a  box we didnt see, as when she was needed,Swagger like,the snot nose antihero to be given a Lucretias stage dispensation. This is the goy who would have done so much better,but of cores he left when saw that hag clomping towards the golden door,if not the Ed Sullivan theater.

II. VARITAE. Going through the channels,as found that Seinfeld stressed to weigh upon me, I guess hes the Jew who lives, I mistakenly saw dreadful Colbert show. Our American Monsignor was dancing about, spinning like a whirring dervish, although the audience, Plautus ’  Eucharist ,was not as inclined towards his fake joy,as was he in seersucker, man in gray flannel suit, marionette charm. I smelt this guys act early on, the first few nights saw him tear a show out of an Italian mans hands now wonder if you love Letterman so much,although from what I gather hes not that into you, Machiavelli second persona, and why he was dancing shamelessly and again as the audience wasn't quite as vociferous as he in his fevered dream of television cities of god thought,as the appraiser ,Jewvanals Du et mon droit,was up, I could see frantically glissando clomp, as this time as opposed to when Comey was first fired,this time, what time is it kids? Buffaloed Bob says to to all kiddies on command as does he,and now message from Burpo milk additive.There is a real seemliness to television lately, as channels like antenna  and decades seem more hip and cutting edge with old stuff like Parry and Della and Carol Burnette than any of this shit flung to sleepless millions now.He was prancing about in, as one cant hide forever as said,could smell the boys room disinfectant on the Monsignors breath as have since 1972. So this ninny berater, he of the self deprecating,your in on the joke smile that starts at his neck, as my father warned me was a snakes smile of deceit,and he bopped about like a  young girl learning her cheers,--oh, I was Jesuit pre-law, not just another catholic, as again an audience didnt seem at first and only Galvanized to be as willing screech as he had hopped, it seemed or as Jon,his patrone had gotten to do when even liberals and lesbians and websites Ive been involved with thought that even Jewvenal was bad for and to American politics. Thats cause usual's,self love of nor preservation made him every six weeks or so take on Barry the fairy and hed say why were more Mexicans being sent back to the inferno known as Mexico loved more by those here, as true Juvenal said of Macedonians and Greeks somehow found in Rome, or would ask why the drones kept humming with a murderous HAL like devotion,or why did Barry pity-less place more whistle blowers in jail than any president before? So, getting away from Seinfeld,as said, saw this ninny,so in love with himself ,dance  about, reeking of underbelly and thought well, somebody had to die, as that's the only thing I could think of that would make this vulture smile,as sensed a real love of violence and meagerness to this creep,even before did as I say he erred and found himself in lesbian drag, something a gal told me before wincing watching this creep, thought was something only a Machiavellian like me could even conceive of,so points for Roman Tony again,as decline and fall and all its discordance are in my DNA and perhaps not yours. 

This fag spun and danced ,all he needed was a globe to seem like  his now heroine, goddess Hillatata, we dont mention a missing Juvenal again,with Jewish aplomb disgusted by her trampling back too the ante bellum mansion that hubby Bill called both home and a quick love nest getaway, so enthralled by the presidium, was he. Sickened and not desiring to know what made rabbit Run, or in this case dance,a clown dance,I turned it from Debbys transvestism, I, unlike Medved and Republicans stick with the wholly Roman words for all, tiara weaving black soxed, male prostitute,he glimmers with the shine of the alley way semen to me,ah but I am a Petronius at heart, dance party to something, anything, else, seeing as a visual sorbet, a lovely even then aging pinup Vargas girl Megan, in that fag show. The show that I stopped watching when as I said,heard again,just to make sure what Jewish comedy writers thought of gay marriage and Jimmie Kimmel when still he sued a trampoline, and was an Italian Stromboli circus freaker was not as circumspect of careful carding the gate for intellectuals, or what passes for it in west Hollywood, meaning that trump voters and Cornelius Tacitus couldn't get in, as if they'd try. As  unreadable and irremediable  to the great dancing girl approving, I mean he was still Roman after all, great senator was mostly the same thing. This was how they thought,before Barry,a good recollection and recompense, before they got the pink pages of the cotton club that has been politics since Bill first  beached on the golden shores of history.As I said, nothing is bidness and all is personal to Sicilian garbage like Jumbo, as I just knew watching her still pretty face, as older Megan was the only thing nominated from retreated grave robber W&G,s she still neoclassical, being interviewed  by this wop slob,wop was a slob you know, that his stranger questions to her,once saw the red hear my Oviddian, overly intelligent eyes,like say Bills,went elsewhere until I saw the undercurrent to of this little twerps hatred for brunettes even her,that can never go, like the hatred of Opera and art that Coach shares with Seinfeld, despite the wop names who are  wiling to demean for food, and whose fathers mean nothing,as in that Jebbey will soon find out is unpardonable , even at Clinton prices,. signals, Jerry, Signals!, away,as I saw him ask her about probable divorce from some lickety-split of pig husbands,and most saw a cunt-ish degrade,as the still ass-hurt ninny called her I believe Melissa McCarthy ,as its a black art hes hones never changed by the never chasing but hectoring of Wendi's since middle school.

Sad to have seen any of it,now three days later, whatever triumph he thought had was disparate, as any roman army treason trial, my first title for Caveat, admired by many then, as how republics die, and told by a Jewish producer a high of compliments, he with no desire too make it, still read it in full,  was by now recalled early in by tawdry erosive stories breathlessly retreaded in our age of Clinton, a decline and fall that thinks you didn't hear the thud the first  time. See, bidness is bidness, and so when someone in our decline troughs red taunt paint at  the name of Whurl at Danny Marino High, this was shown, as anything Red, as Caesar taught us, leads. So back to work, dwarfs, keep at that woods, whistle while you  work, just dont be uncle Remus, ore the actual really Remus,when one thinks about it, as  well back too man too little too late barricades, on same Colbert time, same Colbert channel, as again Im off put thinking somehow anyone who bugged out rather than deal with Pooooorrrr Eveeee, at the stage-door as she has perpetual been since middle-school, god i hope I get it,I hope I geeettttttt it, ah sweetheart, with that hubby standing at your left, ouch, believe me,youll get it toots,as the farce has been retied with the serial, sadly, and I wonder how much more of this a lover of Ovid could take,who made the serial a poem, really the books dont end where say Willie would end them, a brilliantine strategy when used correct, insufferable when not, and so in lue of enthronement, well continue reading tweets on the air, and pretending now suddenly we love dark haired women. Yeah, take that stage sanctimony to someone who didn't get smeared at zoetrope for rewriting anything from Italay into Battavia new York, priests

Seeing how a goddess named Wendy was treated by some, who explained a mans show philosophy, please, dont even bother grovelling that shit at me, kids, I know when fed zoetrope  about my work, that still got accolades about as late as this year by woman producers who loved RM,  get back to them, some say, after this is all over, as dont need the headaches of anything right now, remotely controversy, as the farce called the Clintons, must, like the Mets, ouch, play out the string, as dark knights fail as they fascistic-ally mustas we all live in Stan lees sox drawer. I felt sadly that even saw this shit,the dancing queen,--unlike Jewish cartoons on law and order I still know how to make a Jesuit case,-- as turned it quickly and wanted no context, which any liar can sue to explain all, as thought only earlier that day, saw that same stage upon which this creep danced and hand jived, with the strangely jittery charm of someone who so deep down sometimes knows, says, that its previous seat-filler inst as devoted to this as say was to throwing watermelons off rooves, was a stage in which Richard Burton and Carol Lawrence,the first Italian Maria on the fire-escape as it was originally intended,as she goot the part from Sondheim when it was still written for an Italian Juliette,and sorry,to some cunt, wont let that go, as they were in a Richard Rodgers golden age that sadly has been trampled on, its graves raided by a caliber of Gumbajew unseen since the Sicilians of Plautus,  now by  blissful nothings who sadly are inescapable unless twitter does you the favor as they did me,of setting you free from a hurricane of carefully worded dreck. Sad that the stage that had the great Goulet, Lawrences later husband as Lancelot and such gold age iterators as that,   may Ive seen, Alan King, young Carlin,Landesbergh, even a wonderfully shticky Ron Carey pre-Levitt, was reduced to this crap and this garbage and this self appointed cretin and his arson as comedy. Do you think my mother,who adores Jon STEWART AND DEISPPPPPPISES Colbert, is the only one who noticed,that once an Italian woman, equally hated is Pillozzi as a turncoat, she says, but once an Italian woman became a speaker, suddenness it was noted by her that this heat-seeking fag went after house member's, like no one did before or after, certainnly not now that Ryan was in there, returnee the equilibrium of the Catholic church, shhhhhessshhhh, making an eagle more like a hawk than its ever been outside of the two headed on seen on of all things,not ironically, Austrian and Prussian flags. SO, do you think my ma is the only one who noticed that,and sincerely Jewish house member's were shown as imbeciles and metal men speaking like robots. Well, Im not, as got out of that quickly as I could. As the last time saw anything this brazen on television was when I was a boy,and saw Belushi dancing everyone else's graves,which as Gore said,the Germans call Irony. Oh thank Goda John Wayne movie… 

III. VIRTU. It is strange to me to know,like say how anyone could go from being a Goldwater girl and in four years try to destroy Nixon,well you're sure as whirling dervish is as your aide de camp,hag,you're caught in as in and think perhaps the only political epiphany you needed was holding on to some high tension wires to clear yur delusions.  

As I saw the brunette cutie pie in the fourteenth, NYis that battavia?, yes dears it does count for much, not just Jews and blonds, but for me what my father called bruna sumpaticas, as he warned me not too be a Marty and bring any blonds into his house,as they had an eye out for wops when no Jews would touch them. Saw the sweetheart that shoveled socialism at the people and now,poor dear,that Darlene cutie,fine again for an un-roman year, last year,off tear, odd year, hillareus Requiem year ah, but she stayed too long again, that the sectaries at war inc said was the future of the democratic party, cant quite seem to gget the name of the fat, blabbed, dreariness Irishman off the ballot,heavens to betrothes! As a year devoted to cablecasts legacies pretending there  love of power was democracy,instigated by darkies and brunettes, suddenly allowed on television ouster of the weekend ethnic ghettos ,again herald at us, although to be fair saw MS.NBC, and there the dancing Ns say only a fraction of the people voted for miss Ortiz is it?, she a third grade teacher we all fell in love with, ah, but this was as opposed to the waves of humanity that re-palced that Irtish drunken enigma, aren't they-all.a local lurid fascination with boy love seen fluently in the burned in mine and Rachels lifetime Decameron and in wartime Levi,has the local pols who aren't saying nothing,saying less as a Jewish face, as another feeling at his Agrippina oats, isn't getting the reaction from the minstrel lands and cathlics that they thought they could since Paternothey all in a Curea ,back in to the marbled halls. A gal tells me Tony, your work  has been exemplary this last few years, as saw #dembones gets to 3 million views on a liberal site, as showed a proud Roman ethic to her,at which my brother, at the number he said, somebody thinks you're right. 

But, news for the reformist time ever, as somehow through the grace of Mother Mary,he somehow by a miracle and apparitions the old beaten White man, the death of that party somehow, is on the state ballot on something called the families party ,the peoples party, or some such dreck, and is being supported by Loserman, and other Jdate prophets who show up every once in a while lest the rabble believe their credos unduly, as here Alexandra, Joes, hes been predisposing to be Liberia for 60 years to now get nothing out of it. You wont be the first or the last Brunette the power stricture demoted dear,as you'll find out, as she has 230,000 dollars as the official party Candide--Im sorry candidate, and he in the AD HOC, 3rd party hinterland has 4 million,ah it makes Mel brooks look so passe and almost bucolic when he said,Rome, had the best senate money could buy, well this one, filled with gymnasium rat  Jews must be on credit. 


A gal told me, Tony,as rereading things posted like #dembones and 1964,my work has been electric, in cutting to the heart of this snobs cesspool as no one else will, ah but no one pays #metoo, sorry, me to as Colbert said to Charlie Rose, ah the fallen bishop of middlebrow,he wants to get a point where he believes his own bullshit, like bad politicians and transvestites. As I a ROMAN BOY, watching Law and order again Fraser is enough, and returned to this because the great  Jerry Orback was on, were shown and not some vo dago and some spic gal posing, saw a commercial for the new found pandemic of Peyronies disease, the same day some waiter at cnn posted a vaugley anti-Clinton video as some noted this was the very day in Roman-est August that Bully the kid signed welfare reform ,showiness in many ways,you didn't sell your soul Rachel for power as much as the trappings of power , an dont ever let the wife of a man be your heroine,a husband who said the era of big gummmit was over,or who voted for John Andersen,yes watched the Capital gang, and a perpetually lost Mark Shields, unsure that a black hand was moving in his party of sorts,a show, that was once trashed and vilified on nomination night 1992, as he and Mona Charen and poor eased by the patrias Al hunt, in a ridiculed film as they had the acidity to think that Bishop Casey's favorite alter boy couldnt survive secret tapes in which he called Mario Cuomo the godfather in trashy, sleaze, unaccountable pillow talk, showing again get some new tricks Bushes, for gods sake, grandpa Munster is next to die, at least so Bill prays at the plaster Fortuna, or the play-mate of the year 1972 yellowed in a box of relics and still sussing shit old in harlots ghost. And he did vote for Anderson, with an eye towards 88,since bout 72, wow, and that was dropped, or even who heavyhearted for Goldwasser fuck a republic like this. As one day she was a fucking mob wife, and then sullenness a DAR queen, then a lesbian dyke who seethed for power like a Medea, ah all the time, toots you were  just a Milanese hoarse wife, saddened and nagwared again that the doge keeps fucking the busty Sardinian silly maids,the basic tenants of all those farce  tales  told by Disney from the Grimm who stole them  from one book found in a Neapolitan library,a  little enclave against the Germanic barbaric darkness. I do believe that Trump eos no where,that's what Roman eclecticism are for, wither sissy George will to ruling class Jewish in laws like it or not,and now the air is thick with echos, spy Ovid line here, as when and if that happens, the last hurrah of Bill Clinton will be a sad one,as he let his wives infernal eternal Cesarean bitumen wings ethic him from Horatio, or as close as that bivouacked cocksucker couldve landed,take hustler,to being suddenly Ignatius Reilly, finally palatable to the new York  swells. As I have grown weary, no really,did enough resistance this year my flying blue man here and a there evident enough,more than you as told some pompous cunt,I didnt ask a lopsidedly hated man to through an old Marathon man Nazi OUT, WHICH BARRY COULD NEVER DO, LIKE SO MUCH, HUMMMM, would it matter if he was an Italian sadist seen in Livy,Levi and Levy,pillllseese. I tire of the Clinton's now, the same way I hate copula and his assorted relatives, I AM TIRED OF THEIR performative art marriage,their endless breakfast table scene,George and Martha and their wedding vows written by Edward Albee, as again,once she was a Mob wife when Italians were demoniacally mattering, then corpse-men on dreaded, hated, Staten island,when were underwater, and then tunelessly no matter what you thought you're undervaluation and beneath the queens perpetual stares and contempt. I KNEW this farce was just so much exercise and bullshit ,like the Clinton's wedding night, with no ones heart in it, sorry dears but been reading Plautus since the Franciscans who adored me, as unlike a Bill or a Barry the fairy, what I read the other students called him at Harvard, what else,?,wasnt an apple polisher there, which made me seem all the more Roman or even Italic they shall never be. As I saw a moment of in dignity last year,last summer l think ,last time ahd to get to staples, as looked in the windows first to see if some sure, righteous, cheating bitch was there and then surreptitiously flew in and sued the Dells,as seem to get a virus warbler in the machine , every August, and every time go to a site called bleeding cool, hummn,well enough of that, as I heard , no wait, my mother noticed,that an Italian man named Joe Califano, after fifty years of yeoman service to a party of LBJ, that had hurled their shit and pike at italics for fifty years, which bless him my stoic,horse addled, father never blight into,knowing such moments where available, that Joe,after being in like three administrations,another wop bright enough into pail water, as was done by nut brown shyster Leon, Joe was hectored by cunts and white girdle wearers, toilet water,disposable lesbians, swains at dinner no less un allowed into some dive where Im sure the Bushes would be seen as just fine,despite whatever Italian secretaries and window washers had died in the rubble.As like the crime bill,Italians are high  up on your list of victims,but with Jimmies as paid informants no one ever mattersWhen my ma saw this it made her wince having heard that name since she was a younger woman,the American dream, replaced now by a cock-blocker named Nan and a Goldwater shabogoon, never forget, never forgive,-Disreali, which he assuredly didn't, no voting for fascists when he was 18...,and neither did the dumb wop vote Anderson, but at like 38,Billy was told to sit down and shut up,all in all not a bad way to have gone all along. So, for Joe, like a toast to the Etrurians every Columbus day I say,get what you deserve now,Bill, as if Trump is ever detached that day, like in Ovid, you become a disembodied voice, and there is no Dore etched dignitary to that, fatso. Sooo,as I write this a game interminable goes on, 5 to nothing as late as 11 pm..someone does need to pretend to read the books Bill Clinton pretends to have read,as Marius the great isn't on the shoulders of women, is heI am gassed, maybe quit for the fall, glad to say that my mother and not the mother of praetor's, but of a graffiti artist admired once by Ogeltree and the brethren, survived the winter of your discontents,and discriminates,ah welcome to Sicily,boys? Well toots, Im sick of you and yes, hubby, as the best news is that a redux as so much, of the Rockford files has been scraped, thank God, something is sacred, as in this perpetual mud pie fight,its seems you two beasts and defrauders, only and always keep desecrating my father's grave. 



01 August 2018



31 July 2018.

Most of July was taken up with doing nightly , or is it knightly?, paintings, well sometimes into Barney Miller, sometimes into Sienfeld, as have said, avoid Will and grace the moment I noted what they thought of Gore VIDAL, probably when I heard what they once thought of fag marriage and Jimmy Kimmel. The past is prologue as Caesar, no less, said, although and not shockingly that wasn't in the Shakespeare play of thus name, but he Was a treasure trove for those who need Satan attributable lines now and again.

I have done at this time, 54pages out of a always planned 64, like seen in the old captain marvels loved by me and other romantic schoolboys and which were moth eaten old pulp copies once more easily gotten before like so many women, comics were hidden like cops behind plastics. I drew and painted, in my way, each night amassing many panels to be still cut and pasted as they  would be, as knowing parts were being sent to both pin up joints and lesbian comics,wanted not just Amazonia,but also Pow-Girl to make an appearance, as she did way back,  at least as Lois lane, as what really got me in trouble as a boy with some nuns, ar least one, was the fact was already dreaming of somehow  becoming a man, and begging my  own wonder women, which now is as verboten as it was then, maybe more so as the Jesuit aren't there to stick up for me as they all died off years ago, if not to the pleasure of crime famailia, at least their use, as recall  very inopportune when  the Clintons were running against aids victims, remember no fag marriage did that hag want, and who can blame her among the Personaggos and the poofs, as late as 2008,but somehow we missed out our Pompey.And which as I have said, cant be not chilling in a husbands arms distance guts. So, will return to the sewers of New Amsterdam where evil genius Max Macher lives,amid the rats and roman detirious he has accumulated, and hears from Chloe Kane he must see Mister Stupendous again,as something happened on that roof of the Daily Sun , as again, black haired super-heroines being made overtly pregnant has a long history in these dower and disparaging and hip-less comics books, especially in Kirby's cellars.

Amid the work at MS, and the sad, sweet, boyish dreams of the kiss between new man hero and Lois lane who deosnt want to be married and with child, but wishes to let her tits be freed, as I recall hearing Italianate teacher Miss Shiply, boyhood dream queen sat as was being made to help handy man Tony place up 1974 Xmas decor. I have also finally cracked open the copy of Promythea given to me  as a gift by a gal  who asked me to do something like it about a year ago now, for her,and whom I cannot track down,as have this summer asked about for gals
if I had done this with them, Natalie, Barbra, etc, and haven't gotta a hit yet, and sent it into Image anyway, not even as a lark, as an answer to, like Cammilius, to a bad book, in this case the misappropriation of Romeo and Juliette again,its never cultural appropriation when the pizza arrives, and as a way to tell the comics hacks was doing my version of Sejanis when you all didnt  even notice that house coon was bombing UNESCO alleged protected Magnvs Leptis, so un- noticed by no less another suicide that Anthony Bordian. Although the dogs bark and the parade sinks om to the muck, as all connected to Clinton must, I do think its quite hollow of a yelping now, as we find that for  all the strum and drang, or drag or whatever it was, the old man was right and the dogs  that bark have no teeth,despite showing shining fangs , I guess   made out of  newsprint,as we have found out that for all that shit and bathroom water toasts that , again the lie went do out of constrain that it eventfully took fire and hold of Barry, and he has lived his life in  said boxrooms when anyone needed a vote taken, as he has vapidly avoided taking any stand with the devotion and doggedness of a Peckenpah hero, but just  with more sissy cowardice. Yes whole others were willing to forsake cartons, and I must take some credit for the notice of now Clinton's cartons in the trib looked amusingly like anti Trump cartoons to the point that something got out of mine, like how before I started blogging, Bullet Bob Hayes wast in the hall of fame, Juvenal was seen as a racist fagand garbage and Bush facilitates loved quoting Tacitus.Well, Cornelius has become mute the longer perceptual war goes, ironically,Bullet Bob got into the hall of fame the year Cope died,and Juvenal is now someone that Jon Stewart handmaidens compare him and SNL to, so hummmmm.and so, local cartoonists were banished from the kingdom, whose previous gatekeeper, thoughtful and urbane writer Bruce Keiden said I was far too witty for that that senate. Still, I did note that there was a real ECCHO, EHEHEHE, from one set of Bush patronized cartoons to another,a s like calling people Nazis, the loosened glee of Vandals the Bush family  only has so many go tows into the quivers as they well, they've never need to fallback on being adored or liked with our kiting a check. The Bush family was born with a sliver spade in their mouths. And a refashioning of an infection made me buy 200 dollar skin cream, showing again, if you thought we said Single Payer, once again, you weren't paying attention. And that's when they do their best work. Hey I didnt work for the Russians, Ed Schultzie did,and he got kissed good night. Sad too,as was relatively young and had to go from GE theater the days they were trying too get TPP under the wire, another thing that Barry the fairy wouldn't quite pull off. But, again, enjoy yourselves as turned like worms for the rest of time, George and the pussycats, as even a girl should known what foreshadowing is,and it might have been so much easier had Barry said a single word about the coming Russians, but aside again ,like the barbarians he so admirers, and like Lief Erickson, dropped as a point of honor, lest Jews anger their in laws , what ever happened, Barry was sure it wasnt worth mentioning . Again decorum, like all Roman things I supposed, are for suckers, so remember that Hillaie dear, despite  going from one rally to the next like no one ever has, sissy queen didnt want to look Political, as no hard bread and fat back, or any of Machiavellis Italian foods for this ninny.Im sure some day, when the Ovidian lamp begins to flicker, that will sink in, hun, like a black rose tattoo. Im putting my cointrree in front of my paarrrrty Dahhhrrling , hey how about that, so did Barack Obama,Ouch.

Well, that surpassed the funniest moment of the year, which I thought was Gremaine Greer  unwillingness to cry for starlets, or not a wife of a rapist, losing yet again. Knowing that Barry could not bother to care, well, who saw that commming? He couldn't even pretend to care, and with even a Petrarch like prospect of having to sit there and see the hog he beat soundly on super Tuesday, take a Augers, as in inauguration, oath, not that shes married to it, why it would have made this narcissus think he was just think he was just an interregnumthe Sun God?, didnt I say Beware the dog way back about , yeah I must haveand she was bidding her tune, instead of gritting her pious teeth. You are who you follow George, ask Bill, and see he, Black Narcissus, couldn't being himself to care, same was when that Roman ruined, what other kind is there? In his masterwork, The early history of the Romans by Titus Livy, the Jew from Padua explains that in the earliest days, under Kings, the remarkable city, once holding only 1000 men, escaping Tuscan jails, where we get Asylum, by the way, the story goes that the early kings of Rome, when there was a downtrend, or a reversal of fortune, centurions would gather up the priests of Mars, and early Italic woodland god, IE Marsh, and whose Bird of prey wasnt the hawk but the woodpecker, and gathered up these men.They would be hinged by their chained feet, ensue impeachment, and hung over barrels, into which they would slowly be  bled out, as a sacrifice to the war god.It's sort of what you did-to Harvey for not bundling enough. Ah, but signora Fortuna, the italic goddess whose visage I placed more than once this resistance , to lesbians not that eager to do the bidding of a hag who wished she married well, getting closer to Black rock. And church lady hustler, ninny queer Colbert, brother to a senator who will never be, is getting nervous-er and nervous-er,as Vesta seeks wheelies around the CBS television hub. If you think I dont know how to target creepy men,men who smile vicious grins worthy of the boys-room,well, Im one of the few who doas taught by Jesuits you need to find Joey Pinto if you can, who called me that Acri blogger creepfor doing that well, as he has fallen off the face of the earth, taking his shticky Jews with him, or Gandolfini, italian Gandolph?,who I at least killed off in RM without the use of tainted shellfish. Sad, how at wits end the thieves of the Praetorieum are, as now we must hear again how it isn't sexual harassment when its a corporate man, as opposed to a rank and file nudnick doing shows about how wonderful Shakespeare is. So, I think it will be fun to see the clowns of Mars go the way of their more noble forefathers, again as almost as disputable, and off the rack and General Issue as the men you dont bother to see ousted of parades,and whose legs less image sadness drunks ruining the new tonight show want omitted between charades with Mila. I await a grand purge, yes it means the exactly same thing, as fruit callers are cleansed of rats, as heard that the democrats were actually saddened that trick shots like breaking states into three parts, like in Caesar say, or the Italian flag as David Brooks knows it, or getting weed referendums on notarized ballots may not save them from a mass exodus and having done that most Machiavelli of sins, losing the fucking Room.  

And now on the eve of my birthday, I await a quick trip,as ran out of paints, paper, pens,everything and did my Roman drawings down to the watercolor dregs, getting through overuse, a stony pallor mitigated by mixing it with liquid paper, still had as my gem like qualities of painting earned by, as I told some nudnick at AIP, from Castlefranco as read that magnificent bastards treatise on painting,--for a comic book, so suck my dick,--hope you get what you deserve, as suddenly the clowns of Ares, maybe what you were all along,find ostensibly in a cimbrian woods without so much as a golden eagle, on a pole to lead the way. I recall that as he was returning to Rome, Virgil palmed eggs, hard boiled eggs, on various places he saw being made as a kind of Augustine beatification campaign, which now what is left are the three-fourths of what UNESCO calls world heritage sites, whereas you like it or not,as they can tell yins at the Moma, nothing, not even mafia movies anymore sell as well as the Roman shit,as Willie knew and understood, as had to rewrote his Pompey into am unconnected mess as couldn't lose this stuff, especially the man at the triumph, as its Gold, Elisabeth, Gold. He now exemplified dark ages, the allure of Tacitus is a natural when men are being made sword fodder for a generation as we bumble towards our third decade of Bushian war, and or banking scandals, you are who you follow Barrywhich eventuality so horrid was the dark ages the bushes wish us to return into,that how to make cement, no less, was lost to history. But he packed the eggs here and there in open cement foundations he saw, capitally in his beloved Naples, as hatred of the new city, older than most of Europe, seemed to come mostly after old Southerner god hating hicks from Hannable MO, men wrote American sonnets chock full of niggersand rafts, like say HBO, and with a magic spell, will announce that should the eggs be broken in way way, vicious, angry, settling scores Italian womanish mania would be let loose and go for the jugulars of their attackers. I thought of that reading the lovely book Promythea, and cant imagine after all he did, that got bad reviews from the comic queers for this. I DO like when have gotten admirer comparisons to Alan Moore, as like his take on things, classical, and too,know that there are some queens whod kill for it. I think when that negro, that House thingumabob,who again, wasnt smart  enough to play along,or too smart depending again where you, Niccolos second person, you'll never be anything but Mrs Clinton, is standing, demanding, as again, wasnt turning into anyone's echo, at least not then, as like his barbarians forebares, Barry showed you all ,as my Mother knows, anyone who doesn't like Brunettes,their Mother, the Romans, and I add the Cowboys , inst to be  trusted. Thats quite a marble pillar he left you on George, Whoppie dear, and the company wops, and all, as its hard to keep smiling and growling when Patron wasnt even wet. So, that night he damaged Magnus Lepitis, maybe a mad essence, a Wendy with smile and batons, and fur collar, and pitch black hair and red lips, over you came as a Signora Fortuna didnt want the wife of a smiling pig who broke enough hearts, or jaws, to be queensome Pompey, as comparing yourselves in Politics, especial, to having the honesty of a Brutus, was again too close for comfort. I think magaia, think I have that right, Mas pretty witches for reals out for blood,have been let loose on that night when Roman marble became dust again, and perhaps a poets Egg was cracked as your souls, and you'll get whats coming. As it was a bit much as Colbert has to now give the Hi BossQUALIFIER .ehehehehehehehe, oh,are you in for-it, cunt, as collected my share of likes from unmarriedwomen, not crazy about this Monsignor doing,as I refereed having seen this comedy since 1975, lesbo Drag. Since we had to go through a year with white girls screeching about masculinity as something evil, while their husband crazed sisters wonder where the Marlboro man went. Is that realignment of Virglian ethics happen before or after gladiators go to summer camp, showing last year was a mistake no one at CBS, wants to relive, in Apache copters and Abrams tanks? I never trusted ESPN and its Mao Tse Tung hour brought to you by its corporate sponcers, anyway.  


Update :Par for this cesspool course, it seems lasted at twitter shorter than anywhere else,  but since made trouble with Jesuits over how the mass was the Resurrection of the rites of Baccus, and smilingly so, have never been a dutiful spear armorer or chuck-er as is seen in various Caesars.Oh, I dont chuck, I do not chuck, as the great Harlan once said.

Only went there,with trepidation anyway during a hard, cold Saturnalia, still getting views about Saturnalia 2015, hummm, as Roman Bill was finding out shamelessness is its own reward,and that hed to be carefuller, having lost his tragic charm, that wasnt losing room, death to a Machiavelli like him. In fact, dony know who or why this censorship was done, as when superintending to love Hillary, nonspeaking is your best option, as hadn't been there all month really, as having to deal with the ACA, Republican health care, was wiped out for 200 dollar skin care around the12. Then couldn't even scrounge for a card as when  lost data that was it for the month. In freedoms land  as father Gore,we miss you, old man, called it,well, were all on the same side now, as dying senators go to afternoon yacks and pretends toilet water hyenas didnt vote against him or call him wrong way,and they pretend back. So, only went to twotter as said because joined as a contestant an Xmas comic thing, did they ever  get back to me despite demanding PDFS PDQ...?, and had to have a totter account as I said at the  time was merely a way to remake the ghetto liens and suburba walls, again no crying over walls, as been dealing with your jersey barriers since 1974, that Tyberius needs so badly,a so do Democrats,but the old liens blurred by hillbilly hacks in Roman drag, who lopsided welfare reform and crime bills.

I only found out,as a well wisher told me as placed it as a account at a sumbittbale like page, that my page was locked,again in the land of the free and the home of the brave, as grew up watching Cavett with Mailer and Bugeyes with George Norman Rockwell or Eldredge Cleaver,  well who knew wed end up with Meathead as our high priest Caphius after all. He did get his for being invested with Scorsese hateful, its always hate full and hate filled when it inst Iago, Cassius or Sopranos,Gangs of wall street, or whatever last movie he made that angered the professional in laws. Like I said, had my best year in 17-18, without twotter, so no skin off my roman nose, as Im not the one dodging the same calls to buy and dont sell, an unethical televised shorting once illegal before Clinton doth made vipers of us all. I dont know what accountable saint was  bothered this time, probably someone else who thinks being on television five nights a week is close to godliness, or  at least  is trying to stay one step ahead of #metoo, despite and besides any again Jewish applicable Monica Jokes, will will be your end whether they think so or not. As the blaster purge of twotter, see above, and face-books seems to have taken its corporate toll on people who had more leftmost , or as close as this empires  leaning than anything, including our fabulous fat girls, always the butt of jokes,and liberals and antiwar wont forget them, the Jews love war now, and more Activists than not, accordance to the saddened jew York times had been golfed off than not. Welcome to new Sparta inc, tootle loo tootleloowere off to sell the holy Grail

As I ave had work to do and did it, while the rest of you have your cult of death as Saracens always did, and am too Roman, as showed when refused to do a Trump cartoon that looked too  much like Bill was supposed to, the few go tos the Bushes use, did twenty years ago for my Signorina Fortuna looking eye. I did get despite having been told my pictures all became blocks of turgidity brown and blue, and yet the snide remark's let up, them soon to follow as emailed them back when told to,and that was that, dont want to be part of your salon, as know there s a Vesuvius if not a fatboy in the vista waiting to take you all out. As please no more eulogies for mother hubbard and her consort, Marcussad third act, or is it Plautus, depended on how bad the fall isas recall getting likes and accolades when called the two pigs the duke and duchess of Syracuse 15 years ago, and said, again, Pa, this circus is getting on my nerves and I'm sleepy. A girlfriend of my sisters said that I, bra, really can read Clinton well, to which I said tell her like a comic book, a classic comic, maybe, but a comic book nonetheless. As just know that it stuck in his craw when Colbert, as  snottiness shows  hes not as willing to be Juvenal about things as is his Jewish patron, as I WASNT THE ONE WHO HAS LOUIS CK AS MY VIRGIL.

And a gal tells me again a millimeter from the spot, she cant wcath him now without thinking,now issnnnnnt thayt sppeccieallllle,which is nothing compared to what full one Jesuit has in store for you for having dared censor his tired against a nigger queen, call her President Nigger, ---see the dying rotten senate of even then tried to Censure the schoolboy over Monica, and well, you remember 1999 DONT YOU, DOWN TO THE Oviddian end?, with hatred for that Roman word, as he like wag the dog is still is upset that make America great again was something HE came up with. There's nothing me or I suppose many who what to be homiletic, to use the line still rung in old Bills head, halted to be lector-ed to by a smirking faggot with boys room breath to quote the Jesuit, who used the word Twat on morning television, ah we were shameless Paley and often when got Adam Corrolla kicked to handy man-tv, showing who he was. Sad for being off twitter only for as wanted to follow #SAUCEANDSHRAM SHOW, watched now that Avengers is run through all the Diana Rigg episodes. But, I did get 222 views on the 1 AUGUST, without even having yet gone to comics-reporter until 9 o'clock at night, in a instant a bitchy email from immediacy told me that he didnt have time to somehow link to the Plautus project, eggs at black rock,or anything else,bit did have time to swat the email asking for a link back, as again I was too cryptic in my asking for a bday shout out. Maybe I was right all along, and someone who hates both Trump AND POGO is someone I should have avoided. 

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Hey, I cant keep all you low rent outlets for Indy comics straight, as sanctimony doesn't become pulp paper well, as whats the point of being scurrilous and marginal and brilliant and to the  gist, when you're just participating in what queers say on sanitized, above board, downhearted television. But easily, dearie, whether you're a colored broad or not,please no hurled crap from nobodies about racism, as didnt even know Bill Clinton died, as that must  have happened to free you from your lifetime contracts, NOW THAT THAT IMPERIAL COON IS NO LONGER IN THERE BOMBING ARAB CANCER VICTIMS, AND ROMAN RUINS DOLL. Ah the first thing to go in that first dark-ages was satire, as vikings now sell us candy when the Palestinians dont dance at Xmas time. See, Conan was that ninnies hero not mine, as said got a like from Bill Clinton when said i was stealing imagery from Conan strips for my Roman superman,as again the Italianates are so willing to be your last minstrel show and let you scumbags think your so wonderful.

Well, been verboten from better joints than yours sweets, and been asked back too, and got my share of inclusions as almost against everything youve been trying to pull, as was just looking for another resume line, as always am. So dont try to intimidate me with your crap, hun, like I said was being told couldn't use the words pretty brunette long ago by a house wop whose watching his career fall apart. I think I speak for America,as there is something unseemly about Flintstones, sorry Clintonites, of all people acting like they are above reproach, as I didnt go from wanting to be Marcus Aurelius to wanting so hungrily to be Caesars wife. I didnt sign welfare reform, or the crime bill, not did i over see parts of America where babies surviving birth are at an almost Guatemala levels. I am true to my Roman satirical roots dear, as like Augustus, youll find out you cant censor graffiti , you can just paint over it, as he had to, as again these are not my walls. I d like to know where you were before this smashup of decency too hold, like I said, maybe a romantic,but think in the late election year when Massa Bill made Froggy the conquer-er stand there and pleading to hurry as he sauntered almost as if in a parade, up those  airplane steps as he took his given old time, I wonder if that wasn't that schoolboy telling sinoara Fortuna Im not with him.  

So, sweetheart, id like to know how many Monica jokes you made, and how many times you laughed at the Wop Bonaza they gleefully showed every Sunday night. Please feel free to forward this to any central officio you'd like, as unlike Letterman and Stewart, I can go Juvenal at any fucking time. As I recall being in Pittsburgh honed at at the closing of a bookstore,and buying cheap comics, and hearing my name, a gal introduced herself to me and said she  worked at the daily show, and amazingly was polite and didnt try to hambone and hand jive my way into any audition for her, and was as my brother says , telling me to shake her hand,was as gloomy as ever. She said she heard my name as posted contemporaneously, ah remember the age before Barry, my biggest fault when he was just a nigger, magical or not, and we started to talk, and I told her the story  that it was having Jon Stewart's face on my page, that shut a lot of women up around  2006 or so, as had to deal with a hurricane after translated that massa Bill had sued a sprig of statecraft from Ovid no less, though dint see his name as a poet of empire, thank god you cunts are illiterate, and how he went out of his way to make himself a Roman hero again, with a wife who may or may not be dying, deadpanning if the insurance has been paid. And that shut up a lot of white woman, who like their husbands dunt like brunettes anyway, and who shave and perm their cunts as ma said, again ts sounds more impressive in her original Italian, almost poetic. She,the rather fashionable gal,  said, TRUE STORY, oh we read you a lot Anthony, tell me about it, I almost said as can hear many liens thrown back at me, but Jon seems a good guy who did me a favor by calling off the hyenas. She was pretty actually, maybe shes out there and recalls, white skin,what eles, ? green eyes, I guess called hazel, a saint Anthony hair cut as said at the time,  an anachronism, almost seventies shag, and she was with a butchier girl with glasses. You know she said, Jon loves all things Italian she said, and told me of the Italian nana, which Hillie and Maureen didn't take into account. And I smiled, not sure what to say. Then we left as my brother wasnt in gods name spending even 24 dollars for something called final crisis. I thought, if  I had a show, a program, Id be looking for gals like her, but as the next Treva Silverman, Susan Harris , as this late, Soap still has a parenting  advisory amid all the shows about moving death. I would try to fund funny woman, and leave them be as if had wherewith-all, believe me, would be chasing the Wendys and girls of that ilk and not showing office girls my dick. As signora fortuna, unlike lesbian props believe in more Virgillian goddesses than Maureen could even burn, is flying closer to the ruins of CBS, closer and closer to where they buried Brigitte loves Bernie, after all. Again no homiletics about how youre not racists, anymore, as this is the cesspool of Monica, the Sopranos, and Kordell a black QB  destroyed in town by a fat yenta over phantom wooded sex acts, in the millennial year, and I at least recall your every joke.

As am halfway through brilliant Promethea and as having been slinging shit like this since 1975 and still have to beg a nobody like you for eight pages mimeographed here and there. Taking rest of summer to do what I already gotto doRemember hun, in the words of Gore Vidal, the haters of whom youve sidled up to,the act of art, like an act of Love is a small ephemeral inconsequential Yes as opposed to a gaping yawning all encompassing No. See thats why the gals at Rachel Maddow love me too.

Up yours,toots.


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