12 October 2019


Happy Columbus day.

I made a Roman Superman. 

Like the Democrats, the comics swine have forgotten not too long before 
your spasm of sanctimony, 
you had bloated pigs who bundled money for imperial fish wives 
raping starlets from Italian movies 
and then making fun of their big hair.
I only came back here because after losing three jobs last year,
 as dont get a ton of acceptances anyway, had to have this or 
twitter as a good housekeeping 
seal of approval like Suoerduperman wearing 'chicken fat' on his chest.
 And thought, i might as well, 
and know enough Ovid, like some, to know,
 that the censor is usually the least incorporated 
of the curia, as they are the first censored. 

And, slipping to third, Pallacchi with a knife @stevencolbert is off to panama 
with stunts that were done by his predecessor, which is a whole other kettle of rotting fish.
 And have always resented that somehow id be censored after calling those 
two Ozarks rats the duke and duchess of Syracuse, liked by many who now play
 flatterer for this old hag and her defeated lap, in more ways than one, 
as with that husband Plautus is inescapable. 

So have to wonder dear @rachelmaddowshow, did it make
 you vomit a bit into your own smirking mouth when Livia, 
no prize anyway, came out and spoke of how keeping her sham mirage
--sorry marriage-- twined up and a husband in a hostage siege, 
was her greatest moment...? 
Or better when she, Imbecile from way back, said that she 
was given assurances that she'd win ,
 cutting to the heart of the republic as only a Goldwater hag could do...? 
Did it bother you in mid cry, @jonstewert when this hennaed idiot admitted 
the whole thing was a con, maybe more than she knew 
as these assurances came from God only knows where, but again,
 i have an inkling, as he assured her of much that fell through. as when you Ass-ure...you make an ass of u or we...?The rat only gets caught if she opens
 her mouth to get the cheese, 
and could hear the groaning of the shadows on the wall, the Greek chorus, 
the senate the curia all at once tsk, and say steely, get that fucking 
syphilitic hag outta here, and thus the Nixonian perpetual comeback
 was placed, on hold,as Cassius at midnight is smashing squash again, 
would make the nuns wince as they starved to get outta Poland and 
be struck Catholic. 

As the heist--highest, ranking Italian American hag Gummadi Pilloz
 is fearful of terrorists and spic barmaids on her flank, 
only heard of like black cop killers until October 12 and then we march in 
San Gennerio parades if Big Bird Allows, until election day.
 See, my mom died this year, so dont care about Ogletrees blood feuds with Tanner 88, i made him laugh once when he rectoried for the Hoya team that mattered, 
and that was similar to the sic transit of the crime families last year, 
so smell that formaldehyde father Gore called your only Medicine. 
And my arm hurts so, William Casey is dead and i don't feel so good my own self. 

Can the dying Curia please leave me be...? I wanted to watch the fucking Cowboys
 be intimidated by the insurance salesman Maynard G Krebs, who amazingly gets every call 
as he is heir apparent to tuck rules against teams that built this fucking league.
 And turned it off when saw lesbos praetorian enjoying Nero' s box
 with that monkey faced imbecile, who like other in laws wishes to be last 
Praetor with that name. The Cowboys made it a game despite calls 
brought to you by state farm, but I didn't watch as Curiae make me sick 
since John Paul 1 and poisoned tea and frankly friendships now with
 that idiot make me sick, as it wasn't evil Cattiline who got 3000 Americans 
dead on his watch on the Rhine, and building walls may bother 
the perverts in the amphitheater and the swells but I have
 always found the kind who preside over their crumbling intimately worse. 
just feel badly that a man not war enough to forgo to bomb an
 ancient culture while this buffoon and cow where giving Zeke 
the mad comic hex has angered the college of Jewish cardinals 
for whom bombing all of Gilgamesh  sets has become a holy war.
 I'm not on John Bolton's side. As I had to stop watching Jerrahs world, 
seeing that, before It appears heard grumbling cowboy fans 
start to call a beloved boychick  Arron a cheater ouch, 
bad moon revision there, as the idea of this smiling idiot 
sitting there with a dyke and her Good, I wont do any ,House 
keeping seal of approval, --ts how they saved Barbie--, i turned it off thinking of shyster ads and wounded 
warrior sports about men without legs or ears, as these monsters 
mark the earth with their ruin.
 I am Too Roman for the mezzanine.

Recently I was thrown off a website, which had a lot of middlebrow white chicks and sissy and the white malcontents of the democratic party the Bidding family trust as i call it, as they asked why is magic in literature and television, done by middlemost initialed Gods, always seem to be in the beloved, by Hitler-that’s mine--, middle ages ...? Well, I snidnley spit back thinking this was more along the line of a Roman set of walls than an Atlantis, i said, because that's when Ariosto wrote, and since big Willie they have done nothing but steal from his hypogriffs and Caterinas, well that's where we are, as after all there were Italian Knights when tin hording, dirty, barbarianism Saxons where living in trees. I’m not sure what the slurs were here, who knows in new Judea, anymore, but my money is on Ariosto as they like, after all taking from the Italians everything they can, as they feel good Jews in laws that they derives as much for never having been the ones who kept the chosen out of Harvard and such was the rabbi told my father, and to eagerly get me to scale that ivy’ed wall as they had traps, he was convinced out for and from the artistry of the con Jews, which i will never let you scumbag, and various dr,. Evils forget. Speaking of which, and secret meetings, Hillary is nothing if not boring and melodramatic, why did the husband of the presumptive nominee , Sweet Ole Bill, why did he go to Trump Tower and ask him to run, Take on my wife, please... and thus make it even harder for the crime families who had it set in die that it would be another Clinton V. Bush...ah, sorry, but once your Praetor, everyone takes your call, even when you're a combo of Niccolo Machiavelli and Dennis Mitchell. Its no skin off my Roman nose that Evil Catiline somehow doesn't want to kill more Arabs... But best scene of the week was ex- idiot praetor, sonny boy stutterer Curious George and that sanitizing for your protection latest dyke on TV--i perfered lesbians on television when the only one was Ralph Monroe, a wonderful performer by Mary Grace Canfeild that showed a spunk GE avoids, like profits now, yow!- at a giant Juliana amphitheater owned by a smarmy, vulgar, money-chancing, Stromboli who owns men toecapped to bleed on command. As here in Ottisburgh, they were still hoping to make some second year guy play in this latest undeserved unrelenting prime time game, after hitting his head on that mud turf, and then cheap ass they are, carrying him off the field in the wrong direction, all the way down to the already once called called broken once MRI machine, showing again, don't touch the Virgil if you cant handle the boom. we were alerted that, mason, the centrel casting qb that All About eve, Mildred Pierce--ish QB Rottensbergher fears as we are lousy with baby janes, wanted to walk off the bloody field to show a Ditkatown like Toxicity. Well, they shoot blonds in toilets dont they...?

And see, that imbecile sitting there in the Colosseum, but bigger, doesn't realize how toxic he and Bidding and the rest of the in laws of empire are, as they double down to tell us that this hack who was running for praetor when my Father was alive, thirty years ago, still like Mama Hillie yearns for power, like something out of Tacitus. Another book bill Clinton skimmed. And that you should have dogeared. Oh look, everybody, a Monica joke in there, you pretend now you didn't make. I have my troubles with raging sociopath Jerrah Jones, snake oil salesman emeritus, but at least as opposed to Jewish Voldemort and the NBA MOVE organization that amusingly finds its hearts clot when the money is on the table, he never pretend to be Malcolm X. Or as the jewfro Colin said, he’d stand for everything he’d ask him to, as you don't get the same bottle service as a saint you get as a stater in the league. But, getting ready to watch Pompiani, and the late night sports call, as someone there at KDKA actually said they think that the Steellers can win 9 of the next 11 and just miss the playoffs, wow, and as they dodge Sheffy rumor mill shit that the idiot coach here will go to Washington, thou deserve each other, and i’m no Steeler fan, --I'm not a football fan I root for the Cowboys--, but think anyone who can stand on a sideline and almost get a Raven to brake his neck deserves Daniel Snyder. I did, though awaiting updates on a bad coach fail upwards, did see the last news and try to avoid that, and a Columbus day parade was to be held here, but of course some dyke cunt who thinks we are all her niggers, decided between game days, that Columbus is not the correct Italian to be given any parade, as opposed to say a cable television show, at which i’m sure she and her coven, if not yentels, were quite quiet. Someone at one of the dirty sheet memo-graph machine radical hutches made a point of making off set, again House of Savoy coloring, of a color copy to tell Italians that that parade was canceled, same thing they did for Hillary against Barry the fairy in the SC primary, you know when Bill allowed HIMSELF TO EAT SOME SHIT, just not her as Caesar, a post Livia still cant get to, despite all the suffragettes canceling circuses and eating corn flakes like good eugenicists do, that is never lead against any white woman. They bothered to sabotage a parade, very not imperial in a land with death penalties IT SEEMS HAVING BEEN UN-EMBARGOED. Somehow, as the Sopranos and the career of Al Pacino has not. I thought, who would bother...? And again, my best Perry Mason argument i’ve ever made, where will you be when they uncrate the Sopranos back, bitch...?As less men than it takes to play a baseball game, much less Mads 43 man sqashmish that Godel has made football, were out there with strangely triplicate House of Savoy colored signs decrying Columbus day, a singalong again Bill Clinton has doth made shysters of us all, and why anger anyone whose vote you might need when cackling hags calling everyone rapists are then to baldfaced and shamelessly opportunistic carting a dying old coot like Uncle Joe who will have to, as Dick Nixon said of LBJ, take a pay cut should ever ever want to become the actual, and not shadow, president. As i can recall when Columbus was fine for Hillatata to quote, not the worst Italo shes ever mirrored, and to be fair again, girls, first saw Bill Clinton before any of you, when his Daddy Warbucks- Virgil told him to do the circuit, and i saw him at of all places, a sons of Italy that no Bush would ever come near.

This year that my Mon passed told me all and finally broke my resolve, and Roman ethics as youd hoped, as was warned as much by Jesuits who begged me to not lose my Roman martial spirits, to be created as a n**gger in Tiberius sediments. As an annus Horriblius, it started with a Superbowl begun at the Flavian pentameter, no less, but its 3-3 tie would have made Nero shout BOOOORRRRRRIIIINNNNNGGGGGG! AND THEN, IN IT, BEFORE THE FIRST HOLDING CALL WAS CALLED AT 9:17 EST, a commercial had an Italianate tenor Ovddianly metamorphism into a deep dark boot of a coon, sorry, these words are my Roman bequeathing as a satirist of worthy salt, and not just a MC at a rape chamber as of all people Jennifer called 8-H. A tenor was made into a real nigggggeeer, and that and being told i couldn't say Italians invented magic realism told me all. And took the oration overwhelming the fembots told to sanitize Georgie boy and his perpetual war at a Cowboy round up, that musingly made sure God didn't see everything as it did under Landry. And thought of some white overfed sow magicking pamphlets to keep Italics from some parade that Pillozzi always gets to, especially when therewith is a rival parade in the ghettos of crying for Bart killers. Don’t start with me hunnie, i’m not one of your coons dear. I heard of leading from behind, but feeling free to lecture us all because that hag lost is against the roman rules they all cling to lest we all become Sanhedrin, which is what they all fear, deep down. As my father called a rag tag crew of less Negroes than you'd see demanding reparations and thus not a message approved, as they were somehow Italians but cried for genocide, something they never call the fall of Rome, but alluded to it at PBS, as ,my father warned me of dago shit company men who cry for every negro, fag Jew, and white woman they must, and never ever stand up against the hallowed halls of the Jew Yorker, shows that they’ve never labeled or amend as hate speech, as things are tough all over lately, as blond strumpets on Fox tel us on football day that they are in the red by half a billion duckets. Wops who never find a dago joke they wont laugh with, never aware as i was warned the good Jews and THE LATER ANNA MARIAS ARE TOLD WE LAUGHT AT YOU, AND NEVER WITH. I can Juvenal all the live long day. So a toast to the Etruscans, too sophisticated, and thus corrupt, to be given the wide berth of savages and Jews and cabbages and queens, as was waiting for beloved Seema on Curia Television, saw within moments of each other, after this good white girl outplacement of Columbus day with some dago acceptable to the kind of woman that Goldwater railed against in the Age of Mayberry, the Seinfeld episode about the Italian barbers, and then an old Hazel in which a pretty Italian bride was being hid out by little Sheba and the fat guy, before some old patrician crow was going to steal her child from her, which informed a few years ago my Vunder-girl, stolen by a Mamie Yokum who like all of dog-patch was poisoned with AIDS, as Barney miller Alluded to before all the fags died, and the Clinton's ran against the corpses. Hey my mother didnt vote for Goldwater, so eat that, ladies. As a lovely woman took my work this summer, and i wouldn't wish editing me on anyone, so though was asked send any more, gave her a break of a month. But, this last Columbus day, a day like Saturnalia, a gal told me last year brings out the poet with a knife as she’d never seen before, i call it the jesuitical trap, i did go back in the files and a piece wrote in midsummer, in which the pretty pixies who all like Wendy Fiore again were willing to set fire to the silver leaves as the sad trumpeter on the side of the Tyber is finding out that there was a real antipathy to smiling television lesbians seated with dimwit praetors who got 3000 Americans killed, didnt go over well, as dont have that many bad calls against Americas team, for a Bob Denver who sells insurance, with Father Christmas for war profiteers and the godfather of WOMD, and perpetual wars, seated therefrom as is twice shy with the cashews. And only a stupid woman, or a befuddle husband, no roman he, could go after Guiliani , as he stood on the burning city, ala Camillius, ask your husband, dear, while praetors were in the flying Gym, and old lady cunt addled senators were hiding in the cellar, like Machivelli’s rats, until the ballistic ex- TWA jets were shot down. So, went to that magazine site, and uploaded where we are now, or at least on July 30. So lots of mentioned of Franken, and Epstein and praetors, devils in a blue dress and such, and called it The Manzoni pages. Its not my fault you never heard of yet another Italianate genius, though did laugh when my brother told me after a life of being a good soldier, Nita Lowey heard on television she was out, as the daughter of fortune wants a captaincy, or being a vice-capo, in the syndicate, and so, collect your things and get out, as the Borgias have spoken, and Hillata goes to being worst dance mom ever. As i remember Kat Dennings, teased and Fro-ed and boobied and rouged as an Italian girl, so please now, spare me any Jewish sanctimony, as I remember when you called it Big Hair.

03 October 2019


On Texas V. Guyger.

So, what have we learned as a jury swings like Galileo’s Pendulum do…?

Well, that again my education despite any nay sayers and braying queens of a monsignor on a Cyclops that isn’t what it used to be, was exquisite and again I can in my veins and pulses find and finagle and the tides and times of our not quite well made Salem, none of you had the right to demand after who rode of your shitty shoulders. We learn again that I am the auger coocoo cachew and never to be on the same aside as John Bolton and Chummly is no damn good. We have  learned that the resistance is futile as after  while people start to detest and hate star chambers,  as they start to think, as Roman Tony Warned,  if Caesar can beat up Cato’s men, the man who’d famously didn’t take bribes what can Gummadi Pollozzi do to me…?,  as filthy as that hag is, and has always been. We learned a line from  Ariosto, about mercy out of a humorist play about a playboy and a shrew, probably despised by Grundies  that like so much Italian, a English fag in the Elizabethan midsummer’s portended in and this was got Calvino to have in law wives spit on his grave, pretend were somehow his own. We leaend in my impromptu Jesuit class that closets are everywhere and probably a few woman on that jury didn’t have the recompilation of black lawyers and have made a few comments themselves about the underclass that no less a Principe  as those run by house coons, hillbillies, and patrician lace curtain trash are always there to make sure go to the front, the tenements and the jail cells they perpetually make open cities.

AS their resistance is over as much as anything,  as even the pretense and the presumption that this wasn’t a fuquese, I love throwing the Italian in their Lutheran faces, where no matter what Pillozzi actually thinks, cock blocking Bill will ever be as easy as cock blocking his stupid, incompetent , wife. I don’t care what you want, Gummad, Roman Bill is here and he knows, as in Ovid, that he loves allegedly, the day Trump is finished, he becomes a disembogued voice, a Hemorphroditus, a plant, a sea of salt water, he metamorphoses into something, and he’s already been and played Apollo on television and in a Dallas Cowboy game so F that, dearie. The week was when the mothers of cop daughters felt badly, more badly than THE MOTHERS OF BLACK HOODLUMS, MADE MORE INHUMAN BY PROSECUTORS DEIFYING AN IMMIGRANT,  but what do I know…?,  WHO STARTED TO AS I WARNED RESENTED THIS TESTIMONIAL DINNER FOR THE SINBAD THAT CAME TO THE SHORES WHERE WE JAIL OUR BLACKS AS Albert Brooks so prefect said right before a Chorus line, or is it the Producers,  like cattle call Tttttttthank youuuuu. They lose me after the bunker scene.

We learned that even Jane Pauly, aging morning weather-girl, again someone grandfathered in as a Clinton and as a rotten burgher, so far, had a face coral reefed with powders, that almost cracked when again, the liar telling the truth when she lied the most, soundly everywhere again, always unready for her close, up dame Hillata as Ma called her, told the truth when she said her greatest accomplishment was keeping her sham marriage tethered, and not pressing Cesare too much about where he’s been all night, again.

Ah, she might as well have said, my greatest accomplishment as Hypolita, or Camilla, or Ethel Mertz, was not having to work for a living. And concurrent with that was poor stupid Amber, the latest Monica whom the over fed white women my mom despised and warned me to stay clear of easily their lion tamers daughters, as she knew what happened to women in America, when the democrats were Klansmen’s and working with the same segregationists. Down to getting Clarence Thomas on the bench , for which my own boyhood Georgetown securers, will not ever so eagerly for give him as that is something that is passed down from one class of Jesuits to the next, as how Nelson Rockefeller would never be president. That causing Hilly to vote for Goldwater, when she thought that was where the money was. She’s always to me been an Annie Okley like lesbian, meaning there is not a wild west show diminish she wont show, as did quote Columbus, to the distaste of whopping MGM garbed Indians, who crash Columbus days until told to scram, as Pillozzi and Shumah are about to eat funnel cakes with the filth. And Livia was stupid enough to admit that somehow she was the one who was suppsoed to win and he wnast, Im sure her husband had assured her of how many sixes were in that rolling drum as Nick Perry, or Tom Brokaw would pretend suprize. As the last few days have shown me i was right again, as a brother and someone else informs me, as i was correct as an auger again and this shit they've made is as fake as three dollar bill with Barry's smiling visage upon it, and that this was as crooked a few days as a things as that I have ever seen this side of Rottensburgher not crossing the plane, and making every touch down be a distant replay, except that one, as even the Betsy Ross flags that once hung when Barry mangled his Roman oath, now show a moth hastened quality. All is fake and we , or at least I know, that Father Niccolo said about any of that. This old hag said aloud , or unallowed, that Trump wasn't 'supposed' to win in this holiest Roman empire, something of truth they like to avoid, but bu now only the national biscuit company seems to even bother to whistle anymore,  as we gather knights to find  that holy grail that might just be a glass that bill Clinton had that had the real Captain Marvel; on it, or some other chachki long gone under piles of imperial rot.

WE KNOW NOW, THAT A JURY COULDN’T PUT A WOMAN IN JAIL FOR EVERY YEAR OF A LIFE ACCIDENTALLY  TAKEN, AS THAT SEEMS TOO GRIEVOUS EVEN FOR A SHOW TRIAL, ALAS AGAIN YOU BIT AT THE APPLE FAR TOO MANY TIMES NOT TO MAKE IT SNAP AND DRIZZLE ALL OVER YOU. NEVER SEND A Shylock to  do a Savonarola’s job, as even Naice Guy Vinnie said that some things said by Shylock and Brother Luther, made him wince, the prosecution team and a black chick who I don’t know where she came from as didn’t even see Foxy until that all clare that they stupidly and wrongly called as they found again, not everyone is on the pad as I’ve been warnings, as a true Italian all along. Did it make your stoical turn again, Rachel to see Hillary in less time than a man you’re hectoring to dissuade anyone else rich from getting into the petroleum, and thus giving this bribes to various Cicero’s who mast as Caesar  said only take them, and who maybe wont be so enable to a prayer envelope as were the trash who've  tunnel there way in before, when in one lifetime, Hillary went from Beatrice at the quad to Geraldine Ferraro saying her famillia, sorry Family and mirage, sorry marriage was everything, and diet Pespa colas for everybody….did it bother you dear, to hear that as a good card carrying unmarried woman who been forced to eat shit by the curia’s of now as much as anything and bribes that only got you to fifth place…?

In this week that like Italy, as late as when my dear, departed mother was a little girl, al though not as any men were gathered up in Benitos dragnets as were in Bill, hummnnn, how to get ahead in business without even trying, that Cattiline was still a hero to the rabble and witch trials are problematic to sue a word only said by on Curia Tv by great Julie Grant, showing that again the Italian admiration is true and no one named Julia, is ever a shrew or a clod or no matter hat they might look like, are not unattractive. Julie from local eyewitness news has seen, and Amber worse, that Inferno the crime families Borgas and Medici have built their cathedrals upon. She saw the admonition of C. Tacitus,  quoted by of all pontiffs, Bill Clinton , that all empires are doomed because there comes a moment that there is one too few centurions and one too many welfare queens. But then it was as my mom lay dying had to be admonished for issuing such a racist thing, ah now literally the red letters allowed by brother Luther’s who wish, as nuns told me, to make mistresses and scullery maids of all women,  as county mice and city mice, showing Horace. And am not Jewish enough I guess to be a roman satirist showed, deep down, your racial ramjets are in Romans here and there not as important to anyone as they are to say those cults that fall from a Leviticus that is anathema to us Roman hearted.

A Roman goddess of Justice came here, no such Passovers for my brunette gods and goddesses, and sorry Crumpie, but you came out from behind the curtain too soon with your watermelon face, SUCH AS A  VISUAL SLUR UNHALLOWED AS CARTOON DAGOS FEED CARTOON DOGS AT TRATTOREAS WHERE NO ONE WOULD MAYBE KICK THE BEASTS IN THEIR LABONZAS FOR BEING THIS CLOSE TO THE MARINARA, will do her time and be good and get out in three years, like a murderess who meant it.  So, sorry Yaphet, and your bloated Stromboli grin, I am nothing if not even handed, its just that no one notices the somehow unbigoted caricatures of Sicilians,  as opposed to Jews and blacks, whom now after forty years of Coppola, I must watch what I say of, ...not me, I'm a Satirist.

And hopefully, this frail woman you pushed to be a cop, as there was no citadel or menthol filter you once didn't demand you'd assault, as said recently, you place poor suckers in antebellum situational ethics, and then Bush family consolidates,, as Brother Luther and Shylockians I believe are hold overs from daddy's boys Texas imperium from a television set called South fork, such are our Augustus Ajaxes, used to clean things when after the help has gotten too close. They pushed women to be that, cops, or a Seal, or something else to allow the trash and the plebs they hate and fear,  to stay in that forum and watch a blood sport that unnerved and made Blessed Augustus fill with puce vitriol. Sorry, Crumpie, you showed your hand too soon, spooking the jury, Brother Blue, and your Idi Amin Dada charms curdled the jury, as did speaking of ages as séances in that place of Romen honor and whispered technicality,  which is against our Roman, wither you like it or not, business that we have chosen. I just want to know why you motherfukers are allowed to be quiet when you wish, live down whatever you is, as a mafia was albatrosses about me, but that Inferno America and others have seen in all its testament glory, is somehow something you can refrain from ever being tarred with, as somehow a CBS Jewish Goon who makes TV shows about how tight its been for perky blonds in America can speak of somehow Russian spies in-between his Christmas, or is it Saturnalia, cards, without even so much as a whisper of Rosenberg…again tell Ice Cube, Crumpie and scat man, don’t lecture me honey, and keep the braying fatsos away from me, as my mom said of the Hillary voters who always exempt themselves from their passivism when told the sorties have beguine, what no mustache jokes for you…?

The best moment to me of the night, and took a break, leaving Vinnie to his grumbling,  as saw gals on the page say, despite Vinnie and companies attempt to stoke fires, and watched Andy of May-berry and Green Acres. AS WASN’T IN THE MOOD TO SEE A BUNCH OF CITY RATS TELL ME ABOUT A CESSPOOL WHERE WERE FINE WHEN THE CRIME BILL WAS IMPRIMITERED,  SEE WHAT I DID THERE…? BY A HILLBILLY CRETIN WHO DESPITE THE HALF READ Marcus in his pocket, has always been one step ahead of Five O, his own self. See, cause all I know is that they had it set up where even if I had gone to Georgetown and not with affirmative action, which I still hold against this country cause why wasn’t Barry made to read Virgil in Latin… and it couldn’t have hoit…? I would have been a mob lawyer arousing to Kat Dennings when she was made to look like she had teased hair, big hair then, way, way, back in 2015 before Hillary doth made lemon pledge users of you all, and god help you if you give a dime to a charity for  the Palestinians, as you're on a watch list, so dear negro wise man, solicitahhhhh Calhooons, take it to Chappaqua, bitches.

I did at night come to bed. and see a left on television still winking ways with shysters who next week will not even let judges get away with bible verses, bad or other wise, take that to the bank, and how they seem to think Just ten years as the Torquemada of the RCA antenna called it, I thought, was too much, as star chambers and show trials are never the beginning of a curia, or a regime, and always at the end as much as anything. But saw Americas Junior Miss, teen dream as I’ve ever seen, beloved by me, Chanlee Painter, a razorbacks beauty queen I take it, and brunette enough, as Ovid said, not to make me ill, and brown eyed smart as the Jewish in laws at websites would so say, another Della, was amid the trash that Catiline said is always ready for its parade. As somehow this time, The last king of Scotland, not here when a crip was murdered in the Pittsburgh streets , but neither when Jonnie Gamage was bludgeoned to death, my go to, had to stand hither as Waifs Minerva priestess in the dusk. As Roman an figure as anything, a cacophony of Browns and beige, pretty and impish,  and wood nymph as anything, I saw her interview it seemed Ed Too Tall Jones, a massive man who spoke of his won ‘unfortunate incarcerations’ and how when the Man and the power structure says you have done danger to ’ children and women’ you has dun been Stigmatized. And her massive eyes and whitest skin seemed to get more of each, as I have ever seen.

But, if we shadows have offended, Vinnie and Ted and Seema and the crew know this sort of message shit only goes so far, as Jack Warner, our Hollywood Aquinas, told us, and in just watching Football saw some blond strumpet on there admit that 2oth century Fox is half a Billion dollars in debt, because no one needs Western Onion anymore, especially when they are being tossed off twitter for an old cunt, fomenting the end of a republic, cause knows without hubby, shes just a dumb woman. And thinks being a wife even of a rapist was her greatest  accomplishment,  as she had to do that keeping her marriage together, coming and going to do so a thousand times. But then to be fair , so did He. I cant help it, I really am Juvenal in Salem, but my Roman heart is warmed in our slushy spring after a direful winter of wives discontent, if not miscontent, and like when men or black judges in purple show a measure of mercy to the women they’ve dragged through Rome like thirteen year old Etruscan girls as booty, that caused no less than Cleopatra so much consternation.

So with Football and Oliver Wendell Douglas and such I’m off curia television until the next case. And with the aplomb of a Plautus, the next case is no test case, as magic words to the newly crafted court television are back, as we is off to Florridaaaa, didididididndhdgdgdgdgdgdggdggdgdgd, cue the dueling banjos of deliverance, and get ready to yahhhhhhhooooooo, back to six toe county of two cases that showed women still they name is treason  to the Courts, Tarpeas are everywhere, and fat balding, sanctions, Omega housers,  blond men in gray shall keep them from destroying us with their cunts and batted eyes, sorry did I say something wrong…? no I’m taking a break, but Ill be there for the next trial, as The Crucibles drained Roman me,  and Seema and her delightful scurries, wasted there, as we like in Alan Moore, return to the swamp thing, and a cameo by Pogo and Albert in the Okiefinikee, with magic words like Hitman and disgruntled husband, and always a crowd pleaser , a dead wife, and all in the Leonardo Sacasia less American Sicily that is the land where they seem willing to pay liberty city heirs to Mike Irvin, first. So the curia is closed and the ghosts take their payment and a Abraham Shylock is made victim of the inherent decency of the Romans he looks at as consumers and beneath him, showing why in Boccaccio he is baptized to get his daughter Married to a duke, but how much more holy water must he drink than be one of Luther’s inquisitors…? So, never disgrace the Roman places of honor, never let a wolf or a pimp into a church unless they are as yellow as the one who came to saint Francis, or as Bill Clinton may be under and after all this will into if not revitrovi, at least he feel’s compassion for jailed Lucia’s whereas wifey just mixes the poisons, and he does think there is a fatiguing quality to evil they have had to do. Is Bewitched still on…?

05 September 2019


I dont mean to slap myself on the back, but of course , if I dont who shall...? But I did at the beginning of your shitty Resistance, against as so much is now against a Roman heart, and who has a Roman heart burning things on the fest of Janus at Chappiqua like a Roman dinner party guest...? I said at the beginning of all that Bushman mess, and what else do they make...?, I said dont do it. Dont pretend devotion to a someone you disposed of and dont really like, dont do it. Dont make everyone Hillary's bachelor father husband, which i could never be, as love the Beatrice ideal too much to use it to my politician advantage, and then have Rachel Maddow wince when that buzzard pig called that scheming Livia 'a girl', as this bothered her.
As she,I geuss, never read the Vita Nova, and that was what my father's beloved Dante called Miss Portinari, but of course, she was nine and not fresh from having voted for of all people, the Cicero quoting racist from Arizona department store heirs named Goldfing--Goldwater. I said dont do it, as have seen this Livia saga before, and as i said, she always ends up thrown into the Tyber chained to a toilet, and by the hands no less than the bloated pig she finagled into power, as he always recalled the Beatrice of his, who he must have left in the dust then, perhaps at a Georgetown, as mommy didn't like her , whoever mommy was. I said, having read the books that Bubba has skimmed, I love using that , as it pricks that balloon, dont do this as it like a Trojan horse, it is against a Roman heart, and that's Virgil 101, much less being an Ozark pig who didn't put Jefferson's beloved Aeneid on his list as much as he put the famous Fourth poem from the Ecologes, as Bill as his study of Ovid showed, hes better at this than you are, and loves books that his wife and her twitchy minions dont even know yet should be burned. I knew as much, but politics as cheap programming was a mistake, and soon enough toasts with queens who had gotten bourbon and women for Louis CK, the hags are recklessness, became being booed right before Scenes from an Italian restaurant, and 75 percent of the people not believing her doctor had nothing to do with Jeffery being gotten out of the way as is her and his ilks best go to. Ah, but we may find out that a praetor has more lee way , juts in Roman whieghst and measures than a two time loser, Harold Stassen in drag, who you voted against gleefully first. i said it was interesting when those snow flakes were once a hail storm. I said, dont put a Greek temple on the Styx, that is the Clinton Marriage, as I'm not the one trying still as late as it ever been to make a Lucia or a Cynthia, out of a nag who tossed GE appliances ta my head, I mean, Ive been a shnook and a putz and I've lost my heart to some monster women, the types that Juvenal said are satire and pretty as opposed to the leaden hags and wives of ridicule, and as the spic would say, Haughty , as in brunettes as in Archie Panjabi looking gals I've known along the way, but i never wanted or was careful to make a marriage licence into a licence to kill. Dont put a Greek traffic temple on those dirty Stygian shores, i warned at brother Bill, as that Dantean river of Muck will accept it and take it and make it a shit strewn Atlantis and take all that you are and think yore been as it swallowed it up whole out of general principal.
I always thought that pretending the Clinton's were decent and it became a dark age because a talking women who chose a rapists for political minded reasons was too much shit to have to eat, and not when a house coon bombed a Roman ruin but the bushman plan B turned out to be a loser to her marriage was a mistake, and said as much. There was too much laughter and manginess from the queen of midnight, the sweaty mean assed creep who liked lesbian drag too much and will get it bad for having made sure he , like his Jewvanal hero, kept an eye out for any Olbermen who might take some of his personality way, at the plebs, as demeaned as they were in a play I was mentioning before strangely anti Roman anti Italian anti classical asides by the Bush acolytes at the Jew York Ti-ems made a quick lock on future comments. As they have been nervous about that,getting rid of the Harveys and the Jeffies cant un-ring that bell as all recall when the Jerry's are scouting for talent, its not that difference from you say about the Catholics, again amid the Bulgari ads. I said dont build that citadel on a river of sludge, which is what the Clinton are, as it was never a Tyber, Bill boy, it never was, but at least it wasn't so awful when you were at least Roman enough to serve crow and practice your autobiographical eulogies. But since a Mom passed I've gotten eight posted cartoons, even the Sabine girls one, so the fever has broken, and three accounted essays, so how about that. And firemen worthy of Bradbury, with no ear for satire as Gore Vidal warned us of the hatred for Italian jazz by the stalwarts and the con artists, have to explain why it is that the pesky Clinton love of fucking up and calling it Machivellianism, at least when doing free trade against union howling and not health care reform that wall street wasn't behind, AND MAKE THEM SCRUB THE WEBS OF THE INTERNET STILL FOR INCONVENIENT PICTURESQUE, AS HE WONDERS WHEN WILL THIS NIGHTMARE END, AS SOON ENOUGH UNDERAGE GIRLS WHO SAW HIM AT PARADISE ISLAND , THE VILLANOVIS I alluded TO IN A STORY I WROTE FOUR YEARS AGO ABOUT THE CESSPOOL AT THE EMERALD CITY, as people speak of why was a hand out given from Clinton Inc a half hour before anyone knew that Juan Epstein was dead, perhaps a fake note from his mother. I said, auger i am, that that river of vomit and shit, seen in both Dante and Pasolini, as Italian geniuses since the snow man now sadly eulogized by Wickedpedias for having been burned by Greek Conquestidores, HAVE FELT BAD FOR THE PLEBS JEWS AND WILLIE AND THE BUSHES DISDAIN AND FEAR, was going to spill its banks, and engulf you all as again girls thirteen at the time, and who was a adorer of Petronious enough too know wed swims these rapids, will ebulliently having seen the Carnival barker praetor at the pleasure dome, will have to be labled trammmmps by dagos on A Bigger Check whose effrontery of black face must be forgiven for now. So good luck unto you all, not that I care, as i said, dont blame me, I gave the Roman warning, and i was watching Paladin instead.