15 July 2013

As Blow hard bull silent when he needs ta be Cartoon Al plans  a myriad of rallies, --against a trial outcome, which of course was sacrosanct when it was OJ, I take a moment to notice that this is all happening to the peacock as it is. I personally am hoping for more riots as these niggers write checks their mouths cant cache, as usual, as want to see where Captain Courageous ends up now that –horrors—Spartacus has dun become praetor. The screeching about a trial verdict, from the Latin emanating True said, or Tu Dat, makes me in mind of Baba Oreilley and Nancy Grace demanding another virgin for the television city volcano,. If not gallows. AH, BUT ALL MOTION IS RELATIVE, AS Sir Isaac was stealing already minted aphorisms from an Italian genius, no not Galileo, but Machiavelli, said ages before. Having seen the Obama sort all my life, did you really think that Bammy would, seeing a verdict made by this many white women go against his natural wombs for rent…?, the local  Sons of Italy it seems will not allow me to film a scene from something called Roman mythology in their hallowed bingo hall dago Garibaldi Club, so think what can I do quickly to make a quick film, why,…there is that essay which caused them to shit their pants at Zoetrope, WOP LIKE ME. There,  as I eviscerate Martin Scorsese like the Jesuit I was to be. Like how I would have fucked  over that awful prosecution by Clinton- ing up, always make things worse is our motto, and I would have asked the Prosecution, never like a nigger is Roman Tony at the Prosecution table like niggers like Shaptoon, be true to your lies, fatso, is now eating’s scraps like the milk dud boys, I would have asked, are you telling me, --I can be quite cute—that a Hispanic man isn’t allowed to defense his home, like white folks do everyday, and nothing is said…must he as a Hispanic, I as a bastard would have called him nothing else, live his American dream out in the barrio to gain his humanity from the National Biscuit Company, nbc…? Boom. [I see since writing this no fools in fact, O'Mara and the legal team are targeting NBC, to the Bomb companies dismay, --see, even CNN that survived Eddie Shultz, is getting Newt signed up, as there anit nothing like someone who can fill seats--] Ah, nbc is getting what it deserves, as Keith was  a lot of things, but don’t need to be infernal to get an audience, as he wasn’t willing to set himself on fire at kids parties like Homy the barrister. Then again, the Jesuits adored me because I was a bitch, and did not mind I went gaga over curvy girls, unlike now that the fags recruit like the marines. But, to the niggers who despised targeting over dere now, I recall  as a boy, my father, an old man then, walking me through town, as fat bloated white women, the arsenic like mothers of Obama voters, telling him to go back where he came from or who would follow him, stupidly honest, as I HAS SAID, around the gc Murphy’s afraid this negro skinned wop would steal their crap, when they didn’t try to overcharge my mother who had a Regium quality of often buying things to hurl them then at the wall. But my father stayed stoic as he was told, as was I by white trash to get along, and he never big fanned anyone. After the filmmaking I will Jesuits boy I am, explain it all to you, Rachel, as like you. But America isn’t what it was on new years, a hint there, and so I tell you there are creepy Latin epigrams that fit well, better than you’d know, like Ex Uno Pleura, which if I recall right should be our now motto, it means succinctly as all Latin does, Things are falling apart.




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